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Flower Book 



"All the Best of New and Old" 
In all the floral kingdom 

Seeds, Bulbs, Plants 

A NEW ERA IN BEGONIAS begins with 

The First AH Double Fibrous Begonia from Seed 


Fluffy balls of deep rose against the shiny emerald green of the 
waxy leaved, dwarf rounded plant give Christmas Candle universal 
appeal. In bloom constantly all year round, it is an exceptionally fine 
pot plant for your winter window. Outstanding too, for summer beds 
or borders in those difficult shady areas. 

Available only from Park, it is an Fi Hybrid, uniform, vigorous, flori- 
ferous. 50% of the plants produce full double ball shaped flowers, the 
remainder, attractive, unusual semi -double flowers. Be first in your 
community to enchant your friends with this new wonder of the 
Hybridizer's art Pkt. 50c; 3 Pkts. $1.35. Plants. $1.25 ea.; 3 for $3.50. 

An Epic in Plant Breeding 

Brings the tender beauty, the luscious perfume of Stock 
within easy reach of everyone, everywhere. 


For four years, extensive trial plantings, thruout the 
land, have shown this new race will produce bloom 
where others fail, even in the warmer areas. Extremely 
early (7 Weeks), 85<7 r double, brilliant color range. Our 
choice as one of the most important developments of 
this decade. 35 seeds 25c; 175 seeds $1.00. 

Park's Exclusive New 

1597— BLUE LACE Petunia 

An Fj Hybrid Fringed Grandiflora 

Three inch wide throated flowers are light blue and starry shaped, heavily netted in 
lacy effect with deep violet blue. 

A perfect background companion for Petunia "Red Satin," complementing its color, over- 
looking its height. The "B*ue Lace" for a "Red Satin" border. 

Available only at Park's during 1957, Blue Lace is 100% true, with hybrid vigor and 
producing plenty of flowers. This is the finest Large Flowered Light Blue Petunia ever 

30 seeds 25c; * 

created. Be sure to grow it this year. 
500 seeds SI. 50; 1000 seeds $2.50. 

100 seeds 50c; 250 seeds $1.00; 



Since 1868 


Distinct — Brilliance and Contrast beyond compare 
Frilled 3" flowers of rich scarlet-red with bold flashlight throat of gold 
are borne in profusion on vigorous Ft Hybrid Grandiflora plants. For a 
thrilling effect use it with its white counterpart La Paloma. Your garden 
will be alive with Fire Dance. 30 seeds 25c; 100 seeds 50c; 250 seeds 51.00. 





Bred especially for the Florist — Best for the Home Gardener Too. 

Our comparative outdoor trials showed marked differences in favor of the Hybrids 

1-2 weeks earlier flowering, more flowers with better spikes, brighter, non-fadin 

colors, better straighter stems, even, uniform growth and no rust. For beds, border; 

cutting or for greenhouse forcing, these are TOPS. 

145A — Lavender Lady. Unquestionably the finest lavender Snap. 

144A — Golden Spike. A rich deep golden yellow. Long tapering spikes. 

147A — Navajo. The best and brightest red Snapdragon ever produced. 

148A — Pink Ice. A bright medium rose with nearly white lips. Outstanding. 

149 A — Snowman. A topnotch pure white. Long graceful spikes, hard clean stems. 

Prices of separate varieties Hybrid Snaps above: Each: 30 seeds 25c; 100 seeds 60c 

200 seeds $1.00. COLLECTION 04— One of each above. 5— 25c Pkts. for $1.00. 

150A HIT PARADE. A formula mixture of Genuine F| Hybrids especially adapted t 

bedding conditions. This is the finest Snapdragon Mixture ever offered. Pkt. 50 seed 
25c; 3 Pkts. 65c: 250 seeds $1.00; 1/64 ox. $3.50. 


are produced by carefully hand crossing 
individual blooms from two selected in- 
bred parents especially bred for the su- 
perior qualities they impart to the cross. 
GENUINE F| HYBRIDS are superior in the 
same ways that hybrid corn is superior. 
GREATER VIGOR. Strong growth, larger 
flowers, brighter colors, heat resistance. 
color and type, plants all the same size. 
GREATER PRODUCTION. More flowers pro- 
duced on each plant. Easier to grow. 
Follow the P| symbol for the finest. 

$1643— GLITTERS Petuni; 

Fi Hybrid Nana Compacta. AH Americ; 
Rich firechief red with contrast in: 
white stripes; the first of its kind eve 
created. It grows only 8 in. high and i 
neat and striking at all stages and sea 
sons. Blooms are about 2" across ani 
freely borne from spring until fros 
A vigorous hybrid, it is quite diseas 
resistant. Use it for pots, boxes, bed 
ding, edging as well as for strikin 
low arrangements. 30 seeds 25c; 100 : 
50c; 250 s. $1.00; 500 s. $1.50. 


Richest Scarlet-i 

Color. Most Perfect Habit Ever Created in Petunias 
1638 RED SATIN Petunia Multiflora Fi Hybrid 

It is that most desirable red shade, richer and more brilliant than 
Comanche, brilliant and non-fading in heat, sun or partial shade. 2y 2 " 
flowers cover 10-12" globe shaped plants which hold that shape and bloom 
steadily until frost, even under adverse conditions. 30 seeds 25c; 100 s. 50c; 
250 s. $1.00; 500 s. $1.50. 


A blend of all the best varieties from each of the three leading producers of all Doubles in 
the world. Pkt. 25 seeds for 25c; 125 seeds for $1.00; 500 seeds $3.00. See page 8 for others. 

^Ihete 9l Peace 9n *7<4e QanAen 


"My Father in Heaven, help me never to forget Thy 
Love to me. It comes with the light of the morning, 
and it remains with the light of the stars of the 
night. It looks up to me in the beauty of the flower. 
It shines upon me in the smile of a friend. All beau- 
tiful things are the gifts of Thy love. Help me to be 
thankful, and to link every beautiful thing with 

} My friends are these your sentiments? 
if not, why not? PARK 




Your SUCCESS and 

ire more to Park chtn 


Flower Bonk 
Sent Fre* 

GEO. W. PARK, Founder 



All my hurts 

My garden spade can heal. 

A woodland walk 
A quest of river-grapes, a 

mocking thrush, 
A wild rose or rock-loving 

Salve my worst wounds. 

— Emerson. 


Once again we greet you at the beginning of a great New Year, with our New 
and ''Best Ever'' Flower Book. Our hope is that it will prove a source of much 
happiness and joy for you. 

So often, it seems, confusion presses in on our lives from all sides — but there is 
still "Peace in the garden." Our souls leap up as we feel HIS presence there in 
the garden beside us; and we realize that we are dealing with miracles when we 
plant a handful of seeds. We are dealing with life — and cheer — and PEACE. So, 
we would walk down your garden path with you this year and share this thrill 
of Gardening. 

This year we have three great exclusives never before offered! Park's Blue Lace 
Petunia; our own exclusive Double Begonia, Christmas Candle (the first all 
double from seeds) ; and another terrific production, TinherbelVs Petticoat, the 
finest and best double Morning Glory mixture. All three are exclusive with us 
and in keeping with Park's tradition of All the Best of Old And New. 

We've expanded our book this year, bigger and better — the most complete we've 
seen. In these pages you'll find many fascinating new varieties; many old charmers 
(much improved of course) and many to challenge your gardening skill. All are 
top quality, viable seeds but some do demand all of your patience and gardening 
"know how" for success. However, do not hesitate to try the difficult items. We 
highly recommend our "Sure Fire" seed starting kit or our Special Horticultural 
Sphagnum moss to help you with your seed germination. 

It is a special pleasure, this year, to hand you our Flower Book, revised, expanded 
and improved to make it more attractive and useful to you in the selection of 
your seeds and the care of your plants. 

We wish for you, all success and pleasure in your gardening adventures. 

Floricordially yours, 1957 
GEO. B. PARK, President 

examining a planting of 
Dahlia Fred Springer 

January 1,. 1957 


in one of our greenhouses 
with Strelitzia 


We want vou to be completely satisfied— Pleased with every packet of 
seeds* e^ry'bX e°very pEX you order from us Please teU «s tf an error 
is made (This does sometimes happen for "To err is hu™an . ™JEd 
any reason you are not pleased with the seeds < f™**™*^* ™ _!!5? 
you. We are never satisfied until you are and shall be glad to remedy 
whatever may not be entirely as it should he. 

WE GUARANTEE the safe delivery of all seeds, bulbs, and plants. 

WE GUARANTEE our seeds, bulbs and plants, to the full extent of the 
purchase price, to be true to name and sure to grow under favorable con- 
ditions. We will always do more than fair dealing demands to give you 
satisfaction. Because weather conditions and other things over which we 
have no control sometimes cause crop failure, we can not be responsible in 
any way for the crop, and in no case for more than the purchase price. 

FREE DELIVERY: We pay all transportation charges on all seeds and 
bulbs. Accessory items are postpaid except those described as not prepaid. 

PLANT ORDERS (Exclusive of other merchandise ordered) for $3.00 or 
more are postpaid. Add 25c handling charge on smaller Plant orders. 

with your friends. 


We normally mail seeds the day your order arrives, however, parcel 
post has not been quite as rapid as usual during the past few years, so if 
you wish your seeds in a hurry and include a few extra pennies for post- 
age, we'll rush them back to you by First Class or Air Mall. 

FIRST CLASS: Add 6c for each $1.00 worth of Flower Seeds. 

AIR MAIL: Add 12c for each $1.00 worth of Flower Seeds. If postage 
cost is less than amount you send, we'll enclose the extra postage with 


ALL SEEDS: PKT. 15c; 15 for $2.00 

GIANT PKT. 25c; 9 for $2.00 
3 — 15c pkts. of any one variety 35c; 3 — 25c pkts. of any one variety 65c. 

NOTE: Giant Pkt. contains twice as much as the 15c pkt. 

pkts. Others are offered in 10c, and 25c pkts. These are priced where de- 
scribed. With these exceptions — All seeds can be had in either 15c or 25c pkts. 


Save on Flower and Vegetable Seeds by buying your entire needs at one 
time, or by ordering for your friends to increase the total amount of seeds 
ordered at one time. 

15— 15c pkts. for $2.00 9— 25c pkts. for $ 2.00 

22— 15c pkts. for $3.00 14— 25c pkts. for $ 3.00 

30— 15c pkts. for $4.00 25— 25c pkts. for $ 5.00 

40— 15c pkts. for $5.00 55— 25c pkts. for $10.00 

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. — Proverbs. 


1 — The Seeds We Sell Are All of the New Crop. 

Grown by specialists in many parts of the world, TESTED 
FOR GERMINATION AND PURITY. Sure to grow and give 
you the finest results. 

It takes no more time and effort to grow seeds from the best strains, so 
start with the best and save disappointment at flowering time by ordering 
direct from Park. 

2 — To Prevent Disease and "Damping Off". 

Nearly all soils contain harmful fungi, which if not controlled, attack the 
seed and cause what is known as "Damping Off" (This usually happens 
just before or just after the baby plants emerge from the ground). Also 
there are present on the surface of most seeds certain pathogenic fungi 
which, if not destroyed, cause the seed to decay. (This is especially true in 
cold damp weather.) These often account for poor, uneven stands and weak, 
non-vigorous young plants. Fortunately, in recent years agricultural scien- 
tists have shown that certain chemicals will destroy the disease organisms 
and protect the seed from attack by organisms present in the soil. 


cludes the greater part of those we offer) and ALL VARIETIES OF VEG- 
ETABLE SEEDS with the most efficient Seed Treatments as recommended 
by Experiment Stations. Better germination, stronger plants, higher yields 
will thus be yours with Park's Treated Seeds. 


On request with any order. 

24 pages chock-full of useful practical 

With this booklet, good seeds, and a little pa- 
tience, even the beginner is assured of having 
a successful garden. The advanced grower will 
find many useful suggestions and methods of 
plant culture and insect control. Every gardener 
will find the various tables invaluable in gar- 
den design. 

You'll find these and other subjects treated concisely and thoroughly; 
Preparation of the seed bed and seed box or frame. Instructions for start- 
ing the different kinds of seeds. Methods of sowing. Transplanting. 
Culture on 19 Species of Bulbs. Refrigerator treatment of some seeds. 
Remedies for insects and diseases. Fertilizer and soils. 16 Useful tables of 
flowers and Their Uses, listing 500 different kinds. 

Page 1 

657A — FALL FESTIVAL Dahlia 

As Easy, as Quick as a Zinnia 
Distinctive dark glossy copper-red foliage accen- 
tuates the brilliant flowers in shades of red, scarlet, 
purple and crimson with some bright yellows and 
apricots to heighten the effect. Bushy, vigorous 
2V2 ft. plants bear double, semi-double and single 
flowers profusely. Pkt. 25c. 

p~ ™" 

Super Dwarf Perwinkle for Borders 
Thrives on Heat and Remains Neat 
2069 A — COQUETTE Vinca. hhp. 10 in. Bushy 10" 
mounds of attractive glossy deep green Gardenia- 
like leaves bearing a profusion of rosy-pink five 
petalled flowers. Vincas will stand an almost un- 
believable amount of hot dry weather, some shade 
and poor soil. Pkt. 25c; 5 Pkts. $1. 

1823— PINK SUNDAE Salvia horminum. 

ha. 2 ft. A fully remodelled strain of the old-fash- 
ioned "Clary," but of an entirely new, attractive, 
unusual shade of raspberry-pink. Leafy spikes of 
flowers cover the compact bushy plants. Choice for 
borders or beds, unusual and long lasting when 
cut for arrangements. Pkt. 25c. 


Most Intense, Luminous Color 
540 A — MULTICAULE Chrysanthemum, ha. 10 in. The 

most intense, shining pure yellow color we've 
seen in any flower. Heavy textured, almost suc- 
culent flowers hide the foliage from mid-summer 
until frost. Dwarf, bushy 10" mounds for the 
brightest splash of color in your garden. Choice 
long keeping cut flowers too. Pkt. 25c. 

1494 — MASQUERADE Pansy F2 Hybrid 

An F2 Hybrid version of the famous Jumbo type, 
and superior to it in vigor and color variation. 
Huge flat blooms with vari-colored and pencilled 
faces are borne on compact 6" plants which begin 
to bloom 2 weeks earlier than Swiss Giants. Pkt. 
25c; 65c. 

Pictured on our Back Cov€*r 
1261 — CRACKER JACK Marigold Cigantea 

About the ultimate in Giant Marigolds, it is earliest 
to bloom, bearing 100% double 5" flowers even 
under adverse conditions. 2V 2 ft. bushy plants hold 
the big flowers in full view above the foliage, sel- 
dom need staking. Primrose, yellow, gold* orange 
all included. Pkt. 25c; Ve 02. $1. 

Choice, New, Quick Border 
1288— FIRETAIL French Marigold. 12 in. 

Entirely different. Rich golden orange with flame- 
like reddish-scarlet markings darting up through 
the wax -like golden orange petals from the base of 
the bloom. Tufted double center. Very early, extra 
prolific in bloom, forming neat mounds. Pkt. 25c. 

A Real Treasure Hunt for Your 1957 Garden 
The Reward is Guaranteed 

2244 — TREASURE ISLAND Cactus Giant 

Intense, brilliant color here. Vigorous 36" bushes 
bear fully double 6-7" flowers in profusion. Fiery 
shades of scarlet and crimson (The blood and ex- 
citement), rich glowing yellow (The gold), Shades 
of orange (the sun and sand), a few glowing pinks 
(the jewels). The effect is spectacular, natural 
and pleasing. Easy to grow. Pkt. 25c; Vs 01. $1.50. 

1492 — SUNSET Steele's Jumbo Pansy 

A mixture of the bright exciting colors of the set- 
ting sun. Included are all shades of red, red inter- 
mingled with yellow and combinations. The strain 
is all Jumbo, giant flowering and early blooming. 
A sensation anywhere. Pkt. 25c. 

Grow All Three 

Jasltion Jiowe 




Large, light lacy blue. 


All Double Rose— A New Era in Begonias 


Morning Glory Double Flowered Mixture 
Pictured on the Front Cover and Page 13 

2228— ORTHO POLKA Giant Peppermint 

Zinnia. Dahlia type, with broad, fully double 
large petalled flowers almost twice the size of 
Peppermint Stick. The plants too are much larger 
and more vigorous, growing to 3 ft. high. The 
flowers 4" across are just the right size. Colors are 
bright and extremely varied with striping in 70% 
of the blooms. Pkt. 25c; Vz ox. $1. 

Zinnia Giant Striata Ortho Polka 

Page 2 New Flowers — Geo. W. Park Seed Co, 

A/eiu %l(Huebl and SpectcUtiel 

1003— La rksp u r Regal 
and Supreme Blend. Pkt. 

25c; Va ok. $1. World's 
best Larkspur Mixture. 

Superb Half High — Dwarf Compact 

448— FAIRY MIXED Candytuft Umbellate. Trim little 
dome-like 8" plants so completely uniform a bed 
appears as a rich carpet of lively pink, rose, car- 
mine, crimson, lavender, flesh pink and white. 
A grand subject for bedding, or borders. Pkt. 
25c; Vs ox. 75c. 

"Versatile Fashion Flower" 
CELOSIA! ! Easily grown everywhere. Bril- 
liant colors, long flowering period. Versatile — 
Bedding, Cutting, Everlasting. Available in vari- 
ous types, shapes, sizes. See page 21 for complete 
list and pg. 13 for color pictures of two types. 

The Purity of White, 

The Elegance of Old Lace, 
The Luxury of Crisp New Nylon Ruffles, 
in Three Choice New White Flowers. 

442 — Super Iceburg. Makes previous strains obso- 
lete. Individual florets are twice as large, create 
larger spike, purer, whiter effect. 25c. 

io£ he ..U llh S at £, in MATRICARIA (Feverfew) 

1331— Ultra-Double White, hp. 2 ft. The result 
of years of painstaking selection and breeding. 
A select florist strain closely approaching the 
quality usually obtained only from cuttings. 25c. 

1439 — NICOTIAN A Dwarf White Bedder. Very 
dwarf and compact, growing only 12 in. high, 
it covers itself in fragrant pure white stars 
which shine all day despite the sun. Tops for 
beds and borders, choice for pots. Pkt. 25c. 
Tom Thumb Matricaria in a New Dress 

1332— Lemon Ball. 8 in. Neat little mounds of 
beauty for a lovely edging or border. Clusters of 
double lemon yellow flowers over ferny Ives. 25c. 

World's Largest Fragrant HELIOTROPE 

970 — Giant Flowered Pacific. 

30 in. plant topped by huge 
(1 ft. diam.) flower clusters. 
Very fragrant in a complete 
range of blue shades. Pkt. 25c. 
974A— First Snow. 30". First 
Giant Flowered pure white. 
Most beautiful of all. 25c. 
974 — Blue Bonnet. Deepest blue 
in Heliotrope. Pkt. 25c. 
Easy, Long Lived Perennial 

Blooms like an Annual 
GAILLARDIA 844— Goblin. 12 
in mounds clothed all sum- 
mer in large flowers of red 
bordered bright yellow. 
852— Golden Goblin. 12 in. 
Goblin in a new dress of 
bright yellow. Pkt. 25c. 

Tiny, Early, Bright 
1808A— SALVIA Scarlet Pigmy. 

Only 6 in. high, earliest Sal- 
via, nicely mounded and 
covered with close set spikes 
of brilliant scarlet. Edging 
or pots. Pkt. 25c. 

Gaillardia Goblin 


for 1957 

Pictured in Color 

Inside Front Cover. Out- 
side Back Cover. 


F; Hyb. Petunia Rich red 
with white stripes. 100 seeds 


Fi Hyb. Petunia. Richest 
scarlet red, Most Perfect 
Habit. 100 seeds 50c. 


Dwarf Star Phlox. Mixed 
Colors. The First of its kind. 
Pkt. 25c; 5 Pkts. $1. 


One Pkt. each of above 3 
value $1.25 for only 


Neatest Habit 
2058— SPARKLE MIXED. Verbena. 10 in. Dwarf, 

compact mound shaped plants are free flowering 
and completely covered with bloom (no open 
spots). The full color mixture includes warm 
scarlet through rose and pink to softer salmon, 
lavender and white, mid -blue and purple, many 
with bright eyed combinations. Pkt. 25c; 5 Pkts. 

An Epic in Plant Breeding 

Culminating a work started in 1915 by Dr. H. B. 
Frost at Cornell University. We are now able to 
offer seeds which represent the greatest advance 
in genetics experienced in recent years. 
Trysomic Stocks produce 85% double flowering 
plants which can be increased to 100% by dis- 
carding the weaker plants in the 4 leaf stage. 


Very early blooming, branching habit 2V 2 ft. 
high, they're well suited to growing outdoors 
or for greenhouse culture. Fine beds, or borders, 
wonderful cut flowers. Deliciously fragrant 
1935 — Pure White; 193f>— Navy Blue; 1937— Fiery 
Red. 1938— Choice Blend of all Colors. 
Colors or Mixture: 35 seeds 25c; 175 s, $1.00. 

1925 — Pacific Pink. New high double version of 
this only pure true pink Stock. It has no laven- 
der in its make-up and is outstanding under 
artificial light. Non-branching. 35 seeds 25c; 
175 s $1. 

1933 — TRYSOMIC 7 Week STOCK Blend 
Now enjoy its tender taeauty and fragrance 
no matter where you live 
Extremely early, blooms in 7 weeks from sowing. 
The color range is brilliant, from white thru 
pink and rose, deep crimson, dark blue and 
purple. Plants bushy, 12-15" high, bloom over 
long period. Plant in early spring for summer 
bloom, early fall for bloom in your winter win- 
dow or Greenhouse. 35 seeds 25c; 175 s. $1.00. 

New Mouth-watering Color in CARNATION 
457A— Orange Sherbert. Deeply laciniated petals 
are striped and flushed with scarlet on an 
orange-apricot ground. Large, double, fragrant 
clove scented blooms in 5 mo. from seed. 25c. 

NEW Pink Iceland Poppy 
1516— Pink Champagne. Cup-like, crinkly, silky 
4" flowers on 20" cutting stems in shades of 
warm glowing pink suffused with gold. Choice 
borders in bloom early spring thru fall. 25c. 
Easy, Heat Loving, Sow a border — RUDBECKIA 
1785 -Goldflame. 12 in. ha. New dwarf bedding 
style. Ball shaped plants covered with 3y 2 " 
crimson centered, golden yellow flowers. 25c. 

Handsome, Enduring, Evergreen 
1443A — NIEREMBERGIA Frutescens. 2 ft. Easy from 
seed. They soon become a mass of slender, flax- 
like branches forming a bushy plant. Their love- 
ly cup-like blue and white flowers an inch across 
appear as a swarm of pretty butterflies. A charm- 
ing perennial for either house or garden. It never 
tires nor sulks, but greets you with a nodding, 
loving smile. Blooms 1st season. Pkt. 25c. 
Earliest Bedding ASTER Now Easy to Grow 
254— DWARF QUEEN Wilt Resistant. 10 in. compact 
rounded plants bear myriad large double flowers 
from early July until frost. At last, a highly 
wilt resistant Aster for beds and borders. Bright 
full color mixture. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1. 

Trysomic Imperial Stock 

Carnation Orange Sherbert 

W i 

r ' 

Poppy Pink Cnam^gne ^ 

Salvia Scarlet Pigmy 


Nierembergia Frutescens 

On This Page THE FINEST NEW ANNUALS. Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S. C. 

Aster Dwarf Queen Wilt Resistant 

Page 3 

"We're Proud of Prompt Service 
We'd like to take you through our plant— to show you how carefully 
the seeds are stored; how conscientious are our co-workers; and the 
modern methods by which your orders are handled. Our organization 
built over the years since 1868, is highly efficient and stands ready to serve 
your every gardening wish. 

Our Greenhouses are Modern in Every Respect 
Automatic heating, ventilation, cooling and watering assures plants of the 
very best quality for you. Packing and shipping room is integral part for 
quick efficient handling. . _ 

Two most important functions of our greenhouses are the germination 
tests and trials of window garden seed strains. Germination tests are 
also made in seed department germinators. 

Seedlings Destined for Park Trial Gardens 

where from planting to maturity, they'll be 
carefully evaluated. We feel that one of our most 
important services is represented by these trials, 
conducted solely to compare available "strains" 
"You Get the Best from Park." 

Pansy Trials Spring 1956 

Several hundred samples from growers the world 
over were carefully evaluated. 
The Bell (top picture) has an 89 year history. It 
tolled time in La Park, Pennsylvania, when Geo. 
W. Park was located there prior to World War 1. 

Part of Annual Trials Summer 1956 

About 1000 samples were grown and evaluated. 
The seeds supplied you under the Park label are 
grown by the specialist who is doing the best job 
on that particular variety. We observe trials in 
the north, mid -west and west too. 




F 2 Hybrid Outdoor Snapdragons 
Developed by Mr. Charles Weddle 

One of the *greatest hybridists of our time, during ten years of 
intensive breeding work. 

Ginger Snap was created with the needs of the home gardener as 
a specific aim. It is our firm belief that this is the finest Snapdragon 
ever offered for the home gardener. Thus Mr. Weddle has eminently 
accomplished his mission. 

The plants build a heavy foundation before starting to bloom, thus 
they are a week or two later than Carrousel or Hit Parade. The 
revelation comes when bloom begins. The plants branch from the 
base, providing a multitude of heavy cane-like 2% ft. stems to hold 
the heavy spikes «of extra large florets. They need no staking. The 
colors are very bright and clear with a glowing sheen to glisten 
in the sun. The plants are of uniform height, so look well in the 
border. Ginger Snaps take adverse weather in stride and the heavy 
textured flowers keep well. Cut all you want, for if kept picked, the 
plants bloom and improve until the hard freezes of late fall. 
Ginger Snaps in your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

T-ry some this year. They're in highest fashion. 
108A — Ginger Lavender. Lovely rosy-lavender most ladies like. 
109A — Ginger Pink. An exquisite shade of bright clear pink. 

110A Ginger Red. Deep glowing crimson -scarlet, very bright. The most 

attractive red in Snapdragons. 

Ill A— Ginger White. Ivory white with creamy mouth. 
112 A— Ginger Yellow. Shining deep yellow. 

113 A Ginger Snap Blend. A formula mixture of above F2 Hybrid colors 

with other shades added. 

PRICES: All Ginger Snaps above Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 65c. One Pkt. each of all 
5 colors $1.00. 

Extra Early, Colorful 

121A CARROUSEL. F» Hybrid Snapdragon. Like a merry-go-round on a 

color wheel! All colors present in Snapdragons are represented in this 
fine mixture. Plants, are extra early, fast growing and uniform in height 
at about 28" with flowers evenly spaced on long stems. We recommend 
using Carrousel in conjunction with Ginger Snaps to lengthen the season 
of bloom. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 01. $1.00; Vs ox. $1.75. 

Page 4 

Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S.C. 

• Mr Weddte is eminent for his work on Fl Hybrid Petunias, some of his most recent 
creations being Comanche, Paleface, Firedance, Prima Donna to mention^ hut a few. 
He was the first Ameri< 

discover the secret of producing All Double Petunias 


^Window or CjreenkouSe 

3327 — Fireball. Sparkling scarlet-red blooms in 
abundance on very even, compact, dwarf plants. 
Emerald leaves with red margins. 25c. 
321 — Karln t Indian Bride). The first and only white 
flowering Begonia with dark leaves. The contrast 
is magnificent. Pkt. 50c. 

3320 — Rose Pearl. Largest flowers of all, measuring 
2 in. and more across. Pleasing soft pink, self 
color. Glossy foliage. 25c. 

313 — Sparkler. The first and only true salmon Be- 
gonia. Large flowers of brilliant salmon orange, 
contrasting cream base. 25c. 

3321 — Doty's Calla Queen. Variegated green and 
white leaves. Many appear like small white Callas. 
Firs, scarlet. 20 s. 25c. 

f i HYBRID BEGONIAS. Produced by the same meth- 
od as Hybrid Petunias, their vigor makes the plants 
more easily grown, more productive of flowers, 
more tolerant of sun. 100% uniformity suits them 
to outdoor beds or borders in sun or shade. Perfect 
winter window pot plants. Separate colors Pg. 41. 
3325— F i Hybrid Begonias Blended. All colors. Pkt. 
25c. 65c. 

A New Era is Born in 

The First All Double Fibrous Begonia from Seed 
3307 — Park's Christmas Candle. Double Deep rose. 
Pkt. 50c; pictured in color on our front cover. 


1671 — Bipennatifidum. Huge ferny, shiny, elephant- 
ear leaves make this a most attractive foliage 
twiner with simple requirements needing a mini- 
mum of light and care. 5 seeds $1. Limited. 

"Silverleaf" growing outdoors in full sun near its 
native Sao Paulo, Brazil, where it was discovered 
in 1955 by Mr. A. Byrd Graf. 

B158 — RECHSTEINERI A Edelweiss " Silverleaf . 1 ' 

Clusters of small tubular scarlet flowers are at- 
tractive, but it is the large silvery, sturdy broad 
elliptic leaves which capture the eye. Unlike most 
Gesneriads it resists dry conditions, often produc- 
ing the lovely leaves without soil. $1.50 eo. Only 
a few of this rarity so order early. 

KALANCHOE. Showiest of Succulent Winter bloom* 

ing pot plants, thrives under home conditions. 
1087A — Scarlet Gnome. 7 in. Perfectly rounded 
symmetrical plants literally covered with flowers. 
Blossoms much larger than Tom Thumb, of very 
bright deep scarlet, do not lose their color. Pkt. 25c, ' 

This delightful window garden plant has the double 
distinction of being one of the few window garden 
plants with blue flowers and one of the very few 
fragrant ones. Flowers are sky blue with golden 
anthers. Fragrance is delicate and delicious. Pkt. 25c. 
809 A — EXACUM Atrocoerulea. Deep blue. Pkt. 25c. 
1039— EXTRA DWARF IMPATIENS. (Hybrida Nana) 
More dwarf and compact than any other strain, 
this will make the finest of everblooming pot plants, 
or become a low shady border. Mixed colors. Pkt. 25c. 
1031 A— Scarlet Baby. Only 6 inches tall. Uniform, 
free flowering. Brightest scarlet. Pkt, 25c. 
1034A — Orange Baby. 6 in. Sparkling orange. 25c. 
Pansy-marked flrs. Picture pg. 44. 8 seeds 25c. 
odoratissima Mixed). 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 
2010— SUCCULENTS Dish Garden Mixture. Seeds 
saved from an outstanding collection of choice 
plants. Include Aloes, Crassulas, Dudleyas, Eche- 
verias, Epidendrums, Epiphyllums, Faucarias, Kal- 
anchoes, Mesembryanthemums, Sedums, Senecios 
and others. 25c. 

Rare Black and Metal-shining COLEUS 
581A — Othello. Black, true from seed. Pkt. 25c. 
586A — Metallicus. Expressive metal-shining in light 
red to dark brown red leaves. Pkt. 25c. 
COLEUS — Park's Brilliant Separate Colors 
560 — Candidum. Soft ivory bordered brilliant green 
564A — Red Brilliant. Rich combination of deep ma- 
hogany-red, bright carmine-rose, green edge. 
560A — Pink Brilliant. Coral-pink blending to cop- 
pery salmon with small green border. 
564— Brilliant Old Gold Edged Green. 
Separate Coleus colors above are about 90% true. 
Price each: 30 seeds 25c; 150 seeds $1.00. 

890 — GLOXINIA King of the Giants. Upright open 
bells of enormous size on short, solid stems are 
delicately waved and of deep velvety crimson. 
A show strain of the highest excellence. Pkt. 25c. 
884 A — Gig an tea Mixed. Huge flowers 4V2-5" across 
in many rich new colors. Here is perfection. You 
can't buy Gloxinia bulbs this fine. Pkt. 25c, 

Oliveranthus regale Baby Primrose Hansa 

New Succulent Pot Plant 

Year round pretty leaves, red blooms in summer. 
805 A — OLIVERANTHES Regale (Echeveria elegans 
Berger) Flower stems develop from each thick 
leaved rosette bearing unusual tumbler shaped 
flowers of bright orange -red with pastel yellow 
interior. Likes heat, does well under average home 
conditions. Pkt. 25c. 

1735A — Hansa Blood Red Primula Malacoides. Not 
only is this handsome, vivid color entirely new to 
the group, but the perfection of habit, large flow- 
ers, hyacinth-like spikes, earliness, and vigor make 
it first of a new class. Pkt. 25c. 


Rare and Most Glorious 

Sometimes known as the Kafir-lily. Giant trumpet 
shaped flowers of bright scarlet with yellow 
throats are borne in umbels atop a 1 ft. stem. 
Strapleaved foliage reminds one of the Amaryllis 
family of which it is a member. Directions for 
growing with each package. Large seed 3 for 50c; 
7 for $1.00; 15 for $2. 1 yr. plants: $1.50 each. 
1954 — BIRD OF PARADISE. Strelitzia see Pg. 47. 

You'll Love 
Every Plant of 
587 A — COLEUS 

Park's brilliant. 
Surpassing all in 
brilliance and 
vigor. Color Pic- 
ture Pg. 47. 40 
seeds 25c; 200 
seedsSI. 00, Mixed. 

1429A — Compact 
Mixed. A close 
Achimene, Afri- 
can Violet rela- 
tive. Flowers red, 
yellow or painted 
in terminal ra- 
cemes. Leaves 
marked. Pkt. 25*. 

t n 

AFRICAN VIOLET (Saintpoulia) 
1794— SAINTPAULIA Mrs. Odom's Magnificent 

Strain, hhp. 6 in. Seed from one of the Nation's 
finest collections. 50 seeds 25c; 250 seeds $1.00. 
1798— Blue Fairy Tale. Large ultra-marine blue, 
yellow eye. 100% true. 50 seeds 50c; 250 s. $2. 
1800— Double Mixed. 50% double and semi-double. 50% single. 50 seeds $1.00. 
IVGTE: African Violet seeds are very tiny, so open the package carefully over a 
white paper. We make careful tests to insure that the seeds are alive and viable, 
but because extra care is required to start these seeds, we cannot replace them 
for those who fail to grow them. Directions for growing with every packet. 

1 19A— ANTHURIUM Crystallinum. 

Attractive large leaves of vel- 
vety green prominently veined 
white. 4 seeds 50c; 10 seeds $1. 
122 — Sctterxerianum. Brightly 
colored spathes. 5 seeds $1.00. 

637A — The Charming Cyphomandra Fragrans 

Easily grown, it's a flowering plant, a beautiful, nutritious, 
tasty vegetable. Spring started plants grow 5 ft. high with 
massive sub-tropical foliage. In Autumn, big racemes of pink 
dehciously scented firs. Kept frost free, they are dormant till 
spring when lovely purple young leaves are followed by a wealth 
of fragrant blooms, then great clusters of scarlet fruit, the flavor 
and color of Tomato. 8 seeds 25c; 40 seeds $1.00. 

355 — CALCEOLARIA DUPLEX HYBRIDS. The first really new depar- 
ture in this popular window garden plant in many years. The 
upper pouch of each flower is almost as large as the lower giv- 
ing an attractive duplexed effect. Plants are bushy and fairly 
dwarf, red, yellow, rose and bronze shades. Some are spotted. 
100% true to type. About 40 seeds 25c; 200 seeds $1.00. 

Other Flowers for your window or greenhouse Pg. 41-47. Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, South Carolina. 

Page 5 

Aleut <M>G/ulif, P&i&uuxUi 

400A — CAMPANULA Collina 

Hardy Blue Bell. hp. 1 ft. A vigorous tuft of 
leaves which produce in May and June a mass of 
one foot stems covered with light blue bell-like 
blossoms. For hardy border. Pkt. 25c. 

438 — Raineri. 4" plants, Large blue firs. 25c. 

Christmas Roses in Many Colors 

975 A — HELLEBORUS New Giant Flowered Hybrids. 

From world famous perennial grower-Benary, this 
is the first real advance in this species. Many fine 
shades of color. 25 seeds 25c; 125 seeds $1.00. 

A Masterpiece in Columbine 

166A — AQUILEGIA Park's Long Spurred Champion 
Mixture. Many years of careful selection and 
breeding have steadily increased the size, vigor, 
length of spurs, beauty and varietv of colors so 
that now this strain is one of the finest of which 
we have knowledge. Contains many unique colors. 
Height 3 ft. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oi. $1.00. 
169— AQUILEGIA McKana Giant Hybrids, hp. 3 ft. 
1st. perennial All Amer. Award in 18 yrs. 25c, 
See color picture and description pg. 35. 

V.' %iiin 


Glory Mum 

Digitalis Excelsior 

mixture of Hardy Chrysanthemums with an ex- 
ceedingly wide range of brilliant colors. Contains 
seeds of Korean and Arcticum Hybrids as well as 
Azaliamums, Indicums, and Morifoliums. Pkt. 25c. 

Hardy Phlox You'll Love — from seeds, 

1679 A — PHLOX Perennial Beltsvilie Beauty. 3 ft. At 

last a seed grown Phlox which displays all the 
colors formerly available only by purchasing 
plants. Mauve, lavender, carmine, crimson, sal- 
mon-pink, pink with dark eye, pink, white with 
dark eye, pure white are all represented and the 
flowers are large borne in big umbels. Developed 
by Dr. Sam Emsweller of U.S.D.A. Freeze seeds 
for best germination. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 


Crosses by the expert hand of Dr. Phillip G. Cor- 
liss. Pink, Purple, Red. See details Pg. 28. 

At last: A Pink Delphinium, seed grown. 
084— DELPHINIUM Pacific Hybrids Astolot Series. 

A combination of novel shades ranging from blush 
through pink to raspberry rose with large brown 
and black bees. Originator's seed. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 


2-2 Vs" flowers, compact 6" plants. 
2107 — Scottish Yellow. Rich golden yellow, Pkt. 25c. 
21 07 A — Georgia Peach. Delicate peach. Pkt. 25e. 
2 106 — Purple Bedder. Rich royal purple. 25c. 
2100A — Giant Mixed of above varieties. Pkt. 25c. 

CONE DAISY, Rudbeckia 

Very attractive summer-blooming perennials, they 
are very easily grown. Not particular as to soil, 
they thrive on heat and drought in full sun or par- 
tial shade. All will bloom readily the first year 
from seeds and continue until cut down by frost. 
Of these offered below only Sullivanti Goldstorm 
is new. We feel the group should be better known. 
1789A — Golden Ball. 7 ft. Bushy plants produce a 
wealth of 3W full double flowers of bright lively 
yellow. Fine to cut. 25 seeds 25c. 
1787 — Newman ii. hp. 3 ft. Vivid yellow three inch 
flowers with large black centers. 
1788A— SuKivanti Goldstorm. hp. 3 ft. An improved 
selection of R. Newmanii with larger yellow flow- 
ers and better plant habit. Flowers July to frost. 
Pkt. 25c. 

1787A — Purpurea, hp. 2 ft. Large flowers of a most 
pleasing shade of purple rose. Deep purple cone. 
1786 — Herbstwald Autumnal Forest, hp. 2 ft. Star 
flowers of fiery autumn coloring from July until 
frost. Fine for cutting or borders. Pkt. 25c. 

Chinese Bell Flw. Double blue. 

Long Lived and Lovely 

Chinese Bell Flowers (Wahlenbergia or PlatycodorJ 
Hardy perennials that begin blooming the first 
season from seeds and bloom all summer long. 
Charming, glossy, waxen textured bells for your 
arrangements. Delightful in the border. Easy. 
2117A— Grandiflora Double Flrd. Blue. Pkt. 25c. 
21 18 A— Giant Double Flowered White. Pkt. 25c. 
21 19 A— Giant Flowered Shell Pink. Pkt. 25c. 
2123— MMure. B'endpH nf 3 s'-nve. Pkt. 25c. 

More Showy and Effective is 
768 — DIGITALIS Horizontalis Excelsior Hybrids, hp. 
5 ft. New and distinctive. Florets carried all around 
the stem are horizontal or nearly erect, revealing 
fully the striking effect of inner markings and 
blotches. Lovely mixture of choice pastel colors. 
Pkt. 25c. 

Lily White Queen blooms in 15 months from seed 


Bulbs of many of the new Lilies including those 
listed below are Quite expensive 65c to $5.00 ea. 
They are not difficult from seeds so grow your 
own and save. You'll find other varieties on pg. 35. 

1151 A — Aurelian Hybrids. Perhaps the most impor- 
tant of all new Hybrid Lilies. Seedlings vary in 
color and shape some being reflexed, others almost 
trumpet-like with colors from white thru yeltow. 
apricot. Color picture pg. 37A. Pkt. 25c. 

1172— Auratum Hybrids. Huge, handsome Goldt 
Band Lily x Jillian Wallace, new giant carmine- 
red; and other similar fascinating kinds. Should 
yield some superb, exotic Lilies. Pkt. 25c. 

1150A— Pink Trumpet Lily-Centifolium Pink Select. 

Seeds saved from only the pink flowering speci- 
mens of this strain. They will not come lOO'a 
true pink but many of them should and the others 
will be very fine. Pkt. 25c. 

1 1(>7 — WHITE QUEEN. This new strain flowers in 
15-16 months from seed. The flowers are pure 
white. See picture above. Pkt. 25c. 

1151 — SULPHUR HYBRIDS. 4-6 ft. Giant trumpet 
Lilies ranging in color from pale to sulphur yel- 
low. Very vigorous, excellent for cutting. Pkt. 20c 
One pkt. each above 5 Lilies $1.00. 


Wind Resistant Bushy Plants 
for Beds or Borders, bloom 1st Year. 

1010 — ROSEA ANNUA MIXED. Each plant forms a 
strongly- branched, compact bush 4 feet high and 
spread with as many as 300 large, well shaped 
double flowers. They bloom the first year from 
seeds yet live for several years. These Hollyhocks 
may be used in exposed places since they are not 
damaged by wind. They are very decorative as iso- 
lated specimen plants or in rows. Pkt. 25c. 

Page 6 

Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

Rudbeckia Herbstwald Autumnal Forest 

Dwarf Double Hollyhock 

Fi Hybrid Grandiflora Prima Donna 

Fi Hybrid Grandiflora (Giant 

Superior for any use, they grow about 15 in. 

1603A — Ballerina. ^nM^MWmJM7 Clear intense 
salmon 3i/ 2 -4 in. beautifully fringed flowers that 
hold their color well under summer sun. Outstand- 

1597— Blue Lace. Park's 1957 introduction. Three 
men, wide throated flowers are light blue and 
starry shaped, heavily netted in lacy effect with 
deep violet blue. 16-18" tall, 

1614A— Blue Mantle. Medium sized ruffled flowers 
or rich violet-blue. Fairly dwarf, but erect plant 
with blooms well displayed. 

1582A— Exquisite. A large flowered fringed Glitters 
counterpart, the first in this color. Scarlet with 
sharp white markings. 

1618 — Firedance. 1956 , ^SOTM5 I iJ31^I^7 Distinct 
Brilliance and contrast beyond compare. Frilled 3" 
flowers of rich scarlet -red with bold flashlight 
throat of gold. Plants 14" high 2' across. 
1583A— Flirt. Clear bright pink flowers are freely 
produced on vigorous, but compact 10" plants. An 
entirely new, very lovely color. 

1603 — La Paloma. Purest white flowers 
with yellow throats are large and well 
fringed. They are freely borne on plants of 
remarkable vigor. 13" high. Our finest white 

* Hybrid Petu n/Qs 

A New Era in Home Beautification 

So dependable you can paint your garden scene with them, assured it will be just as you 
planned, remaining that way all season. 

What are Fi Hybrids? 

ft Hybrids ar e produced by carefully hand crossing individual blooms from two selected 
inbred parents which in turn were especially developed for the superior qualities they 
impart to the cross. 

These Superior Qualities are: 
Greater Vigor. Faster, stronger growth, quicker bloom, larger flowers, brighter colors 

and heat resistance to carry through the summer in good condition. 
Greater Production. More plant— More Flowers. 

Greater Uniformity. Flower color and plant habit show almost no variation, so you 

can be sure of the result. 
New Colors. Are offered here which were not possible except as F t Hybrids. 
Most Modern. An F t Hybrid Petunia has won an All America Award almost every 
year since 1952. F t Hybrids represent a great advance in Floriculture, 

— _ perhaps the most significant of our generation. 

Hot more carefree gardening, easier, more luxurious living, plant Free Blooming Fi 
Hybrid Petunias. 

Use Park's "Sure Fire" Starter Kit Plan. You'll find Petunias easy and certain. 

Flowered) Ruffled and Fringed 

high and spread 20 to 24 inches. Vigorous, free 

1584A— Modesty. Soft silver blue to lavender. 
Flowers are nicely fringed and habit is dwarf? 

1585 — Prima Donna. 1955 NAiL-MttR^arsafatoN / 
hSF' ne . avil y ruffled bright rose flowers with 
darker veins profusely borne on vigorous, spread" 
mg, base-branching plants. 12" high. 

bh^ A ^fh y £ he * - Wel1 ? ri - nged flowers of clear steel 
£nH heavier veinmg. Very uniform in color 

and habit. A choice, much liked color. 

Flk^HH ren > de * 9 iea ^ rich dark blue - As da rk as 
^hST^^^S^^ * the hottest 

» K^K^f v W a^r c o n m°: 

fr£? a °- f wh \? e and rich violet-blue. Vigorous, 
free flowering, showy. 6 ' 

Ho^i7 T ^ n ?°- Bright salmon-scarlet flowers are 
duVZI * rm £ ed an^umed. They are freely pro- 
f °v bushv P lants with luxurious emerald 
green foliage. Most popular. 

1611 A — Blended Mixture 

varieties listed above, 

of Ft Hybrid grandiflora 

r^ E L ab °i V ft e n 15 V ? r l e i r#S p i H Y bri * Grandifloras 30 

irSsWSai",.!?! 8 250 seeds $K00: 500 seeds 

Fi Hybrid Multiflora (Many Flowered) Petunias 

Fi Hybrid Grandiflora Crusader 

1614 — Crusader. Gaily striped pure, brilliant rose- 
pink on white, the most attractive bi-color Petunia 
we ve seen. Grown in shade, color balance will be 
darker, adverse conditions make it lighter. 

For beds or borders, the Multifloras have no 
equal. 2V2-3" flowers are so freely produced 
they completely cover the neat, shapely plants 
which do not break open. Thev are uniform 
extra early blooming, but hold their neat habit 
through the entire season. 

1 £4 3 7~ GHtters - Ali America Winner 1957. Rich fire- 
chief red with contrasting white stripes; the first 
of its kind ever created. It grows only 8 in. high 
IS d ^i? 63 ^ 31 ^ striking. 30 seeds 25c; 100 seeds 
one; ZaO seeds $1, 

1638— Red Satin. All America Award 1957. Richest 
2f^ r f H t ~ red Li mos i P ei 1 ect P la nt habit. It is that 
most desirable red shade, richer and more brilliant 
than Comanche. 2V 2 " flowers cover 10-12" globe 
shaped plants which hold that shape and bloom 
250 d $T seeds 25c; 100 seeds 50c; 

Petunia Fi Hybrid Multiflora Paleface. 

J^ 8 r-Apache. An intense, deep cerise rose or rose- 

wfiUi+ i 1 ! - ar t_ e very vigorous and free flowering, 
rieight 14 inches. 

l 62 il A ~£ zfec : T he Multiflora Firedance Dazzling 
golden throated 2 Vz" scarlet-red flowers are gen? 
erously produced on vigorous, dwarf compact 12" 
plants spreading 20". 

i 1 ; G °J + A ~ Co n m ? nche * An America Winner 1953. Bril- 

"rowTnllV'^ams 8 ' abUndant * Producfd o° n W St 

^t^T 1 " 00 * ,? icl \ dee P rose-red flowers alight 
W S^ET g i°i den groats cover the extra vigorous 

24" spread New" g plantS " 12 inch6S higfi with 

SS*^.^ sViad^ ^ m ° St 

l 5 uf^v°H ace ' AU Am ^rica Award 1955. Pure 
white 2\ 2 flowers cover vigorous, extremely free 
flowering plants 14" high and 2 ft across. There is 
no finer white bedding Petunia. 

1579— Sioux. The color is a deep intense salmon 
midway between Linda and Comanche. 13" plants 
are very vigorous and bloom profusely. 

1G07— Powwow Redskins Blended. The above 7 with 
purple added to complete color range. 

l?»L A Tu ? e ? onn S' T 5 e first and °nly blue in this 
class. 2 V 2 ' clear blue flowers cover extremely vig- 

dwaffer%a?i^es. Wonderful background for tfe 

^^~"ii r i"l ancy * A very brilliant cerise-carmine 
free booming ^ Very compact ' Dut vigorous and 

J^ A ^" Mixed F i Hy ^ rid Multiflora Petunias. Blended 
from the varieties listed above. 

PRICES: All Multiflora Petunias listed above ex- 
cept those priced in descriptions: 50 seeds 25c 
200 seeds 50c; 500 seeds $1.00; 1000 seeds SI .75. ' 

The Finest Bedding Plants Ever Created 

1609 A— Linda. Bushy, solid 10" plants of great vigor 
which will withstand heavy wind and rain without 
breaking down. The color is brilliant rosy salmon 
similar to Silver Medal. 

1627A— Pink Beauty. Similar to the blush-pink va- 
riety First Lady, but richer in color, and white 
throated. The color is very lovely. Compact 14" 
plants are vigorous and prolific. 

1600— -Silver Medal. All America Award. Low 
branching bushy plants a foot high are covered 
with large blooms of a lovely soft pastel shade of 

1628 A— Yellow Gleam. An eyecatching clear lemon 
yellow; the nearest approach to yellow yet made 
^» Pe , tunias ' The col <>r is lighter in hot weather. 
30 plants covered in blooms. 

Petunia Red Satin showing plant habit. 

Geo. W. Park Seed Co. Page 7 

Petunia All Double Allegro 

All Double Fringed Victorious 

Petunia All Double Sonata, our finest white 

Thrill to the Lively Beauty of Fine PETUNIAS 

The All Purpose Flower: For lovely beds, attractive borders, cutting, charming porch boxes, winter pot plants. 

A Type and Color to please All Doubles, Giant ruffled singles, Plain edged giants, Small prolific singles. Pink, yellow, red, 

every taste: rose, purple, lavender, blue, white. Dwarf or tall, spreading or compact. 

Petunias stand pre-eminent as a hardy, beautiful, all purpose flowering plant. Readily started from seed, they soon come 
into bloom, becoming a glowing mass of exquisite, showy, and deliciously fragrant flowers, in bloom from early summer 
until frost. They may be started in fall or early winter indoors to make blooming window plants for late winter and verv earlv 
spring. Don't omit these beauties from your list. J 

GIANT DOUBLE PETUNIAS Now in Complete Color Range - and Easy to Grow 

Off" eliminated. Park's "Sure Fire" Starter Kit (See Pg. 11) makes growing 
Double Petunias easy and sure. The seeds are very small, and the 25c pkts., 
contain only a few seeds. The larger Pkt. is the better buy. 

Intensive work continues on the All Double Petunias, and each year they 
improve in size, plant habit and color range. The seeds are necessarily 
very expensive due to the fact that they have to be carefully hand pollin- 
ated and there is real art and scientific knowledge required to produce seed 
which will give consistently Double flowers. The seed are smaller and the 
seedlings weaker than the Single kinds, so require more care in starting. 
EASY TO GROW. Sow the seeds on Milled Sphagnum Moss in accordance with 
directions we provide with the moss. Moisture control is simplified, "Damping 


This is a well balanced mixture of pink, white, 
salmon, deep-rose, crimson and light blue. Out- 
standing in beauty, it is so ruffled and frilled 
that the flowers appear to be double. A very 
special strain which is superior to all other ruf- 
fled varieties. Try a packet. You will be well 
pleased. Pkt. 15c; 100 seeds 25c; 500 seeds $1.00. 

Gentlemen: Mar. 13, 1956, Omaha, Nebr. 

For the first time in years, I am having good luck 
with seeds. I planted in your Sphagnum Moss and 
they are doing fine. Mary E. Munsinger. 

1598 — GARDEN GIANTS. Pkt. 25c. 

Most satisfactory Giant Ruffled Petunia for the Home Garden 

After the All Double Petunias get past the baby plant stage, they are quite vigor- 
ous and can "take it" even where summers are not. Outstanding in beds, borders 
or as accent points. 



Plants dwarf compact, true and uniform. Very 
fine for borders, beds or pot plants. The flowers 
are large, 3-5 in. in diameter, and so frilled and 
fluted and full, that they appear as great fluffy 
balls. The most fully double of all Petunias. 
1577 A — Blue Monarch. Rich velvety violet blue. 
Very large flowers on dwarf compact plants. 
1576 A— Clear Pink. Fully double well fringed 3V 2 " 
flowers. Dwarf shapely plants. Beautiful color. 
1570 — Gaiety. Bright rose-pink contrasted with 
pure white for that "Strawberries and Cream" 
effect. Full dble. fringed firs. Dwarf plants. 

1576 — Orange. Bright orange with some lighter 
orange. Large ana well fringed. 
1566 A— Orchid Beauty. Beautiful lilac -lavender 
with deeper, prominent veining. 
1567A — Purple Queen. Brilliant rich purple shaded 
velvety blue. 5" flowers of perfect form and sub- 
stance. Largest and best purple. 
Mil 7 A -Snowball Pure White. 4 in. fluffy, fully 
double fringed. Compact 10 in. plants. 
1017 — Sonata. The finest pure white all Double 
Taller than Snowball, huge deeply fringed firs. 
1570A— Sunset Giant. Brilliant deep salmon with 
scarlet sheen. Large, full double well fringed. The 
brightest color in dble. Petunias. 

1577— Giant Victorious Formula Blend. New, with 
larger (5") flowers than Victorious, equally dwarf 
and compact. Full range of bright colors. 
PRICES: Separate colors above: Pkt. 115 seeds) 
25c; 100 seeds SI. 00; 500 seeds $3.50. 
1615 — Victorious All Double Mixed. Dwarf compact 
plants in all colors mixed. Pkt. (25 seeds) 25c; 100 
seeds 75c; 500 seeds $2.75. 

Giant of Them All 

Fully double, beautifully fringed flowers fre- 
quently 5" across in such colors as rose, light and 
bright salmon, crimson, rose and white variegated 
and others. Plants are 12-15" high, very vigorous 
with bushy, shapely growth. 25 seeds 25c; 100 
seeds 75c; 500 seeds $2.75. 

1563 A — Park's All Double Blended Mix- 
ture. The best varieties of each color from each 
of the three leading producers of all Doubles have 
been combined in a well balanced formula mix- 
ture for what we feel is the finest All Double 
Petunia Mixture offered anywhere in the world 
to-day. Pkt. 25c; 55 seeds 50c: 125 seeds $1.00; 
500 seeds $3.00. 



The outstanding feature of this new variety is its satisfactory plant growth. 
The plants uniformly develop into well-rounded mounds 12-15 in. high. They 
start flowering when extremely small, and continue their gorgeous display all 
through the summer, holding their size and ruffling even under adverse con- 
ditions of heat and dryness. Because of its uniformity and continuous blooming, 
it is by far the best variety of Giant Ruffled Petunias for borders we have ever 
seen. Includes a wide variety of bright color combinations. Pkt. 25c; 1/128 ox. 
75c; 1/64 ox. $1.25. 


1564 — Allegro. Finest clear bright salmon — with 
color appeal. Full double. 15 s. 25c; 100 s. $1. 

1560 — America — All American Silver Medal. Uni- 
form, compact plants about 1 ft. high, with 18 
in. spread. Bears Carnation type flowers of medi- 
um size 2 in. across of fresh rose-pink. Blooms 
from June until frost. Pkt. 40 seeds 25c; 100 
seeds 50c; 200 seeds $1.00. 

1564A — Canadian Queen. A new delicate pure pink 
shade we're sure you'll love. Extra large flowered, 
very uniform. Finest double ever offered. 15 seeds 
25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 

1567 — Colossal Shades of Rose. The largest of the 
all doubles. Flowers often 5 in, across are 100% 
double in varying forms', colors range from light 
salmon-pink to deep rose. Pkt. (15 seeds) 25c; 100 
seeds $1.00. 

1562A — Cotton Candy. Soft creamy salmon suffused 
with pink. 15 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
1606A — Rhapsody. New deep burgundy wine-purple, 
dwarf, vigorous, free branching with huge fully 
fringed flowers. 15 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
1563 — Canadian Mixture. A distinctly superior strain 
Characterized by excellent germination, rich col- 
oring and uniformly dwarf but vigorous and free- 
branching habit. The large flowers are nicely 
ruffled and 100% double. Rose, pink and salmon 
shades. Pkt. (20 seeds) 25c; 100 seeds 90c. 

1561 — Mrs. D wight D. Eisenhower. Silver Medal 
winner. Flowers are soft mid-salmon 2% in. 
across. Plants are low and spreading, bushy and 
of good habit. Height about 16 in., spread about 
30 in. Uniform in color and doubleness. Excellent 
for bedding or borders. Pkt. (10 seeds) 25c; 50 
seeds SI. 00; 100 seeds $2.00. 

COLLECTION 028—8 Pkts. 
One of each American All 
Double listed above. Value 
$2.00 for $1.50. 


1568— P ARK'S SUPER 
GED MIXED. This is a mag- 
nificent strain but is only 
about 50% double. Flowers 
are similar to the Victori- 
ous All Double pictured 
above. Seeds are less ex- 
pensive than the All 
Doubles. Pkt. 15c; Giant 
Pkt. 25c; 1/128 oz. $1.50. 

Page 8 Giant Double Petunias will challenge your gardening skill — Reward you with gay abundant bloom. 

Petunia Nana Compaeta Crown Jewels 



(Hybrida Nana Compaeta) ha. or hhp. 1 ft. 
Plants are dwarf and compact, 10-12 in, high and 
form round mound -like plants which suits them 
well to the border. Very free flowering, the 
plants are covered with bloom from early summer 
until frost. The flowers are of medium size lVi- 
2 in. in diameter. This is the best type for borders, 
edgings for taller plants. They also make shapely 
pot plants or window box subjects. 

PARK'S 10 BEST Border Petunias 

This list does not include the 15 Finest Bedding 
Petunias listed pg. 9 in a "Class by Themselves". 
1626 A — Admiral. 10 in. Large, attractively ruffled 
flowers of clear bright velvety blue. Our finest 
dark blue. Pkt. 25c. 

1622 — Celestial Rose. Glowing deep rose. 

1582 — *Cheerful. 12 in. Compact rounded plants. 
Flowers, clear pink salmon suffused. Pkt. 25c. 
1602 A — Firechief. The reddest Petunia you've ever 
seen! Dwarf habit, free blooming. The all-time 
point winner since the All Americas were 
founded. Pkt. 25c. 

1641 — Glow. Brightest of this group. Dazzling rose- 
red flowers in abundance on dense-growing vig- 
orous plants of uniform habit. Pkt. 25c. 

1630 — Lipstick. Rich and beautiful 2V 2 " flowers 
of carmine-rose overlaid with a touch of salmon. 

1628 — *Hosy Morn Improved. Most popular of this 
group. Brilliant rose, broad white throat. 10c; 25c. 

1629— *Silvery Blue. (Heavenly Blue). Light cam- 
bridge sky blue. Delightful, unusual color. 

1623 — Glowing Pink. The plant habit is perfection it- 
self. The color caresses the eye. Flowers of glowing 
pure pink are large and slightly ruffled. The plants 
form perfect mounds 10" high with 15" spread. 
Bloom begins very early and the plants are alight 
with flowers all season long. A strain of superb 
quality, exceptionally true. Pkt. 25c. 

1631— * White Perfection. A. A. 1939. One of the 
best white petunias in existence. Abundant 2 in. 
snow white flowers, compact plants. 10c; 25c. 

1632— Balanced Blend of 10 best above. Pkt. 15c. 
Gt. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 02. 75c; Vs ox. $1.35. 

1626 — Colorama. F2 Hybrid Nana Compaeta Mix- 
ture. A brilliant balanced controlled blend of all 
Petunia colors including bicolors and starred kinds. 
Outstanding is the uniform plant habit. All colors 
are borne on plants of essentially the same height 
and spread. Very vigorous, large flowered, free 
blooming. Pkt. 25c; 1/32 ox. $1. 
1569 — CROWN JEWELS. Five bright clear colors- 
Red, creamy moonstone yellow, light and dark 
blue, salmon -cerise blended beautifully. F2 Hy- 
brids with more vigor, more flowers than above 
strains, but less costly and lacking the perfection 
of Fi Hybrids. 250 seeds 25c; 1250 s. $1. 
1569A — Moonstone. Entirely new color, lovely 
creamy yellow which adds sparkle to any other 
color near it. Pkt. 25c. 

1622A— Cockatoo. Velvety, deep violet purple with 
sharp white spots. A striking, unique effect. 
1620— Blue Violet. (New). A good deep violet 
color. The flower has unusual substance. 
1619— Glowing Rose. The intense brilliance of this 
new Petunia makes it the most startling of all 
the dwarf bedding varieties. Individual flowers 
are much larger and plants are even and do not 
become unshapely. It commences to bloom about 
1 month earlier than other varieties and produces 
a profusion of intense glowing rose flowers thru- 
out the season until frost. Pkt. 25c. 
1652— Fancy Blotched and Striped Mixed. Blending 
of the brightest and most contrasting. 
163S — Complete Mixture of all colors Dwarf Com- 
pact Petunias. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/1 6 01. 50c. 

MINIATURE— Best for Edging 

6-8 Inches Tall — Compact, Covered with Bloom 
1621— Bright Eyes. (A. A. '46 h A gay blanket of 
rosy pink, white throated flowers cover the plants. 
1634— Blue Boll. Deep violet blue. 
1636 — Igloo. Compact best pure white. 
1636 — Salmon Gem. New, distinctive bright salmon. 
1639 — Velvet Ball. Deep velvety crimson. 
1642 — Miniature Mixed. Complete mixture. 


(Hybrida Grandiflora Fimbriata 12-16 in. The 
flowers of well grown plants of this type will 
average 4-6 in. across and have a charm all their 
own due to the attractively fringed and frilled 
blooms. Fine for beds, borders, unexcelled for 
pots or window boxes. 

1590 A — Belle of Ireland. Large fringed blooms are 
crimson, mauve and yellow fringed in green 
edging. Unusual, beautiful combination. Pkt. 25c. 

1587— Dainty Lady. New Petunia in a distinct 
color. The semi dwarf compact plants bear deli- 
cately fringed delicate yellow flowers. Pkt. 25c. 

1588 — Flame. Rich, luminous, true scarlet 3" fir. 

1590 — Viola cea. (Ocean Blue). A giant flower. 

1591— White Beauty. A pure white beauty with 
delightfully frilled and ruffled edges. 

1591 A— White Mound. Similar to White Beauty but 
dwarfer, more prolific, more fringed. 

1589 — Theodosla. Improved. Bright rosy pink with 
blending golden center. Pkt. 25c. 

1592— Complete Mixture of Fringed Single. 


(Hybrida grandiflora) ha, hhp. 12-16 in. Flowers 
are large 3-4 in. across, plain edged and deeply 
lobed. Stronger growing than the Ruffled and 
Fringed type and are excellent for beds, borders, 
pots, or cutting. Vigorous and spreading. 
1646 — Burgundy. Rich wine red, white throat. 
1617 — Elk's Pride. Largest, darkest* best velvety 

1648 — Pink Glory. Extra large deep pink. 

1650 — Popcorn. Huge glistening white flowers 
generously clothe low, upright compact plants 
which remain really dwarf. Tops for beds. 25c. 
1650 A — White Queen. Extra large wavy, pure 
white flowers. Best white in this class. 

1651 — Complete Mixture. Giant Flowered. 

1588A — CARNIVAL. An F 2 Hyb. mixture with 
greater range, more vigor, more flowers than reg- 
ular strain above. Less costly, lacking the per- 
fection of Fi Hybs. 250 s. 25c; 1250 s. $1. 


(Hybrida) ha, or hhp. iy 2 -2 ft. Stronger growing 

than the dwarf compact type with larger flowers 

2-3 in. across. Habit of growth is more spreading 

and taller. Produces a mass of flowers from early 

summer until frost even under trying conditions. 

Its best use is in beds for mass effect. 

1601 — Blue Bee. Striking rich violet blue. 

1604— Fleming Velvet. Reselected A .A. Gold Medal 

'36. Rich, brilliant velvety blood red flowers. 

1606 — Howard's Star. Handsome velvety-purple 

with pure white star in the center. 

1609 — Radiance. Cerise-rose with salmon undertone. 

1580A — Supreme. New, appealing clear, soft salmon. 

1611 — Topaz Rose. Brilliant deep rose. 

1612— White King. The best white Hybrida. 

1613— Bedding. Complete mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 

BALCONY — Large Flowered Bedding 

(Pendula) ha, or hhp. 1V 2 ft. This is the strongest 
growing of all Petunias, and succeeds under the 
most trying conditions. 

Habit is trailing with long branches which are 
covered with bloom. Flowers are larger than the 
Hybrida Bedding type 2 V2 -3 in. across. This type 
should be used for mass effect in beds, and the 
pendulous habit suits it ideally to hanging baskets 
or porch boxes, 

1571 — Black Prince. Rich deep velvety mahogany 
red with beautful dark throat. Luxuriant. 

1572 — Royal Blue. Large, deep velvety blue. 

1573— Snow Storm. One of the finest whites. 
1574A — Royal Rose. Extra large flowers of clear, 
warm, rich rose. 

1575 — Complete Mixture. Balcony Petunias. 

Hybrida Bedding Miniature 

Petunia Grandiflora Carnival 


An F2 Hybrid large (3V 2 ") flowered mixture with 
greater color range, more vigor, more flowers 
than regular inbred strains. 12-15" high, IY2 ft. 
mature spread, well suited for beds, borders, 
cutting. Fi Hybrids, such as the parents of 
this strain, are more vigorous, absolutely uni- 
form in color, but their progeny varies widely, 
which explains the amazing display of color 
here. Many shades of pink, blue, rose, red, white, 
salmon, crimson, scarlet, bicolors and combina- 
tions. Kaleidoscopic. 250 seeds 25c ; 1250 s. $1. 


Giant of them all — Now for Home Borders 
1593A — Multibloom Mixed. 19-31 prime heavily 
ruffled blooms at a time (4 times normal) cover 
each dwarf, vigorous plant with no open spots. 
Complete range of choicest colors. 25c. 


Wide open 4-6 in. flowers. Brilliant colors for 
beautiful pot plants, summer beds, borders. 
1595 — Giants of Calif. Complete mixture of colors. 
1581 — Dwarf Giants of California. Ramona strain. 
1595 A — New Horizon. Outstanding new colors in- 
clude rich strawberry, Dresden pink, orchid, old 
rose, copper-rose, and white. Huge flowers up to 6- 
7" across are uniform in size. Vigorous plants are 
well suited to outdoor plantings. Both F2 Hybrids 
and open pollinated types are represented to com- 
bine the best and rarest colors provided by both 
techniques. Pkt. 25c; Large Pkt. 65c. 
1581A — Ramona Superdwarfs. Giant ruffled flowers. 
Dark shades, orchid shades and bicolors. Ultimate 
dwarf habit. Bred for pot plants. Pkt. 25c. 
1586 — Complete mixture of Ruffled Giants. 

The Dwarf Ruffled Giants 

Medium sized, well ruffled and waved, deep 
throated flowers. Neat compact 10-12 in. plants. 
1583— Martha Washington. Blush pink, lavender 
throat. A beautiful color. 

1645 — Little Giants Mixed. Many colors and combi- 

Two Unusual Petunias 
1580 — Funny Face. 16 in. Unusual Salpiglossis-like 
2" flowers are white with yellow throat overlaid 
with brownish-purple veins over the face. 
1625 A — Pinocchio. Extremely vigorous and flori- 
ferous. Delightful rich salmon-cerise color. 
1651A — All Types Petunia Blend. Includes some of 
all types we list. Pkt. 25c; 1-32 ox. 75c. 


This is covered more fully on page 11 of "The 
Gardener's Handbook" sent free with your order. 
We treat all seeds of Petunias with Semesan to 
help prevent "damping off" which together with 
covering too deeply causes more failures than 
anything else. The seed may be sown indoors 
about 8 weeks before your usual outdoor plant- 
ing time to give you blooming plants in early 
June, and because the seed are small should be 
sown in boxes and transplanted even when 
planting late. 

We are using and enthusiastically rec- 
ommend Milled Sphagnum Moss for 
Petunia Seed Sowing. 
Park's "Sure Fire" seed starter kit 
takes the "guess work" out of growing 
Petunias from seeds. 

All Seeds ( J*£JZg£ n ) : Pkt. 15c, 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25e. Page 9 

Easily Grown 
Blooms all summer 


Fine cut flowers 



So named because the initial develop- 
ment work in creating this Giant Zin- 
nia was done by Luther Burbank. 
The flowers are even larger than the 
Giant Dahlia Flowered and are dis- 
tinguished because of their full range of 
pastel colors. Don't miss this fine new Zinnia. 
Pkt. 25c; V 8 ox. 60c; Va oz. $l.p0. 


Unusual Lovely Colors 

Tired of red, yellow and purple Zinnias? 
Try the soft colors found only in this group 
for unusual color combinations. Giant flow- 
ers 5-6 in across are flat and graceful. Plants 
3-4 ft. tall. Long stems. 

2 151 A — Brightness. Bright pink. 

2152A — Cherry Queen. Brilliant cherry rose. 

2151 — Daffodil Queen. Canary yellow. 

2152 — Enchantress. Light rose, deep center. 

2154 — Lavender Queen. Deep rosy-lavender. 

2155— Miss Willmott. Delightful soft Pink. 
215G — Rose Queen. Striking deep rose. 

2157 — Salmon Queen. Lovely salmon scarlet. 

2158— Scarlet Queen. Gorgeous deep scarlet. 

2159 — Snow Queen. Best white Zinnia. 

25c; Ye oz. 60c; Va oz. $1.00. 

2243— Zinnia Giant Plus X Cactus 

Page 10 Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

2209— Chrysantha Mixed. A new introduction 
from England. Chrysanthemum formed, bear- 
ing large shaggy heads on long vigorous stems. 
Different, unusual, dainty, beautiful. A blend 
of many bright colors. Pkt. 25c. 
2145— Spanish Fire. 3 ft. Burning orange red 
illuminated by a glowing yellow center. Choice 
to cut, a highlight in the garden. New. 25c. 

New Zinnias with Grace and Refinement 

Giant Cactus Flowered Hybrids 

Immense, fluffy, ruffled flowers with graceful, 
curved petals like those of giant Chrysanthemums. 
Entirely free of stiffness often associated with 
Zinnias, they are airy, informal and much alive 
with color. Long stemmed beauties with long 
keeping qualities for cutting, beds, borders. Heat 
loving/easily grown. Vigorous 2 J /2 ft. plants, 5" 

2239— Apricot. Most attractive shade of coral suf- 
fused apricot. Pkt. 25c. 

2148— Blaze. 1954 All America Selections Winner. 
Flaming-red and scorching orange combined in a 
unique rare blazing Mandarin-red. Pkt. 25c. 
2147— Eskimo. Loosely ruffled 5" flowers open 
creamy white, change to white. Long, cupped 
"needle" petals faintly notched at tips. Pkt. 25c. 

2242 — Glamour Girls. A harmonious blend of the 
light gay colors such as apricot, orange, rose, 
salmon pink, creamy yellows, white, etc. Dark 
colors are omitted. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1.10. 

2240— Ice Cream. Delicious, distinctive, sparkling 
formal 5" ''Cactus'* blooms of the most beautiful 
pure rich cream. Adds richness and zest to any 
arrangement. Pkt, 25c. 

2197A— Floradale Scarlet. Vibrant scarlet-red 5" 
flowers are made up of hundreds of strap-shaped 
petals ruffled, recurved, twisted, fluffy. Pkt. 25c, 
2245— Kismet. Radiant Persian red. Pkt. 25c. 
2198A— Riverside Beauty. Warm glowing salmon 
pink 5" flowers, petals twisted, gaily curled 25c. 
2146— Sunny Boy, Rich buttercup -yellow 5" re- 
curved firs, are graceful, alive with color. 25c. 

2149— Giant Cactus (Burpee) Hybrids Mixed. Here 
are pleasing colors and color combinations — 
Chinese corals, vermillions, soft orange, unusual 
pinks, carmine-rose, scarlets with cream and 
yellow centers, and all the normal colors too. 
Pkt. 25c; Va oz. $1.00; Va oz. $1.75. 

2244— Treasure Island. Fiery shades of scarlet and 
crimson (the blood and excitement), Rich butter- 
cup yellow (the gold), Bright orange (the sun and 
sand), glowing pinks (the jewels). These 6-7" fully 
double Cactus Flowers on vigorous, 36" bushes con- 
stitute a garden spectacular. Pkt. 25c. 

2243— Plus X Cactus. In our trials this was the 
finest Giant Cactus Mixture. More vigorous growth, 
larger flowers and more of them, widest range 
of choicest best colors. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1. 


Zinnias hha. 2-3 ft. 

Dahlia Flowered Zinnias are most popular due to 
their great size la well grown flower is often 6 in. 
across and 4 inches deep), and their fine form which 
resembles the Show Dahlias with broad petals, 
closely imbricated, seemingly piled one upon the 

2167 — *Canary Bird. A delicate shade of primrose, 
very large and holds its color well. 

2170 — *Crimson Monarch. Largest and best red* 
flowers often 8 in. across; freely borne. 

2171 — Dream. A beautiful shade of soft lavender- 
blue, turning to purple as the flower ages. 

2172 — Eldorado. Charming rose on salmon. 

2173 — "Exquisite. A most pleasing shade of Tyrian 
rose, deepening towards the center; huge. 

2175 — "Golden State. Yellow in the bud, turning to 
vivid orange when in full bloom. 

2176 — Illumination. Brilliant deep rose. 

2177 — Luminosa. Bright deep pink suffused salmon. 

2178 — Meteor. Rich glowing red, suggesting the deep 
toned shade of velvet; excellent; lovely. 

2181 — "Polar Bear. Immense, pure white, the best 
white yet found in Zinnias, true Dahlia form. 

2182 — "Purple Prince. Rich deep purple. 

2183— Royal Purple. (A. A.) Truly kingly in its rich, 
deep robe of purple. Uniform 3 ft. plants, large fully 
double flowers. 

2186— Will Rogers. (New). The loveliest and most 
brilliant scarlet red. A worthy addition. 
024 — COLLECTION OFFER. One packet each of the 
six starred (*) varieties above, value 90c for 75c. 
2189— Park's Unexcelled Mixture. A specially prepared 
mixture of the choicest colors. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oz. 
60c; Va oz. $1.00. 

2188— Pastel Dahlia - Flowered Mixture. For a very 
choice blend, we offer a marvelous mixture of deli- 
cate shades; light pinks, creams, lavenders and 
whites. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. $1.00. 

For a beautiful cut flower combination use Crim- 
son Monarch 15c and Polar Bear — 15c. Both for 25c. 

2230 — Pastel Tints. .Large well formed flowers in rich 
pastel shades, each petal overlaid at the base with 
deep golden yellow. Flower type is intermediate be- 
tween Dahlia Flowered and California Giant. Pkt. 
15c; 25c; Va oz. $1.00. 

2211— Harmony Finest Mixed. 2V 2 ft. Here the brightly 
colored flowers are borne on long cutting stems and 
in shape resemble Harmony Marigold. Mixed colors. 

Giant of Them All 
2238— VIS* UNIFLORA GIANTS. Single stemmed Zin- 
nias with colossal 8" flowers in all colors. Special for 
cutting. (Vis' description). Pkt. 25c. 

2197 — David Burpee 

New and different. The very large flowers are made 
up of curled, quilled chrysanthemum-like petals and 
the shades and tones from soft cream, chamois, buff, 
apricot, burnt orange, rose and peach, with some 
solid colors and some a combination of colors. 

Zinnia Fantasy 


Unique and beautiful curled and interlaced, 
the Fantasy Zinnias are new and distinctive. 

2198 — Gold Dust. Soft, rich light golden orange. 

2199 — Meloay. A distinctive new color not only 
for Fantasy Group but for Zinnias as a whole. 
Rich Orchid-lavender, shaggy and informal. 

2200— Pink Frills. Soft pastel flesh pink. 
2200A— Orange Lndy. Bright deep orange. 

2201 — Rosalie. Lovely bright rose flowers. 

2202 — Star Dust. Deep rich gleaming gold. 

2203— White Light. Pure white. 1939 A. A. 

2204— Wildfire. Dazzling scarlet. 
2234 — Pastel Fantasy Mixture. 

2205 — Fantasy Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c: 
>/s ox. 60c; Va ox. $1.00. 

COLLECTION 0'2fi. Eight packets — one each of 
above Fantasy varieties for $1.00. 

Plant of Zinnia Lilliput 


LILLIPUT, Button-flowered, 1 ft. Branching plants, 
small double flowers; new and beautiful; fine for 
cutting. Known as Gem Zinnias. 

2214— Canary; 2216— Pink; 2217— Purple; 2218— 
Salmon; 2219— Scarlet; 2220— White; 2216A— Rose- 

2*313 — Black Ruby, velvety rich blackish maroon. 

2215 — Dainty Gem. Bright rose, flesh pink rim. 

2221 — PASTEL LILLIPUT MIXTURE. These delight- 
fully small Zinnias are in lovely soft shades of 
apricot, peach, creamy vellow, shell-pink, delicate 
salmon, light rose and orchid. The small sym- 
metrical flowers in this specially prepared mix- 
ture will make an attractive decoration. 

of the button-flowered types and colors. Pkt. 10c; 
Gt. Pkt. 25c; Vb oz. 50c; Va oz. 90c. 

2223— LINEARIS, 8 in. A beautiful window box, 
border or edging plant. The myriads of golden 
orange flowers (each petal with a lemon stripe) 
smother the compact plant. Blooms in six weeks. 
2223 A — Linearis Mixed. Known to botanists of 
the last century, but lost until its rediscovery in 
1934. We offer a mixture now for the first time: 
deep orange, gold, and white. Pkt. 25c. 

Zinnia Tom Thumb Gem 


2232 — TOM THUMB GEM. Very dwarf 4 to 6 in. 
plants covered with tiny button flowers in a wide 
color range. Excellent for pot or border. 


1 ft. These little button flowers on dwarf 
compact plants have a personality Quite distinct 
from other Zinnias. They have long been popu- 
lar for pot plants as well as garden edging. 2161 — 
Snowdrop, white; 2162— Scarlet; 2 161 A— Canary 
Yellow; 2163— Mixed. 


2226 — RED RIDING HOOD (Gracillima). Wz ft. Free 

flowering miniature of deep scarlet. Brilliant bed- 

der and exquisite for table decoration. 


1 ft. Charming long-stemmed small flowers in 
brilliant display. Lovely for beds. 

2208 A — PERSIAN CARPET. Dwarf plants begin 
blooming early; grow into tidy, well-behaved 12" 
mounds of brilliant color, each plant different. 
Easy to grow, thriving on heat, producing a 
wealth of bloom. Pkt. 25c. 

Earliest of all Zinnias 
2190— EARLY WONDER MIXED. 18 in. Bright colors 
3-4" flowers, long cutting stems, very quick. 



Flowers of medium size (2 l /z in.), well rounded 
and produced in abundance on long stems; ideal 
for cutting. Compact, well branched. 
2192— Salmon Rose; 2195— Spun Gold; 2196— Finest 
Mixed; 2225 — Sunshine Tints — Pastel shades mixed. 
LIST. A wealth of Zinnias for 10c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. 



The Same 

for AH Seeds (J-^J: 

Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00 
Giant Pkt. 25c, 9 for $2. 


2227A — Peppermint Stick Mixed 

A greatly improved mixture which includes Old 
Glory which is white with rose red striations. 
The Clown, yellow with reddish orange striations 
and several additional colors including red and 
yellow, pink and white, and purple and white. 
Flowers 2Y 2 -3 in. across are freely borne all sea- 
son until frost from a very early beginning. Plants 
grow 2^4 ft. tall are symmetrical and long 
stemmed. This will indeed be the brightest, most 
admired, distinctive flower in your garden. Avail- 
able in mixture only which comes about 70% true 
striped. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oi. 50c; V» oz. $1.00. 

2228— ORTHO POLKA Zinnia J* J* J* J* 

A Dahlia Flowered Giant Peppermint Stick with' 
broad, fully double, large petalled flowers. The 
plants too are larger and more vigorous, growing 
3 ft. high. The 4" flowers are eye-Ailing, but not 
too big for easy, attractive arranging. Colors are 
bright, extremely varied, 70% striped and include 
combinations of pink, rose, red, lavender or purple 
with white; scarlet or orange with yellow, and red 
with orange. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1.00. 

ZINNIAS ore of easiest culture. For an extra early 
start, seeds may be sown in flats and trans- 
planted; however, they grow more sturdily if 
sown in the bed where they are to stand after all 
danger of frost has passed. When plants are a 
few inches high, keep well cultivated and give 
thorough soaking every two weeks. 

You Have Chosen the Finest Flower Seeds Grown — Protect Your investment in Seeds, 
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• Reduces need for constant 
watching, and expert judg- 

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Home Garden Package $1 

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Wz bu. ibou '" tim " $4.35 


Plant Growing Containers for 
Sturdier, Greener, More Rapid 

Inexpensive, light weight pots are 
easy to handle, need less watering. 
Roots grow through the walls 
Just Plant "Pot and All" 
The plants keep right on growing 
with no set back. Plant is actually 
fed by the pot. Long lasting, they 
may be used for all normal potting 

Postpaid Prices: 

2V4" size . . , 100 for $2.50 
500 for $10.00 

JIFFY POT-Note roots of husk/ 3" SiZO .... 100 for $3.95 
Petunia growing through 500 for $1 7.50 

Park's "Sure-3ire" Seed Starter J(tt 

For Quick, Easy, Certain Results— Even with the most difficult seeds. All 
the materials and containers we use ourselves, with complete instructions. 

SIX 7i/ 2 x5l/ 2 " JIFFY SEED FLATS $1.00 

MILLED SPHAGNUM MOSS an i l' d ml 1.00 

HEATING PARI F To aive bot,om heat, we I nn 

nCMI IINVC7 W\DLt consider this very important .... 1.00 


50 JIFFY POTS, 21/4" siz 1.45 


and Complete Directions 1 otal 4 ' 80 



only $3*5 




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Page 11 


Dwarf or tall— Giant flowered or small Bloom 
like chrysanthemums, like a ball, single or double All Summer 

Fine for beds or borders. 
Excellent to cut for ar- 
rangements. Easily grown 

Chrysanthemum Flowered Mammoth Mum. 

Dwarf Gigantea, Pot O'Gold 


1322— GOLDEN TRUMPET, Something entirely new 
in Marigolds — believe it or not. A product of 
artificially changing Chromosome values. 3 in. 
Flowers are pure yellow — the four rows of outer 
petals are bell shaped and stand out individu- 
ally. The center is tightly crested. Pkt. 25c. 
1307 A — TREASURE CHEST of Marigolds. 
A striking brilliant blend of African and large 
Chrysanthemum Flowered types with wide range 
of color and bloom forms. 


Mexican or Signet Marigolds 
Unexcelled for borders or edging. 6 in. Compact, 
dense, rounded, free flowering plants with fine, 
lacy foliage, % in. single, 5-petaled flowers with 
deeper centers. Foliage has a pleasant lemon-like 
odor. Very attractive. 
1311 A — Lulu. Bright canary yellow. 
1312— Mixed Colors. 

Extra Dwarf Double Odorless — 6 in. 

1289 — Cupid. 6 in. Very dwarf and compact. 
Large {2V 2 in.) primrose yellow, chrysanthe- 
mum-like flowers completely cover the plant. 
1290A — Cupid Golden. New Rich golden color. 25#, 

1290 — Cupid Orange. New brilliant orange. 25c. 
1289 A — Cupid Mixed. 6 in. Like Cupid above but in 
shades of light yellow, golden and orange. Pkt. 25c. 

Page 12 

Marigold Cupid 

All Seed ( . N j" p p . ice . d 

\ in description 

Huge 5 - 6" Dahlia-Like Flowers 
1261 — CRACKER JACK Gigantea. About the ultimate 
in Giant Marigolds. Earliest to bloom, bearing 
100% full double 5" flowers even under adverse 
conditions. 2\ 2 ft. bushy plants hold the big flow- 
ers in full view above the foliage, seldom need 
staking. Primrose, yellow, gold and orange are 
blended to formula. A "Cracker Jack". Pkt. 25c; 
Vs oz. $1.00. 

1299 — GIGANTEA Full Double Mixed. Perfect in 
growth, beauty, form and size. Remarkable new, 
sweet-scented extremely large (5-6 in.) flowers 
on robust 2V 2 ft. plants. The colors range from 
cream, lemon, yellow to deep golden orange 
100% double. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Vs oi. 85c. 
Three weeks earlier adding new colors too: cream, 
buff, lemon, gold and, orange. Otherwise like 
Gigantea above. Pkt. 25c. 

1300 — GIGANTEA Orange Sunset. 3 ft. Deep orange. 

Enormous flowers are of the quilled type and 
keep unusually well when cut. 

1261A— All Double Lemon. 1259— All Double Mixed. 
1260 — Super Giant Fluffy Ruffles. (New). 5V 2 " 
flowers with each petal intensely ruffled bril- 
liant medium orange in color and borne on 20" 
basal branching cutting stems. Pkt. 25c. 

12 <4 — Pot O Gold. Dwarf 12 in. glowing coun- 
terpart of the iamous Gigantea Sunset Giants, 
this splendid novelty Marigold has huge 4 in. 
flowers, full centered and 100% double, fragrant 
and a strikingly beautiful bright deep golden 
orange on 10 in. stems. "Truly a jewel found at 
rainbow's end.*' 

1275 — Gypsy Jewels. Dwarf Gigantea. A wide 
range of brilliant shades of orange, yellow, prim- 
rose, etc. Plants like Pot O'Gold pictured with 
giant firs, and dwarf symmetrical habit. 


Well-known, loosely ruffled, broad petaled flower 
form. Branching plants. 

1301— Indian Chief. 2\' 2 ft. A brilliant reddish- 
orange, deepest color in large flowered Marigolds. 

1302 — Man in the Moon. 3 ft. The nearest white yet 
produced. Broad, crisply ruffled, pale moon-yellow 
petals form 3-3 \ 2 " Carnation-like blooms. Vigorous 
plants flower abundantly. Pkt. 25c. 

1266 — Yellow Supreme. Gorgeous full double. 
Primrose yellow flowers of broad petaled car- 
nation type. Foliage odorless. 
1258— Mixed Carnation Flowered. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
Extra Early, Extra Dwarf, Extra Flowers 

1276— Sunbrite. 15 in. Brilliant, rich yellow 3" fully 
double flowers made up of crinkly, wax -like 
tightly packed petals, are freely borne on uniform 
little plants. 2-3 weeks earlier. 

1303 A— Nearest to White Mixed. New, 
as yet unnamed Chrysanthemum, 
Peony and Carnation Flwd. types in 
the palest yellow shades yet obtained. 
Pkt. 25c. 


1314 — Yellow Pygmy. (1940 Bronze 
Medal). Just right for edging or bor- 
der, the 8 in. plants produce 1 in. 
double lemon yellow firs. 
1314A — Lemondrop. 9" plants bloom 
earlier, larger canary yellow full dou- 
ble firs than Pigmy. 25c. 
1318 — Pygmy Primrose. 6 in. Profuse, 
very early. IV2" ruffled primrose yel- 
low flowers with a red base, mostly 
hidden in mature flowers. Pkt. 25c. 

1271 A— Harvest Moon 

Keeps in water for 2 weeks, all double, 
more floriferous than African. Shining 
lemon yellow 4" flowers, pleasingly 
informal. 20" ht. 25c. 


The fluffy ball-like flowers are made up of 
many finely cut individual florets intricately in- 
tertwined in true Chrysanthemum form. See 
picture of Mammoth Mum above typical of this 
type. They keep exceptionally well. 
12G9 — Mammoth Mum. Largest and most beautiful 
of the Chrysanthemum (incurved) type yet pro- 
duced. Bushy, erect 30 in. plants with long stem- 
med 4 in. lemon yellow flowers are colorful in 
the garden and wonderful for cutting. 
1320A — Orange Mum. 30 in. Vivid, clear, rich 
orange 4" flowers with very curly petal tips. 
Vigorous Mammoth Mum counterpart. Pkt. 25c. 
1 269 A — Glitters. Early. 2V 2 ft. Bushy and erect. 
Chrysanthemum-like 3" and more across. Soft 
golden yellow. Blooms early and continues until 
frost. Blooms profusely on long stems. Pkt. 25c. 
1270— Extra Early Golden Crown. 18 in. 2-3 weeks 
before regular strains, huge 3\ 2 -4" ball shaped, 
blooms with crinkly incurved petals open. 25c. 
1257A — Happiness. 18 in. Begins blooming very, 
very early. Deep golden yellow 3 in. firs. 
1268 — Limelight. The lightest in color of all Mari- 
golds — very soft primrose yellow. Chrysanthemum 
like blowers 2% in. across are borne on long 
stems 01 a vigorous 2 ft. plant. 
1273— TALL Chrysanthemum Flwd. Mixed. 10c; 25c. 


MARIGOLDS. Very easy to grow, sow them where 
you want a border. They bloom in 10 weeks from 
seed and make neat beds or borders full of color 
all summer until frost. They bloom best in poor 
soil. For most flowers, grow French in poor soil. 

1287 — Sunkist. 6-10 in. tall. Bright orange. 
1283— Butterball. 6-10 in. Bright canary yellow 
flowers bloom from early summer until- frost. 
Dwarf, unifoim; fii.e for borders. 

Brightest, Biggest French Marigold 
1282A — Color Magic. Pure brilliant non-fading 
red, bright yellow and bicolor combinations on 
the same plant. Flowers 2" across of distinct 
fully double form. 12" ht. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va ox. 85c. 

1288— Fi retail. 12" Entirely different. Flame-like 
reddish -scarlet markings dart up through the wax- 
like golden orange petals. Extra early, it produces 
a bountiful supply of blooms. Pkt. 25c. 

1279A — Gold Laced. 9 in. Mahogany, each petal 
edged with brilliant yellow. Beautiful. 25c. 

An Important New Double French Type 
1295 — Parisian Hybrids. 12 in. Distinct and new with 
all colors, hues and tones known to Marigolds from 
pale yellow to deepest coppery red. They vary 
from solid colors to every conceivable variation in 
blotched, striped and mottled. Tightly packed, 
extra large 2-2 V 2 " blooms are freely produced on 
trim, uniform 12" plants. Begin to bloom early, 
continue to frost. 25c. 

1313 — Extra Early Primrose Gem. Neat 9" plants. 
Fully double, tightly packed 2" blooms of rich 
primrose-yellow. Very early, prolific. 25c. 
1309 — Spry. 9 in. high, 12 in. spread. Flowers 1V 2 
in. in diam. with bright yellow crested center 
and mahogany red guard petals. 
1309A — Giant Spry. Flowers twice the size, plants 
same height, twice the spread of Spry. Pkt. 25c. 

1 280— Scarlet Glow. 10 in. Companion to Spry 
for bed or borders. Bright scarlet double flowers. 
1285 — Rusty Red. (Fandango) Brightest red 2" flrs. 
brighter, more generous than Scarlet Glow. 25c. 
1285A— Tangerine. 15". 2" full dble. Tangerine or- 
ange. Early, choice color. 

1*08— Red And Gold Hybrids. Hybrid cross be- 
tween African pad French tvpes. Produces a 
gorgeous display of 2V 2 in. brilliant flrs. Pkt. 25c. 



New varieties — larger, earlier, with more flowers. 
1315 — Naughty Marietta. 12 in. 2-2 V 2 inch flrs. are 
golden yellow with mahogany base. 
1S15A — Sunny, lb m. Bright yellow 2 in. flowers 
have attractive wavy edges. 

1297— Mixture of All French Marigolds. 10c; 25c. 

) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c: 9 for $2.00. Buv Direct from Park. 

Summer Color 

Here's a Page 

Heat Loving 

Easy fo grow flowers 
you can sow where 
you want them. 

Grants a Gardener's Every Wish 
TO REN I A. 1 ft. So versatile. As a bed or border, 
blooms June 'til frost in sun or shade. Potted, 
it blooms year round. Prolific, bright, bushy, 
easy, heat loving. Pkt. 15c or 25c in: 2028— 
Fournieri, blue & gold, 2027— White, 2029— Mixed. 


Sky Blue Silvered with Star Dust, 
1 906 — OX Y PETALU M Coeriileum. 15 

in. Sow where you want it in April 
for bloom June to Oct. Pot for in- 
door winter bloom. Easy, heat lov- 
ing. Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. 

Heat Loving 

Collection 012 

One Pkt. of each 
item pictured 
this page. 7 
P k t s . , value 
$1.55 for 

only $1.00 

We Proudly Present for 1957 
PARK'S Double Morning Glory Mixed 

1047 A— "Tinkerbell's Petticoat" 

Full double flowers in Carnation reminder — (in shape like the 
petticoat filled fairy's frock, and as varied in color) dance through 
the foliage. Pink, Rose, Red, Blue, Lavender, and Pure White are 
all represented. The colors are clear and bright. The double flowers 
are of good texture and are much longer lasting than the single 
varieties, remaining open almost all day. They are freely borne on 
husky quick-growing vines. 757c full double. You'll thrill to the 
praise of your friends, the sheer beauty of your trellis or fence, as 
"Tinkerbell" flits through its covering of emerald foliage. Pkt. 25e. 


A Smash Hit. One look will tell you why. About 70% of the 3" 
flowers are boldly striped in widely varying vivid colors. Easv to 
grow, heat loving, 26" plants. Pkt 25c; »/• ox. $1. 


A Dahlia Flowered Peppermint Stick with broad, fully double, 
large petalled flowers almost twice the size of Peppermint Stick. 
The plants too are much larger and more vigorous, growing to 3 ft 
high. The flowers 4" across, are big enough to be eye -filling; but 
not so oversize as to be top-heavy for arrangements. Colors in this 
bright mixture are extremely varied with striping in 70% of the 
blooms. They include combinations of pink, rose, red, lavender or 
purple with white; scarlet or orange with yellow, and red with 
orange. Pkt. 25c. V§ oi. $1.00 

CELOSIA Dwarf Cristata ffaUZ-lor 

Fashion Flower 

TOP WINNER for 1955 

A velvet crown of lustrous 
bright red with scarlet high- 
lights tops the bright green 
18-20 inch plant. Ideal for 
bedding, cut flowers or dried 
for winter everlastings. Heat 
loving with a long flowering 
period, Toreador is so easily 
grown everywhere it is des- 
tined to create a new fashion 
Lead the style parade in your 
community with this bold 
new beauty. Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 
&5c; 11 Pkts. $2.00. 
508— Rainbow Mixture. 15 in. 
Beautiful varied bright colors. 
Pkt. 25c. 


498A— New Giant PAMPAS PLUME Celosia 
Mixed. Thrives on hot weather. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c 
492— GOLDEN FLEECE Pampas Plume Celosia. Center 
of picture above. Pkt. 25c. 




257 — ASTER 
Mixed Colors 

Fully double 3" flowers 
on long stems cover 
the top of strictly up- 
right 20" plants in such 
abundance that bou- 
quets for home decora- 
tion may be removed 
without harming a 
garden show-piece, 
though each plant is a 
bouquet in itself. These 
refreshing, cooling 
blooms laugh at the 
heat of early August. 
All colors mixed. Pkt. 
25c; Vs oi. $1.25. 

861A — GERBERA Giant Transvaal Daisy 
Waller Franklin Hybrids. 15 seeds 25c; 75 seeds SI. 00. Plants: 50c 
each; 3 for $1.25; 12 for S4.00; 25 for $7.50. 

864— Duplex Hybrids. 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00; 200 seeds 53.00. 

Just Sow where you want them— Quick and Easy, Long Blooming, Refined. 
662— DAHLIA W-F DWARF HYBRIDS, hhp. 15 in. You'll thrill to its beauty, marvel at how 
easily grown it is. 80 days after sowing you'll be cutting blooms for your table or 
admiring a lovely compact garden border. They bloom right through the heat of sum- 
mer, never daunted until frost cuts them down. Tubers can be dug and reused in fol- 
lowing years. In comparative trials, we have found this to be the very finest strain of 
Unwin type Dahlia. Early, very nearly all double, and the 4 inch flowers come in a 
complete range of lively, lovely colors. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1.00. TUBERS: Mixed colors only. 
35c ea.; 3 for $1.; 7 for $2.; 21 for $5.50. 

SALVIA America -Scarlet Sage ^ 

In bloom from early summer until 
frost. Salvia is choice for borders, beds, 
cutting or pot culture. 

1805— America (Globe of Fire) 16 in. 

Early, dwarf and compact. Bright scar- 
let flowers. Pkt. 15c; 25c; V« oz. $1.00; 
V4 oi. $1.75. 

1813 — Rose Flame. Harmonious carmine- 
rose. 25c. 

1809— Burgundy. Rich maroon. Pkt. 25c. 
1*09 A— White Fire. Creamy white. Pkt. 

1818 — New Harmonies. Pastel shades. 25c. 

2240— ICE CREAM ZINNIA Made of Real Rich Cream 

Delicious, distinctive, sparkling formal Cactus blooms up to 5" across, 
deep and fully formed, and in this newest of all Zinnia colors. It is the 
only color that combines with and harmonizes with all other garden 
colors. 8 years of painstaking effort by noted hybridist Darold Decker, 
brings this lovely color to us true and even. Won't you share "Ice 
Cream'' with us. Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 65c. 

2243— PLUS X CACTUS. Best of all Gt. Cactus Zinnia Mixtures. Pkt. 25c. 

The New BUSH TYPE Verbenas 
Broad flat-topped bushy plants 8" high 10" 
across. Flower heads almost touch covering 
the plant well. 

2046A— Firelight; 2042— Roselight; 2045— Salmon 
Queen; 2045 A— Snow White; 2044— Blue Siar- 
I.ght. Price each: Pkt. 25c; 08 Collection: One 

of ea. 5 above $1.00. 

2043 — Bush Type Mixed. From originator's trial 
ground by special arrangement. Pkt. 25c; Va 
oz. $1. 


1495A— ROGGLI'S GENUINE ORIGINAL Swiss Giants Mixed. 
60 seeds 25c; 300 seeds $1; 1/32 oz. (800 seeds) $2.00. 


Do not confuse this with the Swiss 
strain offered below which is several 
generations removed from the original. 
Seeds we offer here are direct from 
Mr. Roggli, the Swiss Originator of 
this world renowned strain. Since it 
was originally offered it has become 
the standard others attempt to atian.. 
but the Roggli's have continued to im- 
prove it and it is still the finest to be 
had in the world today. Huge flower? 
are produced on long erect stems. The 
color range is superb. There is a 
tendency toward the handsome deeper 
tones of red and blue, but it is welt 
balanced with lighter yellows, whites, 
light blues. 60 seeds 25c; 300 seeds 
SI. 00; 1/32 ox, (about 800 seeds) 
$2.00; 1/16 o«. S3. 00; Ye oi. $5.00; Va 
oz. $9.00; oz. $27.00. 


top and 



Pansies are well and favorably known, 
so that a description of their exquisite 
beauty, and usefulness in the garden 
is unnecessary. They are simply indis- 
pensable, and if we were to name a 
half dozen of our best seedling flow- 
ers, the Pansy would be one of them. 
There is, however, much difference in 
the strains, some being greatly supe- 
rior m vigor and free-blooming qual- 
ity to other plants as well as the great 
size, form, variety, and richness of col- 
ors and variations. We are pleased to 
say that the seeds we offer are from 
Pansy specialists, all of the new crop, 
and cannot be surpassed in quality, 
regardless of claim or price. 

Bloom at 
right is 

1 The Largest and Finest of All Pansies 
We offer ORIGINATOR'S Seeds of the 



Here's our finest, most complete Swiss blend. Enormous flowers of Swiss type, 
rounded and marked to perfection with heavy (Weather-proof) texture. Best of 
an is the remarkable color range which contains many new Pansy colors. Blended 
Dy formula from the very finest strain produced by each of 3 Pansy specialists, 
with some Roggh's Original added. Pkt. 15c; 200 seeds 25c; 1/32 oz. 75c; 1/16 
oz. $1.35; Va oi. $2.00: '/4 o*_ S3 sn* IA «■» «a nn. -\ OI $n.00. 

oz. $1.35; Va oz. $2.00; Va oz. $3.50; Va ox. $6.00; 


Most popular of the Giant Pansies, this 
group is enthusiastically admired for its 
exquisite colors and huge size. Color 
tendency is toward the handsome deeper 
tones, well balanced by yellows, whites 
and light blues. 1473— Superb Mixture. 
Pkt. 10c; Giant Pkt. 25c; 1/32 oz. 50c; 
1/16 oz. 95c; V4 oz. $3.00; oz. $10.00. 


Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 
1465 — Alpenglow. Cardinal shades. 
U<i<i_Berna. Dark Violet Blue. 
14 06 A— Jet Black. 80% true black during Spring. 
Blackest of flowers, typical Swiss size. 25c. 

1407 — Coronation Gold. Canary yellow, lower pet- 
als flushed golden orange, slightly ruffled. 

1408 — Fire Beacon. Brick red. 

1409 — Lake of Thun. Thuner Sea blue. 

1493— Red Wing. Upper petals red, lower petals 

golden yellow. A striking bi-color. 

1471— White. Pure white. 

14 7*3— Yellow Master. Pure yellow. 

1496 — Swiss Giant Orange. 

Color is vivid orange, the upper petals with a 
halo of gold, lower petal deep orange. Pkt. 25c. 

1497 — Giant Raspberry Rose. 

An entirely new color in the Swiss Giant Strain. 
A lovely tint of pink, best described as Raspberry 
Rose. It has a suggestion of a lighter tone on the 
edges and a velvety blotch in a deeper tone. Out- 
standing, new. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 
1485 — Color Carnival. Superb American grown 
Swiss Giant strain rivals Roggli's Original. Large 
flowers, choicest colors, 60 s. 25c; 300 s. $1 

Roggli's Swiss Giants 
for color and size 
Engelman's Giants 

for heat resistance 
Ellis' Oregon Giants 

finest ruffled flowers 
Steele's Jumbo Mixed 

early bloom 
1479 — A Blended Mixture 
of 4 strains above. Pkt, 
25c; 400 seeds $1.00. 
Vs oz. $4.00. 

1482 — Engelman s Giants. 

Seeds we ofier are direct from Mr. Engelman. 
This strain is particularly noted for its heavy tex- 
ture and very strong stems which enable it to 
hold up better during hot weather than any other 
strain. Flowers are of giant proportions and the 
color range is complete tending toward the bright- 
er colors, many being penciled or veined giving 
a striking and different effect. 50 seeds 15c; 100 
seeds 25c; 1/32 ox. $1.00; 1/16 ox. $1.75. 

1484 — Steele's Jumbo Mixed. 

Field plants producing flowers up to 5 inches in 
diameter. Many new and unique colors — pastel 
pinks, apricots, yellows, blues, brass tones, cop- 
per bronze, purple, red in various combinations 
and self colors. Fully two weeks earlier than 
other strains. Pkt. 25c; 1 /64 ox. 75c; 1 /32 ox. $1.40: 
1/16 ox. $2.50; Vs ox. $4.50 Va oz. $7.25; ox. $17.75. 
1492— Jumbo Sunset. A mixture of the bright ex- 
citing colors of the setting sun. Shades and hues 
that shout for attention. Giant flowered, early 
blooming. A sensation anywhere. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 
1477A — Moon Moth. Immense pure white. 25c. 
1174A — Jumbo Pay Dirt. Largest golden yellow 
ever produced. Resists summer heat. Pkt. 25c. 


1487 — The Oregon Giants. 

Originated and grown for us by Mrs. Merton G. 
Ellis in Oregon, this is by far the finest Ameri- 
can strain of Giant Ruffled Pansies. The color 
range is superb, well balanced and complete. The 
flowers are very heavy textured 3V 2 -4 l / 2 in in 
diam. and heavily ruffled. We highly recommend 
this as the best ruffled Pansy in existence. 100 
seeds 25c; 500 seeds $1.00; 1/16 01. $1.75. 

1488 — Park's Exhibition Giant Art Shades 

Developed for all the best qualities of early, huge 
long stemmed splendid textured flowers with par- 
ticular selection of art and pastel shades. Pkt. 15c: 
Giant Pkt. 25c; 1/32 01. 75c. 


Introducing an entirely new strain 
from England, in which has been de- 
veloped an exquisite scent and color 
range which baffles description. In- 
cludes many new colors. Blooms 4 J / 2 
in. in diam. have been recorded, while 
3y 2 in. is average. Petals are stiff and 
fleshy enabling the flowers to keep 
well even when buffeted by wind and 
rain. Originator's seeds. Pkt. 15 seeds 
25c; 40 seeds 50c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
1498— Butterfly Hybrids. 
Something really different in Pansies. A strain 
mainly of pastel character in shades of pink, rose, 
apricot, buff, orchid, pale gold, coral and flesh 
The form is unbelievably ruffled, fluted and 
marked with sun rays and blotches of butterfly 
sheen metallic jewel tones. Pkt. 25c; 1/32 ox. $1.00. 
1463— TIGRESS. Reds, yellows, orchids and purples 
in novel striped and blotched arrangements create 
a striking appearance. Pkt. 15c; 1/32 ox. $1.00. 

1492A — "FELIX" - "The Cat's Whiskers/' 

Well ruffled flowers of good size. Colors are rich 
and unusual— including purple, apricot and wine 
shades together with pastel bronzes and smoky 
tones difficult to describe. Each flower is marked 
with dark "whiskers" which characterize this 
strain, and over-all effect is indeed striking Pkt 
25c; 1/32 oz. $1.00; Va ox. $3.00. 

Giants. Maple-like leaves. Pkt. 25c. 

Crinkled and ruffled blooms of such great sub- 
stance as to appear double. Colors mostly in rich- 
er deeper tones. Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 


These are unusually hardy and bloom very early 
in spring; indeed where winters are mild they 
bloom thruout the cold months, with a little pro- 
tection, they bloom during the northern winters. 
1483— Ice Pansy. (Hyemalis). Winter Flowering 
Early Giant. A complete mixture of colors. 
1481— DON'S WINTER FLOWERING. Pkt. 25c. 
1480— Giant Forerunner. Two weeks ahead of Ice 
Pansy and perpetual flowering, it produces pro- 
fusely on even compact plants larger flowers of 
blue, white and yellow Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1481A— CLIMBING PANSY. Often several ft. in 
height. Extra long cutting stems. Wide color 
range. Pkt. 25c. Limited supply. 

Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

Page 15 

Zvolanek's Multiflora Sweet Pea 


The Sweet Pea has all the good qualities of a perfect annual for general cultivation. 
It is easy of culture, growing in almost any soil and sunny situation, begins to bloom 
when small and, if freely cut, will continue for a long period. Flowers are rich and 
colorful, deliciously fragrant, and are freely borne on long stems. Excellent for cut- 
ting. CULTURAL DIRECTIONS pg. 10 "Gardener's Handbook." 

How Good Can a Sweet Pea Get? 

We feel that the fine varieties offered below are the best Sweet 
Peas grown today. They are the result of years of painstaking 
selection on the part of William Zvolanek, veteran California 
Sweet Pea breeder. These three types of multi-flowering Sweet 
Peas have terrific vigor which manifests itself in an abundance 
of extra long (18-20") pencil stems, each carrying 5-6 even up 
to 8 flowers instead of the usual 3 or 4; and in marked heat 

Zvolanek's Early Multiflora. 

Earliest to bloom, yet vigorous and heat resistant. Under proper 
culture yields the finest Sweet Peas it is possible to grow. 
1969— Light rose, 1970— Orange Cerise, 1964A— Mid blue. 
1964— White, 1963— Christmas red, 1963A— Giant pink. 
1973 — Early Multiflora Mixed. A complete, balanced blend of 
about 30 varieties in all Sweet Pea colors. 

Zvolanek's Flori-bunda SPRING FLOWERING 
— Resists Heat. 
Especially for outdoor planting, these bloom two weeks before 
the late type and are very strong in growth and heat resistance. 
Continue flowering a long time. 

1990— Fiori-bunda Mixed. Pink, lavender, purple, white, cream, 
rose, salmon, cerise, carmine, red, blue are all represented in 
this choice blend of colors. 

Zvolanek's Plenti-flora 
(Late or Summer Flowering). 
Growth is very strong and lush. Does well everywhere. 

1967— Plenti-flora Mixture. We proudly present for the first time 
a complete full color range in this type. 

Truly the Pot of Gold at Rainbow's End 
The color, experts thought, could not be created. 
We're Proud to Present: THE FIRST YELLOW SWEETPEA 

1968— Sulphur Yellow. Zvolanek's Plenti-flora. Deepest cream 
or light sulphur yellow. 

PRICES ALL SWEET PEAS ABOVE: 30 seeds 25c; 150 s. $1; oz. $1.75. 

Wonderful for beds, borders, and pots. 

mounds 8" high, 8" wide. Large ruffled, Spencer- 
flowers in colors ranging from cream to crimson. 
14 years in creation. One of the most popular flow- 
ers we offer. 8 seeds 25c; 20 seeds 50c; 50 seeds 
$1.00; 100 seeds 1.75; 200 seeds $3.00. 

Sweethearts now in Separate Colors too. 

1980 — Boy Blue, clear mid-blue. 

1981 — Caprice, red-maroon. 
1987 — Coquette, red-rose. New for 1957. 

1982 — Heidi, bright rose. 

1983 — Pansy Face, pink and white bi-color. 

1984 — Pollyanna, deep cream. 

1985 — Sin bad, navy blue. 

1986— Snow White, pure white. New for 1957. 
Price any separate color above: 12 seeds 50c; 25 
seeds $1.00; 100 seeds $3.00. 


This well known type blooms later than the Christmas Spencers, but is more vigor- 
ous, withstands heat so remains in bloom later into the summer. The large, waved 
flowers are borne on long sturdy stems. 

A carefully blended mixture of well balanced colors of all the latest and most 
desirable named varieties. Pkt. 10c;Gt. Pkt. 25c; 1 oi. 50c; Va lb. $1.50; Va lb. $2.75. 

1979— B utterfly hybrids. 1977 EARLY FLOWERING 

(Unwin's Stripes). Maroon, carmine, red, (Christmas Spencer) Flowering a month 

lavender and apricot colors striped and 
variegated on a cream base. Pkt. 25. 


A specially prepared blend of all the best 
ruffled and frilled varieties in complete 
well balanced mixture. Pkt. 15c; Va ox. 
35c; oz. 65c; Va lb. $2.00. 
All colors mixed. More fragrant than the 
modern types. Pkt. 15c; 25c; oi. 45c. 

earlier than Giant Spencers, with large 
waved flowers, on long stems. Recom- 
mended where spring is late, for green- 
house culture, for winter bloom outdoors 
in the deep south. 

Choice named varieties blended to give a 
balanced color collection. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 
Va oz. 50c; oz. 90c; Va lb. $3. 
1 996— CUPID SPENCER. 6 in. Complete 
Special Mixture. Pkt. 25c; Va oz. 60c. 

1972 — ALL SEASON MIXTURE. A blend of Christmas Spencer, Cuthbertson's, Standard 
Spencers. For bloom early to late. Pkt. 15c; 25c; oz. 65c; Va lb. $2.00. 

Are Sweet Peas Hard to Grow in Your Climate?— Here's The Answer. 


Blue: 1993— William, White with Pink 
picoteed edge. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1 oz. 85c. 


A balanced blend containing the above 
varieties and all other named varieties 
in this class to give a most complete 
color range. Pkt. 15c; Large Pkt. 25c; Vz 
oz. 45c; oz. 75c; Va lb. $2.00. 


In originator's tests these, Giant Spencers, 
Earlies and Cuthbertson's were given 
identical care. These produced long 
stemmed flowers abundantly thru July 
into August, long after the others failed. 
Won't you try them? Pkt. 25c; Va oz. 85c; 
oz. $1.50. 

Flowers in Hot Weather 

Not only do they continue blooming long 
after hot weather has come and other 
sweet peas have died, but they begin 
blooming two weeks ahead of the Stand- 
ard Spencers. The flowers are of the true 
Spencer Orchid Flowering type with long 
stems and wavy petals. Large and de- 
liciously fragrant, they are produced in 
great quantity on plants of exceptional 
vigor. The colors are bright and clear. If 
you grow only one strain of Sweet Peas 
this is the most practical. 

2003 — Carol, Clear Pink; 2004 — Colin o k 
Scarlet; 2005 — Janet, Pure White; 2006 — 
Frank G, Lavender; 2007 — Tommy, Mid 


You can have cut flowers or bloom- 
ing borders long after the first 
frosts by shearing back the plants 
before they set seed or by planting 
in late June. The following annuals 
are not killed by anything less than 
freezing weather. 
Alyssum Nierembergia 
Centaurea Pansies 
Calendula Scabiosa 
Carnation Snapdragons 
Dianthus Stocks 
Eschscholtzia Wallflower 
Larkspur Verbena 
Petunia Viola 

A Handsome Blooming Shrub 

2481 — THE RARE FRANKLINI A Alatamaha. hp. 12 

ft. Leaves scarlet in late Fall. Wax white blos- 
som cups 4 in. across in Autumn. 8 seeds 25c; 
40 seeds $1.00; 100 seeds $2.00. 
Seedling plants 8-12". Each $1.30; 3 for $3.60. 

Dear Sirs: Spring, 1956, Niles, Mich. 
I want to tell you how enormously 
pleased I was with the things you sent me 
last year. Every single seed and plant you 
sent lived and bloomed in one of the 
worst summers we've ever had. Thank 
you very much. Mrs. J. F. Bechtel 

Page 16 

CUTHBERTSON'S Heat Resistant Sweet Peas 

MERION BLUE GRASS. ZOYSIA Mixture for an easily 
cared for all year lawn. See Pg. 38. $3.75 per lb. 

give you the "Know how" to grow top quality 
flowers and we feel that two of the best are 
ER". We also like, for helpful ideas on better 
living, better farming "FARM JOURNAL" and 
der .direct from publishers on enclosed special or- 
> der blank. 

GEO. W. PARK SEED CO., Greenwood, S. C. 



These are among the finest perennials. All are 
beautiful, hardy, and live and bloom freely for 
years. Prevailing colors are blue and violet with 
intermediate shades. Plant in good moist friable 
loam, with old manure mulching twice a year. 
Under the best conditions, the better Hybrid 
Delphiniums will attain 6 or 7 feet in height, with 
large flowers borne closely upon long spikes. 
Cropped to 6 inches after blooming in spring new 
stalks develop and bloom in fall. 

GERMINATION NOTES: To improve germination, 
place seed between moist blotters and leave 
directly under freezing compartment in refrigera- 
tor for a week prior to planting. Then see direc- 
tions in "Gardener's Handbook." 


A remarkable new strain. The well-formed 
symmetrically-shaped huge flowers, 3 in. across 
are 95% double and mildew resistant, 

684 — *Astolot Series. 

Introducing a combination of novel shades 
ranging from pale blush mrough all shades of 
lilac-pink to deep raspberry rose, with large 
brown, fawn and black bees for contrast. Origina- 
tors seeds only. Pkt. 25c; large pkt. 65c. 
es of the finest plants. 40 seeds 65c; 100 s. $1.50. 

680— *RIack Knight Series. 
Dark violet with velvety texture. 
682 — Bluejay Series. 

Clear medium intense blue with dark bee. 

685— *Galahad Series. 

Absolutely the finest pure white delphinium. 

681— *Blue Bird Series. 

Clear medium blue with white bee. 

686 — *Guinevere Series. 

Lovely light lavender pink with white bee. 

687— *King Arthur Series. 

Brilliant royal violet with large white bee. 

669 — Percivai Series. 

A striking pure white with black bee. Pkt. 25c. 

692 — * Summer Skies Series. 

Strong branching plants with huge flowers of 
clearest light blue. Dark bee. 

691— *Round Table Series. 

The best mixture of all the finest colors of the 
Giant Pacific Hybrid Strains. 

694— GIANT PACIFIC HYBRIDS (Mixed!. A com- 
plete mixture of every shade and tone. 


Because the originator's seed has proven superi- 
or to any other, we are offering both the origin- 
ator's and seed grown from the originator's stock 
in the varieties listed above. PLEASE SPECIFY 
"Originator's" or "Grown from Originator's". 
PRICES: Originator's seeds: Pkt. 25c; 
Large Pkt. 65c; 1/16 oz. $2.00 
Grown from Originator's: Pkt. 15c; 
Giant Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1.00 

SERIES. Direct from Vetterle & Re in e It, origi- 
nators. These are hand pollinated seeds from 
the finest plants. About 300 crosses were used 
combining all the newest color developments. 20 
seeds 25c; 200 seeds $1.25. 

$l 2 50° ne Pkt " e<ICh k '" d starred ( * J above 






have been able to secure this famous strain direct 
from the originators. Large, double mix. 
r>70 — BELLAMOSUM Improved. Clear, large, deep 
blue flowers, very uniform in color. Best strain. 
674— SAPPHIRE. You'll treasure this "jewel" in 
your garden, arrange it fondly in your grandest 
vase. A shade lighter and brighter, florets are im- 
mense by Bellamosum. A golden bee accentuates 
the beauty of perfect blue color. Pkt. 25c, New. 
G73 — CLEVEDEN BEAUTY. Lovely light blue. The 
finest strain of Belladonna on the market. 
072 — CARD IN ALE. Fine large-flowered brilliant 
scarlet. Very popular. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
The 6-ft. plants have tall graceful spire-shaped 
spikes of huge florets in a blend of most beauti- 
ful shades. Finest mix. colors, blues and pastels. 
NUDICAULE. The perennial red Larkspur, 2 ft. 
Flowers are longspurred and mostly bicolors. 
702— Scarlet with yellow spurs; 703— Mixed. 
Rather difficult. 

700 A — ZALIL (Sulphureum) The Yellow Del- 
phinium, hp. 2 ft. 1 in. firs. Primrose yellow. 25c. 



racemes of showy flowers. 677 — BLUE: 678 

WHITE; 679 — MIXED. 

6G8 — IMPROVED MIXED. Larger flowers, a little 
taller and stronger growing. Pkt. 25c. 

675A— DELPHINIUM A " T YP es Perennial Mixed. Pkt. 
10c; 25c; 1/16 ox. $1.00. 

If W These are beautiful annuals for garden decoration or for cutting The flowers are ex 

* m a «t IS i te "1 texture 1 f nd col ° r > «f« free and long-blooming, borne on long^piLs The" 

bloom well * AS2S fel 

where plants are to bloom and thin. We offer only choiri «J?i °Th ♦ umn \ e r and Autumn. Sow 
new colors, longer flowering spikes and full double flo?etl varieties with a wealth of 


The Giant Imperial Larkspurs, 4-5 ft.; with base 
branching, upright growth and long delphini- 
um-like spikes of double, closely spaced florets, 
are marvelous in beauty. 
•1099 — *BLUE BELL. Light azure blue. 
TIMl—* DAZZLE R. Rich scarlet shaded cinnabar. 
A pleasing different and worthwhile color. 
1106 — LILAC KING. Lilac lavender. 
1110— *PINK PERFECTION. A luscious shade of 
light pink and salmon blend. Magnificent. 
1112— ROSE KING. Huge, rich, deep rose. 
11 WHITE KING. Flowers glistening pure 
white with rounded petals; the florets are ex- 
tremely large fully double, evenly and closely 
spaced upon fine cutting spikes. Early. 

10c; 25c; Ya ox. 45c; V* oi. 75c; oz. $2.50. 

1119A — SUPER MAJESTIC MIXED. 6 ft. All Lark- 
spur colors are represented in this new extra 
tall vigorous strain. Pkt. 25c; V 4 oz. $1.00 
ant. Spring and summer flowering, they have big 
double flowers on long, strong spikes. Height 4-5 
ft., colors vary slightly in bloom time. Pkt. 25c. 


Entirely new, of Giant Imperial Type with 
stronger growth, 20% longer stems, more fully 
double florets, broader petals, closely spaced 
on 5 ft. stems. 

•1125— RICH Violet Purple. •1128— PURE deep rose. 

1123 — CLEAR Light Blue. •1129— TRUE Salmon. 
1127— CLEAR Rose Pink. 1108— PUREST White. 
Above colors: Pkt. 25c; One of each $1.25. 

1124— SUPREME MIXED. Pkt. 25c; V 4 ox. 85c. 

Follow the dot (•) for the best Larkspur variety in 
each color. 1 

1110— Larkspur Giant Imperial Pink Perfection 

ALL SEED ( to ««P3X > • Pk »- 15c; 15 for 

Delphinium Pacific Giants GALAHAD 

LARKSPUR REGAL STRAIN. All the desirable quali- 
ties of the Giant Imperials plus the largest of all 
Delphinium-like florets evenly spaced on long fat 
spikes, more height, more shatter -resistance, clear 
colors: Pkt. 25c; All 6 colors $1.25. 
# J?25~5 e 9al P»»*e White; •1107— Regal Brilliant Pink. 
•]1 05— Regal Rich Rose; 1103— Regal Dark Blue. 
H2? —R . egal Llght Blu e; •1I03A— Regal Salmon Rose. 
1094— Regal Complete Mix. Pkt. 25c; V4 oz. $1.00. 


1092 — REGAL AND SUPREME BLEND. Some colors in 
each of these two magnificent strains excel, so we 
have blended the best colors from each to produce 
the finest Larkspur Mixture offered anywhere in 
the world. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c; 'A ox. $1.00; oz. $3. 

.00; Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00— Buy Direct from Park. Page 17 



COLUMBINE Queen of Flowers 

Grace, color, 
sheer beauty of form. 

174 — Aquilegia Double Flowered 

Red. yellow, pink, blue, white: long 
spurred and spurless. which do you 

Hp. Choice cut flowers, borne on 
strong wiry stems in profusion dur- 
ing spring and eariy summer. The 
foliage is airy and graceful, de- 
lightful in the border. One of the 
most easily grown perennials, very 
dependable and long lived. One 
year old plants may be forced for 
winter bloom in the greenhouse. 
Seed sown inside in early spring 
will usually bloom in fall the first 
season. Likes partial shade. 
COLUMBINE CULTURE: This subject is 
treated fully on pg. 12 of "The Gar- 
dener's Handbook" sent free on request. 
Seed may be sown in frames in spring, 
early summer or fall. Germination takes 
about 4 weeks, but the seed is very de- 
pendable and almost every one planted 
will come up, if the bed is kept moist. Like 
a cool, moist, partly shaded location. 
159 — Akitensis. 12 in. Big uptilted blossoms 
soft blue, olive markings, white tips. 25c. 

156 — Alpino, 18 in. Dwarf, deep blue. 

157 — Blue Shades. Huge flowers on plants 3 
ft. high. The finest strain in existence. Bred 
and perfected by Mr. John Waller. Pkt. 25c; 

158 — Catifornicc Hybrida. 3 ft. Rare tri-color. 
Petals orange, long carmine spurs, canary 
yellow corolla. Attractive, striking. 
I GO— Chrysantha. 2 ft. Attractive rich 

Clematiflora (New Spurless Columbine). Me- 
dium height, compact, free flowering; large open 
Clematis-shaped flowers in delicate colors. 
W2 — Coerulea, Rocky Mountain Columbine, 2 ft. 

Sky blue, white corolla. One of our best. 
(63 — Crimson Star u 2 ft. Petals striking crimson 
with white centers and blooms 3 in. and more 
across. Brilliant. Blooms May-June. Hardy. 25c. 
104 — Dobbie's Imperial Hybrids, 3 ft. One of the 
finest improved strains. Long spurs, large flow- 
ers in strong, brilliant tones of all colors. Pkt. 15c: 
25c; 1/16 oz. $1.00; Vs ox. $1.75. 
165 — Longissima. Noted for unusually long slen- 
der spurs, 4-5 in. long, giving the pale yellow 
firs, an exceptionally graceful effect. From Nor- 
thern Mexico, likes hot dry places. June fir. 
165A — Longissima Hybrids. A variety of lovely 
colors in this extra long spurred class. 25c. 
164A — Lowdham Strain. Large long spurred blooms 
in soft pastels and deeper color tones of pink, 
lavender, yellow and red. Pkt, 25c, 
169 — McKana Giant Hybrids. All America Winner. 
Trials showed it superior with larger flowers, 
longer spurs and much richer, more beautiful 
colors than comparison strains. Pkt. 25c. 
166 A— Park's Long Spurred Champion Mixture. 3 ft. 
A masterpiece in Columbine containing many 
unique colors. Large flowered. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1. 


Companion plants to Pansies, though flowers are not as large. Admirably adapted for rockery, beds, 
and borders as the colors are bright and attractive, plants are sturdy and free blooming, thriving in 
moist partial shade with no enemies. Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 

2107 — Scottish Yellow. 6 in. Deep rich golden yel- 
low 2-2 Vfe" firs. Stands warm weather. 25c. 
2107A — Georgia Peach. Bright new peach shades. 
2-2 y a " slightly ruffled blooms. Pkt. 25c. 
52106 — Purple fiedder. Large rounded flowers of 
rich royal purple. Neat compact plants. Pkt. 25c. 

2073 — Arkwright Ruby. Ruby crimson shading to 
terra cotta. Flowers larger than ordinary. 

2074— Avalanche. Large, pure white. Pkt. 25c. 
2106A— Giant Mixed of above varieties. Pkt. 25c. 


2075 — Admiration. Large, deep blue flowers on long 
stems in great profusion. Very fine. 
2079 — Chant reyland. Best pure apricot. 
2077 — Firmament. Beautiful azure blue, like the 
sky on a clear October day. 

2084 — Lutea Splendens. Deep golden yellow. 
2102 — King Henry 1. Deep violet with heavenly 
blue center and bright yellow eye. A very at- 
tractive prolific, upright 8 inch plant. 

2085 — The Black Imp. Viola Nigra. Quaint little 
flowers that might have been snipped from black 
velvet. Blooms quickly and true from seed. 
2093 — Mixed. Complete mixture of all colors. 

2082 — Jersey Gem (Blue Gem). 8 in. Flowers rich 
velvet blue with slightly ruffled petals are borne 
on long stem j. An excellent variety for cutting. 
Slightly fragrant. 

2105 — G. Wermig. Long stemmed true-blue dainty 
little star flowers in perpetual abundance. 25c. 
2092— Gem Mixed. Special mixture. 

2104 — Pedunculate. (Pansy Violet) Stems ascend- 
ing, often 2 ft. long, bearing in each leaf axil 
large round 1 inch purple centered orange. 
2094— Little Johnny Jump Up. hp. 4 in. "The Old 
Fashioned Violet." Diminutive Pansy charm. 
Flowers show tones of lemon, lavender, rosy 
mauve, lilac, gold, violet. Floriferous, bright. 

Viola Gornuta — Park's Pride 

2081 — PARK'S PRIDE Improved Scotch Bedding. 
Viola Cornuta. A grand New bedding hybrid mix- 
ture of all the finest, brightest, gayest colors in 
the largest size flowers and most robust plants. 
A supreme mixture. Pkt. 10c: 25c; 1/16 ox. 60c; 
Vs ox. $1.00. 


2095 — The Cxar. Long stemmed, large, bright blue. 
2097— Queen Charlotte. Huge flwd. deep blue. 

2096— Sweet Violet or Tufted Violet, hp. 4 in. 
(Viola Odorata semperflorens). Blue, sweet. 


Hp. Blooming the first season. Hardy and free 
blooming. The flowers are larger than other 
Cornuta varieties, and usually have purple cen- 
ters. 2101— Mixed. 

Aquilegia — Mrs. Scott Elliott's Hybrids 

107— Mrs. Scott Elliott's Hybrids. Long Spurred. 

3 ft. Large long spurred flowers in splendid colors 
ranging thru shades of blue, purple, pink, yellow, 
red, orchid, lavender. Soft pastels predominate. 
Fine for cutting or garden decoration. Most popu- 
lar. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 70c; Vs oz. $1.00. 
162A— Double Long Spurred Mixed. Beautiful full 
double flowers with long graceful spurs and full 
color range. Scott Elliot counterpart. 25c. 
168 — Nana Alba. A choice 10" rock plant bearing 
milk white flowers of rare beauty. 
170 — Pink Shades. Delicate pink, long spurs. 25c. 
178 — Skinneri. 3 ft. Yellow, 2" red spurs. 

173 — Snow Queen or Silver Queen. 2 ft. Beautiful 
silver white tinged cream at throat. Fragrant 
flowers in May and June. Best white. Pkt. 25c. 

174 — Double Flowered Mixture. 2 ft. Comes in 
many forms and colors. Surprising and delightful. 
1 76 — PARK'S SPECIAL Complete Mixture. all 
varieties. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Ve oz. $1.00. 


If you wish seeds to sow in a garden bed or to 
present to children, or if you have had but little 
experience in raising flowers from seeds, select 
such flowers as Alyssum, Aster, Balsams, Cos- 
mos, Calendula, Candytuft, Oriental Pinks, Gail- 
lardia, Helianthus, Marigold, Mignonette, Bedding 
Petunia, Pansy, Phlox, Ricinus, Scabiosa, Nas- 
turtium, Valerian. Verbena and Zinnia; for vines 
get Coboea, Cypress, Dolichos, Gourds, Morning 
Glory, Thunbergia. Even in sowing these it is 
well to prepare the bed carefully in a sunny ex- 
posure; place a low board frame around it and 
after sowing, water and cover with a newspaper 
until plants appear. If you sow seeds in the open 
with full exposure to rain, wind and sun, you 
should not complain if few of the seeds become 

TO INSURE SUCCESS. Many failures with seeds 
are due to lack of knowledge of the time required 
by the seeds to germinate. Study the table on 
pages 45 and 46 to avoid failures from this cause. 
Follow instructions in the "Gardener's Hand- 


Every year we receive hundreds of letters telling 
us of the joy gardening brings, and praising our 
seeds. We wish to thank each of you for this 
interest shown, and assure you that we shall do 
our best to continue to merit your praise. 
Dear Mr. Park: Spring, 1956, Arden, Delaware 
I have recommended your firm without reservation 
to all my gardening friends and to others who 
would benefit so much from the finest medicine 
for the ills of modern life. Everyone should take 
a few packets of your seed for his health every 
year. Patricia Peterson 

Dear Park & Co. June 12, 1956, Ketchikan, Alaska 
I must write you a "Thank You". Ordered seed this 
spring and was surprised at the wonderful germi- 
nation. Mrs. Edwin Jones. 
Gentlemen: Sept. 21, 1956, S. Natick, Mass. 
I'm "tickled pink" we found your ad in "Flower 
Grower". We're throwing out all our other flower 
catalogs! You have truly "the best for less." 

Floricordially, Robt. A. Smith 
Dear Sirs: Feb. 27, 1956, Lebanon, Pa. 

I have been buying plants for 40 years from many 
different nurseries, and never had the satisfaction 
of getting such nice plants in good condition as 
from your Company. The plants were packed with 
care. Thank you. Mr. Earl D. Short 

Gentlemen: May 17, 1956, Buena Vista, Va. 

This is my first fan letter. I think you are the 
nicest and best firm I have ever dealt with. You 
are always kind and generous. My Mother always 
thought there was no firm like Parks — she always 
bought her flowers and seeds from you, and now 
I am an old woman, so it has been a long time. 

Mrs. J. Frank Key. 

Page 18 Seeds t£££%^ ) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00 — Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00 — Aquilegia is easily grown 

w Deoendr. 

Easy to Grow, Quick to Bloom, Fine to Cuf, Fragrant 




Blooming the First Season 

ANNUAL FLOWERS are those which grow, bloom, seed and 
die in one season. There are attractive annuals for every 
purpose. Some are fine for cutting, others for beds or borders, 
rock plants and climbers. We have listed in Part 1 the finest 
of all Annuals, and the perennials which may be treated as 
annuals in that they will bloom the first season from seed. 
HARDY FLOWERS are those which may be sown in early spring as soon as 
«H«J°JJIi JUS? be worked, or in fall to come up with the first breath of 
spring for earlier blooms. Hardy perennials and biennials may be planted 
in July or August and transplanted to permanent location about 1 month 
before frost where they live over with the protection of a mulch to give 
bloom in the spring. We think it best to sow perennials and biennial! in 
the spring so that they can become better established before winter. 
HALF HARDY FLOWERS listed with the symbol hh may be started early in- 
?n!L iS u b i° om ' or th ? y may be Planted outside when danger of frost 
is over. Half Hardy perennials need winter protection in the Northern states 


Ft. or In. denote the height 
of the plant in feet or inches 

ha, hardy annual 

hha, half-hardy annual 

hb, hardy biennial 

hhb, half hardy biennial 
hp, hardy perennial 
hhp, half hardy perennial 


C— Especially valuable for 

M — Prefers moist, well drain- 
ed soil. 

D — Will succeed in dry or 

sandy soil. 
R— Fine for Rock Gardens. 
S — Prefers or will succeed in 

B — Fine for beds or borders. 

PRICES; ALL SEEDS (^'SLSSSD—Pfct. 15c; 15 



for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00. 

Ageratum, Blue Mink 

AGERATUM — Floss Flower, (hha). 

A multipurpose, ever-blooming flower. Ageratum. 
Is equally at home in semi-shade or full sun, 
and may be had in dwarf types for borders, 
edging, or rockery, and taller sorts for cutting. 
By potting a few plants in fall, you may enjoy 
the bright blooms in winter. Begin to bloom 3 
months after sowing. 

30 — BLUE BALL, 4-5 in. Plants are compact 
and growth is most uniform and even. Broad 
green foliage smothered with flowers of richest 
blue. The best dwarf blue. 

New Tetra with Larger Fluffier Bloom 

33— BLUE MINK. 6 in. Giant trusses of fluffy 
powder blue on strong, husky upright plants of 
compact even habit. New, superb. Pkt. 25c. 
32— -BLAUTEPPICH (Blue Carpet) 6 in. New. Large 
dark scarlet-violet flowers cover dwarf very uni- 
form plants of even habit. Pkt. 25c. 

34- — FAIRY PINK, 5 in. Here is a delightful 
little flowers that is pretty ALL THE TIME. From 
early summer until late frost Fairy Pink will en- 
lighten your border with its delicate soft salmon 
rose pink flowers. 

43— DWARF WHITE. 6 in. Pure white flowers, dwarf 
compact plants. Try it with Fairy Pink and Blue. 

45 — KING OF THE BLUES. (New) 6 in. Small, com- 
pact plants, covered with deepest, almost true 
blue flowers, borne individually. Pkt. 25c. 

41 — MIDGET BLUE. 3 in. (1940 Silver Med- 
al winner). A true dwarf literally smothered with 
small blue flowers. Marvelous to plant in front of 
Ageratum Pink Fairy. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/1 6 ox. 60c. 
49— COMPLETE MIXTURE of Dwarf Varieties. Pkt. 10c. 
20 in. 37— Blue; 38— White; 25 A— Pink; 39— Mixed 

46— Complete Mixture of Ageratum. 


It's really and truly a golden 
yellow, rich, deep, wide 
yellow clusters in fluffy ef- 
fect. It is not though, truly 
an Ageratum, just one by 
courtesy, a step-in-law en- 
riching the family. Lonas 
, indora. 

1— ABRONIA Umbellata Grandiflora, R, D, hha, 
1 ft. Large-flowered Sand Verbena, lilac flowers. 
15— ACANTHUS MOLLIS, hhp. 2 ft. Leaves 2x1 ft. 
Rose to white flower spikes IV2 ft. long For a 
tropical effect in border, winter window. 
831 A — AGATHEA Coelestis (Blue Daisy). 1 ft. hhp 
Most brilliant blue flowers of unusual shades. 

A Choice Cut Flower 
55A— AGROSTEMMA Milas. ha 3 ft. Quick and 
showy for early sowing. 3 in. wide petalled, violet 
toned lavender flowers upface on graceful stems 

Cut Flower Garden Mixture 


MIXTURE. We offer a very select mixture to give 
you a novel and entrancing surprise bed. 
Hardy annuals making a showy bed and yielding 
cut-flowers all season. Pkt. 10c; */a or 35c 
MIXTURE. Excellent cut flower sorts which also 
have delightful fragrance. Pkt. 10c 


100 different and delightful Wild Flowers are In 
this blend. Many choice and rare things. 
Woodland Wild Flowers bloom mostly in early 
and late spring. Included here are many rare 
things. Pkt. 25c. 


moist meadows, streamsides, marsh borders. 


Hp. Taller perennials for the mixed hardy border 
Mixed, embracing 50 finest, rockery varieties. 
Mixed, embracing 50 finest rockery varieties 


About 50 choice, easy growing kinds included. 

A carefully selected blend easily grown indoors 

Mixture of interesting vines. Pkt. 10c. 

2400 — For a glorious bed of "happy surprises" 
for your garden and for bouquets for home decor- 
ations. Pkt. 5c; 10c and 25c. 



each of above garden mixtures. Value $1.85 for 
only $1.25. 

Alyssum, Violet Queen 

SWEET ALYSSUM— (ha.), B, R. An 

Everblooming Delight. 

You will have "beginners-luck" with this easily 
grown and most satisfactory of plants for edgings, 
borders, beds, or indoor plants in winter. Plants - 
grow quickly from seed and begin to bloom in 
early summer, continuing until frost. 

72— Compactum "Violet-Queen" 

Ha, 5 in. Just see your walkway bordered evenly 
and perfectly with royally rich, deep violet, and 
you will have a picture of "VIOLET QUEEN " 
It is dwarf and compact in habit, neat and free 
flowering, deliciously sweet scented. One of the 
good things that every one should have. Pkt. 10c 
25c; V4 oz. 60c; oz. $2.00. ' 

72A rTy iole tr! <i ! ig / Dee Per brighter color, more com- 
pact than Violet Queen. Dwarf 4" plants. Pkt. 25c. 
65 — MARJTIMUM (Common Sweet), trailing, free 
flowering, lovely for border. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 02. 65c. 
61— CARPET OF SNOW, Procumbens 2V 2 in. Each 
plant is a compact mass of snowy white flowers. 
Makes the finest beds. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 'A oz. 50c. 
60— ROYAL CARPET. All America Award. 'in drifts 
of vibrant purple color like a tropical sea or as a 
neat and well-behaved edging for the flower bed, 
this new companion for Carpet of Snow will grow 
only a few inches high, but ten inches across Pkt. 
25c; 1/16 oz. 75c; Vs oz. $1.25. 

62 A TALL TETRA SNOWDRIFT. 1 ft. tall. Long, 
stems for cutting. Vigorous. Pkt. 25c. 1/16 oz. $1. 
??T L i mE PORRIT, 5 in. (Improved Gem). Erect] 
and dense, it begins to bloom when quite small 
and continues free blooming all summer. Pkt. 10c 

TAW^kL?**'* 6 in * Just a little taller th£ »n 
Little Dornt, and even more profuse in bloom. 

73— COMPLETE MIXTURE. Pkt. 10c; 25c; V2 oz. $1. 

Carpet your lawn in purple & white 

Royal Carpet & Carpet of Snow Alyssum 
014— 25c Pkt. of each 45c; 015— Vs oz. ea. $1.35. 

v ^o, dUKj. neaus or 

° f PaFk ' 8 FI ° Wer Seed are 8ent Po^Pairl. All seeds (,„ N d °™„n) • Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. Z*e 

Alyssum Royal Carpet 

^^^^S^^ff^ ha 

Uw - aaswss 

g^ow^n^ln RG ^ MONE BLEND, ha, 2 ft. Easy to 
IflWiLtPn^ ^"Pnths. Big poppy-like blooms 
siiK-giistenmg petals in pastel shades. 

ft^h^A^SiR? 8 ? 1 ?; ^ — AMBERBOA Muricata. 21/2 
leaves and hltnf Morocco ™th narrow, deep cut 
leaves, and heads of fringed tyrian purple. 

Page 19 



in Rich Clear Separate Colors 

All new— with long dense spikes 
of immense flowers and strong 
growth which makes the Tetra Mix- 
ture so popular. Each below Pkt. 25c. 
130A— Pink Shades 128 A — Salmon-Pink 
139A— Deep Rose 15 1A— Cherry 
136A— Orchid 150— Clear Yellow 
135— Paper White. 135A— Crimson 

126 A Dark Orange. A beautiful, unusual color. 

130 — Sunset. Primrose thru terra cotta, to deep 
amber pinks both bicolors and solids. Pkt. 25c. 

144_Tetra F l Hybrid Pan American Pink 

Deep rose pink. The first tetraploid Hybrid Snap 
with the outstanding size of the Tetras and extra 
vigor of the Hybrids. 20 seeds 25c; 50 seeds 50c. 


Flowers are large, well 
formed, nicely spaced. 
Each floret has several 
small wavy petals pro- 
truding from the throat to 
add grace and charm as 
well as surprise. As easily 
grown as Ordinary Kinds. 
2Y 2 ft. Double prices (ex- 
cept Sunshine) 20 seeds 
25c; 50 seeds 50c; 100 seeds 

155— Crimson. A bright 
new color. 100% double. 
139 — Deep Gold. Rich deep 
golden yellow. 
141 — Lemonade. Clear 
Primrose yellow. 
139A— Snowdrift. Pure 
white. Individual florets 
resemble small Gardenias, 
make lovely corsages. 
141A— Double Hybrids 
Mixed. Whites, yellows, 
pinks, lavender, crimson 
and bronze shades. 
138 A— Sunshine. Large fully 
double flowers of bright 
luminous pink on long 
spikes. New. 25 seeds 
$1.00; 50 seeds $2.00. 

145 — Bronze. Salmon pink 
with a tint of bronze. Es- 
pecially lovely under ar- 
tificial light. 

146— Yellow. Canary. 
146A— Rose Pink. Very fine, 
but not so full as Sun- 

Don't miss the New Out- 
door Hybrids. Created 
Especially for the Home 
Snowdrift Gardener. See Page 4. 

132 A— NARAMEK STRAIN. 3 ft. Art Shades. The 
usual colors plus a large proportion of two tones. 

For Beauty in Beastly Weather 

125 -A — Colossal Snaps Mixed. 

3 . ft. Very large florets fill the spike. The plants 
have tremendous vigor producing 3 ft. stems, a 
fine performer even under adverse conditions. 
Spikes stand erect, produce heavily. Early and 
prolific. A controlled blend of white, pink, orchid, 
yellow, crimson and orange. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 
F, HYBRID SNAPS. Inside Front Cover. 

The flowers are very large, fragrant, of the most varied and ex- 
quisile colors and variegations, and borne on long spikes. They 
bloom continuously during summer and autumn and are large- 
ly used lor summer beds and borders, as well as for growing in 
pots for winter-blooming. As cut-flowers they are fashionable, 
and last well in vases. The plants are so readily started from 
seeds, bloom so early the first season and are so easily grown 
under almost any condition that they merit a high place in 
every selection of choice annual flowers. Our mixtures are 
especially prepared and will please you. 


Giant Ruffled Tetraploid Snapdragons Special Mix* 
ture. The largest flowered of all snapdragons. 2 
to 2Va in. deep and 1 3/4 to 2v 2 in. wide, many 
distinctly and attractively ruffled. This mixture 
contains all the usual colors plus some new ones. 
All shades and variations of orange, bronze, yel- 
low, orchid, scarlet, crimson, pinks, white, and 
other harmonious tone blendings. Sturdy plants 
are 2V2 ft. tall and basal branching. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 
1/32 or. 60c; 1/16 01. $1.00; 1/8 OS. $1.75. 

For Edgings, Carpets, Rockery 
The Brightest Thing in Your Garden 

Loaded all summer with varied colors, at home too 
in porch box or as long blooming pot plants. 
153 A— TOM THUMB Mixed. 6-8 inches high, very 
free flowering, of uniform compact habit, in a 
complete range of brilliant colors. Pkt. 25c. 
153 — MINIATURE Magic Carpet. 4-6 inches high, 
A charming semi-creeping plant freely bearing 
small richly colored flowers daintily. Pkt. 25c. 

Page 20 Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 


Maximum — Rust Resistant — Z% ft. 

The tallest of all Snapdragons, Super Giants tow- 
er to a height of 2 3/4 ft. bearing giant flowers, 
larger than any other type, on fine strong cut- 
ting stems. This variety is free blooming and 
entirely rust resistant. We recommend them. 
126— Alaska (Snowflake). Shimmering pure white. 
Large closely spaced florets on long spikes. 
121 — Apple Blossom. Rose with white tube. 
131A — Brilliant Rose. True rose pink. 
128 — Campfire. Pure luminous scarlet. 
154— Cherry Rose. New brilliant cherry rose. 
155A — Copper Queen. Bronzy copper. 
133A— Paradise Rose. An alive light pink, a superb 
new variety and replaces Loveliness. 
148 — Rosalie. Rich deep rose throughout. 
138 — Velvet Giant. Large rich velvety crimson. 

136 — Yellow Giant. The largest and deepest and 
brightest yellow of all. Tall and fine. 

143 — Super Blend. A formula blend of the above 
varieties, a wide range of most pleasing colors. 
Prices: Varieties above. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 85c; 
1-8 oz. $1.50; V4 oz. $2.75; oz. $9.00. 

137 — Complete Mixture Super Giants. All colors, 
above and others. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 50c; Vs oz. 
85c; >/4 oz. $1.50; oz. $5.00. 

Semi-Tall Large Flowering 

MA JUS GRANDIFLORUM grows 2 ft. tall and pro- 
duces an abundance of long cutting spikes. 

151— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oz. 60c. 


125 — NANUM GRANDIFLORUM Mixed. 1 ft. Hus- 
ky bushy border plants, flower profusely. All 
color blend. 

152 — Park's Deluxe Mixed. 

An evenly balanced blend of popular colors, in 
all of the types from tall to dwarf. An excellent 
mixture. Pkt. 10c; Giant pkt. 25c. 

131— Extra Early Mixed Colors. 2 ft. Very varied 
color range. More vigorous, earlier longer bloom- 
ing than regular strains, but less fine and less 
costly than the Fi Hybrids on inside front cover. 
Pkt. 25c; 1000 seed $1. 


142— Tetra Snaps Mixed. 1/16 oz. $1.00. 

Sow seed outdoors when soil has become warm, or for earlier bloom may be had by starting the seed 
indoors six weeks before your regular outdoor planting time. Seed are sometimes tardy in starting, 
but grow rapidly once started. Snapdragons will do well in any good garden soil in full sun or semi- 
shade. The flowers are freely produced from July until frost if withered blooms are kept picked off. 

Summer Forget-Me-Mot 

115 — MYOSOTIDIFLORA (Dwarf Anchusa) . hp. Light 
sky blue, its habit is dwarf, which makes it excel- 
lent for rock garden or border. The flowers keep 
well, used to lighten bouquets or for corsages. 
99— Avalon Hybrids. 50 in. Long racemes in varied 
color tones of blush rose, soft pink, creamy prim- 
rose, pale blue, indigo, violet. Pkt. 25c. 
90 — Blue Bird, ha, 2 ft. Vivid indigo, compact. 
98— Italica Dropmore, hp, 3 ft. Lovely Gentian 
blue, an improved Italica; showy in beds; or cut. 
102 — Anchusa complete mixture of above. 

303— BARTON A Aurea (Blazing Star J. ha, 2 ft- 

Large, showy golden flowers; likes sun and sandy 
soil. Extra fine. 

501— BAILEYA Multi-Radiata. Desert Sunray, 1 ft. 

Novelty; charming flowers IVs in. diam. have a 

fine ruffle of many bright yellow rays. 

2039— BUTTER DAISY (Verbesina enceliodes) 40 in. 

ha. Shining glistening butter yellow flowers witii 
ragged overlapping petals cover the plant from 
June until November. Quick, easy, fine to cut. 



Brilliant Foliage Plants 

Easily grown in sunny location and poor soil for 
best brilliancy of foliage. 

78 — Crimson Pigmy. 8 in. Extremely dwarf. A 
charming low border, choice pot plant. Pkt. 25c. 
77_Molten Fire. 4 ft. Flaming red foliage. 

79 — Tricolor Splendens. Joseph's Coat Improved. 

3 ft. Richly variegated yellow, green and red. 
76— Fountain Plant. (Salicifolius) 3 ft. Large leaves 
of orange and bronze droop to give the effect of 
a "fountain of fire." 

80 — Complete Special Mixture of Amaranthus. Pkt. 10c. 





Blooms from June until frost. 

184 — GRAND IS, ha. 2 ft. Handsome, easily grows, 
large flowered, long-stemmed; white, blue disk, 
184A — DWARF GLORY. (Brev. aurantiaca) 6 in. Z 
in. firs, golden orange with purple disk. 

185 — HYBRIDS, ha, 1 ft. Lovely garden flowers eff 
the easiest culture; free-blooming in hottest sum; 
shades of cream, yellow, bronze, and red. 

185 A — Scapigera Large Flwd. Dwarf New Hybrids. 

6 in. Big showy stemless flowers in many new 
colors. A fine garden annual or an all year pit 
plant. 25c, 

y wilt. 


Wilt-Resistant-Treated against disease 
For flowers in July, August and September 

The China Aster is one of the most desirable of cut flowers, because they 
have long stems, excellent keeping qualities, and they are not easily 
damaged. They may be had in bloom from early August until Frost 
by making successive sowings at two week intervals, and choosing 
Early and Late varieties. The symbol W. R. indicates high resistance 
to wilt and disease, hha. 


Three inch flowers are borne in great profusion on compact, 
bushy, branching 2 ft. plants. A greatly improved strain to 
provide delightful landscaping color for beds or borders and 
an abundance of cut flowers. Flowers have full crested cen- 
ter surrounded by several rows of guard petals. 
240 — Princess Barbara, Delicate orchid. 
217 — Princess Elizabeth. Pure white. 
2?2A — Goldilocks. Earlier, deeper yellow Golden 
Sheaf — the only true yellow Aster. Pkt. 25c 
2 15A— Princess Pat. New bright crimson. 

215 — Princess Rose. Choice medium rose. 
240A — Victoria. Genuine flame color. New. Pkt. 25c. 
243 — COMPLETE MIXTURE of Princess Improved. 
Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va OX. 75c; Va ox. $1.25. 


Larger flowers 3V2-4" across are borne on longer 
stems and the plants are taiier, less compact than 
Princess Improved, which we prefer for garden 
planting. We like Giant Princess best for cutting. 
239A — Nancy. Glowing salmon pink. 

216 — Princess Susan. Clear, true deep blue. 
253A — Gold Medal Colour Symphony. A beautiful 
blend of 12 colors. New varieties which won gold 
medals at Cassel Hort. Exhibition. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 
Va oi. $1. 


Rich, dark red. very double, branching plants. 
Blooms in late August. 2 ft. 


2 1 0— Large Flowering Ooub-e Wilt Resistant Asters 
Mixed Types. A blend made up of all the large 
flowering double kinds of Asters we list which 
will give you blooms from Mid-July until Frost. 
Pkt. 10c; Large Pkt. 25c; Va oi. 65c; Va oz, $1.15. 
2fi7— Asters All Varieties Mixed. A special blend 
all types, colors. Single. Double. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 


251 — California Giant Sunshine. The mammoth 5 
in. flowers are composed of a single row of loosely 
placed outer petals contrasting with great charm 
to the quill-like yellow center. Plants grow to a 
height of 2 to 3 tt. and bear splendid heavy stems. 
We offer an excellent mixture of colors, all with 
varying shades of yellow centers. 

Giant Wilt Resistant Crego Asters (Ostrich Feather) 

Large Double Flowers 4-5 in. across 

3 ft. Of all Asters, this is considered the most beautiful and most useful. The long-stemmed 
flowers are great fluffy balls 4-5 inches across, rivaling the finest Chrysanthemums, and 
lasting better than others when cut. Blooms in Mid-September We offer the following colors: 
231 — Crimson 233— Peach Blossom 236— Shell Pink 26!*— Blue Flame 

12?— P«* p Rose 235— Royal Purple 237— Pure White 234A— Rose Pink. 

238— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; Large Pkt. 25c; Va oz. 85c; Va oz. $1.50; 1 «T$2.507 

The Long Awaited WILT RESISTANT 

Largest of All Asters 

The largest, most fully double Asters known. 3 ft. 
Superb cut flower because of its long, wiry non- 
branching stems and huge ostrich-feather flowers. 
This new strain has a much .wider color range 
and replaces the older non-resistant ones. 
250 — Beverly Hills. W.R. Azure blue. 
244— El Monte. W.R. Crimson. 
244A — Hollywood. W.R. Pure paper white. 
245A — Pasadena. W.R. Peach blossom pink. 
250A — Santa Barbara. W.R. Dark purple. 
2«8 — Super Giants Complete Mixture. W.R. 
Each above: Pkt. 25c; Va oz. $1.00; Va oz. $1.75. 

BALL Fall Double W.R. 

A premium florist strain, ultimate in perfection 
for the home gardener too. 100% double ball shape 
3-4 ' flowers show no open centers, long stiff ideal 
cutting stems. Bloom Aug. 20 on. 
226— Mixed Colors. Light blue, pure white, soft 
pink, deep rose blended. Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 55c. 

Early Giant Wilt Resistant 

Flowers are of the large Giants of Calif type. 
Fully double, delicately and beautifully laced 
and interlaced, 5-6 inches in diameter, while 
the plants are less tall, about iy 2 ft. with 
strong heavy stems. They flower four to six 
weeks earlier, during early to mid-August. 
219 — Blended Mixture includes light blue, peach 
blossom, rich rose, azure blue, crimson and white 
Pkt. 25c; Va oz. $1.00; Va oz. $1.75. 

Dwarf Queen Wilt Resistant 

257— Mixed. W. R. Fully double 3" 
flowers on long stems cover the top of 
strictly upright plants in such abun- 
dance that bouquets for home decora- 
tion may be removed without harming 
a garden show-piece. Its refreshing, 
cooling blooms laugh at the heat of early August. 
Blended here are pink, azure, rose, crimson, white, 
scarlet, blue. Pkt. 25c. 


255— Burpeeana Extra Early Asters Mixed. Upright 
compact plants bear globular, double 3-4" flowers 
in abundance on long strong stems rising from the 
base of the 20" plant and holding the flowers at 
the top of the plant. Colors include white, shell- 
pink, rose, crimson, blue, violet, purple. Fully 2 
weeks earlier than Queen of the Market. Pkt. 25c. 
in. The earliest Wilt Resistant Aster, blooms in 
late July. Plants are branching, and produce on 
long stems very, double flowers. Showy in beds, 
or as cut flowers. Complete Mixture. 


20*>— Kirkwell Dwarf Mixed, Fully double 2 in. firs, 
cover the 8-10 in, compact plants. Start Feb. for 
4 in. pots Decoration Day. Pkt. 25c. 

Earliest Bedding Aster now Easy to Grow 
DWARF QUEEN Wilt Resistant. 10 in. Compact 
rounded plants bear myriad large double flowers 
from early July until frost. At last, a highly wilt 
resistant Aster for beds and borders. 
254— Full Color Mixture. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1. 

Single Giant Asters 

264— Single Giants ot California Mixed. W.R. The 
original type of single Asters, now greatly im- 
proved. The flowers are large, attaining a dia- 
meter of 3-4 inches. Upright habit of growth 
gives long stems for cutting, or entire plant may 
be cut as a bouquet. Blooms late Sept. Pkt. 10c; 25c 
Single Chinese Giants Mixed. lV 2 -2 ft. Flow- 
ers daisy-like, petals wide and closely placed; 
branching habit for continued cutting. Late Aug. 


Seeds may be started 
indoors in a flat in 
early spring, or out- 
doors after danger of M 
heavy frost is past. 
The seeds germinate 
in about 8 days and 
should be transplant- 
ed at least once to 
stimulate growth. Af- 
ter planting to per- 
manent position, cul- 
tivate and water reg- 
ular! y. Prefers semi- 

in Color 
opposite pg. 12 

Single Giants of California 

Early Giant 

All Seeds ( J£E*jJJ : Pkt. 15c, Giant Pkt. 25c All Aster seeds are treated against disease for you. 

257 — Powder-puffs 

Page 21 

Balsam Bush Flowering 


Touch-Me-Not or Lady Slipper 

Among the most popular, beautiful and showy of 
the easy growing annuals are the "Touch-me- 
nots" coming in a great many colors, some 
pleasingly variegated. The flowers are large and 
as double as roses, waxy in texture, admirable in 
beds and borders, thriving in shade in any rich 
soil, and doing well in pots or beds. Started in 
autumn, they bloom in the window in winter. 

300 — BALSAM CAMELLIA FLOWERED, 2 ft. This is 
perhaps the finest Balsam in cultivation. It is 
known as Camellia-flowered because its flowers 
are like Camellias in general form and appearance. 
Plants grow 2 ft. high, branching symmetrically, 
and become little trees covered with elegant 
bloom. Large double waxy flowers. Splendid Mix- 
ture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. 40c; V2 ox. 70c. 


1 ft. These bear their flowers on spikes above 
the foliage. They are desirable for beds and are 
also showy as pot plants. The flowers are fully 
double. ("Splendid mixture of colors.") Pkt. 15c; 
25c; Va ox. 40c; V2 ox. 70c. 

296— Torch. Bright red rose. Double Bush Type. 

301— ROSE FLOWERED Mixture. Large, full double 
rose-like flowers borne in profusion on a strong 
growing bushy plant. 

297— BALSAM. All types mixed. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va 
ox. 50c. 



Iberidifolia. ha, 

14 in. Flowers 
in abundance in 
your border or 
rockery on 
sturdy, compact 
plants with lacy 
deep cut foliage. 
338— Blue, white 

341— Complete 

Browalfia Speciosa Major 


For winter pot plants or summer beds, this versa- 
tile plant does well in sun or shade. Likes moist 
porous soil. Makes fine winter bouquets. 

345 — B. Elata Grandiflora Mixed, hha. 2 ft. Large 
winged flowers borne in clusters. Free and long 
blooming; self sows. Blue and white mixed. 

346— B. Sapphire. (Viscosa Compacta). 9 in. Ex- 
tra fine, dwarf plants bear attractive dark blue 
flowers with white eyes. Distinct and rare. 

348 — Speciosa Major. 10 in. Larger flowers with 
1 in. tube, 2 in. across. Deeper blue. Pkt. 25c. 



All the carnations listed 
below will bloom in 5 
months or less from 
seed. Sow early indoors 
for early bloom, or out- 
doors after last frost. 
To winter them outside, 
cut back and give heavy 


from seed 
equal to the 
finest Florist 
Blooms in 
3 to 5 months 
flower until frost 
may be lifted 
and potted for 
winter bloom 




488— English Giants Mixed. 

The best Carnation we have seen for the gar- 
dener who appreciates superior size and quality. 
If well grown and the secondary buds are re- 
moved, the gardener will obtain blooms as fine 
or finer than the florist greenhouse Carnation. A 
little larger than Super Giants listed below em- 
bracing all Carnation colors. 40 seeds 25c; 100 
seeds 50c; 1/16 oz. $1.00. 

487— Carnation Super Giant Mixed. 

Similar in habit and earliness to Chaubaud Giant, 
but with flowers % larger. Very double and 
strongly clove scented. Pkt. 25c. 

CHABATJD GIANT. Everblooming. 

Hp. 18 in. Plants are vigorous, flowers are large 
and varied in color and continue over a long 
period. May be grown in beds or in conversatory. 

457 — Aurora. Deep coppery salmon. 

458— Etincelant. Bright beautiful scarlet. New. 

459 — Jeanne Dionis. Pure snow white. Finest. 

460 — Legion of Honor. Clear salmon rose. 

461 — Marie Chabaud. Sulphur yellow. 
455 — Mikado. Violet, a rare color. 

462 — Nero. Deep blood red. Intense. 

464A — Princess Alice. Deep rose, white edge. 
457A — Orange Sherbet. Apricot striped scarlet. 

465 — Fantasy. Striped and variegated Mixed colors. 

466 — The PearJ. A delicate purple. 

484 — Avranchin Mixed. Pale yellow, vividly splashed 
with rose, red, and violet markings*. 

467— Complete Mixture of above. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 
1/16 ox. 60c; Vs 01. $1.00. 


486 — Carnation J. M. Bridgeford 

16 in. Giant double flowers 3-4 inches across on 
long stems. Seed may be planted early inside, or 
outside after frost and will bloom in 90 days 
after sowing. Flowers thruout the summer. Em- 
bracing all Carnation colors including yellow. 
Pkt. 25c; 1/32 ox. 60c; 1/16 ox. $1.00. 


469 — EVERBLOOMING Enfant de Nice. hp. 20 in. 

Larger 3 in. flowers are more fully double, more 
heavily fringed and have stronger stems than 
Chaubaud. The foliage is heavier, plants neater 
of robust upright habit. We highly recommend 
this fine strain. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 ox. $1.00. 
470A — Ladies Choice. First of a new longer 
stemmed race. Color is delicate salmon rose. 25c. 

470— Enfant de Nice Dwarf Bouquet Mixture. 12 in. 
Neater and more compact for garden. Pkt. 25c. 

478 — Grenadin Mixed, hp. 2 ft. A fine garden Car- 
nation, blooming first season; flowers large, 
double, freely produced. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va ox. $1. 
477— Dwarf Grenadin Bright Scarlet. 15". Pkt. 25c. 
476A — Camellia Flowered Mixed. 1 ft. Flowers are 
very double and built to resemble a Camellia. 
Separate colors blended. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 

Best for Winter Bloom 

472 — Giant Marguerite Improved Formula Mixture. 

hp, 1 ft. Largest full double flowers especially 
fine for cut flowers. Excellent for winter bloom 
in the greenhouse or window garden. 
483 — Complete Mixture, all types and colors. 


390 — CALLIRHOE Involucrata, ha, 8 in. A lovely 
trailing everblooming plant, the flowers cup- 
shaped and of a rich crimson color; very desir- 
able for rockery and dry Dorder. 


402— CAMPANULA Medium Annual Canterbury 
Bells. Now you can have these lovely plants in 
your garden the lirst year from seeds. Complete 
mixture of colors. Fine for rockery or beds. Sow 
early where it is to bloom. 

Bells of Ireland, Molucella laevis 


A superb cut flower — fresh or dried (everlasting) 

325— Bells of Ireland. Graceful 2 ft. branching 
stems are so surrounded by 2 in. flowers 
that there is little room for leaves. The bell- 
shaped calyx is green and delicately veined, 
containing the pure white corolla. Both curi- 
ous and beautiful. Pkt. 25c. 

354— CACALIA Mixed, ha, 2 ft. Gay 

and easy. Tufted fluffy tassels that 
seem to have been dipped in paints 
of vivid red or golden orange. 


CALANDRINA Speciosa — 6 in. ha. 

Charming low growing succulents which will en- 
dure the hottest sun and bear bright clusters 
throughout the summer. 352 — Crimson. 
351A — Grandiflora. 25 in. Big flowers of gorgeous 
rose-purple. Succulent, silvered Ives. 
851 — Umbellate, hp. 5 in. Mats of flaming scarlet 
for months on end. Likes hot, dry position. 


Extra fine cut-flower annual, ha, C 
384— All Double Mixed. 3 ft. No better strain of 
double Flowering Calliopsis has yet been found. 
The 1-1% in. double and semi-double flowers are 
borne on long graceful stems in abundance from 
July till frost. Beautiful mixture of Colors. 
889— Complete Mixture of Calliopsis. 

Page 22 All Seeds 

(Not priced \ 
in description / 

Pkt. 15c, Giant Pkt. 25c, 9 for $2.00 Park's Tested Seeds Are Always Reliable. 

5T0A— Cleome Helen Campbell. Pkt. 25c 


On every stem, each new afternoon a whorl of 
airy, orchid-like blooms open. Sow in May where 
they are to bloom. Full sun, sandy soil. They'll 
bloom from June until frost. Self sows. 

571— CLEOME. Pink Queen. 3-4 ft. Distinct and 
new, this beautiful Spider plant bears its huge 
trusses of bright salmon pink from summer until 
late fall. Immune to disease and insect pests. Fine 
for tall borders. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Vs ox. 60c. 

570 — Golden Cleome. New, rich gold. Pkt. 25c. 
570A— - Helen Campbell Snow Crown. A lovely new 
pure white Orchid flowering Cleome with even 
larger fuller heads than Pink Queen. Pkt. 25c. 
556 — Rose Giant. Immense, ever-extending flower 
whorls of deep rose, rich and vivid. Pkt. 25c. 

572— Mixed colors. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oz. 50c. 

Pacific Beauty — Heat Resistant Calendulas 

Everblooming Calendulas 

Pot-Marigold-Ha, C 

One of the best annuals for the garden or green- 
house, and one of the easiest to grow. Calendulas 
will thrive almost anywhere. In the South they 
will bloom practically all year round and in the 
North from May until frost. 
368 — Orange King Improved. Intense. 

362 — Art Shades. Delicate shades of apricot, orange, 
cream, lemon, white and other tints mixed. 

363 — Ball's Orange improved. Immense. 

Eminent New Ccrbera-Iike Calendula 

364 — NOVA W:s. Gerbera Transvaal Daisy)— like 
3V 2 " single flowers with narrow petals of bright 
Orpiment Orange and contrasting medium brown 
disk. Choice for cutting or border. Pkt. 25c. 

374 — Yellow Colossal. Very large clear yellow firs, 
with full centers, outer petals gracefully curved. 
371 — Sunset Shades. Especially for the borne gar- 
dener. Novel bicolored flowers tipped and striped 
orange, lemon, primrose on apricot base. 3 in. 
rounded double flowers. Compact plants for beds, 
borders or cutting. Pkt. 25c. 

373— Sunshine. 2 ft. Long graceful incurved Chrys- 
anthemum-like petals of bright canary yellow. 

375— Complete Mixture— Pot Marigolds. Pkt. 10c; 
Giant Pkt. 25c; Va o«. 75c. 

PACIFIC BEAUTY-Heat-resistant 
Calendulas with 4»/ 2 -5 inch flowers and less ten- 
dency to single during hot weather. Clear colors. 

377— Apricot; 376— Creamy white; 379— Persimmon. 

378— Mixed. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 75c. 

Candytuft Giant Hyacinth Flwd. Ruffled White 


Plant seed where the plants are to bloom and in 
two months' time they will be in flower. 

440 — CORONARIA Giant Hyacinth-Flowered 
or Improved Empress, ha, 18 in. Tree-like, perhaps 
the finest of annual Candytuft; each branch ter- 
minating in a big spike of pure white flowers; 
very showy in beds and excellent for cutting. A 
distinct and beautiful garden annual. Pkt. 10c; 
Va oz. 25c; ox. 65c. 

442 — Super Iceberg. Makes previous strains obso- 
lete. Individual florets are twice as large, create 
larger spike, purer, whiter effect. Pkt. 25c. 

441 — Ruffled White. Distinctively ruffled petals give 
an entirely new and softer effect. Pkt. 25c. 

444 — New Dwarf Miniature Gem Hyacinth Flowered. 
Very dwarf, about 3Va inches. White. 

147 — UMBELLATA. 1 ft. Very beautiful varieties 
of many rich colors; flowers borne in big umbels; 
grand display in beds or borders. Mxd. Pkt. 10c; 
'A ox. 25c; oz. 60c. 


445 — Magic Carpet. 1 ft. The quickest, brightest, 
finest blend of all colors in annual Candytuft 
Blooms in 60 days from seed. Pkt. 25c. 

Superb Half High— Dwarf Compact 
448 — Fairy Mixed. Trim little dome-like 8" plants 
so completely uniform, a bed appears as a rich 
carpet of lively pink, rose, carmine, crimson, lav- 
ender, flesh pink, white. Pkt. 25c; Vs ox. 75c. 

WALLFLOWER Cheiranthus, R 

r »27— All ion i. hb. 18 in. The brightest of orange- 
colored flowers, and very free-blooming; easily 
grown and when sown in spring will bloom from 
July until November. Flowers fragrant clusters. 

529— C. Kewensis, hhp. 2 ft. (The Winter-Bloom- 
ing Wallflower.) Golden and purple violet. 

530 — Linifolius. hp, 9 in. Lilac, sweet-scented. 
534 — Cheiranthus Complete Mixture. 

Chrysanthemum Korean Hyb. 

Hardy Chrysanthemums 
Bloom in 5 months and last for years 

536 — KOREAN HYBRIDS, hp. Semi-double and 
single. Blooms from seed in 5 months. Magnifi- 
cent color range. Hardy and long lasting. 

543— INDICUM DOUBLE HYBRIDS, hp. Double and 
semi-doutue flowers in splendid colors. Mixed. 
This is the hardy fall blooming Chrysanthemum 
and is one of the parents of the Florist type. 

541A— Charm. New very compact habit, small sin- 
gle flowers in widest color range. 25 seeds 50c. 

544 — GLORY MIXTURE, hp. Our finest mixture of 
hardy Chrysanthemums with an exceedingly wide 
range of brilliani colors. Contains seeds of Ko- 
rean and Arcticum Hybrids as well as Azalea- 
mums. Indicums and Morifoliums. Pkt. 25c: 3 
pkts. 65c. 

Annual Chrysanthemums — Late Summer Bloom 
54 OA — Multicaule. Most intense shining yellow 
we've seen in any flower. Single heavy textured 
almost succulent flowers hide the dwarf bushy 
10" mound-like plants mid-summer to frost. 25c. 
541 — Tom Thumb Golden Gem. Only 15 in. high and 
covered with double flowers of bright gold. 

539 — Double Monarch Mixed. From England, this 
strain produces a high percentage of fully double 
flowers in a glorious blend of rich colors. A 
most showy garden annual. Pkt. 25c. 

540 — Complete Mixture Annuals. Single and double. 

lUAiuma— leiosia, C, B. 

Mrs. J. D. Gilbert nas been at work developing 
this delightful family for many years. Varieties 
listed below were originated and grown by her 
and represent the finest Celosias in the world. 

Cristata (Crested) Type 
496A— Gilbert's Crimson Gold. 3 ft. Six inch balls 
of crimson velvet tipped yellow. Pkt. 25c. 
505 — Gilbert's Harlequin. IS in. pink tipped gold 
turning to salmon, then bright pink. Pkt. 25c. 
504A — New Penny. Deep rose to light pink bell 
shaped combs with bright copper lustre. Pkt. 25c. 
504 — Gilbert's Rose Beauty. 2 ft. Extra large 
flower heads of deep bright rose to bring striking 
new color to this fine group. Dries perfectly for 
winter bouquets. Pkt. 25c. 

503A— Gilbert's Gold Dust. 2V 2 ft. Ruffled balls rich 
yellow, silvery sheen turn deep gold. 25c. 
503— Gilbert's Green Gold. 2 ft. A new color com- 
bination. Sparkling silver tipped with light rose, 
touched with gold. Dries and dyes well. Pkt. 25c. 
406— Gilbertia Maple Gold. 2 ft. Heads of delight- 
ful maple-pink, each ruffle gold tipped. 25c. 
499— Gilbert's Varieties Mixed. Pkt. 25c; 3 for 65c. 
493 — Cristata, Coxcomb, hha, 18 in. Huge broad 
combs in many showy colors. Pkt. 15c: 25c, 
502 — Semi- Dwarf Cristata Toreador. 2 ft. Large 
combs of brightest red. All America. Pkt. 25c. 

497A— Semi-Dwarf Cristata Red and Gold 15" Large 
comb golden yellow striped bright crimson. 25c. 
50SA— Gladiator. Dwarf Cristata. Combs of gold 
and yellow over light green leaves. Pkt. 25c. 

497— Dwarf White. Most unusual. 

494 — Empress, hha, 1 ft. Huge, bright crimson 
combs, oronze foliage, beds; fine dispiay till irost. 
491— Chinese Wool Flower Mixed. 2-3 ft. Each 
branch terminates in a ball of brightly colored 

491A — Childsii Deep Rose. A new lovely color. 
Plumed (Pampas-like) Type 

495— Fiery Feather. Dwarf, 15 in. Brilliant red. 
493A — ROYAL VELVET, 2 ft. Plumy heads of rich 
crimson. Foliage bronzy with red margin. 25c. 
490 — Giant Pampas Plume Golden Fleece. 2y 2 ft. 
Huge plumes of golden yellow. Pkt. 25c. 
492A— Forest Fire. 3 ft. Luminous scarlet plumes 
above red veined purple leaves. Magnificent. 25c. 
509A— Petit Guy. 2*/ 2 ft. Lovely bright rose. 25c. 
495A— Purple Plume. 2V 2 ft. Large feathery plumes 
Of rich crimson purple. Pkt. 25c. 

494A— Torchlight Pampas. 3 ft. Fiery Red. Pkt. 25c. 
498A— Pampas Plume. Mix. Picture— pgl2A. 25c. 

498 — Plumosa, Parrot's Feather (Pride of Castle 
Gould), hha. 2 ft. Big feathery plumes; beautiful; 
scarlet and orange mixed. Pkt. T5c: 25c. 

500— Celosia Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 
Vs ox. 50c; Va oz. 85c: Va ox. $1.50. 


508— Dwarf Cristata Liliput Rainbow Mixture. I ft. 

Uniform, dwarf growth, large ruffled balls of beau- 
tiful varied colors, green foliage. Pkt. 25c. 

Geo. W. Park Seed Company, Greenwood, S. C. Serving Gardening America for over 85 years. 

Page 23 

Grow GIANT DAHLIAS from Seeds 

As easily grown as Zinnias 

616 — Cosmos Sensation Radiance. 


So easily grown they seem to thrive on neglect, 
these fine annuals are one of the most useful of 
garden flowers. Just drop a bouquet of them into 
a vase and watch them arrange themselves. 


Early sensation, 4-6 inch flowers. 4 ft. tall. 
610— Radiance. A. A. Silver Medal 1948. First bi- 
color — deep rose, rich crimson. Pkt. 25c. 
589 — Crimson Scarlet. Unvarying crimson -scarlet. 

612 — Pinkie. Delicate and delightful pink. 

613 — Purity. Snowy, ocean breaker white. 

614 — Mixed. Complete Mixture Cosmos Sensation. 
Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va ox. 60c. 

600— EXTRA EARLY Sensation Mixed. In bloom 
fully two weeks ahead of strain above. A full 
range of all Cosmos Sensation colors. Pkt. 25c 
605 — COSMOS HYBRIDS, Earliest Large Flowered, 

hha. 3 ft. Blooms freely from June until frost 
if planted early Fine Mixture. 

009 — Mammoth Late Hybrids. 5 ft. Giant flowers, 
strong stems, blooms until frost. Mixed. 

601 — Extra Early Double Crested (Anemone Flow- 
ered). Not quite as large but with greater per- 
centage of doubles than above varieties. Mixed. 
608 — Tetra Double Orange Ruffles. Flowers twice the 
size of the ordinary strain. Pkt. 25c. 

607A — Fiesta. Semi-double gold striped scarlet. 
Heat loving, early flowering, easy, prolific. Fine 
to cut. colorful all summer. Pkt, 25c. 

615 — Complete Mixture of all types of Cosmos. 

Centaurea Monarch Giant Ball Strain 

Bachelor's Button, Centaurea 

A showy and valuable class of annuals of easy 
culture. Those described below bloom first sea- 
son and are showy in the garden, and valuable 
lor cutting. Flowers keep well. 


Here is the familiar Bachelor's Button so im- 
proved that you will hardly recognize it. 

511— Red Boy. 3 ft. Bright deep red. 

509 — Blue Boy. 3 ft. Bright blue. 

510— Pinkie. 3 ft. Delightful deep pink. 

512— Snow Man. 3 ft. Glistening white. 

513— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vi oi. 75c. 

514 — Monarch Giant Ball Strain Mixed. The largest 
flowered, cleanest stemmed, most fully double 
Bachelor's Buttons yet created. Fink, red, white 
and blue blended. Pkt. 25c. 


510 — Jubilee Gem. 12 in. Bushy plants smothered 
with deep blue ilowers. 

516A — Jubilee Mixture. 18 in. A pocket size bachelor 
button, neat, compact, low growing, bearing a 
succession of fully double blooms. Highly self 
cleaning. Over 9 distinct colors including pink, 
lilac, blue, white. Pkt. 25c. 


515— C. IMPERIALIS (Royal Sweet Sultan). 3 ft. 

na. Giant and feathery, so delicate and light 
that they seem to float above the foliage. Com- 
plete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. 75c. 


Americana, hha. 3 ft. In a class by itself. Larg- 
est, most showy of Centaureas, 5 in. across; fine 
for cutting; July and August. 

506— Blue 507— Mixed 

518 — Complete Mixture of Centaurea, all varieties. 

Dahlia Double Cactus Hybrids 


Coreopsis will furnish your home with bright 
golden flowers for 5 months. Blooms June-frost. 
595 — Double New Gold. The flowers are large and 
fluffy, nch golden yellow, 100% double, fine. 
501 — Coreopsis Double Mixture. 


593— CORAL FLOWER. 30 in. Loose clusters of 
little five-pointed blossom stars of luminous pink 
rosiness, then come hundreds of long-hanging 
capsules, each like a bead of polished coral. 



Blooms from July until Frost. 
Easily grown, sow in spring or fall. Showy beds, 
and fine cut flowers. For best results, Clarkias 
should be kept on the dry side. 
557— Clarkia Elegans Double Mixed, ha. 2 ft. A 
blend of all Clarkia colors. Our finest mixture. 
561 — NOVELTY CLARKIA MIXTURE. All the newer 
and finer varieties direct from the trial grounds, 
Pkt. 25c; Va oz. 45c; Vi oi. 75c. 

559 — La France Pink. 18 in. Most attractive of 
the Clarkias. Silvery pink, very double. 

make flowers and tubers first season 

Seeds germinate promptly, grow freely and, like 
Zinnias, begin to show buds in a few weeks. The 
plants like a rich soil and sunny situation and 
bloom freely from early summer till frost. Prop- 
erly cared for they will do service for years. The 
flowers are of many rich and varied colors. We 
offer seeds of best quality. Treat as Zinnias, hhp. 

650 — Cactus-flowered. 

Seed saved from the finest exhibition varieties of 
true double Cactus form. Many rich colors mixed. 

650 A — Extra Double Cactus Hybrids Pkt. 25c. 

651— Collarette Mixed. 

663— Single Colossal Mixed. 

Enormous single flowers 8 in. to 9 in. diam. Pkt. 

660— Single-flowered Finest Mixed. 

Excellent large single flowers. Nice for cutting. 

652— Coltness Hybrids. 

1 ft. A new form of the dwarf single type which 
will bloom m 4 months after planting. Best for 
your beds or borders. 

653 — Double Decorative Hybrids. 

From finest collection of giant flowering plants. 
Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 

656 — Gold Medal. These seeds are saved from 
splendid strains of named double varieties and 
will afford the finest results. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1-16 
ox. 75c. 

654 — Double-flowered. Seeds chosen from finest 
double varieties, including Exhibition Type. 

655 — Double Pompom Mixed. 

Ball shaped flowers 2 in. or less in diam. From 
fine named varieties. 

657 — Mignon Dwarf Mixed. 

A dwarf compact plant fine for beds or borders. 

658 — Orchid flowering. 

Delightfully curled and twisted petals give this 
variety an Orchid look. 

659 — Paeony Flowered. 

2V2 ft. Full, Paeony shaped flowers. 

661 — Unwin's Ideal Bedding. 
Dwarf Hybrids yielding graceful double and semi- 
double flowers in great variety of color. Sow in- 
doors in March and they will be in bloom by the 
end of June. Ideal for beds, borders, cutting. 
Pkt. 15c; 25; 1-16 oz. 60c; Vs oz. $1.00. 
657A-Fall Festival. 

Distinctive dark glossy copper-red foliage accen- 
tuates the brilliant flowers in shades of red, scarlet, 
purple, and crimson with some bright yellows and 
apricots to heighten the effect. Bushy, vigorous 
2V 2 ft. plants bear double, semi-double and single 
flowers profusely. Pkt. 25c. 

664 — Complete mixture of all types, Pkt. 25c. 
Tiny Tufts and Brass Buttons 

A New Dwarf Ribbon Border Plant is 

597 — COTULA Barbata. hha. 3 in. Compact tufts of 
silken foliage frame the host of small button- like 
lemon yellow flowers it produces in reckless 
abandon. Rare and attractive. Pkt. 25c. 

Annual Shade Loving Bleeding Heart 

598 — CORYDALIS Sempervirens. 25 in. Airy, ever- 
blooming, charming. Pink with golden tips. 

Cynoglossum FIRMAMENT 


634 — CYNOGLOSSUM Amabile. "Dwarf Firmament". 

ha, 18 in. A. A. 1939. A dwarf, bushy, free flower- 
ing plant. Its name comes appropriately from its 
sweet scented sky blue flowers. Blooms May 
until frost. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 45c. 
03 4 A — Pink Firmament. 18 in. Mauve pink. 
635 A — White Firmament. New Dwarf pure white. 
630 — Amabile Blue. 2 ft. Brilliant turquoise blue. 
632— Amabile Pink. 2 ft. Rich pink. Tall growing. 
636— Cynoglossum Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 
Va oz. 45c. 

CUPHAEA (Cigar Plant) hhp, 1 ft. 

623 — Firefly. An outstanding, neat, dwarf, quick 
flowering, colorful plant for pot, window boxes 
or beds. Unusual flrs. of fiery cerise. 

621 — Platycentra. Scarlet, tipped black. 

624 — Complete Special Mixture of many colors. 
895— ORNAMENTAL COTTON, hha. 2 ft. Pink buds, 
creamy blossoms. 


R20— CROTALARIA Retusa. hha, 2 ft. Great ra- 
cemes of gold and brown pea shaped flowers. 25c. 

Datura Fastuosa 


Easily-grown garden firs.; trumpet-shaped, mostly 
sweet-scented and quite showy. They bloom 
freely during summer and are always attractive. 

666 — Fastuosa. hhp. 3 ft. The most fragrant Da- 
tura, Long, double 6 in. firs. Mixed colors. 

665 — Golden Trumpet Flower (Chlorantha ) . Trum- 
pets of most intense doubleness, trumpet within 
trumpet. Colors soft cream to deep yellow. 
665A — Double Purple. Purple form of above. 
666A— Double White Trumpet. White form of 

667A — Suaveolens. Great White Angel Trumpet. 
Many pendant, fragrant, snowy trumpets to a toot 
in length. Pot or tub culture. Pkt. 25c. 
649— Metaloides. 3 ft. Giant flowers 8 in. long 
are rose tintea white and held erect. Pkt. 25c. 

667— Complete Mixture Datura. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va 
oz. 50c. 

Page 24 AH Seeds (in&Lll^itn) : Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. Park's Dahlias are easily grown from Seeds. 


Hb. 1 ft. These are magnificent Pinks that bloom 
freely and continuously from June until frost. 
The flowers are large and showy, single and 
double, and come in a wonderful variety of bright 
beautiful colors. One of our finest garden flowers. 

108 — Diadem Pink. Fine double, large, variegated, 
709 — Fireball. Rich glowing scarlet, double, large. 
707A — Sulphurous. Rare sulphur yellow. Pkt. 25c. 

724 — Plain Edged Double Complete Mixture. 


714 — Snowball. Firs, extra large, double, white. 
723 — Salmon Queen. Rich salmon scarlet. 

725— Lacinioted Double Complete Mixture. 

715— Complete Mixture of Double Varieties. Pkt. TOe. 
706 — Gaiety. Fringed and laciniated single firs, of 
unusual size and colorings, Very lacy, deeply 
fringed. Wide color range. Pkt. 25c; Vs oi. 75c. 
706A — Double Gaiety. Full color range. Pkt. 25c. 

717— Complete Mixture of single and double. Pkt. 
10c; 25c; '/* ox. 50c. 

705 — Tetraploid Chinese Pinks. A select vari- colored 
mixture of single and double kinds. 
721 A— Latifolius Cocci neus. 12 in. hp. Closely clus- 
tered double flowers of glowing live-coal red. 
719 — Chinensis Imperialis Fl. pi. Fully double, ex- 
tra large choice mixture. Pkt. 25c. 

Giant Single Pinks 

DIANTHUS HEDDENSIS. ha. 16 in. An entirely new 
tetraploid variety combining the large-open flow- 
ers of Dianthus Heddewegii with the rugged 
growth and long stemmed habit of Dianthus 
Chinensis. Well formed 2 in. flowers in large num- 
bers on 16 in. stems, suitable for cutting. More 
tolerant of extreme temperatures than either of 
its parents. Blooms from June until frost. 

718 — Westwood Beauty. Rich colors from fiery 
crimson to deep velvety red. A. A. 1946. 

722— Heddensis Finest Mixed. An outstanding in- 
troduction. All the traditional Dianthus colors in 
this new type. Pkt. 15c; 25c; V§ ox. 75c. 
721— Sweet Wivelsfield. ha. 18 in. Multiflora type, 
very free flowering. Sweet scented flowers in 
many bright colors over a long season. 
723A— Double Sweet Wivelsfield Mixed. 12" Double 
flowers borne in trusses like Sweet William, but 
much larger and earlier. Very choice. Pkt. 25c. 
738 — GIANT Dianthus. 40" Tallest Dianthus. Clus- 
ters of shining rose flowers. 

761 A — Di disc us African Daisy 

Lace Veil Tetra Goliath 

761 A — TRACHYMENE (Didiscus) Lace Veil. 2V 2 ft 

Like the Blue Lace Flower at bottom of page 
except it is pure white and takes dye beautifully. 
Imagine it green for St. Patrick's Day. Pkt. 25c. 


758— TRACHYMENE COERULEA (Didiscus). The 

dainty 2V 2 ft. plant carries long stemmed roun- 
ded clusters of clear blue slender tubed flowers, 
suggesting a miniature lace parasol. 

Golden Poppy of China 
761— Dicranostigma. hp. 1 ft. Easy, heat loving, 
long blooming. Imperial yellow poppy-like firs. 
643 — DAHLBORG DAISY, ha. 8 in., B. Delightful 
little Daisy-like flowers of gold lace form sheets 
of gold over ferny aromatic foliage for nearly 
four months. 

758A— TWINSPUR (Diascia barberae) ha. 15 in. C. 

6 in. racemes of rosy pink, yellow throated twin- 
spurred flowers. For cutting or pot plants. 


Beilis Perennis, hp, 6 in. C, B. 

Beautiful, hardy, everblooming plants for sum- 
mer beds north and winter beds south. The firs, 
are like small double Asters of many rich colors, 
and if alternated with Pansies, the effect is 
charming. Easily grown from seeds and should be 
set in the beds 6 in. apart. 

SUPER ENORMA. New, largest and best of all. Fully 
double ball-shaped 2 1 / 2 -3 inch flowers abundantly 
produced. Late season firs, smaller. 
326A— Crimson Ball, deep carmine red. Pkt. 25c. 
327 A — Rose Ball, carmine rose to deep rose. 25c. 
328A— Salmon Ball. New Beilis color. Pkt. 25c. 
330A— White Ball, extra large pure white. 25c. 
333— Super Enorma Ball Mixed. Pkt. 25c, 65c. 
MONSTROSA. Fully double 2" flowers, more freely 
produced than Super Enorma with longer stems. 
Flower size between Super and regular strains. 
326— Dark Red. 327— Rose. 328— White. 
329— Monstrosa Mixed. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Ve ex. $1. 

331— Tubuiosa Etna Red. Quilled large double red. 
331A — Yellow Giant. Large double quilled flowers 
in a color hitherto unknown in this group. Pkt. 25c 
323 — Tubuiosa Mixed. Giant quilled double. Rose, 
red, white, deep red all represented. 

336A— Lilliput Mixed. New, charming. Tiny dble. 
flowers are produced in super abundance. 
323 A — Monstrosa Tubuiosa Finest Mixed. 
Giant double quilled flowers, all colors. 25c. 

??? A ^~ Pro,ific Re 9 u,e »' Double Mixed. Medium size 
double button-like flowers in great abundance. 
Long-stemmed, early. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs ox. 65c. 

332— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vb ox. 75c. 


Eschscholtxia Californica, B. Ha, 1 ft. One of the 

most easily grown of garden annuals. Everbloom- 
ing, early until frost. Finely cut silver foliage. 
816— Aurantiaca. This is the original California 
Poppy. Ricn, bright yellow. Single. 

810— Brilliant Mixture, Single Flowering. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
8 ! 4 ~ Ramona Hybrids. A bright blended mixture 
of the best colors, frilled and fluted petals. 
815— New Double Blend. Finest strain grown. Bal- 
anced blend of best double kinds. 

811— Double and Semi-double Mixed. 

eio Rare, Attractive Rock Poppy 

812— Miniature Caespitosa. 5 in. Small pale lemon 
flowers clothe attractive little plants. Pkt. 25c. 


Rich colors in excellent mixture of singles, 
doubles, fringed, fluted. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vi oz. 50c. 



Loves sun and heat. 

One of the most delightful annuals for your bor- 
ders. Of medium height, the compact African 
Daisy bears literally hundreds of flowers at one 
time. Bloom June until frost in full sun. 
774— Salmon Beauty (Aurantiaca). Delightful, deep 
salmon pink flowers. 

777— Tetra Goliath. Giant sized flowers of bright 
orange with dark centers are borne on plants of 
vigorous growth. A big improvement. Pkt. 25c. 
778 Glistening White. Dwarf plant with extreme- 
ly large 3y 2 in. glossy pure white petals surround- 
ing a shiny black center. Outstanding. 
779 — New Hybrids. 1 ft. Flowers large, varying - 
from the purest white- to orange and salmon. 
782— Complete Mixture of Dimorphotheca. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
826 — EUPHOR- 
BIA Heterophylla. 
ha. 2 ft. (Mexi- 
can Fire Plant) . 
Brilliant by reason 
of the upper foli- 
age being blotched 
bright red. 
828 — SNOW ON 
E. Variegata. ha, 
2 ft. Snowy white 
bracts atop the 

mountain of green i wiwn m^mm 
give a striking effect for your tall border. 

Gaillardia Lorenziana, Double 


Gaillardia Annual and Perennial 

If your garden does not already contain these 
fine plants be sure to sow some this year. They 
start readily from seed* require little attention. 

847 — Lorenziana, ha, 18 in. Large double firs, 
in many colors; white to deep red and varie- 
gated. A grana assortment of attractive double 
flowers. Pkt. 15c; 25c; l M oz. 40c; V2 oz. 70c. 

847 A — New Hybrid Lorenziana. Larger flow- 
ered and more colorful array of colors from 
white to deep maroon, than strain above. 
Pkt. 25c. 

843A — Tetra Fiesta. Larger flowers, longer 
stems. Double smoky red tipped yellow. New. 
Pkt. 25c. 

851 — Tetra Giant. Huge blood-red flowers. 

854— Annual Gaillardia Mixed colors. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 

Gaillardia Grandiflora (Perennial Blanket Flowers). 

Hardy perennials blooming first year. Excellent 

both for borders and cut flowers. 

841 — Burgundy. Lovely wine-red. Popular. 

844 — Goblin, 12 in. The first really dwarf com- 
pact variety, especially suited for the rockery. 
Large showy yellow bordered deep red flowers. 

852— Golden Goblin. 12 in. Goblin with a new 
dress of bright yellow. A real show. Pkt. 25c. 

848 — Monarch Strain. 30 in. Robust plants bloom 
all summer. Very varied flowers in many colors 
have perfect form. The finest Perennial Gaillardia. 
Fine for cutting and border. 

845 — Complete Mixture Grandiflora Varieties. 


857 — Splendens Hybrid a Grandiflora. hhp. Showy 
Daisy like orange firs. 2-3 in. across, with black 
and white basal markings. Silk textured leaves. 
857 A — Colorama New Hybrids. White, bright yel- 
low, gold, cream, yellow -orange, red-yellow, pink 
and others never seen before in Gazania. 15" 
mounds of green and white foliage below a pro- 
fusion of 4" flowers all summer. Pkt. 25c. 
871— GILIA Capitate (Blue Thimble Flower), 30 in. 
Rich sky blue firs, all summer. 

Gamolepis Tagetes 

Sow an Edging Where You Want It 
854A— GAMOLEPIS Tagetes. ha, 6 in. Brilliant 
yellow Daisy-like flowers are freely produced 
hiding the leaves of this well behaved mound of 
beauty. Sow where you want it. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1. 

ECHIUM (Vipers Bugloss) D. B 

A genus of plants particularly adapted to poor soil 
and a sunny dry situation. 

796 — Blue Bedder. 1 ft. Dwarf sturdy plants, blue. 
799 — Dwarf Hybrids. A very rich mixture in pleas- 
ing shades of rose, lavender, blue, etc. 

The Bluebell Gentian 
1200 — EU STOMA Russellianus. ha. 2 ft. Wide bells 
of purple patched blue, spectacular. 

Buy fresh seeds — Order direct from Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, South Carol 


Page 25 

Gerbera Park's Giant Hybrids 


GERBERA - Superb cut flowers with strong stems 
and graceful flowers. Beautiful in the summer 
border. Choice pot plants for winter bloom. An 
8 in. straw mulch will carry them through the 
coldest winters. Mulch after ground freezes. 
Start the seed in 70 degree temperature, allow- 
ing 4-6 weeks for all to sprout. 

861-Park's Giant Hybrids 

(Transvaal or Barberton Daisy) Long petaled 
flowers in a wide array of colors from pale 
amber to ruby red with all shades between. 
12 seeds 15c; 25 seeds 25c; 100 seeds 75c. 

861 A— Waller Franklin Hybrids 

The finest color range obtainable from seed. 
Long solid sterna topped by large, graceful 
blooms in varied, brilliant and unusual colors 
heretofore rarely obtainable. 5 in. blooms, many 
are duplexed. 15 seeds 25c; 75 seeds $1.00. 
802 — Jamesoni Bright scarlet. 15 seeds 25c. 
864 — Duplex Hybrids. (New) Large 5 in. flowers 
with twice as many petals as single type, are 
borne on stems up to 3 ft. long. All colors (ex- 
cept blue). 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 

GODETIA (Farewell to Spring) B. 

Godetias bloom profusely and become glorious 

sheets of satiny color. Sow early. 

888 — Double Flowered Mixed Godetta. All colors. 

jm;K— HELIOPSiS, Lemoine's Giant, hp. 3 ft. in im- 
proved strain; dole firs., twice the size of the 
older sort, and of a brilliant golden yellow. 


World's Largest Flwd. 
Deliciously Fragrant 

30 in. plant topped by huge (1 ft. diam.) flower 
clusters. Very fragrant, easily grown. 
970 — Giant Flowered Pacific. Blue shades. 25c. 
974A— First Snow. Most beautiful pure white. 25c. 
974— Blue Bonnet. Deepest blue. Pkt. 25c. 


HESPERIS Matronalis, hp. 3 ft. 

Sometimes known as Dame's 
Violet. Terminal clusters of 
large Phlox-like deliciously 
scented flowers throughout 
Summer. A lovely easily 
grown perennial that should 
be in every garden. 

979— Park's Red. Violet red. 

980— Park's White. Pure 
985— Violet. 

982 — Nana Candidissima. Dwarf pure white. 
981— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Ys ox. 60c. 

1079 — FLOWERING KALE. An extra select strain 
from the orient. Bright red and green leaves, 

A Quick Ornamental Hedge 
1085 — KOCH I A Childsii. 30 in. Summer Cypress. 
Ornamental feathery foliage turns red in Fall. 

Page 26 Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

Mexican Tulip Poppy 

Italian White Sunflower 

HELIANTHU5 — Sunflower 

Flowers are large, mostly shades of yellow. 

produced freely even in dry weather. 

957— Red and Gold Hybrid. 6 ft. (New) 

Big branching plants are covered with 6 Inch 

flowers of bright red, tipped gold. 6 seeds 25c. 

950 — Gigonteus, 10 ft. Single, huge golden. 

900 — Italian White. 4 ft. 3" firs, of pure white 
to creamy primrose. Fine to cut. Pkt. 25c. 

954 — Lemon Gold. New clear yellow Sungold com- 
panion identical in height and form, but of a most 
desirable lighter color. Pkt. 25c. 

953 — Sungold (New) Large flowers of rich golden 

yellow freely borne, come 100% double. 

954A — Dwarf Sungold. 15 inches. Like Sun Gold 

but plants are bedding size. Pkt. 25c. 

949 — Dwarf Chrysanthemum-flowered (new), 4 ft. 

100% double. Large laciniated petals. 

951 — Large-flowered mixed Helianthus. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
950A— Surtons Red. 6 ft. Chestnut red. 

953 — Excelsior Hybrids, 5 ft. Pretty bronze, brown 
and red shades with zone. Popular. 

955 — Small-flowered Helianthus in Mixture. Pkt. 
10c; 25c; Va oz. 40c; Va ox. 70c. 


1022 — HUNNEMANNIA, Fumerifolia, Mexican Tulip 
Poppy, hhp, 2 ft. Bright yellow firs. 3 in across, 
constantly in bloom; wonderful to cut. 

1023 — Sunlite. hhp. 18 in. Semi-double, yellow. 


Linum rubrum 


994— Hibiscus Mallow Marvels, hp. 3 ft. Attrac- 
tive foliage, firs large and showy with broad 
petals; white to crimson. Complete Mixture. 
1130 — Lovatera Trimestris Splendens, ha, 3 ft. Im- 
proved tree mallows; flowers large, fine for beds 
or borders. Mixed. 

992 — Golden Bowl. ha. 10 ft. Sunset Hibiscus. 
Spectacular tall annual with huge yellow flowers 
to 9 inches across. Maroon blotch in center. 

FLAX, Linum, B. 

L. GRAND 1FLORUM, ha. 1 ft. Elegant for beds or 
rock gardens. Plants bloom all season. 
1191 — Rubrum. Scarlet. 1197 — Grandiflorum Mixed. 
L. PERENNE (Sibericum). hp. 1 ft. 

1194 — Fairy Flax. Always in bloom. Blue. 
1198 — Rare White Flax. Pure white. 

1195 — L. Perenne Mixed. 


L1NARIA Moroccana. ha. Blooms in 8 weeks. 

1183 — Fairy Bouquet. 8 in. Dwarf, pastel shades. 
1183A — Northern Lights. 15 in. Very bright colors. 

1184 — Complete Mixture of L. Moroccana. 

1181 — Cymballaria. hp, 6 in. Trailing plant; fo- 
liage in long drooping sprays; small lilac firs. 
1180 — Alpino 6 in. hp. Rockery creeper, lavender. 
11 80 A — Macedonica speciosa. 3 ft. hp. Large firs, 
of bright yellow marked orange. Showy. 
1186 — Three Birds of Portugal. (Triornithophora) 
hp. 3 ft. Shell pink, rose pink or rich blue purple, 
touched with orange. Quick from seeds, ever- 
blooming as a pot plant, almost so in the garden. 
A very different Linaria. Pkt, 25c. 
1184A — Reticulata, ha. 3 ft. purple, gold spurs. 

1185 — Complete Mixture of Linaria. 

LOBELIA ERIN US. ha. Dainty little fairy-like 
plants; just the thing for making a tiny strip 
of blue by your walkway around beds. 
1204 — Blue Stone. 4 in. This compact little plant 
is the very best bedding Lobelia. It has small 
irregular shaped flowers of bright clear blue with 
no eye. A fine winter pot plant too. 
1207 — Crystal Palace Compacta, 6 in. Intense dark 
blue, with dark foliage, a pleasing effect. 
1200 — Complete Special Mixture of Erin us var. 
L. RENDU LA. For hanging baskets. Trailing, 
1311 — Sapphire Blue. Azure blue, white eye. 
121 4 A— LOPEZ I A Coronata. 3 ft. Myriad flowers all 
summer like little encarmined butterflies. Easy. 

1327— Ball Double White Matricaria. 


This hardy annual is readily grown from seeds; 
the plants becoming masses of lovely flowers 
during summer. 

1328 — Capensis. ft. pi., 2 ft. Masses of pure white 
firs, perfectly double; showy; fine for cutting. 
1327— Ball Dble White. From selected plants, 100% 
double. Pure white. Long stems make it ideal for 
cutting. It is completely hardy to Philadelphia and 
usually lives over farther north. The flowers tend 
toward an attractive Anemone formation. Our 
finest. Pkt. 25c; 1/32 ox. 40c; 1/16 ox. 75c. 

1331 — Ultra Double. Here is perfection usually ob- 
tained only from cuttings. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 

The Tom Thumb Group 

1332 — Lemon Ball. 8 in. Neat little mounds of beauty 
for a lovely border. Clusters of double lemon yel- 
low flowers over ferny foliage. Pkt. 25c. 

1330 — Golden Ball. 8 in. Flowers double in masses; 
rich golden yellow; excellent for beds. 

1329— Dwarf Double White. 9 in. Very fine. 

1333— Complete Special Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 
Vt oi. 45c. 


Blooms in August from spring sowing and once 
established in May or June. 

LYCHNIS CHALCEDONICA. hp..2 ft. Showy flowers 
in .big heads; very desirable border plant. 
1239 — Viscaria Splendens. 18 in. Almost evergreen 
foliage, bright rose flowers. 
12 44— Scarlet. 2ft ft. 
Gleaming scarlet. One 
of the few really red 
flowers. 1 in. firs, in 
large clusters. 
1241— Alpina. hp. 6 in. 
Firs, brilliant rose in 
dense terminal clusters. 

1245 — Haageana Hybrids. 

1 ft. hp. 2 in. flrs. in 
clusters in shades of red, 
scarlet, crimson. 

1246 — Forrestii Hybrids Mixed. 1V 2 ft. Most varied 
of all - Crimson, carmine, pink and white. 

1247 — Complete Mixture of varieties listed. 

1254 — Complete Mixture of rose white, purple. 3 
in. showy cup firs, all summer. Easy, sow early. 


1250— MACHAERANTHERA Tonacetifolia (Tahoka 
Daisy), ha, I ft. Aster-like blue firs. 

1253— MALLOW, Malva Moschata. hp. 2 ft. Large 
clusters, fragrant firs. Blooms 1st season. Mixed. 


1326 — MARTYNIA. Probosoides. hha, 18 in. Easily 
grown, vigorous prostrate plants. Flowers in 
showy terminal racemes of white, yellow and 
violet. Queer seed pods. 

FORGET-ME-NOT, Myosotis, S. 

These are modest but very beautiful flowers 
for a moist, shady place, and are easily started 
from seeds. Firs, in clusters. Blooms in 6 weeks. 

1372— Alpestris Alba, hb. 1 ft. Pure white. 

1373— Alpestris Blue Eyes. hb. 1 ft. Early, hardy 
and floriferous; bright blue, white eyes. 

1374 — Alpestris Rosea. Fine pink. 

1376 — Alpestris Stricta Grandi flora, Royal Blue, 
hb. 12 in. Firs, beautiful deep royal blue color, 
plant compact and pillar-like. One of the finest. 
1386 — Cobalt Blue. Extra large 8-10 petalied flow- 
ers of cobalt blue with clear yellow center. 
1379 — Palustris Semperflorens. 12 in. True Marsh 
Forget -Me-Not. Bright blue. Spring to Fall. 
1384— Complete Special Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 


1226— Texas Blue Bonnet. 1 ft. Bright sky blue. 

1227 — Complete Mixture of Annual Lupines. This 
includes Hartwegi and New King types. 

0^ Mornin 5 . olories 




For attractive borders, beds, gar- 
den vases, accent points. 

592 Convolvulus Minor Royal En- 
sign. 1 ft. Bright royal blue. 

691 A — Rose. 12 in. Lovely rose. 

594A — Mixed Bush Type. All colors. 

1059 — Leari (Blue Dawn flower) . 

hhp. Huge leaves, 5" firs, blue 
turning pink, white tube. For 
winter window or summer trellis. 

1057— Leptophilla, Perennial Bush 
3 ft. bushy plant, 3" flowers of 
bright rose pink deepening to 
purple. Hare. 3 seeds 25c. 

Ipomoea Alamo. Very fast grow- 
ing and thrives in hot dry situa- 
tion. Dainty cut leaved foliage, 
pretty creamy 1V 2 in. flowers 
with wine-red centers. 

SMI — Cypress Vine Mixed hha. 25 
ft. Flowers bright and pretty, 
stay open all day. Airy foliage. 

Ipomoea Quamoclit Sloteri. 

30 ft. Quick growing, free 
flowering, fern-like foli- 
age; scarlet, white throat- 
ed tubular flowers. 



This wonderful Ipomoea is in all re- 
spects superior to the Ipomoea Grandi- 
flora Rubro-coerulea (Heavenly Blue). 
The deep intense blue color shades 
lightei toward the center. The flowers 
are large, profuse and continuous, com- 
ing into bloom much earlier than 
Heavenly Blue and having a much 
longer blooming period; flowers stay 
open nearly all day. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 
45c; V2 oz. 90c; oz. $1.50. 
1061— Volubilis Gigantea Mixed. Flowers 
y 3 larger than Heavenly Blue, leaves 
green and white. Remarkable color 
range includes bright pinks, reds, blues 
solid and bicolors. Pkt. 25c. 
104<i — Ipomoea Cornell. Robust growth 
and extra large 4-4 V2 in. flowers of an 
intense carnelian red with an eighth 
inch border of glistening white which 
gives tne flower particular distinction. 

Clear and Sparkling new Color 
1051— Candy Pink. The first pure pink, 
and the most beautiful color in Morning 
Glories. Each morning masses of new 
flowers are borne, continuing so thru 
summer until frost. Pkt. 25c. 
1059A— Blue & White (La Superba). Deep 
intense blue, sharp white border. Strik- 
ing against bright green leaves of pro- 
fuse, early, vigorous plants. 25c. 
1053 — Pearly Gates. Famous Heavenly 
Blue Morning Glory sported and gave 
us a beautiful Pure White Glory with 
all the fine characteristics of habit, size 
and lasting qualities for which it is 
noted. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 60c. 

1050A — Japanese Imperial. 
8 in, across is not uncommon. Colors 
include brilliant red, rose, pink, white, 
purple, light blue. In Japan these are 
grown in 8" pots with plants pinched 
and shaped into bushy form 
for largest flowers. However 
they're fine on a fence too. 
20 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
1050 — Imperial Giant Fringed. 
Giant flowers often 6 inches 
across. All colors mixed. 
1056 — Setosa (Brazilian Glory) 
hha. 30 ft. Giant leaves 9 in. 
across, 2 in. flowers are tinted 
pink with a star of satiny pink. 
sandy location and do not 
fertilize unless heavy foliage is 
desired. If sown in the open 
ground, wait until soil has 
thoroughly warmed up. If 
started indoors for earlier 
plants, use tiny individual pots 
and transplant without disturb- 
ing the roots. Soak seeds to 
hasten germination. 


Humming Birds Love It 
and so will you! 

1045 — Hearts & Honey 

Magical flowers change color 3 
times a day. A Morning Glory, 
but stays open all day. Feathery, 
ornamental leaves, 2" pinkish 
orange, yellow throated flowers 
change to rose-pink. Pkt. 25c. 


1334— Matthiola Bicornis. ha, 18 in. This little plant 
will perfume your whole garden with its delicious 
fragrance and its profusion of small lilac flowers. 


1311— Crystailinum, Ice Plant, ha, 

8 in. Stems are covered with icicle- 
like protuberances which flash in 
the sun. A fitting setting for the 
dainty white flowers borne so pro- 
fusely. Thrives in the rockery. 

1342— Golden Ice Plant (Gr. Fl. 
Aurantiacum. 1 ft. Golden yellow 
2" flowers. Rare, pretty. Pkt. 25c. 
1353 — Cordifolium variegatum. 

(Rare) Variegated leaves, rose firs. 
Especially nice window garden 
plant. Pkt. 25c. 

2342 A— Tricolor Mixed. Rose pink. 
1340 — Criniflorum. LIVINGSTON 
DAISY, ha. Dwarf. Bright. Rockery. 
1323 — Mesembrianthemum. Mixed. 

-Double Rose Marie. Distinct and different is this double 
Morning Glory of clear deep rose. Quick growing, free flowering 
and early, Rose Marie is loaded with large flowers with excep- 
tional keeping qualities. 50% double. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 50c. 


1047A— "Tinkerbell's Petticoat" New for 1957 

Full double flowers in Carnation reminder — (like a petticoat filled 
fairy's frock) dance through the foliage. Pink, rose, red, blue, lav- 
ender and pure white are all here. Long lasting, heavy textured 
flowers are freely borne on husky, quick growing vines. 75% full 
double. You'll thrill to the praise of your friends, the sheer beauty 
of your trellis or fence, as "Tinkerbell" flits through its covering of 
emerald foliage. Pkt. 25c. Va oz. $1.00. 

1055— Scarlett O'Hara. Good Climbing strain. A graceful, fast-grow- 
ing vine, bearing the large, gorgeous rich deep wine-red flowers in 
abundance all summer. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 50c. 
1058— COMPLETE MIXTURE of Morning Glories. 

1052 — Ipomoea Noctiflora, hhp, 20 ft. Large pure white flowers 
deliciously scented, open in the evening and fill the air with perfume. 
1048 — Giant Pink (Northern Light). Soft lilac pink flowers. 
1060— Bona Nox {Evening Glory). Violet. 
1052A— Moon Vines Mixed. 



or Mignonette Reseda Odorata, hha. C. 

Fragrant. A fine- easily grown, beautifully airy 
flower tor beas cutting. Blooms July- Aug. 
1346 — Common Sweet-scented. The original sort 
having the richest perfume; also fine for bees. 

1352— Complete Mixture of all Mignonette. 

NEMESIA, hha, B. 

Delightful pot plants for winter 
and very popular for edging where 
weather is not too hot and dry. 
1421 — Giant Strumosa Mixed. 1 ft. 
Flowers like miniature orchids in 
pastel shades very freely borne. 


Everblooming bright and pretty 
summer beds, winter pot plants. 

1358 — Red Emperor. Large red. 

1359 — Tigrinus. 12 in. Mixed, tigered. 
1357 — Queen's Prize, hhp, 6 in. Very 
large firs, richly spotted, pot plant. 
1355 — Musk Plant (moschatus). hp, 

1360— Mimulus. Complete Mixture. 

Double Giant Golden Gleam — Pkt, 10c 


Nasturtiums will bloom 1 month after sowing 
and continue until frost. They are easily propa- 
gated and will produce a wonderful display of 
pretty foliage and long stemmed flowers. Fine to 
cut for arrangements, beautiful in beds or- bor- 
ders, and may be used in salads. Sharp cooling 
fragrance. A sunny location and light soil are re- 
quisites. If soil is too rich, luxuriant foliage will 
result with a scarcity of flowers. 
1399— GOLDEN GLEAM. Rich golden yellow. Fine 
for beds and splendid cut flowers. 
1401A — FIERY FESTIVAL. Deep luminous scarlet. 

1402— MAHOGANY GLEAM. Deep mahogany red. 

1403— MOONGLE4M. Light golden cream. 
1406 — SCARLET GLEAM. Gleaming scarlet. 

1408 — SUPREME. Vivid salmon cerise. 
PRICES FOR ABOVE: Pkt. 15c. 25c; oz. 50c. 

assortment of beautiful colors carefully blended. 
Pkt. 15c; 25c; oz. 50c; Va lb. $1.50. 

1411— PARK'S FRAGRANT GIANTS. The old fash- 
ioned Nasturtiums of our childhood have been 
greatly improved, but they still recall the hal- 
lowed associations of bygone days. The vines are 
stronger, the flowers larger, more fragrant, and 
the colors and markings more varied. A choice 
blend of best colors. Pkt. 10c; oz. 50c; Va lb. $1.75. 


1387— Golden Morn. Brilliant light 
scarlet flowers with delicate yellow 
ivy-shaped leaves. Pkt. 25c. 

1413— CANARY BIRD VINE. hha. 
Climbing to 8 ft. This unique flower 
is in the Nasturtium family but is 
surely related to the Canary Bird. 


1414 — TROPAEOLUM Speciosum. hhp. 
A slender climbing vine with at- 
tractive scarlet flowers and finely 

divided foliage. Hardy south, the tuberous roots 
stored over winter North, or potted for winter 
bloom in sunny window. Pkt. 25c. 



Large, Double, Deliciously Fragrant 

high, IV2 ft. across. Dwarf bush type, excellent 
for beds, borders, or window pots indoors. Origi- 
nated by the Bodgers, world famous for their 
work on Nasturtiums. Our seeds are direct from 
Bodgers* and sure to please you. Plants come in- 
to bloom 1 month after sowing and continue until 
cut down by frost. Color range is superb includ- 
ing beautiful shades from creamy white thru 
yellow, rose, salmon, orange, scarlet, maroon and 
many others. Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c; oz. 75c; Va lb. 

PRICES All Seeds ( i. H XLEftjL)i Pkt. 15c, 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c, Geo. W. Park, Greenwood, S. C. Page 27 

Nicotiana Dwarf White Bedder 


hha, C, B. Flowering Tobacco, Blooms June- Aug. 

1436 — Af finis, 32 in. Pure white, tuberose scented 
blooms produced abundantly on bushy plants. 

1437— Affinis Hybrida Grandiflora, 18 in. Rose, 
red, crimson, and creamy white in fine large 
flowering deliciously fragrant hybrid mixture. 

1439 — NICOTIANA Dwarf White Bedder. Very dwarf 
and compact, growing only 12 in. high, it covers 
itself in fragrant pure white stars which shine all 
day despite the sun. Tops for beds and borders, 
choice for pots. Pkt. 25c. 

1438 — Crimson Bedder, 15 in. Dwarf Crimson. 
1433— Daylight. 

1 ft. In this new Hybrid, the white blooms 
remain fully open during even the most brilli- 
ant sunshine. Scented. Pkt. 25c. 

1432 — Sensation Hybrids. 

Embraces all colors. Stays open during the day, 

evening scented. Pkt. 25c; x / 4 ox. 75c. 

1442— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va ox. 60c. 

MIRABILIS, hhp, 2 ft. A beautiful tuberous rooted 
flower, the plants branching and literally covered 
every evening and morning with brightly colored 
flowers. Flowers open about 4 p. m. Hardy south; 
needs protection North. Sunloving. 
1 354 — Petticoat. 3 ft. Sepals brightly colored 
matching petals. Flower in flower effect. Rose. 
1362 — Complete Special Mixture of Mir a bills. 


1356 — M I M O S A Pudica. 

hha, 2 ft. Pretty pinnate, 
fern-like leaves that react 
to your touch by folding 
themselves and drooping. 
The prostrate spreading 
plant bears dainty pink 
airy flowers. 

Sensitive Rose or Trailing Mimosa, hp. 6 in. 
1356 A — Morongia uncinata. Firs, are fragrant 
fluffy balls of pure pink, golden anthers. Pretty, 
pinnate foliage closes when touched. Beautiful, 
fully hardy trailer for bank or wall. 

1444 — Nierembergia Purple Robe. 


NIEREMBERGIA (Hippomanica) B, S. 

1444 — Purple Robe. 

hhp, 6 in. (Cup Flower.) The finest new bedding 
plant of a decade. Dwarf, compact and symmetri- 
cal; smothered by hundreds of sparkling deep 
lavender flowers. Your border will not be com- 
plete without "Purple Robe." Blooms in 15 weeks. 
Flowers until frost. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/128 or. 85c. 
1443 — N. Coerulea, 4 in. A little more dwarf and 
of lighter lavender blue color. Blooms in about 
15 weeks from sowing and is in continuous flow- 
er until frost. Firs. 1*4 in. diam. center of yellow. 

1443 A — Frutescens. hp. 2Va ft. Easy. Blooms 
quickly, increasing in size and bloom all season. 
Lovely cup-like blue and white flowers an inch 
across appear as a swarm of pretty butterflys. 
Retains handsome green foliage all winter. Sup- 
ply limited, order early. Pkt. 25c. 


1454 — Blue Ensign, Lanceolata. Ultramarine blue 
with contrasting white center. Striking, lovely. 

Iceland Poppies 

Bloom from May until frost. 

These are oid fashioned flowers that 
Mother used to grow, but how showy 
and beautiful they are. The unproved 
strains we offer are giants in size 
and will be the brightest thing in your 
garden Sow in Spring or Fall. Hardy 
perennials that bloom first season. 


1513— Gartford Giants Mixed. (A. M.» 

R. H. S. '40) Beautiful rich colors, 
and the largest flowers of all Iceland 
Poppy strains. We consider this the 
finest, largest strain available today. 
Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1.00. 


1515 — Imperial Jewels. Outstand- 
ding new and regally splendid is 
this Iceland Poppy mixture. It 
contains a marvellous range of col- 
ors of light to deep and pastel 
Pink shades and the most glori- 
ous scarlets and reds. Long stems, 
huge beautiful frilled and fluted 
flowers. Our finest mixture. Pkt. 
15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c; Va oz. 75c. 

1516 — Pink Champagne. Cup-like silky 
4" firs, on 20" cutting stems in shades 
of warm glowing pink suffused with 
gold. Border plants which bloom spring 
to fall. Best Pink Poppy yet. Pkt. 25c. 
1519— Red Cardinal. The first red in 
the Iceland class Long stemmed 
giant flowers of brilliant cardinal red. 

A rare and beautiful development. 
1543— Double Nudicaule Mixed. 


1508 — Double Shirley Begonia 
Flowered, ha, 12 in. Fully 
Double, frilled flowers like 
Begonia. Lovely mix. 
1538A — Double Deep Rose 

1509— Complete Mixture of 

New All Double Shirley. 

1537— Complete Mix- 
hire Double Poppies. 

1506 — Flanders Field. Orange 

scarlet, black cross. 
1520 A— Single Shirley Mixed. 
A brilliant blend many col- 
ors, Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. 45c. 


Nemopnila, ha, 6 in. B, S. 

Very beautiful dwarf annuals, each plant stool- 
ing out and forming a clump; covered with pretty 
cup-shaped flowers about an inch across. Seeds 
sown in very early spring will produce a pro- 
fusion of flowers over a long period. Sown in 
Autumn the plants bloom early in Spring and 
are wonderfully showy in a bed. Splendid for 
semi-shaded spot, ground cover for bulb bed, 
border or rockery. Prices: All Nemophilla: Pkt. 10c; 
25c; Va 01. 45c; V2 oz. 75c. 
1425 — Insignis Blue. Wide open blue. 
1417— Holborn Blue Bell. 6 in. Dark blue, bell- 
shaped flowers. Makes a beautiful bed, 
1428 — Complete Special Mixture of Nemophila. 


NIGELLA. N. Damascene "Miss Jekyll", ha. 18 in. 

One of the finest blue cut flowers. Its color is 
rich distinct blue in contrast with the delicate 
green involucre which veils the petals. Delight- 
fully different. 1450— Blue. 1451— White. 1452— 
Complete Mixture. 

1543 — Tulip (Glaucum). 20 in. 

tulip shaped, dazzling scarlet. 
1460A— ORNITHOGALUM Thyrsoides - for cutting, 
hhp. IV2 ft. Dense spikes of 30-40 star shaped 1 
in. flowers in large clusters. Store bulbs free from 
frost for next years flowering. Pkt. 25c. 


1460 — PolypHris hookeriana, hha, 2 ft. A rare and 
handsome robust annual with decorative flowers 
of bright rose co or in delightful bell shaped 
clusters. Thrives in dry sandy soil. 

IfiOfi— POLYGONUM Orientale Rubin, ha. 6 ft. A tall 
easily grown annual with broad 10" leaves. In Au- 
tumn dense feathery bright pink or rose spikes. 


Plant it in Sunny, Dry Areas 
It will begin to bloom quickly. 


1698— Prize Strain. 

Double Grandiflora Formula Mixture containing 
pink, scarlet, yellow, salmon, white, and rose. 
Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 01. 60c; Va oz. $1.00; Va 01, $1.85. 
The following varieties: Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 
1693— Alba, White. 1T05 — Salmon. 
1697 — Rosea, Rose; 1694 — Aurea, Yellow; 

1695 — Coccinea, Scarlet; 1698 — Grandiflora Mixed. 
1706 — ALL DOUBLE MIXED. Extra select lOOf* 
double. All colors mixed. Premium. Pkt. 25c. 

1700 — Large-flowered Single. Many fine colors in 
Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs 01. 50c; Va or. 90c. 

1699 — Novelty Portulaca Jewel. A dazzling, free 
flowering crimson flower, four times the size of 
the ordinary varieties. Pkt. 25c. 


Ha. 6 in. These are among the most beautiful and free-blooming of our hardy annuals. The plants 
are low spreading, and the seedlings begin to bloom when small and increase in size and beauty with 
age. The single flowers are cup-shaped, and the double appear like little double roses. In a bed the 
display is wonderfully attractive throughout the Summer. The plants like sandy soil and a sunny 
exposure, grow and bloom freely and are never troubled with diseases or pests. They will endure 
more hot sun and drought than almost any other flowers. Portulaca begins blooming 8 weeks after 

Page 28 

Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

1672— Globe Phlox Mixed, top view. 


For Brilliant Beds and Borders 
For easily arranged cut flowers 
For delightful pot plants 

These quick blooming beauties are unsurpassed. 
They'll continue in bloom all summer too if 
faded blooms are picked off. Full sun, any gar- 
den soil - but prefer it rich and sandy. 


The largest flowered of all annual phlox. Indi- 
vidual florets are i V« to iVa in. across, the size 
of a half dollar. Plants grow 10 in. tall and are 
fine for edging, bedding, borders and cutting. 

1655— Mellow Moon. Lovely primrose-yellow. 

1665— Rosy Morn. Rose pink, white eye. 

1666— Red Glory. Brilliant red, creamy eye. 

1667— Salmon Glory. Salmon pink, creamy eye. 

1658— Tetra Salmon. Larger salmon pink, cream 

1659— Tetra Red. 20 in. Taller. Large deep red. 
1664— Art Shades. Many lovely soft pastels. 

]W>8 — Gigantea Hybrids Mixed. The above and 
other co^irs blended in a Superior Giant flow- 
ered Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 60c; Va ox. $1. 


Though individually florets are not quite as big 
as the Giganteas above, flower heads have more 
florets and the color range is more complete 
and varied. Plants grow 1/3 taller. 
1677— Finest Mix#»d. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs ax. 60c. 
1684 — Starred and Fringed Mixed. (Cuspidatah 
Brilliant flowers fantastically fringed. 


Dwarf 8-9 in. plants which are of compact habit 
suiting t^*vn well for beds or edging. 
1681— Scarlet. 1682— White. 1683— Splendid Mixed. 
1«K«»A— GIANT FLOWERED DWARF Cecily. An ex- 
tra large flowered Dwarf Bright Mixture. 

1672— GLOBE MIXED. It grows only 5-6 in. high, 
with slightly wider circular spread but with 
rounded, globe-shaped plants literally covered with 
bloom. Colors are dominantly royal purple and 
white, but other phlox colors are included as well 
and make a striking show in the garden and for 
pot culture. Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 65c. 

Largest Flowering Dwarf Phlox 
1676A— BEAUTY MIXED. Rounded compact bushes 
6-8 in. high, covered with large blooms almost 
twice the size of regular strains. Complete range 
of colors clear and soft. Pkt. 25c, Vs oz. $1.00. 

Giant Pincushion 


Beautiful — Sweet-scented Cut Flowers 

When started from seeds in Autumn, the plants 
will endure the Winter and begin to bloom early 
the next season. If planted in early Spring and 
set 8 in. apart in a bed, a grand display of beau- 
tiful flowers may be enjoyed during the late 
Summer and Autumn. 


1854 — Azure Fairy. Beautiful celestial blue, fine, 

1869— Black Knight (New). Deep reddish black. 

1857 — Fire King, Gorgeous, fiery scarlet. 

1859A — Oxford Blue. Deepest blue yet. Giant full 

rounded firs, long stems. Pkt. 25c. 

18G1 — Peach Blossom. Big double pink flowers. 

1864 — Salmon Beauty. Large. Pure salmon self. 

1865 — Shasta Improved. Pure white, enormous. 

1866 — Sulphur Yellow. Light creamy yellow. 

1868— PARK'S GIANT HYBRIDS. New Improved 
strain giant size fully double flowers includ- 
ing new rare colors from the experimental 
grounds. Pkts. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 75c. 

From Hardy Perennial Phlox Beltsville Beauty 

PRICES All Seeds ( 

1867 — Scabiosa Tall Large Flowered. Complete 
Mixture of above. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. 60c. 


Extremely large flowers composed entirely of 
broad trilled petals arranged in perfect ball (no 
"pincushion"). Plants are 42 in. - 48 in. tall, 
upright and bear flowers on long wiry stems. 

1851 — Blue Moon. Deep lavender blue. 

1852 — Imperial Hybrids. Brilliant mixture of all 
the Scabiosa colors in the new ball-shaped type. 
The finest race of Scabiosa in existence today. 
Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz, 75c. 

1848 — Mixed. 18 in. Large Ball shaped flowers. 


Oenothera, hhb, B, May, June, July 

Perfumes the evening air with its delightful odor. 
Bright, attractive and easily grown. 
1456 — True Evening Scented Primrose. (La marc- 
kiana), 3 ft. hb. Large bright yellow flowers. 
1456A — Rosea, hp. Bright rose 3 in. firs., ever- 

1458 — Complete Special Mixture Oenothera. 

An AH America 1957 Award 
is won by 

PHLOX "Twinkle," Dwarf Star Mixed 

The star type phlox has been known almost since 
Mr. Drummond discovered Phlox Drummondi in 
the Texas woods, but it has always been tall and 
leggy and the color range very limited. 
In "Twinkle," not only are all the best colors 
represented, but the plants are compact and bushy, 
carrying the gaily fringed flowers well above the 
foliage. Salmon, rose, pink, red, lavender, and 
many sharply contrasting bi-colors provide a warm 
and charming effect. You'll be proud of your bor- 
der of "Twinkle." Pkt. 25c; 5 Pkts. $1.00. 

Grow Perennial Phlox from Seeds 

It's easy and results are magnificent. The secret 
- simply freeze seeds for 10 days in ice tray 
and plant the ice cubes, or plant in late Fall. 
AT LAST - Giant florets, Lovely Colors every 
time in Seed grown Hardy Phlox. Until now, 
seeds produced many of the common lavender 
firs, only a small percentage of the colors you 
might select in buying named plants. 

Now — You will be proud of every plant. 
A new HARDY HYBRID Perennial Phlox Mixture 
1679A— Beltsville Beauty, hp. 2Vfe ft. Huge clusters 
of large florets on strong stems - good to cut, 
beautiful in the border or mass planting. Out- 
standing is the wide variety of lovely colors - 
every one as good as the named varieties - some 
likely will be named. Pure white, pink, 
rose, salmon, cerise, red, etc. in all 
shades. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 
1678— New Hybrids Mixed, hp. Saved 
from named varieties, and will produce 
many fine colors but a smaller percent- 
age will be of the most desirable kinds. 
Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va oz. 60c. 
1684A— THE BLUE PHLOX (P. Divaricata) 
hp. 10 in. In May great spreads of glori- 
ous blue-lavender. Pkt. 25c. 



Blooms from midsummer to frost. 


One of the finest cut flowers. The large 
richly colored flowers are borne on long 
3 ft. sturdy stems and keep for days. 
1796— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 15c: 25c: 
Ve oi. 40c; Va oz. 75c. 


Just the thing for a colorful border. 
Plants are bushy, compact in habit, 
growing to a height of 24 inches. 
1795— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c. 

Scabiosa Park's Giant Hybrids 

PENSTEMON, B. Beardstongue 

1557 — Sensation, hp, Gloxina - flowered. Large 
spikes ot large flowering tubular blooms. Colors 
pink to crimson, richly marked, The finest Pen- 
stemon from seeds. 

1553 — Complete Mixture of Annual Penstemon. 

1558 — PER ILL A Frutescens Crispa. hha. l*/ 2 ft. 
Rich, dark foliage in Coleus effect, for every 
Coleus use, but quicker and easier from seed. 
Large, crispy, fringed with metallic lustre, 

BLUE BELLS — Phaceiia 

1660 — Campanularia, California Blue Bells, ha, 8 

in. Branching little plants bearing a profusion 
of lovely gentian blue bells for beds or pots. 

1764 — Daucus Carota. Finely cut foliage, filmy, 
lace like white flowers. Fine for mixed bouquets. 


Ricinus, hha. 

A tall branching 
plant clothed 
with large tropi- 
cal leaves often 
tinted rose or 
crimson. They 
are showy in 
groups, and al- 
ways attractive. „ . _ 
Easily grown. Ricinus Zanzibarensis 

1776 — Black Beauty. (Cambodgensis). Dark. 

1777 — Dwarf Red Spire. Low growing plant with 
attractive red leaves and red pods. 

1778 — Sanguineus. 7 ft. Blood red leaves & stems. 

1779— Zanzibarensis. 8 ft. Large-leaved; beautiful 
seeds of various colors and variegations. 

1780— Complete Mixture of Ricinus. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 

1901 — Xanthisma Texanum, 18 in. Large, single 
daisy like flowers with pointed, light canary -yel- 
low petals. Plant neat and bushy. Fine for dry 
places. Grows iy 2 ft. tall and is excellent for cut- 
ting. A bright, new and different flower. 

inZ£3$>* ) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00 — Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00 Page 29 



Bloom first year from seeds. 

1815 — Azurea Grandiflora. (S. Pitcheri var.) hp. 
3 ft- The finest of the truly hardy salvias, it pro- 
vides the deepest and purest of salvia blues com- 
ing into bloom in late summer and continuing 
until frost, 1 in. flowers along thin, nimble stems. 
Good for cutting as well as hardy border. 
1819 — Jurisicii. hp. 10 in. Graceful racemes of glow- 
ing purple violet. Attractive dwarf plant for rock- 
ery or front of perennial border. Pkt. 25c. 

SILVER SALVIA with Pastel Flowers 

1827 — Argentea. hp. 3V 2 ft. Often grown as an 
annual for its highly decorative silver rosettes of 
leaves. However it is very hardy and blooms the 
second year may be white, light yellow, pale 
rose or blue in midsummer. 


1828 — Apiana. hhp. Silver leaves, long wands of 
dainty white flowers liked by bees. 

1822 — Primrose Queen (Glutinosa) hp. 3 ft. Large 

iy 2 in. light yellow flowers in great racemes. 25c 

1803— Pratensis. hp. 3 ft. Flowers of bright blue, 
sometimes red or white are 1 in. long in racemes. 
The foliage is exceptionally attractive, being 
toothed and wrinkled, spotted blood red. 
1803 A — Rosea. Rose pink form of Pratensis. 

Easy, Heat loving 

Sun or Shade 
Sow where you 
want it 
Borders or 

Purpurea y — > 
1785— Goldflame. 12 in. ha. New dwarf bedding 
style. Ball shaped plants covered with crim- 
son centered, golden yellow flowers. 25c. 
1786A— Goliath. 2 ft. giant flowers flaming yellow. 

1790— Starlight, ha 2 ft. Fully double Dahlia-like 
flowers, semi-double and single in attractive mix- 
ture of yellow, orange and brown shades. 25c. 

The Magnificent Golden Glow 
1789A— Rudbeckia Golden Ball. 7 ft. Bushy plants 
produce a wealth of 3V 2 " fully double flowers of 
bright lively yellow. Fine to cut. 25 seeds 25c. 
1787— Newmanii. hp. 3 ft. Vivid yellow three inch 
flowers with large black centers. 
1788 A— Sullivanti Goldstorm. hp. A greatly improved 
R. Newmanii with larger yellow flowers and better 
plant habit. Flowers July until frost. Pkt. 25c. 
1787A — Purpurea, hp. 3 ft. Large flowers of a most 
pleasing shade of purple rose with deep purple 
cone. Choice cut flower. 

1 7S!> — Purpurea Hybrids, hp. 4 ft. Varied shades 
of red to lavender rose. Rich, showy, beautiful. 

1791 — Splendid Complete Mixture. 

Grants a Gardener's Every Wish 

TORENIA. hhp 1 

ft. So versatile. 
As a pot plant 
blooms the year 
round. As a bed, 
border or edging 
— blooms from 
June 'til frost in 
sun or shade. 
Prolific, bright, 
bushy, easy-just 

2028 — Fournleri 
Improved Large 
Flowered. 14 in. 

Bright blue with 
golden throat. 
2027 — Alba. 
White with gold- 
en throat. 

2027 A — Dwarf Compact 

bushier form. Best for 
2029 — Complete Mixture. 

Salvia or Scarlet Sage 

Scarlet Sage will be one of the most brilliant bed- 
ding plants in your garden. The plants bloom 
from early summer until frost and may be used 
in beds or borders for edgings or pot culture. 
There are both tall and dwarf varieties which 
make for more varied uses. Treated as an an- 
nual, it is best to plant the seed early indoors in 
boxes of light rich soil in sunny window. 


1805 — America (Globe of Fire), hha. 16 in. Early, 
dwarf and compact. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs 01. $1.00. 

1806 — Bonfire (Clara Bedman), 18 in. Compact 
erect habit, profuse scarlet. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va 02. $1 

1807 — Fireworks "Early Timed". 12 in. 6 weeks 
ahead of Bonfire, everblooming 'til frost. Com- 
pact plants 12" tall, 30" diam. None finer. 25c. 

1808 — Sluis Brothers' Primus. Extra early blooms 
4 weeks before Zurich. Finest bedding variety 
dwarf compact. Free blooming. Bright scarlet. 25c. 
1808A — Scarlet Pygmy. Only 6 in. high, earliest 
Salvia, nicely rounded and covered by close set 
spikes of brilliant scarlet. Edging, pots. 25c. 

1811 — Compacta Blaze of Fire. 12 in. Earliest and 
dwarfest of all except Primus. 
1810 — Tall Splendens. 3 ft. Tall profuse blooming, 
long spikes of glorious scarlet from early summer 
until frost. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va 01. 60c; V< oz. $1.10. 

At Last — Color Harmony for Salvias 

1813 — Rose Flame. 2 ft. A rich coral rose shade 
that combines beautifully with most other flow- 
ers. For a real treat border a bed of Rose Flame 
with ageratum or lobelia. Habit is compact, 
bushy, spikes are long-fine to cut. Quick to 
bloom. Pkt. 25c: 3 pkts. 65c. 

18I3A — Salmon Queen. 15 in. Early blooming dwarf 
plants. Harmonizing bright salmon flowers. 25c. 
180S — Burgundy. 18". Deep wine to maroon. 25c. 
1809 A — White Fire. Lovely creamy white. Pkt. 25c. 
1818— New Harmonies. Pastel shades. Pkt. 25c. 
1826 — BABY SALVIA (Michrophylla) . 15 in. Small 
brilliant red flowers, dark green foliage. 


1829— COCCINEA (S. Rosea) ha. 30 in. Easiest 
and quickest of Red Salvias. May be sown where 
they are to bloom. Blooms are coral tinged car- 
mine. Bloom in spring and early summer. 


1816 — Blue Bedder (Farinacea type), hhp, 3 ft. 
compact, bright Wedgwood blue. Glorious. 

1817 — Royal Blue. (Farinacea type), hhp. 3 ft. A 
new and even brighter and deeper blue. 

1823— Horminum Pink Sundae, ha 2 ft. A fully re- 
modelled strain of old fashioned "Clary" of an en- 
tirely new, attractive, unusual shade of raspberry 
pink. Leaf -like spikes of flowers cover bushy, com- 
pact. Plants. Pkt. 25c. 

1823 A— Violet Blue Horminum violacea, IV2 ft. 
ha. Quick, easy annual, long racemes. 

1824— Blue and Pastel Mixed. 


2 ft. hhp. Roots can be wintered in cellar. Blooms 
first year from seed. 

1820- — Patens. Intense Blue, 2 ft. Free blooming. 

1821 — Patens Mauve Queen. Deep mauve. 

1821 A — Lavender Lady. Clear soft lavender. 25c. 

1825— All Salvia Red and Blue Mix. 


1830 — Sanvitalia Procumbens fl. 

pi. Creeping Zinnia, ha, 6 in. A| 
charming little trailer thriving I 
in almost any situation and| 
covered with bright double gol- 
den flrs, desirable for beds| 
ecigings and the rockery. 
1830 A — Orange Glory. 6". Brilliant orange dble. 
flowers for trouble free ground cover. Pkt. 25c. 
Richly flavored red-fruited Strawberries are pro- 
duced in abundance the first season. Everbear- 
ing, no runners, increased by seed. 
2033 — TUNIC FLOWER. Tunica saxifrage, hp, 9 
in. Free blooming border plant, flowers lavender. 

Torenia Fournieri 
Gefion. 8 in. A dwarf 

pots, edging. Pkt. 25c. 

Tithonia Torch 

Southern Star 

TITHONIA— Mexican Sunflower 
2025 — Speciosa. hha. 12 ft. Orange vermilion. 
2024— Fireball. 8 ft. Bright scarlet, gold center. 
2020 — Avalons Earliest. Begins blooming earlier 
than any other strain, it is usually well into flow- 
er by the end of June. The big, long-stemmed 
blossoms range in color from orange-topaz to 
those with burnished oversheen of scarlet flame. 

Top Winner nail-m^rka jE sutaioN / 

2025A — Tithonia Torch. 4 ft. The brilliant orange 
red flowers everyone admires - now in a plant 
small enough for any garden. Early. Pkt. 25c. 

Dwarf Ten Week Stock 

Ten Week Stocks 

Nothing is Quite so satisfactory for outdoor beds 
and borders as Dwarf Ten Week Stock or Beauty 
of Nice, both blooming in 10 weeks from seed. 
For Cut flowers in late summer and fall, Early 
Colonial, Giant Excelsior, and Giants of Calif, 
are excellent. They should be planted in early 
spring. All may be grown inside in winter and 
make delightful pot plants. (Matthiola incana. ha) 
flower) 12 in. This compact branching type pro- 
duces large double flowers, deliciously scented. 
Fine for beds, borders, windows boxes, 10c; 25c. 

Earliest, Most Easily Grown Stock 
1933— TRYSOMIC 7 WEEK Blend. 12 in. Brings the 
tender beauty, the delicious fragrance of Stock 
in reach of everyone. Extremely early, producing 
bloom where others fail, even in the warmer 
areas. 85-100% double flowers in a brilliant, bal- 
anced color blend. 35 seeds 25c; 175 s $1. 

1923 — BEAUTY OF NICE (New Beauty) 18 in. Most 
popular class. Pyramidal plants, abundant flowers, 
Complete Mixture. 

An epic in Plant Breeding — 85-100'; double flower- 
ing. 1935-Pure White; 1936-Navy Blue; 1937-Fiery 
Red; 1938-Blend of all Stock Colors. 35 seeds 25c; 
175 seeds $1.00; 400 seeds $2.00. 
1941 — CUT AND COME AGAIN (Perpetual Giant 
Perfection). Mixed. 20 in. Long spikes, very 
double flowers. A choice mixture of colors. 
Branching plants, long stems, large double firs. 
DOUBLE GIANT EXCELSIOR. 30 in. Strictly non- 
branching with extra large very double flowers. 

1924 — Gardenia. Pure white; 192(1 — Complete Mix. 


1925 — Pacific Pink. New high double version of the 
only pure true pink Stock. No lavender, lovely in 
artificial light. 35 seeds 25c; 175 s. $1. 

early, extra large flowers, extra long stems, high 
percentage of doubles. 

Vinca Coquette Periwinkle 


Vinca Rosea 

A splendid everblooming 12 in. plant for beds in 
summer and pots in winter. Flowers Phlox-like in 
shape but waxen in texture, and abundantly pro- 

In the north the plants roust be started early 
for beds. They like rich sandy soil and sunshine, 
but will endure dry or wet weather better than 
most other plants. 

2069— Rose: 2070— Twinkles, blush pink, red eye. 

2071— White; 2108— Kermesina. Bright crimson. 

2072— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/4 01. 60c. 

A real border type Periwinkle 
Thrives on heat, remains quite neat. 
2069A— Coquette. (Litttle Pinkie) 10 in. domes of 
glossy deep green leaves bearing myriad rosy-pink 
flowers in everblooming splendor. Pkt. 25c. 

1900— OXYPETALUM Coeruleum. ha. 15 in. Wide 
arching sprays of silvery blue star-flowers from 
June until the end of October from direct sow- 
ings in the open ground in April. Even longer 
bloom if sown indoors for transplanting. A fine 
winter bloom in * pot plant for the window too. 
This is one of the finer new annual flowers. Be 
sure to grow it. Very easily grown. 

Page 30 

At Park's All Seeds ( ^tlSSLm ) i Pkt. 15c, 15 for $2.00— Giant Pkt. 25c, 9 for $2.00 

New Bush Type (Multiftora Verbena! 

VERBENAS— (Vervain) 

Deliriously fragrant — Always in bloom 

Hhp, C. B. Brilliantly colored, fine for beds, bor- 
ders, edgings, and cutting. Seed started outside in 
May will bloom from mid-summer until frost, 
started early inside, June until frost. Fine for cov- 
ering the bare spot left by early spring bulbs or 
ground cover among summer or fall bulbs. 


hhp, 15 in. Mammoth balls of large florets. Easily 
grown from seeds, best for beds. 

2047 — Apple Blossom. Delicate cameo pink. 

2049 — Lavender Glory. Lavender, cream eye. 

2050 — Pure White. Huge snowy, pure white. 

2052— Beauty ot Oxford Hybrids. Rose to pink 
shades, a beautiful blend. Large trusses. 

2055— Marilyn. Fiery cerise with a suggestion of 
scarlet, cream eye. Warm, inviting color. 

2053 — Roy ale. Rich deep blue with beautiful con- 
trasting creamy yellow eye. Giant flowers. 

2054— Spectrum Red. Brightest of all Verbenas, in- 
tense rich scarlet, made brighter by the absence 
of an eye. Flowers more than 1 in. across. 
2053A— Suttons Blue. Pure solid mid-blue. 25c. 

2048 — Sparkle. Sharp scarlet, white eye. Dwf. 
compact, uniform, blooms cover fully. 

2056— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Va ox. 75c. 

NEW BUSH TYPE— pictured above. 
So good it is already the most popular Verbena. 
Broad flat- topped bushy plants 8-10" high, 12-15" 
across. Flower heads almost touch each other 
covering the plant entirely. 
2046A — Firelio/ht. Most vivid red ever. Pkt. 25c. 

2042 — Roselight. Rose pink, white eye. Pkt. 25c. 
2045 — Salmon Queen. Salmon pink. Pkt. 25c. 
2045A — Snow White. Giant flwd. pure white. 25c. 
2044 — Starliqht. Bright blue, cream eye. 25c. 

2043— Bush Type Mixed. Pkt. 25c; Vs oz. $1.00. 

Earliest Verbena. 
2063A — Early Dwarf Upright Rainbow Strain. 8 in. 
First bloom appears weeks before other strains. 
Neat, compact, upright plants in a wide range of 
brightest colors in bloom until frost. Pkt. 25c. 

Neatest Habit. 

2058 — Sparkle Mixed. 10 in. Dwarf, compact mound 
shaped plants completely covered with bloom (no 
open spots.) The full color mixture embraces all 
Verbena colors, many bright eyed combinations. 

DWARF COMPACT — 4-6 in. 

2059— Fireball. Scarlet; 2061— Complete Mixture. 


2057 A — Rosy O'Day. (Aubletia Compacta) hhp. 10 in. 
Perfection in plant habit. Dense rounded upright 
clumps of dark green covered in deep rosy-violet 
early summer to frost. Entirely even and true. 
•.mm;? — Erinoides (Moss Verbena). 12 in. purple. 
20(14 — Hardy Verbena Venosa. hp 1 ft. Lavender. 
WALLFLOWER Sweet Scented. 

2 1 25— Double Early Wonder, hp. 2 ft. Double 

flowers in 5 months from seed. Blooms freely in 
winter window. Finest Mixed. 

Long Lived and Lovely 

Bell Flower 

Wahlenberffia or 
Playcodnn. hp. 
long- lived 
This delightful 
plant will thrill 
you with its per- 
fectly formed 
wax-like flowers. 
It is one of the 
finest hardy per- 
ennials, and pro- 
duces showy 
flowers for cut- 
ting during the 
entire season. 
Begins blooming in August from seed sown out- 
doors in April. Close Campanula relative. Once 
established in bloom from spring until frost. 
Grandiflora 24 in. (Tufted Hairbell), Large flow- 
ering. 2118— Blue; 2119— White; 2120— Mixed. 

Three New Exotic Varieties 
2117A— Giant Double Flrd. Blue. Pkt. 25c. 
211SA— Giant Double Flrd. White. Pkt. 25c. 
2119A— Giant Single Shell. Pink. Pkt. 25c. 
2123— Mixture. Blended of 3 above. Pkt. 25c. 
Dwarf Maries!. 12 in. Large open bell shaped firs. 
Best for beds. 2121A— White. 2121— Rich Blue. 
2122— Mixed. 2124— Wahlenbergia Complete Mix. 

At Park's All Seeds ( Jde^^tton ) 

Part II Everlasting or Straw Flowers 

Make even your darkest room cheerful and bright all during the dreariest winter days by filling your 
vases with the colorful everlasting flowers listed on this page. 

ACROCLINIUM (Helipterum Roseum). A hand- 
some everlasting* the plant branching and bloom- 
ing freely. Pick in bud to dry for winter bou- 
quets, or use as fresh cut flowers. Height 24". 

17 — Goliath Red Shades. Culminating years of 
breeding, it is remarkable for its extra large 
double flrs., rare shades of rose and red. 25c. 

18 — Best Mixed. Color range to suit the most fas- 
tidious. Rich shades of salmon, apricot, pink, rose, 
cerise, with white and creamy tones. 

795— ECHINOPS Ritro. Globe Thistle, hp, S ft. 

Splendid everlasting with globular violet-blue 

heads of flowers and finely cut leaves. 

Unexcelled for Winter Bouquets 

Fine as Fresh Cut Flowers Too 

966 — STRAWFLOWER, Hellchrysum monstrosum fl. 

pi., ha, 30 in. Very beautiful large double firs., 
start readily from seeds and are of the easiest 
culture; showy in beds and one of the best for 
drying. Will grow in any good garden soil, free 
and continuous blooming. White, red, yellow, rose, 
crimson, salmon, sulphur, in a fine mixture. Pkt. 15c; 
25c; V 4 ox. 55c; Vi oz. $1.00. 
Also available separately as follows: 
962— Fiery Red 962A— Purple 963— Rose 

964— Salmon 963A— Yellow 964A— White 

965 — Giant Flowered Mixture. A strain surpassing 
all others in size of flowers and colors. Origi- 
nators seeds and description. Pkt. 25c. 

967 — Tom Thumb Mixed. 20 in. Choice for borders, 
or where space is limited. 

CUPID'S DART hp % ft 

489 — Catena nche Coerulea. Bright lavender firs, 
with dark eyes. Blooms June to Aug. first yr. 
from seeds. For beds, borders, cutting, drying. 
490 A— Bicolor. New blue and white. Pkt. 25c. 
489A— White Cupid's Dart. Rare, pretty. 

MONEY PLANT (Lunaria Biennis) hb, 4 ft. 
(Also known as Honesty, St. Peter's Penny) 

1222 — Munsted Purple Giant. Hardy attractive 
plants bearing purple firs, and flattened paper 
partitioned seed pods. Fine winter decorations. 
1221 — Alba. White Money Plant. White flowers. 
1238 — Variegata — Variegated leaves, crimson flrs. 

1 223 — Mixed white and purple. 

85— AMMOBIUM Alatum Grandiflorum. hb. 3 ft. 

Very showy white everlasting. Branching plants. 


LAGENARIA. This species in- 
cludes many varieties of hard- 
shell gourds of various shapes 
and sizes, the flrs. are white, 
showy, fragrant and pretty. 

915 — Giant Bottle Gourd known 
a? Chinese Water Jug. 
9U — Cave Man's Club. Knobby, 
long handle club-shaped. 

916 — Hercules Club. Fruits club- 
shaped; sometimes 6 ft. long. 
927 — Malabar. Fig-lves, Vigorous. 
91 OA — Maranka or Dolphin. Odd- 
est of all the gourds. Swan shap- 
ed with deep ridges. 

917 — Penguin, Powder Horn or 
Calabash, large and incurved 
like a powder horn. 

918 — Siphon or Dipper, a handsome vine, fruits 
having a long neck; used for dippers, bird houses. 
917A — Tobacco Box. (Leucantha depressa). 

920 — Large Turk's Turban. A giant ornamental. 

921— Complete Mixture Large Gourds. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
900 — Dish Rag Gourd, Acutangula. hha, 15 ft. 
Long showy fruit; fibre used as dishcloth. 

926 — Serpent Gourd. Lovely fragrant flowers, ser- 
pent like fruits often 5 ft. long. 
924— HARDY PERENNIAL GOURD. (Foetidissima) 
hp. 3 inch round fruits striped green and white. 
638 — Bombshell Gourd. A sensation, when 1 in. 
Gourd-like fruit bursts forcibly. Ornamental vine. 

381 — CALICO or RAINBOW CORN. Attractive 

vari-colored seeds, novelty decorative ears. 


1V2 in. strawberry shaped ears crowded with 
small deep crimson kernals. Try it. Pkt. 15c. 

Statice Caspia 

911 — Small Mixed Gourds 

894 — Gomphrena G I o b o s a 
Mixed, ha, 2 ft. Beautiful 
free and continuous blooming 
annuals of easy culture. 
Splendid for beds and a first 
class everlasting retaining its 
form and color indefinitely. 
Thrives in any soil and will 
endure drought and hot sun. 
Mixture includes purple, rose, 
white, lavender. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 
Vi oz. 60c. 

893 — Tall Purple Gomphrena. 2 ft. (Rubra). 
893 A — Dwarf Purple Gomphrena. 6 in. New dwarf 

compact plants for border or pots. 

973 — HELIPTERIUM Sanfordi. hha, 15 in. Silvery 

foliage, clusters of yellow flowers. 

GYPSOPHILA C Angel's Breath), ha. Small flowered 
plants, the flrs. appearing as a light cloud. Grace- 
ful and almost indispensable for bouquets. 
931 — Crimson. 18 in. Striking and lovely rich red. 
930 — Grandiflora Alba. Largest flowered pure 
white. A wonderful variety. Handsome. 

933 — Rose Cloud. 18 in. Masses of lovely rosy flrs. 

934 — Complete Special Mixture of Gypsophila. 
STATICE (Sea Lav- 
ender). Showy in 
the garden. Excel- 
lent for bouquets 
either green or 

1910 — Bonduellii, 

hha, 3 ft. Yellow, 
good- border and a 
fine everlasting. 

1911— Caspia, hp. 2 
ft. The most beau- 
tiful of all per- 
ennial Sea Laven- 
ders; big sprays of 

1912 — Dumosa, hp. 

2 ft. New. Giant heads of silvergrey flowers. 

1914 — Latifolia. hp. 2 ft. Deep lavender panicles. 

1920 — Suworowii. hha, 18 in. Long branched 
spikes of bright rose flowers gracefully curved. 

1921 — Mixture of above species of Statice. 

This is the best known form of Statice and very 
useful. Used by florists as a basic everlasting. 

1915 — Pastel Shades. 2V 2 ft. Delicate non-fading. 

1916 — Rosea. 3 ft. Rich rose, robust plants. 

1917 — Snowwitch, 3 ft. Tall, fine pure white. 

1918 — True Blue. 2% ft. Large heads, deep blue. 

1913— Kampfs Tall Dark Blue. 3 ft. Indelible blue. 

1919 — Statice Sinuata Complete Mixture. 
2138— XERANTHEMUM. (Immortelle) ha. 
Papery double flowers. All colors mixed. 

Note: For curing Everlasting Flowers, cut Com- 
posite varieties just as their buds begin to open. 
Gypsophilas and Statice when flowers are well- 
formed, and Gomphrena only when matured. Hang 
heads down out of direct sunlight. 


vines with tendrils and yellow 
flrs, bearing small fruits of var- 
ious sizes, shapes, and colors. 

901 — Bicolor, green and golden 
yellow, variegated. 
925 — Coyote Melon. (Palmata) 
Rare, limited. 

903— Holy Crown. Odd fingered 
variety, the Crown of Thorns. 

902 — Miniature Bottle, round 
dark green, gold stripes. 
912 A — Miniature. Smallest of all. 

904 — Nest Egg, like an egg. 

906 — Ornamental Pomegranate 
(Queen's Pocket Melon). De- 

liciously perfumed Pkt. 25c. 
909A — Aladdin. Bright red and orange with yellow 
and dark green stripes, turban-like. Pkt. 25c. 
926A — Hedgehog Gourd. Lovely fragrant flowers. 
902A— Depressa Striata. Flat rigid. Odd. 
905 — Orange, orange like in size, shape, color. 

907 — Striped Pear. Striped yellow and green. 

908 — Spoon, small, ballshaped, long slender neck. 
905A — Teasel. Densely bristled 1x2 in. long lasting. 

909 — Turk's Turban. Bright, rounded like a turban. 
912— Extra Small Varieties Fancy Mixed. 

910 — Warted Sorts, small gourds in mixed colors 
and shapes. Interesting novelty. 

911 — Complete Mixture Ovifera Gourds. All of the 
interesting shapes and colors. Pkt. 10c; 25c; ox. 75c. 
922— COMPLETE MIXTURE of Large and Small. 
Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vi oz. 35c; oz. 60c. 
MOMORDICA. 1304— Balsam Apple, hha, 6 ft. 
Showy yellow flrs., rich orange apple-shaped. 
1365 — Balsam Pear shaped, used in making salves. 
1365A — Mixed Balsam Apple and Pear. 



Pkt. 15c, 15 for $2.00— Giant Pkt. 25c, 9 for $2.00 

Page .31 

Part ffl 

park's PERENNIAL flower seeds 


These are valuable subjects of the flower garden, as most of them are not only showy and beauti- 
ful when in bloom, but will do service year after year for a long period, enduring cold, excessive 
rain and drought, regardless of neglect and improper attention. They are easily grown from seeds. 
Thorough preparation of bed and good care, will award you with everlasting beautv. 

Directions for making outdoor beds and sowing seeds are sent on request with any order. 
Hp. HARDY PERENNIALS are hardy plants which will live and btoom every year for a long period. 
Plants grow to the flowering stage each year and die down again to the roots which remain alive but 
dormant until the next season. They are very valuable for borders and cut flowers, and once estab- 
lished require less care than the annuals. 

Hb — HARDY BIENNIALS are those which bloom the second year from seed, then die. For a continuous 
display of this type, seed must be sown every year. 

PRICES All Seeds: Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00— Giant Pkt. 25c, 9 for $2.00 

All kinds available both sizes except those priced where described 

Rare and Very Handsome 

189A— ARNICA Montana, hp. 2 

ft. Bright yellow, fragrant daisy- 
like flowers 2 in. across are 
clustered atop long leafless- 
stems above large lamb-skin 
textured leaves. For sunny 
border or rockery. Pkt. 25c. 

Achillea. The Pearl 


7 — The Pearl, hp. 2 ft. A superior 
strain. Full double, pure white, 
blooms fine for cutting from 
Spring until frost. 
6— Filipendulina, Parker's, hp, 2 ft. 
Robust in habit, large golden. 
21 — Little Beauty. 7 in. Ferny 
mats of silver. Sprays of gold. 
Pkt. 25c. 

20 — Cerise Queen. 2 ft. Cherry 

SUA — Rose Beauty. 25 in. Rose 
pink over emerald ferniness. 25c. 
14 — Achillea mixed. 
ACONITUM (Monk's Hood), hp. 

S. Elegant hardy perennials 
, .showing spikes of richly colored 
bloom, July, Aug., Sept. 

II — Wilsoni, 3 ft. Large Spikes of 
rich blue flowers. The finest. 
10— Golden Yellow. 3 ft. 

13— Napellus, 4 ft. Bright blue. 

V4 — Mixed Aconitum. 

*5 — AETHIONEMA Cordifolium. 

(Lebanon Candytuft), hp. 8 in. 

Exquisite shrubbery rock plant 

with flowers of pure pink. June. 

28 A — AGRIMONIA Odorata. hp. 

3 ft. For shade or sun. Long 

wands of fragrant yellow. 

58 — ALSTROEMERIA Aurantiaca, 

hp. 3 ft. Tuberous lily-like plants. 

Orange streaked red. 

50— Dr. Salter's Hybrids. Color 

ranges from salmon pink, cerise, 

flame, apricot to deep red 25c. 


110— St. Brigid Double. Mixed. 
PULSATILLA, hp. 6 in. lovely 3 
in. firs. April, May. 113 — Mixed. 

III — Japonica. 3 ft. Fall bloom. 
11+ — Anemone Complete Mix. 

ARABIS 180— Alpina Grandiflora, 

hp. 12 in. One of the earliest 
and most handsome of all spring 
firs,, pure white in big clusters. 
180A — Snowcap. 8 in. Compact 
cushions of shining snow. Pkt. 25c. 
Alyssum, Basket of Gold 182 — Spring Charm, (Blepharo- 

philla). A rare species Large 

SWEET ALYSSUM {^-^ B^aVewWty, 

66 — Montanum, hp. 8 in. Small bright rose colored, 

sweet-scented golden flowers, 183 — Mixture — Rock Cress. 
71 — Saxotile Silver Queen, like 
Compactum but sulph. yellow. 

New Color, Low Growth 
67A — Saxotile Dudley Neville. hp 

Mounds of silvery foliage only 
9 in. high, covered in early 
spring, with flowers of rich 
chrome yellow. Pkt. 25c. 
*0 — Alyssum Saxatile Compac- 
tum, Basket of Gold, hp. 1 ft. 
Bears masses of small bright 
golden flowers in Spring; fine 
for beds or rockery. Best one. 

68— Alpestre. 3 in. Tiny grey 
tufts topped bright yellow. 25c. 

69 — Rockery Blend. Special Mix. 

HARDY PERENNIAL ASTERS— Michaelmas Daisies. 

Hp. These are fine Autumn flowers mostly blue and red shades. 
Among our best perennials. Some will bloom the first season. 

246— Alpinus Goliath. 1 ft. Soft 
blue, largest flowered. 
247A— Nov! Belgii New Hybrids. 
4 ft. Tallest and has complete 
color range. Many named. 25c. 
207 — Giant Hybrids. A new hy- 
brid strain from Benary. Giant 
flowers, beautiful, full range of 
colors. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1.00. 
249 — Complete Mixture Perennial 
Asters. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 ox. 75c. 

New Superior Hardy Aster 
246A— Monarch Strain Mixed. 

hp. 2Y 2 ft. Flowers up to 2 \' 2 " 
across in a dazzling color array. 
White, soft pink, rose, deep red, 
all shades of blue, purple, and 
violet are included. Many of 
the flowers are double or semi- 
double. Robust plants are ideal 
for border or cutting. Pkt. 50c. 



ARMERIA, (Thrift, Sea Pink), hp. Charming Spring 
and Summer flowering hardy plants, glorious in 
a bed, lasting well. Easy culture. 

191 — Alpina, 3 in. Bright rose color, compact tuft 
of foliage. Pkt. 25c. 

192— Laucheana. 6 in. Rose-crimson profusion. Dwf. 
192 A— Glory of Holland. IV2" balls of deep pink, 
wiry 2 ft. stems. Choice to cut all summer. 25c. 

195 — Grandiflora Hybrida. Bright varied colors. 

196— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 75c. 

AUBRIETIA, Rock Cress 
AUBRIETIA, Rainbow Rock Cress, hp. Spreading 
plants that form a sheet of early Spring bloom, 
lasting for weeks; a gem for planting in crevices 
of rocks or walk-; a cataract of color for beds. 

284 — Monarch Mixture. New and one of the finest 
perennial introductions. Plants are dwarf, neat, 
compact and full flowering. Exquisite colors in 
every conceivable shade. Pkt. 25c; 1/32 ox. 75c. 

282 — Hybrida Grandiflora, 6 in. Large firs, of vari- 
ous colors: white, lilac, rose, dark red. blue. 

283 — Leichtlinii, 6 in. Carmine rose flowers. 

285 — Purpurea, 6 in. Deep purple flowers. 

286— Semi-Double Hybrids. Dble. & semi dble. 25c. 
288— Complete Special Mixture. Pkt. 10c: Gt. Pkt. 
25c; Vb ox. 75c. 

The varieties listed in Part IV are all hardy 
perennials or biennials, and may be sown in 
spring or midsummer. We recommend sowing 
perennial seeds in the Spring. Seeds germinate 
better in the cool weather than in the heat of 
mid-summer, and the longer growing period pro- 
duces larger plants which winter over easily. 
LISTED IN THIS PART will bloom the second 
year from seed. See page 13 for symbols used. 

ROCK JASMINE— a Treasure 
109— ANDROSACE Alpina. 3 in. hp. Leaf rosettes 
forming mats with royal rose blossoming. 25c. 
108 — A. Helvetica. Densely tufted tiny leaves in 
dense rosettes. Flowers white. Pkt. 25c. 


Handsome winter hardy perennials for the open 
garden, or winter forcing in pots. Shade tolerant. 
277 — ASTILBE Spirea Mixed. Great panicles of sott 
fluffiness in white, cream, pink, carmine. 
205— KINGS SPEAR Asphodelus lutea. hp 3 ft. 
Fragrant yellow firs, in giant racemes. Part shade. 
23 — ADONIS Vernalis, hp. IV2 ft. Large yellow 
flowers 3 in. across, in early spring. 

103 — AMSONIA Tabernaemontana, hp. 28 in. Easy. 
Panicles of starrv soft blue for sun or shade. 
74— ORNAMENTAL ALLIUM Blend, hp. Many species 
— rose, violet, blue, yellow, white. 

ANTHEM IS 121-Kelwayi. 2 ft. Very frilly cut airy 
foliage and large 2 in. deep yellow flowers. Bloom 
in Early Summer. 

120 — New Art Shades. A fine mixture of many col- 
ors. Pkt. 25c. 123— Mixture of all Anthemis. 
AGROSTEMMA, 2 ft. hp. 51— Blood red. 53— Rose. 
54 — Mixed. , 

198— ASCLEPIAS Tuberose, hp. r 

2 ft Showy cluster of orange^ 
and scarlet flowers. 

is; A REN ARIA Montana, 

Sandwort. So dwarf it forms 
a carpet in the rockery or on j 
walls, hp. Snowy white. 
289 — AURICULA Kelway's 
Giant, hp. 1 ft. Very beauti- 
ful Spring-bloom. Mixed. 
289A — Douglas Prize Strain. 
Larger firs. Exquisite color 
range. 25c. 

302— BAPTIS1A Australis (False Indigo), ho. 2 ft. 

A strong-growing plant suitable for the border, 
dark green, deeply -cut foliage and spikes of rich 
indigo blue flowers. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/8 ox. 75c. 
302A — Old Orchard Hyb. 35 in. Tawny violet, 
coppery rose, near yellow, near blue. Pkt. 25c. 
33 19— HARDY BEGONIA Evansiana. 20 in. hp. Pure 
pink flowers. Hardy north with mulch. 25c. 
335— BOCCONIA Cordota, hp. 5 ft. Plume Poppy 
panicles of chamois firs., heart-shaped leaves. 
330 — BOLTONIA Latisquama A good long-blooming 
perennial with blush pink daisy-like firs. 
547— DUSTY MILLER, Cineraria Diamond, hp. 2 ft. 
showy silver foliage, flowers bright yellow. 
391 A— GLOBE TULIPS (Calochortus Mixed), hp. 
391— CAMASSIA. Leichtlina, Indian Lily. Blue. 
450 — CANNA hybrids. From robust plants. 
From an exciting new strain of pastels. Roots sell 
for 75c ea. 6 seeds 25c; 30 seeds $1.00. 

Hardy Golden Aster 
528— CHRYSOPSIS Mariana, hp. 2 ft. Very like a 
large flowered Michaelmas Daisy, but in richest 
yellow. Full hardiness, it cuts, sometimes blooms 
first year from seeds. Pkt. 25c. 

555— CHE LONE barbata. hp. 3 ft. C. A fine cut flow- 
er. Red. 

lutea) hp. 1 ft. Golden yellow Dicentra like firs, 
with sh6rt spurs. Pkt. 25c. 

Lutea). IV2 in. yellow firs., early spring. Pkt. 25c. 


Fully hardy perennials for quick, robust brilliance. 
Easy germinators, they cut well. 
517 — Montana (Mountain Bluet). 1 ft. Large blue. 
51 7B — Dealbata Rose Delight. Double rose. 25c. 
520 — Perennial Centaurea Mixed. Above and others. 
525— SNOW IN SUMMER (Cerastium Tomentosum). 
hp. 8 in. Silvery foliage, snowy flowers. 

A Tiny Dogwood 
596 — CORNUS Canadensis, hp. 8 in. An excellent 
little plant for shady places. Attractive white flow- 
ers followed by bright red berries. Pkt. 25c. 
200 A — WILLOW SPRAY, hp. A fine hardy fern to 
give your arrangements that "Florist's touch." 25c. 

CYTISSUS (Butcher's Broom) 
Valuable for poor soil and sun. 

641 — Andreanus. Long green stems with striking 
scarlet and gold flowers. 

Garlands of Fragrance 
641A — Filipes (palrnensis) hp. 4-5 ft. Fragrant 
white flowers along thread-like branches in early 
spring. Here is a ready made garland or lei. Beau- 
tiful in or out of flower. Pkt. 25c. 

642 — Broom Hybrids Mixed. Of rapid growth, reach- 
ing a height of 4-5 ft. in 2 years. Many colors. 

Page 32 

It's Easy and Saves You Money to Grow Your Own Perennial Plants from Park's Seed. 

Canterbury Bells 


These are handsome biennials easily grown from 
seeds, and when in bloom, are the most attractive 
of garden flowers. They grow two feet high, be- 
coming pyramidal little trees literally covered 
with large, exquisite bells, graceful, colorful. 


412— Blue; 414— Rose; 415— White. 

416 — Double Mixed, Campanula medium. 


417— Blue; 419— Rose; 420— White; 421— Single 
Mixed, Campanula medium. 

418— Dwarf Bedding Mixture, hb. 18 in. high and 
3 ft. across. Very floriferous. New. Pkt. 25c. 

Campanula calveanthema. hb, 4 ft. 

Single cups 3 in. long, framed by "saucers" 3-4 
in. across. The plants form perfect pyramids 
blooming for weeks. 403 — Blue; 404 — Lilac; 405 — 
Rose; 406— White; 407— Complete Mixture. 
422A — Dean's Hybrids. Giant flowered, double, 
single, and duplex. Splendid colors. 25c. 

422 — Complete Special Mixture. Single, double, and 
Cup and Saucer Campanula medium. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 


CAMPANULA, Perennial Bellflower, hp. These 
beautiful Bellflowers are hardy perennials, lasting 
for years. Many of them are fine for beds, and 
all are excellent garden flowers; they are of the 
easiest culture, growing in either sunny or partly 
shaded positions. 

411 — GAR6ANICA. 6 in. Rotate Plue flowers, fine 
for window boxes, baskets, blooms all summer. 

PERSICIFOLIA GRANDIFLORA. 2 ft. Beautiful large 

open bells in - July, in long racemes. 
397 — Lad ham's Giant Strain. Various shades im- 
mense flowers Finest strain. Pkt. 25c. 

423— Double Blue. 424 — Double white. 

425 A — Wedgwood. New, rich deep violet blue. 
Largest flowers of all Persicifolia. Pkt. 25c. 

427 — Telham Beauty. Huge blue bells. 
396— Tel ham Beauty White. Pkt. 25c. 

428— Single Mixed. 429— Single and Double. 


branching plants forming a pyramid of long ra- 
cemes laden with charming blue or white bells 
Blooms the entire summer. 
430— Blue; 431— White; 432— Mixed. 

433— ROCKERY BLEND. A choice mixture. 

399 — FRAGILIS. 6 in. Late blooming, vine-like 

with 18 in. trailing stems. White centered, lVa 

in. blue purple firs, in clusters. Rare. 

400 A — Col Una. 1 ft. Compact bushy plants covered 

with intense blue pendant bells. Pkt. 25c. 

438 A — Cochlear if olia. hp. 6 in. Many dancing bells 

of blue. Lovely tractable rock plant. 2 Sc. 

437 — GLOMERATA Superba. 1 ft ft. Large blooms of 
deep violet are gathered in big dense clusters. 
401 A — Lactiflora. 30". Great domes of upfacing 
saucer stars are light blue. Unlike any other. 

438 — Raineri. 4 in. Large, upfacing bells of china 
blue close above low grey-green turrets. 25c. 

434 — ROTUND I FOLIA (Bluebells 
of Scotland J. hp, 1-1 i/ z ft. 
Wiry stems, dainty clusters of 
Dlue. June to August. 
CARPATICA. 1 ft. Beautiful 
large open long-stem bells; 
fine for beds and rockery. 
Blooms all summer. 408 — Blue. 
409— White. 410— Mixed. 

435 — Complete Special Mixture 
of Perennial Campanulas. 

436 — COMPLETE MIXTURE all Campanulas. TOc; 25c. 
446 — CARD N A Acaulis. hp. 9 in. Stemless rock 
rarity bearing 6" heads of tubular white firs. 
646— DAPHNE Striata, hp. 9 in. Tiny shrub with 
heads of 8-12 bright rosy pink flowers. 25c. 

789 — Caucasicum, Leopard's Bane. 

hp. 18 in. Blooms in early spring. 
Showy golden flowers. 
789A — Caucasicum Maqnificum. 
Large flwd. Yellow. Pkt. 25c. 


or Lyre Flower, hp. 2 ft. B, S. 

759— Dielytra Spectabilis. Graceful 
pendant sprays of beautiful heart- 
shaped rose-colored firs. 10 s 25c. 

760— Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart. 
(Eximia. R.) Rose pink with 
rounded spurs. Blooms all sum- 
mer in semi-shade. 


Digitalis Monstrosa 


Foxgloves are beautiful hardy bi- 
ennials easily raised from seeds. 
The elegant nodding flowers are 
produced in upright racemes and 
are very showy in beds or borders. 
Background plants. June, July. 

769— Monstrosa Mixed. 3 ft. Each 
flower spike is topped with a huge 
Campanula- like flower. 

766 — Gloxiniafiora. 4 ft. Handsome 
long big trusses of Gloxinia-like 
bloom. Many flowers open at once. 
We offer a choice mixture of 
rose, white, purple and yellow. 
Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oi. 50c. 

7(>8— Horizontal Excelsior Hybrids. 5 

ft. Outfacing bells reveal the full 
effect of striking inner markings. 
Full color mixture. 25c. 

767 — Yellow Queen. 3 ft. Long, open 
flowers of bright yellow, spotted. 

765 — Rose Queen. Rose. 

785 — White Queen. White. 

Digitalis Excelsior Hybrids 

765A— Giant Rusty Foxglove. (F. 

gig.) 6 ft. Frs. rusty-red, downy 
outside, lower lip bearded. Pkt. 
25 c. 

770— Shirley. 6 ft. Giant, long up- 
right racemes of huge flowers in 
finest colors. 

770A — Shirley Pastel Shades. Apri- 
cot, cream, yellow, pink, helio- 
trope predominate. Pkt. 25c. 

771 — Complete Special Mixture. 

DIANTHUS Rock Garden Pinks 

One of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring. 
Pinks add dainty, colorful effect to your Rockery. 

727 — Alwoodii, hp. 18 in. A hybrid between Car- 
nation and Pink, extremely floriferous, mixed. 
726 — Aliwoodii Alpinus, 5 in. Blooms in 5 months. 
Glossy leaves, large pink flowers. 

727 A — Alwoodii Double Mixed. 15 in. Most attrac- 
tive flower form, many colors. New. Pkt. 25c. 

728 — Arenarius (Sand Pinks). 6 in. Exquisitely 
fringed, delicately scented, lovely white flowers. 

729 — Caesius, Cheddar Pink. hp. 6 in. Bright pink 
firs., a lovely plant for dry banks, rocks or walls. 
729A — Caesius fl. pi. rose. 6 in. Rare and beauti- 
ful double form of above. Pkt. 25c. 

733 — Knappi. hp. Clusters of clear golden yellow. 

731 — Deltoides, Maiden Pink. hp. 6 in. Creeping. 
731A — Deltoides Brilliant. Bright crimson. 

728A — New Blue. 9 in. (Blue Sweet William) Bright 
lavender blue. Pkt. 25c. 

737 — Super bus White Lace. 20 in. Handsome, big 
pure white blossoms deeply, lacily frilled. 

732 — Park's Special Mixture of Rock Garden Pinks. 

793A — DRABA Haynaldii. hp. 3 in. Bright yellow 
firs, in March above basal rosettes of leaves. 

794A — DRAYAS Octapetala. Hp. Evergreen creeper. 
White firs. Rockery delight, ground cover. 

DICTAMNUS Fraxinella 

Flame Flower or Gas plant, hp. 

2 ft. Both the loose spires of 
flowers and the delightful lem-: 
on scented foliage makes this 
old-fashioned perennial neces- 
sary to every garden. On sultry 
summer evenings oil emitted 
as vapor by the flowers will 
flash when touched off by 
match. Lives for generations. 
763— White; 764— Deep Pink, 
ourple veined: 757 — Mixed. 


479 — Hardy Garden Carnation. A high class strain 
in a splendid mixture of choice colors. Compact 
plants bear a profusion of doubles richly scented. 

468— Clove Beauty Mixed, hb. 15 in. Colorful dbl. 
blooms so freely produced they cover the top of 
the plant. Fine for beds, borders. 

456 — Hardy Border Mixed, hp, 20 in. Large double striped flowers. 
475A — New Border Giant Flowered Mixed. A really giant flowered 
strain almost 100% double firs, in exceptionally wide color range. 
480 — Perpetual or Tree Carnation. 1 ft. Double mixture of large and 
deliciousiy fragrant flowers. 

474A — Park's All Season Blend. All types and colors in a balanced 
blend to bloom from early spring until frost. Pkt. 25c. 
473 — Glory of the Garden. A complete mixture of all kinds listed above. 
Pkt. TOc; 25c; Vs oz. 60c. 

The plants start readily from seeds, stool out into fine clumps, 
bes-in to bloom in 5 months, and blonm continuously. If pot- 
ted, they will bloom in the sunny window in winter. 

Few perennials are easier than Campanula. PRICES All Seeds ( ta I ££$SU ) : Pkt. 15c, Giant Pkt. 25c Page 33 


m \\ 


Eremurus Mixed 


Foxtail-lily. 800— Hybrid Species 
Mixed, hp, 8 ft. B, C. May, June, 
clothed for half its length with 
close-set starry blooms which last 
for several weeks. Most showy tall 
border or Florist cut flower, 
800A — Bungei. Yellow, red stamens. 

819 — Himalaicus. Large white. 
81 OA — Robustus. Lovely pink. 

820— Shelf ord Hybrids. Tall elegant 
spikes; a great range of colors; 
orange, yellow, white, pink, sal- 
mon in mixture. Pkt, 25c. 

801— ERYNGIUM Amethystinum Sea 
Holly, hp. 3 ft. Fluffy amethyst blue 
firs. July, Aug. 

Mid Summer Daisy 

813— ERIGERON Speciosus Hybridus 
Grandiflorus. hp. 2V 2 ft. (Flea- 
bane) Mid-Summer Daisy. Large 
Daisy flowers in violet shades. 
812A — Karvinskianus. 18". White or 
pink, Rlcoms 1st. yr. Rare. 
813A — Speciosus Semiplenus. Semi- 
double lavender. Pkt. 25c. 
8 IS— Complete Mixture. 

For Rockery or dry rock wall 
798— ERINUS Alpinus. 6 in. Purple 
firs, in early spring above low 
dense -tufts. Pkt. 25c. 
840 — FUNKIA or Hosta Coerulea. 
np. 18 in. B. Flowers blue in long 
loose racemes. July, Aug. Glossy 
leaves give a finish for edging. 

The Lovely Gentians 


Crinita, Mirror of the Sky), hb. 3 
ft S.R. Flowers of exquisite 
charm, with deeply fringed petals 
sky blue to indigo. 
858— Acaulis. 4 in. hp. Blue Gen- 
tian of the Alps. 
899— GENTIANS MIX. Pkt. 25c. 

801 A — HEATHER, hp. 1 ft. Ever 

green, 10 in. purple racemes. 
986 — DESERT LILY. (Hesperocallis) 
hp 2 ft. Fragrant white 4" trum- 
pets. Beautiful bluish leaves. 

Erythronium. hb. 6 in. R. Rich- 
ly mottled foliage and quaint, 
bright firs, make this worthy 
of a shady corner in your gdn. 
804 — Pink Beauty. Blooms in 
May. Lavender pink. 806— Mix. 
this. Bright yellow. 


827 — EUPHORBIA Myrsinites. 
(Spurge), hp. 4 in. Gray trail- 
er, large heads of yellow. 
827 A — EUPHORBIA Polychrome. 

1 ft. hp. Hemispherical clumps 
of bright yellow. Showy, beau- 
tiful in the border. 

H EU ANTHEM UM Mutabile. 

947— HELIANTHEMUM Mutabile, 
Rock Rose, hp, 1 ft. Showy 
dwarf shrubby evergreen 
smothered with bright pretty 
flowers. June-Sept. Mixed. 
947B— Roseum. Pink. Pkt. 25c. 

Gilia Coronopifolia Geum Mrs. Bradshaw 


Easy to grow perennial of the Rose Family, erect and dwarf. 
Fine for cutting and adapted to the rock garden, or border. 
Blooms from May to October. At its prime in June and July. 

867— Lady Stratheden. hp, 2 

ft. Rich golden yellow ball 
shaped flowers. Long stems. 
866 — Hybrid Mixture of Geum. 

Much in demand 

868— Mrs. Bradshaw. hp, 2 ft. 
Large double brilliant glow- 
ing scarlet flowers. 
870— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 
15c; 25c; 1/16 oz. $1.00. 


The perennial Baby's Breath is a very long-lived, bushy plant 
which produces innumerable misty white flowers in early 
summer. Fine to lighten bouquets, hp, C, B. 
936— Oldhamiana (New). 42 in. 

Autumn-flowering rose-pink 
flowers. Award by Royal 
Hort. Society. Dainty. 
939 — Repens Rose. New 6 in. 
Smothered with rose flowers. 
939A— Repens Dwarf White. 
937— Pacifica. hp, 3 ft. The 
plants branch and are smoth- 
ered with thousands of ex- 
quisite little pink flowers. 

883 -GILIA Coronopifolia 

3 ft. Also known as Ipomopsis 
Elegans (Standing Cypress). A 
choice and lovely biennial that 
should be better known and 
used. Tall leafy spikes with 
many flowers of a rare and 
rich shade of red. 

Giant Summer Hyacinth 
1024— GALTONIA Candicans. hp. 

4 ft. Bells of pure white in 
great spire-spikes. (Hyacinthus) 

Christmas Roses 
976 — H ELLEBORUS Niger. 

Christmas Rose, hp, 15 in. Ex- 
cellent bright colored foliage 
and large attractive white flow- 
ers appear in late winter or 
early spring. 

975 — Corsicus. 1% ft. Green 
Christmas Rose. 10 seeds 25c. 
975A— New Giant Flwd. Hybrids. 
Many fine new shades. Pkt. 25c. 

938— Paniculate. 3 ft. Best 
known Baby's Breath. Tiny 
white flowers cover slender 
stems in July-Aug. 10c: 25c. 
935— Double White. 3 ft. 
Showy in beds; fine to cut. 
935A — Double Snowflake. hp. 
3 ft. New, fully double, extra 
early, pure white. Our finest. 
Pkt. 25c. 

940 — Mixture of above. 




945— Riverton Gem. hp, 3 ft. 

Flowers opening old gold, 
changing to Wallflower red. 

946— Early Large Flowered Hy- 
brids. All Helenium colors. 


The majestic Hollyhock holds a high place in the 
garden. Plant in groups against your evergreens 
or as background for beds or tall borders. 


Hp, 6 ft. B. Deservedly the most popular of Holly- 
hocks, for the tall spikes are covered with fully 
double 5 in flowers. Following the Delphinium in 
the border show, and in bloom from July until frost. 
1005— Complete Mixture of the best colors including 
purple, scarlet, pink, yellow, white, rose, and some 
with variegations. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oi. 45c. 
Separate Colors: 9 90— Apple Blossom; 1001— Pure 
White; 998— Scarlet; 1003— Sulphur Yellow; 995— Pink. 
1007 — Double Begonia Flowered. 5 ft. Wonderful 
novelty with large 5 in. double fringed edged firs, 
beautiful pastel shades. 

1016— Indian Summer (1949 All American). The only 
fully double (Chafers Type) Hollyhock which will 
bloom the first year from seeds. Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1014— Newport Pink. 6 ft. Royal Hort. Soc. prize- 
winner. Delightful double, pure pink. 
1013A — Triumph Supreme. Full double, waved and 
fringed blooms in unsurpassed complete color range. 
Blooms 1st year. Our finest Hollyhock. Pkt. 25c. 
1011 — Perennial Types Mixed. 

Dwarf Double Annual Hollyhock 
Wind Resistant Bushy Plants for Borders 
1010 — Hungarian Rosea Annua Mixed. Each plant forms 
a strongly branched compact 4 ft. bush spread with 
as many as 300 flowers. Flowers have extra double 
centers surrounded by large single petals, creating 
a beautiful effect. Lovely clear colors include dark 
red, pure white, dark rose, pure yellow. Pkt. 25c; 
5 Pkts. $1. 

Gypsophila Double Flowered White 

786 — SHOOTING STAR (Dodecatheon clevelandi). 
hp, 1 ft. R. Cyclamen-like, fragrant blooms with 
petals thrown back. Purple with yellow base. 

836 — CROWN IMPERIAL (Fritillaria Imperialis). 4 
ft. stem topped by striking red-yellow firs, under 
leaf whorls. Persistent. 

Blue Globe Daisy — GLOBULARIA 
873A— Cordifolia. hp. 4 in. IVTultitudes of fluffy 
azure balls above mats of dark green. 25c. 
853 — GAULTHERIA Trichophylla. hp. Prostrate ever- 
green for shady rockery. Pink firs., blue fruit. 25c. 


HEMEROCALLIS. Hp. 3 ft. From an exquisite col- 
lection of the very finest named varieties crossed 
by the hand of Dr. Philip G. Corless, noted lecturer 
and Day Lily expert. 
977A— Pink Shades, 5 seeds $1. 
978A— Purple Shades, 5 s. $1. 
978— Red Shades. 10 seeds $1. 
978B— Blend 3 above. 8 s. $1. 

977— Regular Bee Crossed Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c: 

V8 02. $1.00. 

Hardy Hibiscus or Rose Mallow 

994A— Avalon Hybrids. 4 ft. New. Open bells pro- 
duced over an unusually long season vary from 
pale blush thru shades of pink rose and vivid red. 

Gold of HYPERICUM for Sun 
1024A— Polyphyllum grand. 6 in. Fine-leafed mats 
set with burnished buds, blooms of polished gold. 
Hardy to Philadelphia. 25c. 

1025A— Hypericum Dwarf Mixed. A blend of the 
lower kinds, right for rock garden, wall, edging or 
bedding. They bloom long and freely in a glossy 
golden showiness few other flowers approach. 

1042 A— INULA Golden Beauty. iy 2 hp. Showy her- 
baceous border plant. 2\ 2 " firs, of clear golden 

1079A— JASIONE Perennis. hp. 1 ft. Tiny sky-blue 
bells tightly packed into large "blossoms" in Sca- 
biosa reminder. Choice for rockery. Blooms spring 
to fall. Pkt. 25c. y S 

Coral Bells Heuchera 


HEUCHERA, Alum Root or Coral Bells. Blooming 
from June to Sent. They are valuable for the 
low border or rockery and cut well. From a tufted 
mound of heart shaped leaves rise sprays of 
gracefully carried bells. 

987 — Hoodacres Hybrids. 14 years of selection 
brings this fine Hyb. to you. More vigorous, 
more prolific with larger bells and longer stalks. 
Wide color range. Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 oz. 90c. 
991 — Complete Mixture of Heuchera. Contains 
rose, crimson, scarlet, vermillion and many others. 

Page 34 

At Park's AH Seeds {JSmSfcto) : Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. Iris are easily grown from seed. 

Iberis Sempervirens Snowflake (Candytuft) 


IBERIS. hp. Blooms in April and May. Excellent 
plants for edging or low borders A solid blanket 
of color for many weeks. Evergreen. 

1028 — SEMPERVIRENS. hp. 6 in. Spreading plants 
completely covered with heads of pure white 
firs, in spring. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Vs ox. $1.00. 

1028 A — Snowflake. New large flwd. pure white. 25c. 
1026 — JACUNDA. A rare species blooming during 
June and July. Dwarf bluish green plants bear 
dainty spikes of small pink flowers. Pkt. 25c. 
1 025 — GIBRALTARICA. 1 ft. Lilac to white. 
443— QUEEN OF ITALY. 10 in. Rosy lilac. 

1029 — MIXED. Perennial Candytuft. 


IRIS, hp. These are easily grown from seeds and there is no excuse 
for being without a good collection of the various kinds. The plants 
will bloom the second year and make a fine display. We heartily 
recommend this method of propagation; for a bed of Iris can be 
successfully grown in sun or shade and will flower every year. 
1071 A — Butterfly Iris. Corliss Special Spuria Blend, Hand crosses on 
finest varieties. Easily grown, perfectly hardy. Tough, long lasting 
cut flowers, or landscape subjects they are superb, being 3-5 ft. 
tall and very free blooming. 5 seeds 25c; 25 seeds $1.00. 
NMJ2 — Chrysofor 15 in. Blooms in 12 mo. from seeds. Exceptional 
wide variety of color and markings. Fine for cutting. Pkt. 25c. 
1063 — Delta Blend. From a hardy collection of Louisiana Delta 
native Iris types. All colors. 

1069A — Higo Japanese (Kaempferi) Blend, hp. 2 ft. Here is Iris per- 
fection. The flowers are larger, often as big as a plate, more fully 
double, with heavy solid petals enabling them to keep well. Better 
colors too. 10 seeds 50c. 

1073 A — Japonica. 18 in. A beauty of pale lavender-blue with 
conspicuous yellow crests and orange markings. Pkt. 25c. 
1068A — Kumaonensis. 8 in. Bright blue-purple mottled white, haft 
white with purple veins, almost no stem. rare. Pkt. 25c. 

1070 — Siberian Mixed. A fine strain of vari-colored Iris. 

1004— Spuria Mixed. 2 ft. Similar to Dutch Iris in flower shape 
with colors from white, yellow, lilac, blue, lavender. 

1065 — Iris Avalon Blend. A special mixture of over 50 species. 
1067 — Dichotoma (August or Vesper Iris). Fragrant flowers, cream 
to violet purple with attractive markings. Blooms July to Sept. 

1066 — Bearded Giant Hybrids Mixed. Seeds saved from the finest 
of named varieties. It will produce splendid new and varied 

1073 — Dwarf Bearded Hybrids. Flowers of full German Iris 
size and form, but plants dwarf 8-10 in. Yellow, blues, whites, 

1071— Ochroleuca Gigantea. 5 ft. Special hand crosses in fine 
collection. Large flowers are long lasting, bloom just after Gt. 
Bearded. Like full sun, much water. 5 seeds 25c; 25 s. $1.00 

1074— Complete Mixture of above kinds. Pkt. 15c; 25c; V4 ox. 60c, 
IRIS CULTURE. Sow in very early spring as soon as soil can be 
worked, or in the fall to germinate the following spring. Sow in 
fine light soil and cover twice their thickness. The seed need to 
be exposed to the cold of winter for best germination. Most will 
germinate the first spring, a tew not until the second spring. 

IRIS Kaempferi 

1069— Kaempferi, Oriental Iris. 2 ft. 

Double and single open flowers of 
enormous size, sometimes 8 in. across. 
The colors and texture are wonder- 
ful. Finest colors Mixed pkt. 15c; 
25c; 1/16 ox. 75c. 

Incarvillea (Hardy Gloxinia) 


This plant was found by a French Missionary 
upon a lofty mountain in China. It is a very 
choice herbaceous perennial of easy propagation 
from seeds and will grow and bloom for years. 
The flower scrapes rise a foot or more and bear 
at their summit from one to a dozen bright rosy 
purple trumpet-shaped flowers 2 in. in diameter. 
The plant is beautiful both in foliage and in 
flower, and well deserves a place in every gar- 
den. The seeds may be sown early in pots or trays 
and transplanted later to a rich, loamy soil in a 
sunny situation. Be sure to try it. Pkt. 1 5c and 25c, 

1036 — INCARVILLEA Grandiflora Brevipes. Flowers 
extra large brilliant crimson, Pkt. 15c; 25c. 

1037 — INCARVILLEA Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 

1038— INCARVILLEA variabilis. Ha. 2 ft. A delight- 
ful annual form of this popular plant. Blooms the 
first season. Mixed colors include pink, cream 
and blush -rose. Pkt. 25c. • 

1141 — LEWI SI A Howelli. hp. 6 in. No more beautiful 
rock plant than this with Apricot streaked rose 
flowers like feathery Water Lilies. Thick crimped 
evergreen leaves. Pkt. 25c. 

1040A — Rediviva. hp. 6 in. Larger blooms of feath- 
ery pearl pink, many open at once. Foliage disap- 
pears after flowering, "pencil" leaves appearing 
again in late Autumn. Pkt. 25c. 

LILIES Glory of the Garden 

Easily grown from seed Lilies are among the 
most pleasing of garden plants, and will give your 
garden a variety of colors and forms with regal 
grace and elegance. Begin your planting (*) 
Lilies marked with asterisk germinate slowly, 
usually do not show until second spring. Others 
listed take 3-6 weeks to sprout. 
IKil* — Auratum. Gold-banded Lily. hhp. 4 ft. Gor- 
geously handsome great saucer-shaped white 
flowers striped with golden yellow and freckled 
with maroon dots. Its powerful fragrance per- 
vades the garden on August evenings. Pkt. 25c. 
11 61 A* — Auratum Platyphyllum. Finer. 25c Pkt. 
1172— Auratum x Jillian Wallace Hybrids. 25c. 
1151A — Aurefian Hybrids. Perhaps the most im- 
portant of all new Hybrid Lilies. Seedlings vary 
in color and shape, some being reflexed, others 
almost trumpet -like with colors from white thru 
yellow, orange, apricot. Pkt. 25c. 
1175* — Bellinqham Hybrids. A large collection of 
West Coast Native Lilies crossed and the finest 
ones selected for this beautiful strain. Many of 
them are puie yellow. Pkt. 25c. 
1150 — Centifolium Hybrids. "Olympic". The finest 
trumpet Lilies. Many new colors. Pkt. 25c. 
11 50 A — Pink Select Centifolium. Huge trumpets in 
shades of pink. Pkt. 25c. 

1163 — Madonna Lily (Candidum). Snow white, 
11 62 A — Candidum "Cascade Strain". Pkt. 25c. 

1169 — Formolongo Hybrid. 3 ft. Hardy new Easter 
Lily. Wide trumpets of purest whiteness. Quick 
from seed, long in bloom. Pkt. 25c. 

1170A — Formosa num Tall Late. Latest flowering, 
pure white trumpet. Tall, large, lovely. 
1211*— Giganteum. 12 ft. The largest of all Lilies. 
Great 6 inch trumpets of white tinged green 
outside, striped red inside. Pkt. 25c. 
1164A— Golden Chalice Hybrids. Upright cups of 
lemon thru golden Apricot. Pkt. 25c. 

1164 — Henryi. 4 ft. Golden orange flecked bronze. 
1165* — Japonicum. 3 ft. Rose Fink trumpet Lily. 
Beautiful and rare. Pkt. 25c. 

1167— Longiflorum Praecox. White Queen. 2 ft. A 

clear snow white, extra long firs.; blooms readily 
from seed in 12 months. Easy. Pkt. 25c. 
1165A — MM Century Hybrids. Seeds from 20, 
named kinds included -Mostly outward facing 
cups. Colors range yellow thru Maroon. Pkt. 25c. 
1172A— Princeps Shelburne Hybrids. 5 ft. Large 
white trumpet, golden throat. Pkt. 25c. 
11 66 A — Rainbow Hybrids. Upfacing cups range in 
color from golden yellow thru Mahogany. 
1151— Sulphur Hybrids. 5 ft. Mr. Edgar L. Kline, Lily 
specialist, for years crossed many species on L. 
Sulphureum to give this lovely trumpet type Lily 
a color range from pale yellow to sulphur yellow, 
Hybrid vigor, strong growing. Pkt. 25c. 

1173 — Tenuifolium, Siberian Lily. Waxy scarlet re- 
curved petals; 2 ft. 

1179*— Martagon (Turban Lily). Waxy petals of 

purple, pleasingly reflexed. 

1179A— Martagon album. Chaste Turban. 25c. 

1170 — Philippinense Formosanum. hhp. 2 ft. Long 
white trumpet flowers. Most easily grown. 

1174 — Glory of The Garden. Complete mixture of 
above Lilies. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1-16 oz. $1.00. 

Blazing Stars 

LIATRIS 1157— Pycnostachya, Blazing Star. 3 

ft. splendid cut flowers, brilliant rose-purple. 

1158 — Spicata, Gay Feather, hp. 3 ft. Rose. 
1156A — Koboid. 20 in. A non-branching hy- 
brid, forming one rich purple spike. 

1159— Pure White. 50". Great fluffy blossoms 
of swans -down whiteness, tall slender. 
1153— September Glory. 6 ft. Bright purple. 

1160— Mixture of Liatris. 

1248 — LYTHRUM Roseutn Superbum, Willow 
Herb. hp. 3 ft. Wand-like red spikes. 

LINUM. 1187— Havum Rax. hp, 1 ft. R. Bright 

golden bell-shaped flowers, rockery. 

1192 — Narbonese. hp. 2 ft. Large rich blue. 

Lillles you can grow from Park's seed 
1174— Glory of the Garden. Mixed. Pkt. 10c. 

LILIES Continued 

1171— Regale, hhp. 3 ft. One of the most beauti- 
ful and easily grown garden lilies. Large trumpet 
shaped ivory white flowers. July. Fragrant. 
11 71 A— Regal Creelman's Hybs. Larger. Pkt. 25c. 
1169A — Rubellum. 2 ft. Pale pink to rose-pink 
trumpets in May and June. Pkt. 25c. Rare. 
1220*— Speciosum Rubrum. 4 ft. Deep rose-red 
strikingly dotted with crimson, gracefully re- 
curved. One of the most beautiful. Pkt. 25c. 
LILY REFERENCE CHART. 224 Lilies described with 
culture from seeds and bulbs given. Very com- 
plete, invaluable to anyone interested in Lilies. 
$1.00 each. Postpaid. 

How to Grow Lillies from seed is fully explained in "Park's Gardener's Handbook" 

Page 35 

Giant Diener's Double Shasta Daisy 


Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum 

Hp. 2 ft. C, B. Shasta Daisies are splendid per- 
ennials, hardy and long lasting. The flowers are 
large, some 5 in. across. Showy for beds or cut- 
ting. June, July, August. 

1146— NEW GIANT DOUBLE Diener's Strain. Full 
doubles, semi-doubles, some singles are produced. 
Most fascinating is the wide variation of types - 
some fluffy, frilly, incurved, some Anemone type, 
others with wide plain edged petals - every type 
imaginable, but all are large and stylish. You'll 
surely want to propagate some you'll find vege- 
tatively, for mary have never been seen before. 
Pkt. 15c; 25c; 1/16 ox. $1.00. 

Marconi Double. More fully double with centers 
completely covered tho not quite so large as 
Diener's. Many of the first year flowers will be 
single, but blooms almost 100% double the second 
year. Pkt. 25c. 

IT 43— SHASTA DAISY ALASKA. 2 ft. Charming 

white single flowers, long stems. July. 10c; 25c. 
1144 — Marconi. The largest Shasta Daisy to date. 
2V 2 ft. stems, 6 in. flowers. Single. 

1147 — Conqueror. Giant flrd. late white. Late July. 
533 — Fringed Beauty. Pure white with fringed, 
curled firs. 

1148— Complete Special MIXTURE of Shasta Daisies, 
single and dbl. Pkt. 10c; 25; Vs oi. 60c. 

LION'S FOOT — Edelweiss 
1155— LEONTOPODIUM Alpinum (Gnaphalium) . Hp. 6 

in. R. Everlasting. Native of Central Asia and very- 
hardy. Foliage white wooly rosettes, flowers in- 

LOBELIA 1201— Cordinalis. Red Birds, Cardinal 
Firs. Spikes of bright rich scarlet thruout autumn; 
moist soil, part shade. 
1214— Lobelia Mixed. Red and blue. 

MECONOPSIS Baileyii, Blue Poppy 

Likes cool soil and moist air 

1335 — MECONOPSIS. Baileyii. hp. 6 ft. New, from 
China; glorious sky-blue Poppy-like- firs, with 
showy green anthers. A beautiful plant. 
1336A— Paniculate. 5 ft. Yellow 2 in. flowers in 
great 2 ft. racemes. Rare. Pkt. 25c. 
1324 — MENTSELIA Laevicaulis. hb. 4 ft. Leaves 
shining white, wavy toothed. Great 4 in. yellow. 
1339 — MERTENSIA Virginica BLUEBELLS. 2 ft. hp. 
Panicles of rich blue, rose tinted firs. 
1366 — MONARDA Finest Hybrids Mixed. Horse 
Mint. hp. 2 lipped aromatic firs, clusters. Striking 
in masses in the wild garden. 

1429 — NEPETA Mussini Superba. hp, 1 ft New 

large-flowered srrt, deep blue. 
1446— NOMOCHARIS Mairei. hp. 2 ft. Beautiful 
bulbous rarity for Lily culture. Rose, red, or white 
flowers spotted with violet. Pkt. 25c. 


Inoculation with Legume-Aid I Pkt. I5e) 

seems to be the answer to past problems of 
growing these beautiful subjects. Sow seed 
where tb^v are to flower as tbpv resent 
transplanting. Require perfect drainage. 

1232 — L. Russell's Hybrids. The strong grow- 
ing, cut leaved foliage plants bear enor- 
mous, well rounded, long symmetrical 3 ft. 
spikes closely spaced with large flowers in 
a great variety of rich colors: deep yellows, 
purple, oranges, reds and bi-colors besides 
white, pink, blue. Blooms in 4 months from 

20 seeds T5c; 45 seeds 25c; V4 oz. $1.00. 
1235— Russell's Hybrid Originators Seeds. Pkt. 
25c; V» oz. $1.00. 

1231— Harkness Art Shades, hp. 3 ft. 
1234— Polyphyllus Complete Mixture. Well bal- 
anced with white, yellow, blue, red, rose, 
bi-colors, and selfs and other colors. 

TREE LUPIN. 1237— Hybrid Mixture. 4 ft. Tall 

shrubby vigorous plants. Firs, of yellow, 
cream, lilac, mauve, blue. 25c. 

Hardiest of all Cactus 

1453A — OPUNTIA Hardiest Species Finest 
Mixed. 8 in. A blend of hardiest low growing 
types. 6 seeds 25c; 30 seeds $1.00. 

1459 — ORCHID Hardy Mixture. Fully winter 
hardy and most delightful of wild flowers. 
Not particularly easy tho and we cannot re- 
place Orchid seeds that fail to grow. 

Obedient Plant or False Dragon Head 
PHYSOSTEGIA. hp. 40 in. Panicled spikes atop 
wand-like stems, excellent in mixed border and 
to cut. 

1675— Virginica. Lilac pink. 1675A— Large White. 


Dianthus Plumarius, Spring Beauty 


DIANTHUS PLUMARIUS or what is known as the 
Hardy Garden. Spice Pinks, or Flower of the Gods, 
have been greatly improved, being plain and 
fringed; single and double, rich-colored and vari- 
egated; blooming freely during summer. 
738A — Mrs. Elston. Double pure white. Pkt. 25c. 

735 — Extra Dwarf Double Mixed. 9 in. Early. 
2*2 — Spring Beauty. Extra double, giant mixed. 
The best mixture of double flowering sorts. 
739— Scoticus, Double Special Florist Strain. 12 In. 
Self colors of various tints of pink, rose, salmon 
and white, and combinations with bright crimson 
zone. Blooms large 1 V 2 -2 in. 

743— Winteri (New Pinks), hp. 9 in. The flowers 
are pure colors, habit compact, blooms first year. 

736 — Double, complete mixture of double varieties. 

744— Complete Mixture Hardy Pinks. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
1831 A — SANTOLINA Pinnata. hp. 1 ft. Mounded em- 
erald evergreen featherings. Aromatic. Yellow 
flowers. May be sheared. Use for edgings or in 
place of Box. 

Evergreen Lavender Cotton 

-SANTOLINA Chamaecyparissus. 15 in. hp. 

Year round dense mounds 
of silvered featherings. In 
June, gold button flowers. 
Pkt. 25c. 

Mixed. Spendthrifts of 
bloom for many weeks. 
Rose, white, purple. 
Hardy Fuchsia, 1802 — 
Sauscnneria. 15 in. hp. Fall 
blooming with downy oval 
leaves, scarlet, Fuchsia-like 
firs, the "hummers" like. 
Hardy, easy. 


Splendid perennials bear- 
ing bright tubular firs., 
highly valued for the 
hardy border. Thrives 
many years. 

1556— Granditlora Hybrids. 

Giant flowered strain in a 
splendid collection of va- 
rieties and colors. The 
glaucous leaves add at- 
Penstemon traction, 

1555— PENTSTEMON Hardy Perennial Blend, com- 
prising 20-30 of the better winter hardy species 
covering a wide range of color and form. Delight- 
ful in the hardy border or for cutting. Pkt. 25c. 

Lupine Russell's Hybrids 

POLEMONIUM (Jacobs Ladder), hp. 3 ft. 1691— 
Coeruleum, Blue. 

14G1B — TREE PEONY. Giant flowers single to double, 
in wonderful color range not found in any other 
Peony group. Becomes a true shrub with woody 
branches. 4 seeds 25c; 20 seeds $1. 

1461— PAEON I A Garden Varieties, hp. 2 ft. Autumn 

sown; spring germination. 

1685— LANTERN PLANT. (Physalis Franchetti.) hp. 
2 ft. Blood red inflated calyx like Chinese lantern. 


PAPAVER ORIENTALIS. hp. These are the largest 
and most attractive of garden perennials. The long 
fringy leaves are not unlike ferns, and the showy 
buds that issue from the ground on strong stems 
three feet high, develop into enormous flowers, 
brilliant in color and graceful in form. Blooms in 
May and June. 

1525 — Alpinum Mixed, hp. 10 in. Beautiful mixture 
of bright colors, very suitable for rockery or beds. 
Blooms quickly the first spring from seeds, best 
as a biennial. Likes sun, poor soil, good drainage. 

1528 — Aksarben Shell Pink. Very large flowered, 

1526 — Beauty of Liver mere. 3 ft. Crimson. 

1527— Brilliant. 40 in. Brilliant fiery red. 

1529 — Park's Finest Large-Flowered Hybrids. 3 ft. 

Lovely rare shades in mixture. 

1521 — Feltham. A distinct type in which the colors 
are clear and bright without the usual black blotch. 
A fine mixture of many colors. 

1536 — Giant Double Olympic. Light scarlet. A 
brand new color, full double. Pkt. 25e. 

1532 — Glowing Amber. Lovely color. Pkt. 25c. 

1530 — Mahony. Fine dark maroon. 

1531 — Mrs. Perry. 3 ft. Orange-apricot, rare. 

1533— Perry's White. 2 ft. Fine satiny white 
crimson maroon blotch base of each petal. Pkt. 25c. 

1534 — Princess Louise. 2 ft. Salmon-pink. 
1528A— Queen Alexandra. Bright rosy salmon, with 
conspicuous crimson blotch. Distinct. 

1535— Complete Special Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c. 

Oriental Poppy Perry's White 

Page 36 PRICES ALL SEED ( ta N &S&L)s Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00 

Primula Cashmeriana 


Most of them will last for years and afford a 
showy and beautiful display every spring. The 
clustered flowers appear in many lovely colors 
and last for weeks. Blooming season very early 
spring — March, April, May. They like shade. 
1711 A — Acaulis Grandiflora Mixed. 6 in. IY2*' flow- 
ers of brightest shades. Pkt. 25c. 

1711 — Auricula. Above rosettes of thick leaves 6 
inch flower stalks hold heads of large brightly- 
colored blooms. A favorite sort. 

1712 — Auricula. Monarch Strain. Pkt. 25c. 

1713 — Beesiana. Velvety purple, gold eye. 

1714 — Bullesiana Hybrids. 18 in. Rose and apricot 
1708 — Cashmeriana Rubin. Large globular heads of 
deep ruby red on 1 ft. stems cradled in fingery 
thick leaved rosettes. Lovely 25c. 

I* lt> — Denticulata Cashmiriana. Large lilac. 

1728 — Cortusoides. 1 ft. Heart shaped leaves. In 

May many flowered umbels of lovely rose. Pkt. 25c. 

1717— Deans Choicest Colored Hybrids Mixed. 
Splendid range of rich colors, large flowers. A 
magnificent premium strain. Pkt. 25c. 

1719 — Japonica. 2 ft. White to Crimson. 

1718 — Florindae. 40 in, fragrant, yellow. 

1715 — Littoniana. (Soldier Primrose) 20 in. Splen- 
did 6" Hyacinth-like spikes of violet-blue atop 
crimson tipped stems. Pkt. 25c. 

1719A — Pulverulenta Bartley's Strain. 2 Mi ft. Diverse 

shades of pink end rose. Pkt. 25c. 

1727 — Vulgaris. 6 in. True yellow Primrose. 


Sow in pots or pans as early in the year as pos- 
sible, water, cover with glass and place outdoors 
where the soil will be frozen. When milder weather 
sets in bring into gentle warmth and seeds will 
germinate freely Freeze seeds in ice cubes for 
similar effect. Allow plenty of time — seeds are 
often tardy. Primulas need partial shade, rich, 
porous soil, and a mulch of pine needles or salt hay 
to keep roots cool — this seems the answer to grow- 
ing them in warm climates. They like the east 
side of a hill, shelter from wind, good drainage. 

Pyrethrum Park's Extra Double Prize Mixture 

Pyrethrum Robinson's Giant Hybrids 

Pyrethrum — A Park Specialty of long 
standing. You'll find those here of- 
fered unsurpassed. 

Primula Veris Collossea 

PRIMULA POLYANTHUS or Veris 10 in. Beloved for 
its exquisite colors, it is completely hardy. Safe 
and sure for American conditions. Called Cowslip. 
1720 — Alba pura, pure white; 1721 — Aurea, yellow; 

1722— Coerulea, Blue shades 25c: 1725— Red shades; 
1721 A— Gold Laced; 1724— Large flowered Choicest 
Mixed. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/16 01. 75c. 

1723— Giant Munstead Strain. Giant umbels in 
many light colors. Early spring bloom. 

1713A — Collossea Largest flowers, best colors 
of all P. Veris. A premium strain. Pkt. 25c, 65c. 
1723A— Monarch. Brilliant quality Mixture. 25c. 
172fi — Complete Mixture ot Hardy Primroses, con- 
taining the above and other interesting varieties. 

AH seeds 

not priced in description Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c 




2 ft. Seed saved exclusively from extra double 
flowers of all colors. This is a fine premium strain 
and absolutely unsurpassed. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. $1.00. 
We are glad to be able to offer our friends separate 
colors in Double Pyrethrum grown for us by Vis 
Brothers in Holland, who have been noted for this 
specialty of theirs for many years. 

1769— Extra Double Red. Pkt. 25c. 

1770— Extra Double White. Pkt. 25c. 

1771— Extra Double Pink. Pkt. 25c. 

1774— Extra Double Sulphureum. Yellow. Pkt. 25c. 
COLLECTION 078—5 Giant Pkts. One of each color. 
Double Pyrethrum listed above, for $1.00. These 
do not come 100% double, tho the double percent- 
age is better the second year. 


17G6 — GIANT BUTTERCUP (Ranunculus). Giant Ca- 
mellia Flowered Mixed, hhp. 2 ft. Special strain. 

1836 — SAX I FRAG A (Rock-foil). Mixed Species. 
Highly interesting and desirable for rockery or 
wall, admired for pretty foliage and flowers. 

1837 — Purple Robe. 10 in. Deep carmine red. 
1907— PEARLWORT (Sagina), hp. 2 in. Densely 
tufted evergreen ground cover. White firs, on 
long slender stems in July. Pkt. 25c. 

1832— SAPONARIA Ocymoides Splendens (Soap- 
wort), hp. 1 ft. An elegant trailing perennial with 
showy rose flowers throughout the spring. 
1883— SHAMROCK. True Irish. Used by St. Patrick 
as a symbol for and explanation of the Trinity, 
1894— SILENE Schafta. hp. 6 in. Trailing rosy 
purple flowers. July — October. 

1893 A— Acaulis. (Cushion Pink) hp. 2 in. Moss- 
like cushions, reddish-purple firs. Pkt. 25c. 
1893— Alpestris. (Alpine Catchfly) 6" Glistening 
white panicles June-Aug. Low tufts. Pkt. 25c. 


1843 — House's Hybrids, hp. 3 ft. Large showy 
double flowers fringed and ruffled in many fine 
colors; June to Sept. Pkt. 15c; 25c; Vs 01. $1.00. 
Caucasica. hp, 2 ft. Handsome and easily grown, 
thrives in ordinary well drained soil, sunny loca- 
tion. 1842— Blue. 1844— White. 
1872 — Goldingensis. Extra large, deep blue. 

1845 — Complete Mixture Scabiosa Caucasica. 

1846— Columbaria, hp. 2 ft. Orchid pink. 

1847— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vs oz. 75c. 

The beautiful single and double Pyrethrums are 
hardy perennials blooming in May and June. When 
the blooming period is over, they may be cut back 
heavily, which will cause them to have a second 
blooming period later in the summer. The single 
kinds are extremely light and effective, and last a 
long time in perfection. The double kinds are 
exquisite in form and coloring, and are one of our 
most popular perennials. Don't fail to add these 
to your order. 


1757 — Rosen m, Painted Daisy, Vis Brothers' Single. 

hp. 2 ft. Flowers large, daisy-like, from white to 
red with yellow centers, produced freely on long 
stems, lasting well when cut. Mixture. 
1756 — Giant Rose. Extra large bright rose. 

1755 — James K el way. hp. 2 ft. Bright vermillion 
red with golden center. Very showy. 

1753 — Giant White. A new extra large white. 

1755A — Robinson's Giant Crimson. Largest best 

1754 — Robinson's Giant Grandiflorum Hybrids. These 
are the largest of all. with beautiful color blend. 
Pkt. 15c: 25c; 1/16 ox. 75c. 

1758 — Complete Mixture of Single and Double 
Pyrethrums. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/8 ox. ?0c. 


The seed germinates readily, often in less than 10 
days. Directions pg. 23 Gardener's Handbook. 

1762— GOLDEN PYRETHRUM. Aureum Mixed. Beau- 
tiful golden fern -like foliage, yellow, white flowers. 

Sedum, Stone-Crop, Live-for-Ever 


The Stonecrops are of easy culture even in thin, 
poor soils. The brittle foliage may come in softest 
of apple-greens, in frosty miligreeings, blue with 
silver dust, rosy tones, maroon shadings. These are 
long lived hence the name "Live-for-Ever." 

1873 — Acre. 3 in. Creeping, evergreen, small leaves. 
Bright yellow flowers in late spring. 

1874 A — Album. 6 in. Creeping evergreen mats with 
white flowers during summer. Pkt. 25c. 
1873A — Reflex um Chameleon. 8 in. New. Vari- 
colored leaf rosettes. Yellow flowers. Pkt. 25c. 

1874 — Spurium. 6 in. Trailing, rooting at the nodes. 
Flowers of rose or white are freely borne. 

1875 — Sedum Hardy Blend. Includes 6 or more va- 
rieties representative of all dwarf hardy kinds. 

Scabiosa House's Hybrids. Fine cut firs. 

Pyrethrum is one of our finest and most easily grown Perennials. 

Page 37 

Trollius Europaeus. Globe Flower 

HOUSELEEK. Hen and Chickens 
18X1— SEMPER VI VUM Blend. Perennial species. 
Fleshy rosettes of leaves often with rosy, red or 
purplish tones. Attractive flowers. 
2031A— TEUCRIUM Chamaedrys. hp. 8 in. A lovely 
procumbent shrub with grey foliage and spikes 
of bright rose flowers. 

2016 — THYMUS Serphyllum (Mother of Thyme), 
hp. 2 in. For stepping stones. Creeping plants* 
sweet scented foliage, purple flowers. 

20 16 A— THYMUS Serphyllum coccineus. hp. Tall (to 
3 ft.) with crimson flowers. Rare. Pkt. 25c. 

1782— ROCK GARDEN PERENNIALS. A special mix- 
ture of the best perennials for your rockery. 


1783— ROMNEYA Coulteri (Matilija Poppy), hp. 3 
ft. Firs, white, 5 in. across, delicate and trans- 
parent, enduring, fragrant, blooms late summer. 
SIDALCEA, 1884— Rosy Gem. hp. 18 in. Handsome 
plant with fine spikes of rose, Hollyhock-like firs. 

1951— STOKE'S ASTER Stokesio Cyanea. hp, 15 in. 
Delightful erect branched plant; grey green foli- 
age, 4 in. blue flowers. Thrives in rich light soil 
and open exposure. September. 

1952— Stokesio Mixed. Blue and White. 

THALICTRUM 2013— Dipterocorpum. hp. 4 ft. A 
real gem among hardy plants, graceful sprays of 
violet-mauve flowers brightened by a bunch of 
lemon-yellow stamens, showy. June and July. 
2013A — Dipterocorpum Magnificum. Better. 25c. 
2012 A — Lavender Mist. ( Rochenbrunianum ) hp. 4 
ft. In July large clusters of lovely lavender on 
many branched stems. Cut and use like Baby's 
Breath. For shade or sunny border background. 
Pkt. 25c. 

20 1 !) Thai ictr urn Mixed. 

2017— THERMOPSIS Caroliniana. hp. 4 ft. Yellow 
pea-like blossoms in long Lupin-like racemes, 
June, July. Good for bold effects. 

2012— PENNYCRESS (Thlaspi Rotundifolium} hp. 8 in. 
Racemes of many small lavender flowers over tufts 
of thick leaves. Pkt. 25c. 

1784 — ROSA Polyontho Nana Multiflora. 2 ft. Baby 
Rose. Blooms in 5 months from seed. Mixed. 

1953 — STRAWBERRY, Baron von Solemaker (Fra- 
garia). Red fruited. Attractive, novel. 

1080— Hybrida Mirabilis. 3 ft. Blooms the first 
year from seed. Mix. Flowers Aug. to Oct. 

1082— Pfitxer's Hybrids, hp. 3 ft. Brilliant red. 

1083— Royal Castle Hybrids, hp, 3 ft. New color 
range. Large flowers of perfect form. Pkt. 25c. 

1084— Complete Mixture of Tritomas. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
TROLLIUS or GLOBE FLOWER, hp. 20 in. Like a 
large double Buttercup. Blooms in border from 
May to July. 2031— Golden Queen. Dark Yellow. 
2011 — Europeus. hp. 2 ft. Showy lemon yellow. 
2033— Mixed Colors. 

WALLFLOWER. ICheiranthus cheiriJ. hhp. 2 Mr ft. 
Easy. 2126— Dwarf Double Mixed. 

VERONICA REPENS, a most satisfactory edging. 

Hardy herbaceous perennials varying in ht. from 
a few inches to 3-4 ft. Dwarf kinds are fine for 
edging, beds, borders or rock garden. Tall kinds 
for border or cutting. 

2067B — Fruticans. 6 in. Blue, branching. Pkt. 25c. 
2067 A — nepens. 2 in. Very early It. blue. 
2068A— Dwarf Sorts Mixed. 

2060B — Gentianoides. 2 ft. Long light blue spikes. 
2064A— Holophylla. 12" Our best. Vivid blue. 25c. 
20(!(i — Incana. 1 ft. Ageratum blue. 
2066 A — Longifolio. 2V 2 ft. Blue clusters. 

2067 — Spicata. 18 in. Spikes of blue or pink. 
2065— Teucrium Royal Blue. 2' Gentian Blue. 25c. 

2068— Complete Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va ox. 50c. 


SWEET WILLIAM, Dianthus Barbatus. hb. 18 in. 

These are favorite garden flowers, being showy, 
fragrant, and long blooming. The plants stool out 
and become large clumps, each throwing up a 
number of strong stems that are surmounted with 
large exquisite clusters. May and June. 

748 — Double Flowered. Comes about 60% double 
flowered plants in finest mixture of colors. Pkt. 
15c; 25c; Va ox. 75c. 

Single-Flowered. 754— Scarlet-Beauty. 755— Mixed all 

colors. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Va oz. 50c. 

754 A — Giant White. Enormous pure white. 25c, 

746 — Diadem. Brilliant dark scarlet, white eye. 

750 — Newport Pink. 18 in. A very bright, beauti- 
ful variety, excellent for summer beds and cut- 
ting, splendid shades, salmon or watermelon-pink. 
728A — Dwarf New Blue. 9 in. Lavender blue. Pkt. 

751 — Dwarf Alpine Mixed. 4 in. dwarfest. 25c. 

747 — Dwarf Compact Double, Dwf. Midget. 9 in. 

Large, showy heads, finest mixed flowers. 
756— Complete mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c; Vt oz. 50c. 
745— ANNUAL MIXED. 1 ft. Blooms first year 
from seed and lives over winter. 


55— AGROSTIS Nebulosa (CLOUD GRASS}. 1 ft. 

Cloud like panicles make fine bouquets. 
290 — ANIMATED OATS (Avens sterilis). 3 ft. Pan- 
icles a foot long, with 2 in, awns. Florets move 
by hygroscopic action. Unique and interesting. 
BRIZA 342 — Maxima (Quaking Grass). Pretty orna- 
mental for mixing in bouquets. The air^ spiklets 
tremble in the lightest breeze. 
1888 — BLUE-EYED-GRASS. Sisyrinchium Bellum. 
hp. 9 in. Hardy, neat, bluish tufted grass like 
leaves. Blue to purple firs., bright yellow eye. 
1552 — FOUNTAIN GRASS, Pennisetum rueppeli. ha, 
4 ft. Great 1 ft. spikes are strikingly colored — 
purple, coppery red and rose; leaves narrow and 
2 ft. long Gives fountain effect. 
1091 — HARES-TAIL-GRASS. Lagurus Ovatus, 1 ft. 
ha. Dense wuoly heads, leaves with downy hairs. 
For garden, window plant or dry bouquets. 
1018— SQUIRREL-TAIL-GRASS, hp. 2 ft. For wreaths. 
PAMPAS GRASS, 1462— Cortaderia. hhp. 10-20 ft. 
One of the finest and most showy of all the 
grasses Long silky white plumes are borne in 
late summer and last for a month. They may be 
cut and dried for winter decoration. The plants 
become more beautiful with age. 

GARDEN HELIOTROPE. (Valeriana Officinalis). 4 ft. 

Pretty Betsy. Cut leaved foliage, flat topped clus- 
ters, for background or cutting, June to Oct. 
2035— White; 2036— Crimson; 2040— Mixed. 
2139— YUCCA filamentosa. Adam's needle. 12 ft. 
2143— PERENNIALS MIXED. A fine mixture of the 
more easily grown kinds for the hardy border. 

Dwarf carpet-like Sweet William Indian Carpet 
763 — INDIAN CARPET. Plants are very dwarf, 
compact and uniform — not exceeding 5 or 6 
inches in height, thus presenting all the showy 
colors on a uniform level. This mixture includes 
the large auricula-eyed forms with zones of red. 
scarlet and pink as well as solid colors such as 
crimson, scarlet pink and white. Will produce a 
gorgeous carpet-like effect from early spring and 
lasting well into early summer. Originated by 
W. & S. Ltd., England. Pkt. 25c; Vt ox. $1.00. 

Sweet Marjoram 

823 — SWORD GRASS (Eulalia zebrina). hp, 4 ft. 

579 — JOB'S TEARS, Coix lachryma. hha, 3 ft. Tall 
ornamental grass bearing hard pearly white seed 
will make a lively distinctive necklace. 

1922 A — FEATHER GRASS (Stipa pennata) hp. 3 ft. 
Tufted green spears, 1 ft. feathery panicles. 
2038— SPIKE GRASS (Uniola latifolia) hp. 5 ft. IV2" 
spikelets in 10" drooping panicles. 
923— -GRASSES IN MIXTURE. Made up of many 
sorts. Excellent for decorative bouquets with 
other flowers. 

Lawn Grass Supreme 

Tough, wear-resistant, immune to diseases and 
pests, crowds out Crabgrass, needs only occasion- 
al mowing. Thrives in any kind of soil, North or 
South. Withstands heat, long periods of drought, 
extremely cold climates. Makes a beautiful cush- 
iony carpet of green. 1 lb. covers 450 sq. ft. Ger- 
minates slowly. Va lb. $2.00; lb. $3.75; 2 lbs. $6.95; 
5 lbs. $16.95; 10 lbs. $32.50. 

2301 — Merion Blue, Zoysia Mixture. The ideal all sea- 
son formula. Lb. covers 700 sq. ft. V2 lb. $2.00; lb. 
$3.75; 2 lbs. $6.95; 5 lbs. $16.95; 10 lbs. $32.50. 

2302 — MERION BLUEGRASS. Extra vigorous, drought 
tolerant, Handsome, cushiony, permanent. Beau- 
tiful deep green all summer. Sow IV2 lbs per 1000 
sq. ft. V 2 lb. $2.05; lb. $3.95; 2 lbs. $7.85; 5 lbs. 
$19.50: 10 lbs. $38.50. 


Grandmother's garden with its delicious and fascinating odors, and delicate unassuming blossoms was 
a real contribution to the family. Many herbs have fine medicinal properties and others add flavor to 
meats and vegetables. Herb seasoning makes cooking an art instead of a drudgery Order yours early 
84— AMBROSIA (Mexican Tea). 3V 2 ft. 
117 — ANGELICA (Archangelica). 5 ft. hb. Large- 
leaved, white firs,; roots used as tonic. 

116 — ANISE. (Pimpinella). 1 ft. White firs. Seeds 
used for flavoring or tea for colic. 
293 — BALM. (Melissa off.). 2 ft. Whitish bloom, 
lemon flavor, makes tea for illness. Bee food. 
304 — BASIL. (Ocimum). Sweet Purple Bush. Very 
fragrant and handsome. Used for flavoring. 
304A— DWARF PURPLE BASIL. Dwarf purple. 
337 — BORAGE. (Borago Off.). 2 ft. Blue firs. Good 
bee food. Used for flavoring foods. 
588 — CLARY, hb. 2 ft. Lves. flavor soups, etc. 
451 — CARAWAY (Russian). 1 ft. Fragrant seeds 
used for flavoring breads, meats and liquors. 
490 — CATNIP (Nepeta cataria). 3 ft. Tea from 
leaves aids digestion, useful in upset stomach. 
526— CHAMOMILE, ha. Scented foliage. Firs, used 
in making tonic. Matricaria chamomilla. 
523 — CHERVIL Curled, hp. 1 ft. Finely cut lves., 
aromatic, brt. green. Use : seasoning or salad. 
531— CHIVES (Alium sch.). Delicate onion fla- 
vored foliage. Good in salad or soup. 
600— CORIANDER. (C. Sativum). White seeds used 
in confections, young leaves used in salads. 
1349— CURLED MINT. (Mentha crispa) hp. 3 ft. 
772-— DILL, (Anethum graveolens). 2 t ft. Yellow 
firs. Leaves for flavoring pickles and sauces. 
832 — FENNEL, Sweet. (Foeniculum off.). 4 ft. 
Leaves used in fish sauces and for garnishing. 
1021 — HOREHOUND. (Marrubium vulgare). 2 ft. 
Leaves steeped in boiling water good cough remedy. 
1019— HYSSOP, hp. 1% ft. Culinary medicinal. 

1137 — LAVENDER Munstead Strain, hp. 1 ft. Dwarf. 
Deep lavender firs. Delightful fragrance. 25c. 
1137 A — LAVENDER Vera. True. hp. 2 ft. Lilac Firs. 
Delightful fragrance. Dry and make sachets. 
1200A — LOVAGE. Aromatic seeds used in cakes. 
873— LYCORICE. (Glycyrrhiza glabra), hp. 3 ft. 
1325 — MARJORAM, SWEET. (Marjorana hortensis). 
2 ft. ha. Sweet flowers in purple spikes. 
1338 — MERCURY fGood King Henry) Chenopo- 
dium. hp. Used like spinach, stalks like celery. 
1350 — PENNYROYAL. Said to repel Mosquitoes. 

1347 — PEPPERMINT, hp. 3 ft. M. piperite. Pkt. 25c, 
1775 — ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus Off.). 3 ft. hp. 
Hardy evergreen shrub. Firs, pale blue in spikes, 
for relief of headaches, seasoning, perfume. 
1775A — RUE hp. 3 ft. Aromatic. 

1792 — -6AFFRON. ha Orange firs., dye; lves., flavor. 

1793 — SAGE. (Salvia off.) Broad leaf. 1 ft. hp. 
Sub-shrub, blue firs. Lves. used in seasoning 

1840 — SAVORY SUMMER. (Satureja annual), ha. 
18 in. Aromatic tops for seasoning and flavor. 

1841 — SAVORY WINTER. (S. Montana), hp, 1 ft. 
Dwf. evergreen^ Lilac firs. Use as Summer Savory. 

1348 — SPEARMINT, hp. 2 ft. M. viridis. Pkt. 25c. 
Everyone's favorite to enhance beverages, meats. 
2011— TANSY. (Tanacetum vulgare). 4 ft. Garnish. 
2011 A — TARRAGON. Leaves used for seasoning. 
2015 — THYME English. (Thymus vulgaris), hp. 6 
in. Widely used seasoning herb. 

2018— WINTER THYME (T. hyemalis) 1 ft. Shrub. 
500— TRUE WATER CRESS, hp. Garnish or salad. 
2137 — WORMWOOD. (Artemesia). hp. 1 ft. 
984 — HERBS. Complete mixture. 


Page 38 Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S. C.— Prices All Seeds ( : Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 

Seeds of Rare Shrubs 

You can easily grow your own Nursery stock from 
seed at a fraction of the cost of plants. Patience is 
required for many are tardy in starting. Some have 
very hard seed coats which need filing. They should 
be planted in a retired bed which will not be dis- 
turbed for two o r three yearS( and removed as they 
germinate. All Seeds not priced are Pkt. 15c; 25c. 
2401— STRAWBERRY TREE (Arbutus unedo), hhp. 8 
ft. Evergreen with white flowers 

htr^^ A p£i ^ U ? U u ME HYBRIDS. Evergreen, winter 
h^ht rh^i a ? el 5 hia - Com P ac * P^nts of medium 
rJfiSt td J? A landscape subjects or as winter pot 
plant. Red thru lovely pastels. Pkt. 50c. 

h1^ AZALEA ^ HARDY BLEND * Ful1 color ™nge of both 
deciduous and evergreen. Many species. 

hi° 7 ^ H ff R ^l ? L ? RY BOWER CClerodendrum Trich.). 
hp. 10 ft. White firs., reddish calyx in panicles 

2442-SPURGELAUREL (Daphne laureola). 3 ft.' ever- 
green, hp. Yellow firs., shiny leaves 
2416 DEODAR CEDAR. Bluish green, conifer. 
214A— RUSSIAN OLIVE. (Eleagnus). 

In^^^PI^T", < Fra ncoa Ramosa). 3 ft. hhp. 

Spikes of white 2 ft. long, 1 ft. thick. Ghse north 

2481-THE RARE FRANKLINIA. 12 ft. Shrub Lves 

scarlet in late fall. Wax white blossom cups 4 in 

across m fall. 8 seeds 25c; 40 seeds $1.00 Seeding 

plants: 8-12 in. Each $1.30; 3 for $3.60. g 

2414— GARDENIA Jasminoides. hhp. 6 ft. 

2473— GOLDEN LARCH. Pine-like deciduous tree. 

929 STRAWBERRY GUAVA. hhp. Edible red fruit 

2446 THE HARDY HYDRANGEA Paniculate Highly 

ornamental bearing 6-12" panicles of whitish flrs 

changing to purple. Fine specimen or in border 

24 U— MAGNOLIA Grandiflora. hhp. 

2409 FRENCH TAMARIX. (T Gallica) hp. 

2412 — ENGLISH YEW. (Taxus Baccata) 


1086 — LABURNUM vulgare. Golden Chain 

Bnght orange red firs, unusual fruits Fine Sot 
plant, or outdoors South. 10 seeds 25c 

2450— MOUNTAIN LAUREL, hp. 10 ft 
2456 — NORWAY SPRUCE. (Picea abie 8 ) 

da1 l ~n WH Wh t FL ? 1 WER,NG DOG WOOD (Cornus flori- 
da). hp. White flowers, scarlet fruit Hardy 

c1^ r C s° y R e'! 1 E o L r^ C s HE « ,llf DOGWO °° 'Cornus mas,. 
XS'lKr microphyua,. hp. 3 
2445— GINKGO Biloba. (Maidenhair tree). Pkt 25c 

2483- BOX-LEAF HOLLY. (Hex Crenata) Dwarf ever^ 
green, fine for base planting ever 

2444-ENGLISH HOLLY (Ilexaquifolium). Hardy to N Y 


124— Queen's Wreath, Antigonon 
124 — ANTIGONON LepTopus, 
Queen's Wreath, hhp. 30 ft. 
Lovely rose-pink firs. Hardy 
south, protect north of Va. 25c. 
2— PRAYER BEAN. (Abrus) 10 
ft. Rosary Pea. Scarlet seeds. 
24— ALLEGHENY Vine. 24 ft. 
Adlumia. hb. Graceful, pink. 
ARISTOLOCHIA 1 90— Tomentosa 
Dutchmanspipe. hb. 30 ft. Big 
leaves, golden flowers. 
179 — Elegans, Calico Flower, 
hhp, 8 ft. Most easily grown 
pot vine. 

453— BALLOON VINE. Heartseed. 

2449— SPICEBUSH Uindera ben- 

soln). Hp. 15 ft. aromatic. 
2462— PITTOSPORUM Tobira. 

hhp. 10 ft. Leathery evergreen, 
BRIDS MIXED. An expensive 
mixture of Hybrid cultivated 
types. Pkt. 25c. 
1784 A — ROSA Multiflora. hp 
Thorny with fragrant white 
firs, makes a beautiful, impreg- 
nable fence, or understock for 

2478 — LILAC (Syringa vulg.) 
Large shrub with clustered 
very fragrant, lilac flrs. 

2479 — SNOWBALL BUSH (Vi- 
burnum opulus) . 12 ft. hp. 
Large fluffy balls of white. 

MIXED. Pkt. 25c, 

575— Cobaea Scandens. COBAEA 
Scandens, Cathedral Bells, hha, 
30 ft. A beautiful rapid-growing 
free flowering vine producing 
large graceful bells throughout 
the summer. Will grow in sun 
or shade, has no enemies. 
575-Blue; 576-White; 577-Mixed. 
1361 — FLAG OF SPAIN, hp 20 ft. 
Heart shaped lves., crimson flrs. 

566— CLITORIA Ternata. Butter- 
fly Pea. Very curious and 
beautiful. Clear azure, white 
horseshoe ring. Choice window 
climber, summer outdoors. 25c. 

578— COCCULUS Moonseed. 12 

ft. Bright scarlet Xmas berries. 
2419— GLORY FLOWER (Eccre- 
mocarpus). ha. 12 ft. 6 in. ra- 
cemes of oddly lobed scarlet- 
orange flowers against airy foli- 
age. Charming pot or hanging 
basket plant, or may be grown 
outside on low trellis. 
1751— KUDZU Vine. Pueraria. 
Jack and the Bean Stalk. Vigor- 
ous splendid foliage, fast. 

1076A— YELLOW JASMINE, hhp. 
Evergreen with 1 in. yellow 
flrs. Grhs. plant north. 25c. 

CLEMATIS (Virgin's Bower) 
Hardy climbing vines. Large 
colorful flowers open out flat. 

567— Golden Clematis (Tangu- 
tica) 10 ft. 

Clematis. Pkt. 25c. 

ESE HOP. Lves. splashed white. 


1133— Lathyrus Latifolius. LATHY- 
RUS Latifolius, Perennial Sweet 
Pea. hp, 6 ft. Sweet-Pea-like 
clusters for cutting or covering 
stumps. 1130— Pink; 1131— Red; 
1132— White: 1133— Mixed. 

2022— Thunbergia Mixed Pkt. 10c 
Black-eyed Susan, Thunbergia. 

Beautiful easily grown vine, 
blooms from early summer un- 
til frost. Bright colors from 
white to orange in mixture. 
202 1 A— Coccinea. 3 seeds 25c. 
2021B— Fragrant White. 3 s.25c. 
2022A— Grandiflora blue. 3 s. 25c. 
2021 — Gibsoni. Flrs. deep lumi- 
nous orange twice the size of 
Others. 3 seeds 25c. 
334— B1GNONIA Radicals. Camp- 
sis, hp. Wall vine, red trumpets. 
334A — Tweedlana. Cats-Claw. 
Bright yellow flrs. 3 in. long. 
2133 — WISTERIA, hp, 30 ft. Blue. 

wnmocKa mixt. 2133 — WISTERIA, h 


ST «• P-P-M. When p,„„ ts ordered " ' T >#%B " r ■ ^ 

postage and packing. Seeds and bulbs are oos*i«M Jl . Qd f 25c extra for 

icmtuA 4 SFU K& l T ^ ^^SEEMSE* normauy be - 

AQTJILEGIA — Columbine — Bloom Mav Tump v*^*^ „ , 

Longissima. 4-5 in. spurs Bright yellow f °/. % 12 for $3 ' 75 - 

50c each; 3 for $1.25; 6 far $2.00. aoUble • Ful1 color Iaa Se. Heavy plants. 

Fnglisi^ L° r f P !ST Fragrance. Lovely Borders, Cut Flrs 

SEKSl.SftS*. m^ d W^% a fe% t „ d la d Tbl t dd fl e d We fi red s 1? d K * Vo ™ 

S5c each; 3 for $1.25; 6 for $2.00- 12 for $3 ? 8S d ^ W,U be 4 in - across - 

^^s M ^fisa«?^ ffc iff, tsa 3 *£ «'•«»« * ««■ *i-8s. 

Gloxinia like bloom. 45c each; 3 for $ I 00- 6 fo^ I? S s^ d r m l, t , r i ,sses of 

LYRTHRUM ROSEUM 5UPERBUM Wand lL red ^ F mks , and whites, 

and graceful. 45c each; 3 for $1 00; 4 for $1 off 112 faU $3?25 8 a$ting 
PYRETHRUM— Hardy Perennial PAINTED DA rsv 

i^u^ot^-^ ?foh^SH?H£w ~ 


&£^s^ the » 

&AILLARDIA Monarch Strain f Blanket Flowed c£nr?,?, 7 K? 12 ,or $5.25. 
Extremely hardy. 45c each; 3 f o? $T »• 6 for $? ss" x ? J lo °K s ' op CUttinfif - 

WAH i!: EN ^f, R ? l , A P lat Y c «den-chinese bell flower. One of the few perennial*? 
£n^ c W1 \ bl00m al i summer lon g. In bud flowers appear ^^ike cCese 

ixlllTu 7£%°25 n 2 inch belIs * M[XED: 45c each: ^ 'or sifoori fl? 

Single Pink or Double Mixed. Ea. 50c: 3 for $1 25- & for <L2- T9 *w oc 
RUDBECKIA PURPUREA (CONEFLOWER). Thrive in full sun or i^rtiai 

^fA rt C ANEA * x st o kes A ster. 4 inch Blue flowers are delightful with 
the rich grey green foliage. Each 45c; 3 for $1.00; 6 for %\.B5; Til for $3^25. 

rv • r? A 4 S ? A DAISY GIANTS — Superb Cut Flowers 

Dieners Giant Double White. Full doubles, semi-doubles, singles are all 
Produced, about 60% will be double the second year Many unusual tvDes 
never seen before 45c each; 3 for $1.00; 6 for $1.85! 12 fop $3 ^25 
Marcon. Giant Double. More fully double with centers completely covered 
tho not quite as large as Diener's. More of the flowers are douh£ th« 
Ai C ASKA y TL^ C + each i 3 for $1 - 25 = * *>r $2.00; 12 io7 $3.75 ° 

g!^*!^ in July 

CHRts E CO°LUmSIT S G t CHR ^ 4 ° C e ° : AI| f rfo $ r 3 $l 5 ; 8 5. 

y c . i w5 ^ ^ J? U ^ * Lar § e flowered white. 

LAVENDER LA^mJ^, US ' JS?^, 1 "^ brillian t lemon yellow. 
OLIVE LOKirtSun^V* 1 ? 53 ' The lavender of mums. 
COURAGEOUS ^ Ar? ^ apri ^ 0t salmon that is Autumn itself. 

POWDER Piic! 11 ! 1 ?^ 1 sha ^ e of la vender rose. 
REMEMBRANCE T^lu Pr0 l UCe mounds /J of dwarf white flowers. 
W P •SNYDER r£?fSJJi r i Ul l y ^ arrnme flr s. on heavy plants. 
wVi i A»« IP.I?* P ell ghtful shade of apricot. Fine 

H A R DY^ aI T E R S % hat ^ ^fh^ ^ V ^ yeUow Sushion mum. 
Bluf r *5 £ S ?f re ^ fal1 Wlth Chrysanthemums. 
Blue Gown. Deep blue. 60c ea.; 3 fop $1 50 
Hilda Ballard. Fringed lilac. 60c ea.; 3 fop $1.50. 
?o r i^l be / r,es an * Cre ani. Soft pink. 60c ea.; 3 for $1.50 

SIS^F 5 - 1 ^^^^^ wlthout Dret,y 

^ unffl'SJW ful ^ "looms f rom late 
— EVERGREEN BORDER for Sun or Shade 

gra^-"ik;i Miasi Useff,]^? 1 ! pr0 ' use 'y ^ late summer and fall. Attracts! 

S£Tl£SS ^ifSX-S ° f «*- -rchandis;) P„ stpaid . 0n 8ma ller 

Page 39 

Make your Plants Happy — Your Gardening Easy 


Handy! Speedyt 


Say "goodbye" to unsightly twine and raffia, 
to needless work with shears. Say "hello" to 
TWIST-EMS, to gardening fun, to lovely 
plants neatly and properly supported. 
TWIST-EMS — strong, dark green "invisible" 
tapes with wire reinforcing — protects stems 
permanently support annuals, perennials, 
vines, shrubs and vegetables. Grand for 
flower arrangement. TOO, 8 inch size 30c; 
250 ft. continuous roll, $1.00. 


Dahlia Labels 3%x% in. wired for attaching 
to plant. 25 for 25c; 100 for 85c. 
Pot or Garden Labels. 8x 5 /« in. Smooth poin- 
ted wood label. 25 for 35c; 100 for $1.25. 
Evermark Label Pencils. Writes smooth on 
rough wood surfaces. Will not rub off, will 
not wash off. 15c each: 12 for $1.50. 



Permanent, clear, legible. Special 
everlasting ink free with each order. 
12 in. plated metal support. Label 1 
in. x 2V 2 in. 25 for $1.85 postpaid; 
100 for $5.95 postpaid. 


SAFE — of 
24 labels, 1 oz. chemical ink, 1 applicator $1 .00 
50 labels, 1 oz. chemical ink, 1 applicator $2.00 
100 labels, 1 oz. chemical ink, 1 applicator $3.75 



Gut Germination Time 2 3. Root Cuttings in 6 Days 
Seed Up in 30 Hrs. Transplant 2 Weeks Sooner! 

J40A Cable & Thermo: for I sash $6,75 

S80A for double sash — 36 sq. ft $9.00 

J40 40 ft. 200 watt, cable only $2.25 

580 80 ft. 400 watt, cable only $4.50 


HYPONEX is a clean, odor- 
less, soluble powder which, 
with water, is a complete 
plant food. It grows bigger 
and better plants in poorest 
soil, even in sand, cinders, or 
water — indoors or outdoors. 
Contains Vitamin Bl 
3 oz. can, makes 18 gallons, 25c. 
7 oz. can, makes 42 gallons, 50c. 
1 lb. can, makes 100 gallons, $1.00 



for house plants and 
garden flowers. 
These clean, white, 
odorless tablets grow 
gorgeous foliage on 
house plants, quantities of blooms in the 
garden and finer vegetables. Each tablet a 
FULL MEAL of rich, balanced, complete 
plant food plus essential Vitamin B. Will 
not burn. 50 tablets 39c; 90 tablets 59c; 200 
Tablets $1.00; 1000 Tablets $3.50. 


Admits warmth and sunshine, prevents cold, 
wind and rain from damaging tender plants, 
seeds or seedlings. Complete pre-fabricated 
kit covers bed 5 ft. long 12" wide, 12" high, 
$1.95 each. 

Now — A really efficient invisible way 
to keep animals away. 

PARK'S Animal Repellant Rope 

Dogs, cats, will not cross or come near this 
rope. Simply circle any flower bed, vegetable 
garden or shrub. Lasts all season. 100 ft. for 


garden gloves 

Women's Sixes — 
Small - Medium - Large 

All-Leather. Soft As Kid. Dur- 
able. Dirt-Proof. Easy to wear. 
Washable. A real value at $1.75 a pair. Postpaid. 
Men's sizes. Medium-large. $1.85 a pair. 

Plastic - seeds visible as sown - go twice as 
a far. Saves thinning - for peas to petunias. 


Turns hard clay into easily cultivated 
fertile earth. Va lb. 65c; 2Va lbs. $2.50. 

©Of @M€ 

Reg. U. S. Pat. 02. 

ROOTONE. The plant hormone powder, 
for better rooting of cuttings, seeds and 
bulbs. Just dip cuttings into the powder 
before planting. To treat seeds and bulbs, 
just dust with Rootone before planting. 
Va oz. package 25c; 2 oz. Jar $1.00. 

ROOTONE No. 10. for Slower Rooting, 
woody varieties, more than twice the reg- 
ular strength. 2 oz. jar. $2.00. 

TRANSPLANTONE. Vitamin-hormone plant 
stimulant. Mix with water and apply 
around the roots after transplanting. 
Multiplies roots, helps prevent trans- 
planting check Va oz. Pkt. (Makes 50 
gal.) 25c. 3 oz. Jar. $1.00. 

FRUITONE. Produces a better set of fruit, 
prevents preharvest drop of fruits. Use 
double strength on Tomato flowers for 
seedless Tomatoes. 2/5 oz. pkt. 25c. 
HORMODIN. For stimulating rapid root 
growth in cuttings. Many cuttings for- 
merly impossible to propagate may now 
be rooted with the aid of Hormodin. 
Combination package of Hormodin Pow- 
ders No. 1 — for soft wood cuttings: No. 
2 — for woody cuttings; No. 3 — for hard 
wood cuttings. All three 85c. 
SEMESAN. Disinfectant for seeds and 
bulbs and for use in control of damp- 
ing off. Va lb. pkg. $2.25; Vi oz. pkg. 45c. 
SEEDTONE. Disinfectant for seeds, seed 
beds, bulbs. Controls "damping off" and 
other fungus diseases. Contains Captan. 
Non irritating. Va oz. 25c; 3 oz. $1. 
LEGUME-AID. Inoculant for Sweet peas 
Lupines, Garden Peas, and all Garden 
Beans. Enables these plants to obtain 
Nitrogen from the air. Increases yields, 
stimulates vigorous growth. Treats 5 lbs. 
seed. Pkt. 20c. 

FEED s ^ 

AN P Works 1/JteAfagtc 

Kills dandelion, plantain, thistle and 90 sim- 
ilar pests. Spot kills weeds next to perennials- 
no danger to other plants- no drift. Kills only 
the weeds you touch. Does not harm soil or 
grass. Most economical. A 2c fill of 2,4- D. 
Kills 1000 or more weeds. Easy- sure" 
dean-practical. No stooping-no dig- 
ging. A child can use it 
Delivered Price of Weed Wand $1.25 
Weed Wallop, 36 fills of genuine Dow 2,4-D $1.00 

Order both today for $2.25 


Kills over 90 weeds and woody plants 
without killing grass. Prevents re-sprout- 
ing of tree stumps. Apply with Weed 
Wand, water can, sprayer, plastic appli- 
cator to fit any gallon jug. 8 oz. (makes 6 
gal.) $1; 1 qt. $2.75. 

Plastic Wee done Sprayer Applicator. 59c. 
WEEDUST. 2, 4-D Weed Killer in ready 
tc use powder form. 12 oz. Canister. $1.00. 

all-in-one PLANT PLATE 

The Spray That Stays 

Insecticide-Fungicide-Plant Food 
Kills most insects, including aphids and 
rea-spiders. Controls plant diseases. Feeds 
plant thru its leaves. For flowers and 
vegetables. Stays on for weeks in all 
kinds of weather. Will not seal, burn or 
injure plants. Saves time, money, 
effort. Fewer sprayings are re- 
quired. 3 oz. can $1.35; 6 Gal. Size. 
(6 oz.) $2.25; 15 Gal, Size. (14 oz.) 
$3.95; Dust Form. 1 lb. $1.25. 


The most effective insecticide we 
know of. The shavings from a 
South African tree of the Cim- 
arubaceae family. Va lb. 35c; 1 lb. 
$1.00. Instructions in each package. 



Ideal Support for 

Grows finer, larger flowers, and vegeta- 

bles. Hung with ease in 5 minutes; no fuss, no bother. Use in- 
stead of string or wire. (Wire in sun burns delicate tendrils.) 
Does not rot like string — lasts several seasons. Size 60x72 in. 

Only 75c. 


The best we've ever seen for 
the low price. Even coverage up 
to 50 ft. Operates on high or low pressure 
and is fully Guaranteed. $2.95 each Postpaid. 
TEES. Operate 2 or more sprinklers by use 
of Tees. Each $1.00. 

PACKAGE DEAL. A complete sprinkler sys- 
tem. 2 sprinklers and Tee. $6.45. 




) Km Wttt^h Mtm. ^C tMM fJ oui^mM * (Mr 

The novel fume- 
type destroyer 
that eradicates 
gophers, moles, 
rats, field mice 
and other rodents 
at one "shot.** 
An unusually 
popular item, 
worth twice the 
price: 15c each; 
2 for 25c; 8 for 
$1.00; 12 for 



Destroys them quickly. 
Semi - powdered iorm — 
easy to use. No odor or 
gases. Harmless to soil 
or grass. Vz lb. can, 60c. 


]&> All heights^ 
shown are 1 
Cp overall. Deduct 
and 6 from all' I 
*f other sizesfor 1 
net height. 

So easy — Just stick 'em 
in the ground. Then 
hook in the plant 
stalks — the Job Is 
Done. Prepaid. 
16" size. $1.00 doz. 
30" size. $2.25 per doz. 
66" size. $4.75 per doz. 

Test Your Soil 

Home Gardener's 

Soil Test Kit 
Simple, prac- , 
tical easy to 
use. Your best 
insurance of 
gardening suc- 
cess. Tests for 
nitrogen, phos- 
phorus, potash 
and acidity. 
Makes 20 indi- 
vidual tests. 
Complete with 
instructions and 
how to correct 
soil deficien- 
cies. $2.98 each, 

FERTO-POTS. Plant "Eats" Pot 

Start your seeds, seedling plants, cut- 
ting indoors in Ferto-Fots, then plant 
pot and all directly in the garden. Pot 
feeds plant, prevents wilt and trans- 
planting shock. All organic formula 
includes well rotted cow manure. 
FOB Factory Pittstown, N. J. by express, or Parcel Post if you 
prefer. Ask your local Post Office postage needed on below 
shipping weights to your city from Pittstown, N. J., and add 
proper amount to your remittance. 

2" diam. (Wt. 5 lbs.) 100 for $2.50; 500 (Wt. 20 lbs.) $9.00; 
2V2" (Wt. 8 lbs.) 100 for $2.75; 3" (Wt. 11 lbs.) 100 for $3.25. 

For Sturdier, Greener, More Rapid Growth 

JIFFY POTS. A Smash Hit. See complete description pg. 11. 
SPHAGNUM MOSS. Antibiotic Damp-off control. The best seed 
starting medium. Ready to use Home Garden Package. $1.00. 
THE AMAZING "FLYING DISK" Scares birds and animals away. 
Made of shining aluminum, they spin and whirl madly giving 
blinding reflections, weird sounds. 10 disks, 35c, 30 disks $1.00. 
GARDEN DOCTOR. Takes guess work out of spraying. Controls 
most common diseases and insects on flowers, fruits, veg. Mala- 
thion, Methoxychlor, Captan. 8 oz. can $1.27. 
ACP ROSE & FLORAL DUST. 8 oz. Squeeze Duster. Use it with one 
hand. A very efficient insecticide, fungicide, miticide. Use as 
dust only. All purpose. $1.39 each. 

BLACK PLASTIC MULCH. Kills weeds easily. Acts as mulch. Saves 
cultivation. Conserves soil moisture and warmth. Just roll out 
between rows or punch holes and plant thru it. 100 ft. roll 12" 
wide $2.50. 

GRO-STUF — Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer 

20/20/20 Formula plus hormones and trace elements needed 
to make stuff grow. A complete liquid plant food. lb. $1.25. 

Gard-N-Glin. Attaches to garden hose. 
No pumping-no tank - Lasts a lifetime. 
Sprays any insecticide or fungicide, even 
wettable sulphur and bordeaux mixture 
without clogging. Easiest to use, most ef- 
ficient sprayer on the market. IV2 gal. 
capacity. Only $3.95. 

INSECT-O-GUN. A deluxe model of above 
with pistol grip, 6 gal. capacity. $5.95. 


Mix with water for nature's best organic 
fertilizer. 3 gal. size 30c; 12 gal. $1.20. 

Page 40 

ALL ITEMS on this page are postpaid except where specifically stated otherwise. 



For A 

Window Full of Cheer in Dreary Winter Weather 

A Complete list of seeds for Window Garden, Greenhouse, Conservatory Have 
«^nr*1Lt!S e ^ raising a window P lant ^om 'seed— 

for h5S hv i?}nw i V ttle plan i ets « PIJear ' an <* ^en watching and caring 
for it day by day till full-grown, blooming and seeding? If not, you have a 
thrilling experience in store for you. Order your seeds today. You will be 
™ ««« Q WlU i 2!L re ^i lts ' In addition to th e separate varieties listed below, 
we offer a splendid mixture of many easily grown sorts 3 pkts. 25c; 1 pkt. 10c. 

Fibrous Begonia F, Hybrid Gotha Child 

Everyone admires these colorful 
plants that bloom all 12 months. 

Begonias both Tuberous and Fibrous-rooted are 
easily raised from seed by proper care. Tuberous 
kinds bear larger flowers than the others and 
keep in bloom all summer. The Fibrous rooted 
often bloom continuously summer and winter. 


Unsurpassed for winter bloom, excellent for the 
shady summer bed. Seed, tho very fine, germin- 
ates readily if kept uniformly moist and warm. 

Tall Class. 12-20 inches 
310 — Christmas Cheer. Large, deep crimson rose, 
•ill— Enchantress. (Christmas Pink). Compact. 
315 — Complete Mixture. All colors. 10c; 25c. 

Intermediate Class, 8-12 inches 
322— Gustav Knaake. 8-10 in. Large fiery crimson. 
LARGEST FLOWERS OF ALL 33211— Rose Pearl. 8 
in. Giant flowers measure 2 in. and more across. 
Soft pink self, green lvs. Pkt. 25c. 
3321— CALLA LILY BEGONIA Calla Queen. Firs, 
bright scarlet red. Leaves top out white, appear 
like miniature Callas. 20 seeds 25c; 50 seeds 50c. 

3311 — Bois de Vaux. 8 in. Vivid bright rose flow- 
ers. Leaves metallic green with red border. 

3312 — Bicolor Elegance. Pink, white center. 
3328 — Indian Maid. Foliage a deep lustrous bronze. 
Flowers bright scarlet. 

321— KARIN (Indian Bride J. The first and only white 
flowering Begonia with dark leaves. Here is mag- 
nificent contrast: pure white firs., prominent yel- 
low stamen, dark luminous leaves. Be first to 
grow it in your area. Pkt. 50c. 
ENTIRELY NEW COLOR. 313-Sparkler. Large flowers 
of brilliant orange-salmon with each petal base a 
contrasting creamy white. 25c. 
314A — Complete Mixture. All colors Intermediate. 
Class Begonias including above and other colors. 

Dwarf Class, 6-8 inches 
30G — Carmen. Bronze leaved, rose pink. 
3324 — REDDEST OF ALL Ball Red. Brightest scarlet 
red firs. Dwf. ball shaped. Pkt. 25c. 

308 — Snowbank. Best pure white. Dense plants. 

309 — Special blend Dwarf Begonias Mixed. 

NEW Dwarf Double Class 8 in. 
3307 — Park's Christmas Candle, Makes practical for 
the first time growing double Fibrous Begonias 
from seeds. Fluffy balls of deep rose, shiny emer- 
ald green waxy leaves, dwarf rounded habit. A 
vigorous, uniform Fi Hybrid. 50% full double, 
50% semi -double. Pkt. 50 c. 


BEGONIA Tuberous Double 


Their hybrid origin gives a vigor which makes 
the plants more easily grown, more productive of 
flowers, more tolerant of sun; which with their 
absolute uniformity of habit and color, suits them 
admirably to outdoor beds or borders, in shade or 
sun. Perfect winter window plants. 
3328 — Heterosis Bonfire. Lustrous carmine scarlet. 
Metallic brown foliage Pkt. 25c. 

3308— Gotha Child F,, 8 in. Wonderful salmon-red 
of particular brilliancy. Hardy to moisture and 
stands full sun. Healthy, richly branched with in- 
defatigable flowering habit. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 

3309— Gotha F t . 8 in. Appealing bright rose Gotha 
Child counterpart and companion. Pkt. 25c. 
3323A — Essen F t . Large cerise flowers. Pkt. 25c, 

A— Jubilee F,. Scarlet with copper gleam. 25c. 
3322— Pink Profusion. La-France rose, purple buds. 

3306— Red Perfection F|. 6 in. ball shaped plants 
with an enormous, long lasting abundance of fiery 
dark scarlet flowers. Grows well even under poor 
conditions. Wet resistant. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 

3316— Sleeping Beauty. F|. 5 in. pyramids laden 
bright carmine. Sun, rain-proof. New. Pkt. 25c. 

3317 — Thousand Wonders Fi, 5" plants densely 
covered uniform lustrous bright pink. Pkt. 25c. 

3318 — Snow. Large pure white firs. Vigorous. 25c. 
3325— Fi Hybrids Mixed of above. Pkt. 25c. 


These are valuable for summer decorations or 
window gardens: large flowers often 6 in. across, 
colors ranging from white to crimson and shades 
of bronze, orange and rose. 

316— Giant Double Mixed, hhp. 1 ft. Beautiful 

double flowers in all colors. These come about 
80% double. Pkt. 25c. Larger Pkt. 65c. 

317 — Double Fringed Mixed Hybrids. 1 ft. From 
crosses on the newest and best kinds. Pkt. 25c. 

318 — Lloydii Pendula, fl. pi., Basket Begonia. For 
pots and hanging baskets. Showy double firs, in 
a wide range of colors. 25 seeds 25c. 
318 A — Multiflora Mixed. Especially for outdoor 
borders, sun-tolerant, compact plants produce 
hundreds of small double flowers. Pkt. 25c. 
3314 — Tuberosa Floribunda Mixed. A new and very 
choice development produced by crossing the 
Giant Double with the Multiflora class. Large 
double flowers on thrifty plants bloom profusely 
in beds or indoor pots. 25c; 65c. 
320— Complete Mixture of Tuberous-rooted. 

OUR "Gardener's Hand- 
book" with complete di- 
rections for growing 
these seeds. 

ANTHURIUM Scherierianum 
A Rare Tropical Aroid of Great Beauty 

122— ANTHURIUM Scherierianum. 15 in. Amid great 
shiny lance Ives, slender red stems holding 3-4" 
spathes of intense red, rose, salmon, variegated or 
even white topped with the slender curled spadix 
handle of yellow. 5 seeds $1; 12 s. $2. 
PLANTS; 2Vi" size. Mixed colors only $2.75 ea. 
3" blooming size. $4.50 ea. April to Oct. only. 
119A — Crystalinum. Huge hearts of deep velvety 
green veined sharp white. 4 seeds 50c: 10 seeds $1. 

4— ABUTILON New Hybrids, hhp. 3 ft. Pendant 
flowers, 1 to 3 in. long, vary in color from red 
to yellow and white, with intermediate hues and 
tints. Valuable for window box, greenhouse or 
conservatory, and equally suited for hanging bas-* 
kets or summer bedding. Easily grown. 
3A — Giant Hybrids (Hybridum Maximum). Flow- 
ers larger and colors more varied than above. 
A superior premium strain. Pkt. 25c. 
3 — Vitifolium. 3 in flower cups of soft blue lavender. 
Choice large pot plants. Pkt. 25c. 


3319— WINTER HARDY BEGONIA Evansiana. Sur- 
vives most northern winters with protective 
mulch. Also a fine pot plant. Pink firs. Pkt. 25c. 
3326 — BEGONIA Rex Hybrids. Decorative foliage is 
graceful in form, beautiful in coloration. Firs, 
pale pink, seeds very small. Pkt. 25c. 
305 A — Cathcartii. Large bright yellow firs, tinged 
red outside. Large leaves. Rex habit. Pkt. 25c. 
3313 — Heracleifolia. Profuse flowers white to rose 
in showy panicles above big palmate, star leaves 
of rich green marked bronze-mahogany. Pkt. 50c. 
306A — Laciniata. Large purple Ives. Pkt. 25c. 
3305 — Poponoei. Large round leaves bright green 
tinged red. Big pure white flowers are carried well 
above in spreading panicles. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 
307A— Plcta. Lves spotted white Pkt. 25c. 
308A — Rubro-venia. Scalloped lves., pink firs. 25c. 
303A — Rare Begonias Mixed. Above and others. 25c. 


Superb in shade, yet in parts of Europe they are 
much used in full sun as well. Trials in S.C., 
Penna., III. were impressive and suggest full sun 
where temperatures do not long stay above 90 
deg. elsewhere partial shade. Try a border of 
Begonias this year yourself. The Fi Hybrids and 
Tall Classes are best. 

Fibrous Begonia Karin (Frosty) The only white with dark leaves. Abutilon, New Hybrids BEGONIA Rex Hybrids 

For a gardening thrill, make your window a garden this winter. It's easy with Park's Seeds. 

Page 41 


91— Amaryllis Pure White. 

350 — CACTUS, Ornamental Blend. Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. 

349 — CACTUS Hardy Blend, hp. Many Cactus 
species are thoroughly winter hardy, even into 
Canada, others need only slight protection thru 
the winter. Here is a splendid mixture. 

350 — CACTUS Ornamental Blend, hhp. For pot cul- 
ture inside. Weird and curious stem formations 
with richly hued and feathery flowers followed 
by "jewel" fruits. Mixture of many kinds. 

SUCCULENTS for Dish Gardens 
201 0— Rare Succulents Mixed. A blend of many 
kinds from several fine collections. Most are 
dwarf, all are pretty and easily grown. Pkt. 25c. 
348 — BROW ALL I A Speciosa Major. 2 inch violet biue 
firs., fine pot plant. 

347— BUTTERFLY BUSH. (Buddleia Blend). Blue, 
purple, pink, orange, mixed. 

Dear Sirs: Oct. 19, 1956, Manitoba, Canada 

I am greatly pleased with results obtained by start- 
ing seeds in sphagnum moss obtained from you. 
Germination is so good that I intend to try all the 
varieties I've failed to grow in soil with moss as 
a starting medium. Mr. E. R. Shepherd 

CINERARIA Park's Prize Exhibition Giants 

A Glorious Rare Everblooming Evergreen 
622 A — CRO S S A N D R A Undulaefolia. 1 ft. hhp. Con- 
stantly produces large, bright salmon flowers as 
shown in the illustration. These are beautifully ac- 
centuated by the Gardenia-like leaves which are 
large and waxy in texture. Quickly and easily 
grown though the seeds are a little slow in starting. 
Culture as for Gloxinia. This exotic plant from the 
East Indies will elicit the admiration of all who see 
it. Be first to grow the thrilling charmer, Crossandra 
in your community. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00; 50 
seeds $3.00. 


Messrs. Ludwig of Holland have made Amaryllis hy- 
bridization their life work and are considered fore- 
most in this field with the World's finest Amaryllis 
Collection. Separate colors direct from the Ludwigs. 
Orders booked and shipped in July on arrival here 
to insure freshness. 

91— Scarlet. 2 seeds 25c; 10 seeds $1.00. 
95— Rose. 2 seeds 25c; 10 seeds $1.00. 

93— Pink. 2 seeds 25c; 10 seeds $1.00. 

94— Pure White. 2 seeds 35c; 8 seeds $1.00. 
82— Hybrida Mixed, hhp. 18 in. Large Lily-like flow- 
ers. Seeds from this mixture were saved from a fine 
collection and flowers will show all the beautiful 
colors known, but no certain color should be expec- 
ted. 10 seeds 15c; 20 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
26— BLUE LILY OF THE NILE AGAPANTHUS. hhp. Splendid pot plant. Umbels of big 
biue fragrant bells and ornamental ribbon-lik« foliage. Likes wet feet. 

56 — ALOE Varigata (Tiger Aloe). Easy, long lived succulent. Thick, variegated 
sword leaves of darkest green marbled white for contrast. Scarlet firs. 6 s. 25c. 
56A — ALOE Ferrox. Fast growing. Thick green lance Ives., toothed margins. 15 s. 25c. 

Coleus, Flame Nettle 

A plant of many uses, it is equally at home for 
grouping on lawns, potted, bedding, and window 
box culture. The luxuriant foliage is beautiful 
winter and summer, and will display maroon, 
green, crimson, yellow, pink, and combinations of 
these colors. The seed germinate readily and plants 
are easily cared for. 

Park's Brilliant 
Park's Brilliant. After years of patient breeding, we 
have a strain that surpasses all others we have seen 
in both brilliance and vigor. 

560 — Candidum. Soft ivory bordered brilliant green. 
A striking, beautiful combination. 
564A — Red Brilliant. Rich combination of deep ma- 
hogany-red, bright carmine-rose, green edge. 
560A — Pink Brilliant. Coral-pink blending to coppery 
salmon with small green border. 
558 A — Rose Brilliant. Rose edged green, extra dwf. 
565 — Striped Brilliant. Unique varied colors. 
564— Brilliant Old Gold Edged Green. 
Separate colors above are about 90% true. 
Price each: 30 seeds 25c; 150 s. $1. 
587 A — Brilliant Mixed. Bright combinations of red, 
rose, pink, bronze, copper, ivory and purple in- 
cluding above. 40 seeds 25c; 200 s. $1. 

582 — Pride of Montferland. A new strain with large 
leaves, distinguished by its beautiful colors and 
markings and robust compact growth. Pkt. 25c. 

586 — Avalon Strain. Brilliant variants of salmon, 
apricot, near-gold, pink, rose, cream, carmine, pur- 
ple, copper. A fine strain. 

585A — Fringed Leaved Mixed. Leaves are deeply 
fringed and laciniated. Good bright colors. 

587 — Glory of Vichy. Apricot and copper shades. 
585 — Ball Copper Giant. Copper rose. 25c. 
586A — Metalicus. Metallic red to brown. Pkt. 25c. 
581A— Othello. Black, true from seed. Pkt. 25c. 

583 — Rainbow Hybrids Mixed. Wide range of colors. 
Includes all the colors known to Coleus. 

562— Rembrandt. 80% Exquisite rust red. Pkt. 25c. 

580 — Glory Mixture. Rare and unusual colors. 

Coleus Oriental Splendor 
Huge, exotic leaves in rich luxurious color blend- 
ings give these semi -dwarf plants enchantment all 
their own. Grown for us by a world leading hy- 
bridist with meticulous oriental care. 
559A— Copper Red. 30 seeds 25c; 150 s. $1. 
561 A— Red Shades, dark edged. 30 s 25c; 150 s $1. 
562A— Scarlet Shades. 30 s 25c; 150 s $1. 
565A— Soft Green, Gold Dusted. 30 s 25c; 150 s $1. 

563 — Extra Large Fancy Leaved Mixed. A wide array 
of bright combinations. Pkt. 25c; 250 seeds $1.00. 

581 — Small Leaved Hybrids. Bright, varied, graceful. 

584 — Complete Special Park's Mixture. A fine blend- 
ing of above strains. Pkt. 10c; 25c; 1/64 ox. $1.00. 

209— ASTER KIRKWELL MIXED. 6-10 in. Dwarf, free 
flowering, quick to bloom. The fully double 2 inch 
flowers cover the compact ball shaped plant. Feb- 
ruary sowing makes 4 inch blooming pot plant for 
Decoration Day. Pkt. 25c. 

8— ACHIMENE Hybrid Mixture. 6-12 in. hhp. A 
choice Gesneriad described page 48. Winter win- 
dow pot plant, summer shady border or porch 
box. In bloom all the time. Pkt. 25c. 
280 — AUCUBA Japonica variegata. A succulent 
evergreen window plant, which will, over the 
years become a tub specimen. Long leaf lances 
of green and gold. Gold dust Plant. Pkt. 25c. 
337 A — BOUVARDIA JACQUINJI. Evergreen, Umbels 
of bright scarlet firs, in July. 6 seeds 25c; 30, $1. 


The large flowered Cinerarias are beautiful flower- 
ing plants for the window, very bright, rich colored, 
free blooming, and lasting. Seeds start quickly 
and Spring seedlings bloom the following winter. 
546 — Cremer's Prize Strain. A reselected strain of 
choice colors, very floriferous. Exhibition. 

548 — Howard & Smith's Super Giant Mixture. 15 in. 
Huge flowers 4-6" across, each petal 1-1 1 / 2 " wide. 
Unequalled color range. Magnificent. 25c. 

549 — Park's Dwarf Nana Multiflora Hybrida. Pro- 
fuse blooming, many colors. Dwarf. 

Little Plants, Giant Flowers Quick 

550 — Hansa. Giant flowers form gloriously color- 
ful umbrellas above the small foliage. In full 
bloom 3-4 weeks earlier than others, the plants 
take less room and less time to grow. Scarlet, 
blood red, crimson, pink, blue, some solid, some 
with sharp white eyes all included. Pkt. 25c. 
546A— Erfort Dwarf Finest Mixed. 8 in. tall, 10 in. 
across. Brightest colors, lots of reds. 25c. 
550A— Rare Double Mixed. High % dble. firs. 25c. 

551— Park's Prize Exhibition Giants Mixed. This is 
an extra large flowering strain, grown for us by 
Holland's best grower. Pkt. 25c. 

552 — Complete Mixture of Cinerarias. 

CALCEOLARIA, Pouch Flower 

These are of easy culture from seeds. The unique 
pocket-like firs, are entirely different in form 
from any other flower and the colors range from 
yellow to pink and red, some being tigred, spotted. 

355— Duplex Hybrids. 40 seeds 25c. See pg. 3. 
361 — Giant Tigred and Spotted Mixed. Extra large 
flowers, beautifully tigred and spotted with a few 
self colors to add enchantment. Strong growing. 

Blooms a Month Before other Calceolarias 

358 — Extra Early Tigred. Solid heads of medium- 
large flowers on dwarf plants. Good bright colors 
in full mixture. Pkt. 25c. 

356 — New Dwarf Compact. 9 in. Lovely clusters 
of many colors, brilliant reds, yellows, and in- 
termediate shades selfs and spotted, beautiful. 
The plants are more convenient to handle than 
the taller varieties. 

356A — Dwarf Compact Tigrina. 9 in. Brilliant 
tigred flowers, free flowering, dwarf. Pkt. 25c. 

359 — Complete Special Mixture of Calceolaria. 

622A— Crossandra. 15 seeds $1.00 356 — CALCEOLARIA New Dwarf Compact. (Most popular) Coleus Fringed Leaved 

Page 42 Prices All Seeds ( in ^ s ^ t f on ) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00.— Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00. 

Episcio Hybrids 

-FUCHSIA Bodger's Superlative Hybrid Mixture. 

CYCLAMEN-Shooting Star 

CYCLAMEN Perslcum Giganteum. hhp. 1 ft. For the window 
in winter. The exquisite flowers of many lovely colors are 
produced in great abundance for many weeks; seed show 
plantlets in about 8 weeks; plants begin blooming in 18 
mths. Every seed, as a rule, will produce a plant. 

626 — Christmas Holly. Color of the Hollyberry. Selected from 
a famous strain. Flowers of great size. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds 

627 — Bright Waves Ruffled. New, flowers large and beautiful- 
ly ruffled. Complete mixture of all Cyclamen colors. 3 seeds 
25c; 15 seeds $1.00; 100 seeds $5.65. 

633 — Rococo Mixed. Unique fiat frilled and fringed flowers. 
In all colors. Beautiful, different. 3 s. 25c; 15 s. $1. 

3636 — Sweet Scented Mixed. Very fragrant. 3 seeds 25c. 
631— Silver Leaf Varieties Mixed. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00. 

628 — Double Mixed (Voght's) Rare and expensive. A sensa- 
tion anywhere. Fully double flowers in complete mixture of 
colors. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00; 100 seeds $5.65. 


The above and all other known Cyclamen colors in a fine 
balanced Hybrid Mixture. 5 seeds 15c; 10 seeds 25c; 100 
s. $2. 

3630— Dark Blood Red. 619— Pure White. 3631— Light Salmon. 
3632— Soft Rose, red eye. 618— Deep Pink. 3633— White, red 
eye. Above colors, each: 6 seeds 25c; 25 seeds 75c. 

3637 — HARDY Cyclamen Europeum. Bright red, very fragrant. 
CYCLAMEN NOTES — Seeds sown in early winter will pro- 
duce flowering plants for the following winter. It takes 
about two months for the seed to form a tuber below 
ground after which 2 leaves will appear and the little plants 
should be transplanted. Fresh, fibrous, well drained loam 
containing one-fifth well-rotted horse manure is best for 
a potting mixture. 

607— CRASSULA Cocci nea. 1 ft. Showy succulent with fra- 
grant scarlet flowers for cool rooms. 

793 — EPISCIA Hybrids. Special crosses made by 
Peggy Schultz in her grand collection of many 
kinds. Most will have scarlet flowers, but blue, 
yellow and white also occur. Foliage varies in color 
and texture and is an outstanding feature of these 
lovely plants. 10 seeds 25c; 50 s $1.00. 
2026— ROYAL RED BUGLER, (Trichosporum) A 
choice basket plant with bright scarlet, tubular, 2 
lipped flowers. Vining, hanging habit. Pkt, 25c. 
392 — CAMELLIA Joponica, fl. pi., hhp, 20 ft. Large 
double and single flowers, finest mixed colors. 
Hardy South, the pride of Dixie's Gardens. An 
exquisite winter blooming plant for the Conserva- 
tory in the North. 6 seeds 25c; 30 seeds $1.00. 
574— CLIVIA MINI AT A— Rare and Most Glorious 
Giant Trumpet shaped flowers of bright scarlet 
with yellow throats are borne in umbels atop a 
1 ft. stem. Strap shaped, waxy green leaves remind 
one of the Amaryllis family of which it is a mem- 
ber. 3 seeds 50c; 7 seeds $1.00; 15 seeds $2.00. 

647— UMBRELLA PLANT. (Cyperus alternif olius ) . 3 
ft. Resembles a miniature clump of palm trees. 

637 A — Fragrans. Big racemes of pink, deliciously 
scented flowers, attractive purple young leaves, 
clusters of scarlet fruit. 8 seeds 25c; 40 s $1. 

Start's Glory Pea from Australia 
569 — CLIANTHUS Dampen. Showy pot climber. 
Racemes of scarlet "Parrot's Beak," black blotched 
flowers. In Australia it illuminates large areas. 
Pkt. 25c. 


ALL FUCHSIA SEEDS we sell are produced 
under ideal conditions in California by 
the Bodgers who have given this plant 
their special attention for many years. 
Pollination is all done by hand to insure 
that the crosses are accurate and that 
the seed will have hybrid vigor. No finer 
Fuchsia seed can be had anywhere in 
the world. 

839 — FUCHSIA Hybrids Mixed, hhp, 2 ft. 
Single and double flowers. Outer petals 
reflexed and so colored as to contrast 
beautifully with the inner petals. Flow- 
ers produced throughout the entire win- 
ter indoors, and if used for summer bed- 
ding blooms in July and August, in a 
shady place, where few other plants will 
do well. 20 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1.00. 

865 — Badger's Superlative Mixture. 
This is a premium strain produced by 
crosses between plants having American 
Fuchsia Society "A" or "B" ratings only, 
including pastels. 

10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00 
865A — Bodger's Superlative Pastel Mixture. 
Pastels included above and many others, 
produced for us for you by special ar- 
rangement with the Bodgers. 10 seeds 
25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 

COBRA ORCHID or Pitcher Plant 

It Catches Flies, Eats Raw Meat 
663A — DARLINGTON) A Californica. A fascinating 
carnivorous plant with beautiful pitcher-shaped 
leaves hooded crimson. Purple or yellow flowers. 
For house plants or bog gardens. 7 seeds 25c; 35 
seeds $1.00. 


6 inch full double Chrysanthemums from seed 
and mostly true to type, size and doubleness. For 
flowering outside, protect from frost in late fall. 
Seeds from select hand pollinated parents in a 
wide range of beautiful colors. 
535— Incurved Double type. 5 seeds 25c; 25 s. $1. 
534— Spider Double type. 5 seeds 25c: 25 s. $1. 
537 A — Pompon. Medium Sized Double Mixed Col- 
ors. 5 seeds 25c; 25 seeds $1.00. 
538 — Mixed all sorts. Large double, Pompon, Ane- 
mone FL, Incurved. 7 seeds 25c; 35 s. $1, 

Pictured below 
Florist's Chrysanthemums Mixed. 

Richly Fragrant-Exacum Affine 

809— EXACUM Affine. 12 in. hhp. Compact, free 
flowering plant of the Gentian family; firs, blue 
with golden stamens; richly fragrant. Seed may be 
sown any month but February sown seed will pro- 
duce flowering plants for fall and winter. 
809A — Atrocoeruleum. New dark lavender. Pkt. 25c. 


The "greens" of the florist. Used for giving that 
finishing touch to corsages, arrangements. 

200 — Plum os us nanus. 18 in. A low growing form 
which makes an attractive pot plant. 

201 — Sprengeri. (Emerald Feather), hhp. 6 ft. The 
most satisfactory species for home culture. Easy, 
with long airy, graceful sprays, fragrant, pinkish 
flowers, coral-red berries at Christmas. 

202 — Asparagus Ferns Mixed. 
The above and others. 


Fern spores are tiny and dust-like, require 
patience, proper care. Directions with 

22— MAIDEN HAIR FERN (Adiantum Scu- 
tum roseum ) . 3'. Slender lace-like fronds, 
rosy tint. 25c. 

24 A— OCEAN SPRAY. A new sturdier Adi- 
antum with very strong, thick leaved 
branches. Young plants make a fine show- 
ing so results are quicker. The color is 
rich green. Pkt. 50c. 
199— BIRD'S NEST FERN (Asplenium nidus-avis). 
Upright growing smooth fronds up to 3 ft. long 
form a nest -shaped plant. Pkt. 25c. 
639— HOLLY FERN (Cyrtomium falc. Rochefordii). 
Glossy deep green pointed Holly -like leaflets form 
the 2V 2 ft. frond. Easiest to grow. 25c. 
1430 — SWORD FERN (Nephrolepis cordifolia plum.). 
Glossy dark 2 ft. swords comprised of many close, 
often overlapping pinnae. Beautiful. 25c. 
1430A— BOSTON FERN (Nephrolepis exaltata). Stiff 
erect fronds 5 ft. long when mature. Pkt. 25c. 
1748A— BRAKE FERN (Pteris cretica albolineata). 
Leathery leaf with broad cream white center 
stripe. Strikingly beautiful. Pkt. 25c. 
Above Ferns Price: Pkt. 25c; Giant Pkt. 65c. 
FERN COLLECTION. 1 Pkt. each 6 above for $1.00. 

kinds for use as pot plants. Pkts. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. 

834— FERNS HARDY BLEND. This is a mixture of 
spores of species completely winter hardy. Choice 
and very popular. Pkt, 15c; 25c. 

Clivia, Kafir Lily 

All Seeds ( ) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Gt. Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00. 

FERN Adiantum Ocean Spray 

Page 43 

Gloxinia Gigantea 


Tetranema, Red Violet 

Martha Washington Geranium (Pelargonium) 

GLOXINIA, hhp. 1 ft. These are easily grown froms seeds and when 
sown in spring, the plants will begin blooming about Christmas and 
will remain in bloom during the winter. The firs, are large bell- 
shaped and of the most brilliant colors. These seeds are very small 
and require care in handling but start very readily when sown in 
pans or pots on finely sifted soil and watered from beneath. 

881 — Tigrina Gigantea. Benary's new giant blooming strain. Huge 
flowers are tigred and spotted in a great variety of rich colors. 25c. 

889 — Evelina. Bright crimson -rose with ivory gullets. Large up -facing 
flowers. Small, short-stalked, pliable Ives. 25c. 

885 — Blanche de Meru. Rose and white. 880 — Queen Victoria. Pure white. 
878— Emp, Frederick. Scarlet and white, 879 — E. Willi am. Violet, white. 
887A — Gigantea Rhine. Giant white with pink border. Pkt. 25c. 
8 78 A — Gierth's Red. Large bright red, fringed and ruffled. Pkt. 25c. 

890 — King of the Giants. Upright open bells of enormous size on 
short, solid stems are delicately waved and of deep velvety crimson. 
A show strain of the highest excellence. Pkt. 25c. 

3878— Roi des Rouges. Huge ruffled brilliant crimson -scarlet. 25c. 
3880 — Dark Blue. A beautiful color. 884 — Fire King. Bright red. 
880 A — Sen weizer land. Fringed and ruffled. Scarlet, white border. 25c. 
887 — Tannenberg. Giant beautifully fringed crimson-red. 
880A — Multiflora Mixed. Very free blooming, tho firs, are smaller. 
884 A — Gigantea Mixed. Largest flowers (4V2-5 in. across) in many 
new, rich colors as well as the regular Gloxinia colors. This is the 
last word in Gloxinias. You can't buy bulbs this fine. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 

882 — Complete Mixture made from above and all other known colors! 

875 A — GESNERIA Large Flowered Scarlet Hybrids. Elegant plants akin 
to Gloxinias are similar in appearance but many firs, are borne on 
a long central stem. Pkt. 25c. 

2009 — RED VIOLET. (Tetranema Mexicana) hhp. 6 in. The pretty flow- 
ers are red-purple trumpets, many at the summit of each slender 
purple scape rising 6" above basal whorls of large waxy leaves of 
deepest green. A delightful muchblooming window plant. Pkt. 25c. 

hhp. From Sluis Bros. 

IMPATIENS-Patience or Sultana 

In bloom every month of the year. 

For the window in winter, porch box in spring, 
a shady bed in summer. Impatiens are easily grown 
from seed and begin to bloom in about 3 months 
from sowing. The flowers are 1 1 2 -2" in diam, with 
graceful curving spurs, and display colors of red, 
rose, pink, white and shades between. 

1030— Holstii. hhp, 2 ft. Brilliant scarlet. 

1031— Holstii Hybrids, hhp, 2 ft. A great variety 
of colors. Large 2" flowers with slender down- 
turned spurs. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 

1033 — Sultani. hhp. 15 in. Dwarf, brilliant carmine. 

1034 — Sultani Hybrids, hhp. 15 in. Dwarf plants in 
fine mixed colors. 

1039— Extra Dwarf Hybrids (Sultani nana Hyb.J. 

New. More dwarf and compact than those listed 
above, A new premium strain from Holland. 25c. 

Tiny Plants, Big Blooms, in Little Space 
1031 A— Scarlet Baby. Only 6 inches tall. Very uni- 
form, flat growth, compact and very free flower- 
ing. Extra bright scarlet. Pkt. 25c. 
1034 A — Orange Baby. Very bright sparkling orange. 
Habit identical to Scarlet Baby. Pkt. 25c. 
1033A— Beauty of Klettgau. 2" firs. Fiery scarlet. 
Extra dwarf. Pkt. 25c. 

1039A— Extra Dwarf. Salmon-rose. Pkt. 25c. 

1040— Extra Dwarf Carmine. Pkt. 25c. 

1032 — Complete Mixture of Impatiens. 

Glorious Ever-blooming Flowers for Pots or Showy Beds 

Sluis Bros, of Holland, where Geraniums grow and bloom to perfection, have a fine 
strain of choice large-flowered Geraniums. We take pleasure in offering the seeds 
direct from them this season. Their collection embraces a great variety of shades, 
colors and variegations, as white, rose, scarlet, crimson, salmon and flesh, some 
more or less marked with other colors. The seeds are of the new crop and will 
germinate in from two to eight weeks, not all appearing at the same time. Botan- 
lcally known as Pelargonium Zonale, this is the Geranium grown and loved in win- 
dow gardens thruout the nation. Fine for bedding too. 

1550— GERANIUM (Pelargonium zonale). Complete Mixture 
fine collection. Pkt. 10c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 
1553 A— Double Hybrids. Zonale Fl. PI. Saved from double flowering plants only in 
all colors, but do not come 100% double. Pkt. 25c. 

1551— Flowerland Hybrids (Pelargonium). A fine Hybrid strain saved from named 
varieties. Fiat, White Beauty. Alice Vincennes, Madam Kovelesky and others. This 
single stram includes a wide range of colors. 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00 

1551 A— GRAND1FLORUM HYBRIDUM MIXED. Martha Washington Geranium. Also Smown 
as Show or Pansy Flowered. Flowers are large, bell shaped and borne in large clus- 
ters. Rose, red, lilac, white, appleblossom, are all included in the mixture. 8 seeds 
25c; 40 seeds $1.00. 


JSS1 A— ? os ^ G e ram '« m * Fragrant Ives. Firs, pink or rose veined purple. Pkt. 25c. 
1555 A — Apple Geranium. (O. Verum) Large sweet scented leaves Pkt. 25c 
1X£*~~ N "* m ?9 Geranium. (Odoratissimum) Sweet scented, white firs. Pkt. 25c. 
155 1 A— Mixed. Dozens of scented leaved kinds. 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 

HARDY OUTDOOR GERANIUMS — Not for indoor culture 

%mM&k . . Sow in fall for spring germination, or freeze before sowing. 

iittr 5 °J9"ineum. 1 ft. In color not far from blood red tho this varies. Pkt. 25c. 

1548 A — Hardy Blend. The above and many others, some rare, all good. Pkt. 25c. 


1429A — NA EG EL I A Hybrida Com pacta Mixed. 
(Smithiantha) . A close Achimene relative, requir- 
ing similar culture (See pg. 59) Flowers red, yel- 
low or painted in terminal racemes. Leaves beau- 
tifully marked. Pkt. 25c. 

802 A — ECHEVERIA HYBRIDS. Hen and Chickens. 
Succulent rosettes of various pastel colors. Easy. 

803 A — ECHEVERIA Multtcaulis. Succulent leaves 8" 
long, %" wide form large plants. Flowers red with 
yellow interior on rosy stems. Pkt. 25c. 

803 — ERYTHRINA Crista-Galli (Cockspur Coral Tree). 

3 ft. Brilliant scarlet, Sweet Pea like flowers. Likes 
heat. 3 seed 25c; 9 s. 65c. 

186 — FATS1A Japonica. A stately, palm-like plant. 

835— RUBBER PLANT. Ficus elastica. An unusual, 
attractive succulent. Pkt. 25c. 

896 — SILK OAK. (Grevillea rob.) Decorative fern- 
leaved plant. 

874 — GLORY LILY (Gloriosa Mixed). Exotic 3" 
waxy, Lily-like flowers charmingly reflexed and 
waved and in brightly variegated colors, mostly 
red and yellow. Window climber. 25c. 

860 — GENISTA Canadensis. Evergreen much 
branched bushy shrub with small leaflets, bear- 
ing fragrant bright yellow flowers. 

FREESIA 837— Rainbow Hybrids. Easy of culture, 
their fragrance and charming beauty will be a 
source of delight. 

838 — Super Giants Mixed. A new and beautiful race 
which is far superior to all others. Giant firs, long 
stems, choice colors. 25c. 

1 OS 5 A — I SOLO MA Hirsutum Multiflora Hybrids. Very 
variable, interesting Achimene relative with hairy 
leaves, tubular flowers in bright colors, usually 
with contrasting dotted throats. Pkt. 25c. 
1890 — SINNINGIA Eumorpha. Slipper flowers of 
milky white, lined with violet and yellow, ac- 
cented by a red ovary. Large downy Ives. 12 seeds 
25c; 60 s. $1. 

1889— SINNINGIA (Slipper Gloxinia). A blend of 
species and Hybrids. Exquisite olive-green leaves 
with nodding, graceful flowers shaped like Cin- 
derella's slipper. 15 seeds 25c; 75 s. $1. 
1768— RECHSTEINERIA Macropoda. Emerald green 
leaves above which rise umbels of brilliant red 
tubular flowers. 20 seeds 25c; 100 s. $1. 

Double Decker Plant 
1768A— RECHSTEINERIA Purpurea. Two tiers of love- 
ly tubular flowers, hundreds of them, in pale 
pink with wine-colored markings. The leaves too 
are in tiered whorls of 6 then 3, 6 and 3. A rare 
bit of Horticulture. 20 seeds 25c; 100 s. $1.00. 
855— GESNERIA D BLEND. Beautiful pot plants in- 
clude Gesneria, Gloxinia, Saintpaulia, Sinningia, 
Achimene, Isoloma, Naegelia. Rich, varied colors. 
Pkt. 50c. 

Page 44 

Impatiens Sultani Nana Hybrids, (Extra Dwarf J FREESIA Super Gts. Double Decker Plant 

Sinningia, Slipper Gloxinia 

Kalanckoe Scarlet Gnome 


Showy winter blooming pot plants which hold up 
well under normal home conditions. 
The flowers last many weeks, the plants are long 
lived. Sow in spring, grow in open during summer, 
pot in fall for Christmas, winter and spring bloom. 
Oval, fleshy, succulent, waxy leaves are attractive 
and usually toothed and red tinged. Plants bear 
a profusion of small brightly colored flowers which 
remain without fading for many weeks. 

1077 — Globulifera Coceinea (Blossfeldiana) . 12 in. 
The original tall very vigorous type. 

10?7A — Brilliant Star. 10 in. Flowers 3 times larger 
and of richest fiery red. Pkt. 25< 
1078A — Golden Shades. 10 in. Large lasting flowers 
in shades of yellow. New and unusual. 

1078— Tom Thumb. 8" little round plants actually 
enveloped with small bright scarlet flowers. 
1087A — Scarlet Gnome. 7 in. Perfectly rounded 
symmetrical plants literally covered with flowers. 
Blossoms much larger than Tom Thumb, very 
bright deep scarlet, do not lose their color. Pkt 25c. 
1087 — Complete Mixture of Kalanchoe. 

941 A — HEDYCHIUM Coccineanum. Dense 10 in. 
spikes of Butterfly-like bright red flowers. Glossy 
Canna-like Ives. Pkt. (15 seeds) 25c. 
944A— Mixed. 15 seeds 25c. 

971 — HELIOTROPE (Cherry Pie). Regale Dwarf 
Mixed. 15 in. A dwarf, even clear colored strain 
with extra large flower heads. Pkt. 25c. 

972— Heliotrope Complete Mixture. 

LANTANA New Hybrids 

LANTANA. 1088— Choice New Hybrids, hhp, 3 ft. 

Beautiful firs, of various colors; fine pots or beds. 
1089 — Nana Compacta. 1 ft. Dwarf. 


"Damping Off" is a miscroscopic fungus growth 
which attacks the baby plants just as they emerge 
from the ground or while they are still small, and 
is the reason for many failures which are blamed 
on the seed, especially where very small seeds are 
concerned. It may be overcome by treating the 
seed (We do this for you as an extra "Park Serv- 
ice"), and sterilizing the soil. (Bake in the oven 
2 hrs. at 200° 24 hrs. before planting.) 
Sphagnum moss is a sterile antibiotic material 
m which fungi and bacteria cannot live. We have 
found sowing seed in Sphagnum sifted on sterile 
soil a positive Damp-off control. 
Where sterilizing is impractical, as with an out- 
door bed or cold frame, spray the soil, just as the 
seedlings appear, with Semesan solution (% oz. 
to gallon of water). We offer SEMESAN in l \ lb. 
pkg. $2.25. This is enough to spray 480 square 
feet. 1/3 01. (for 40 sq. ft.) 45c. 
Horticultural Milled Sphagnum ready to use Home 
Garden Package with directions. $1.00. 


Ever-blooming Chinese Giant Fringed Primrose 

Microsperma Golden Tassel. 
1343 — MICROSPERMA Golden Tassel. 9 in Choice 
pot plants with Primula foliage, upfacing trumpets 
of bright chrome yellow 2" across. Pkt. 25c. 
1076— J AC A RAN DA Mimosifolia. Elegant finely cut 
fern-like foliage; clusters of large blue flowers. 
105 7 A— WOOD ROSE (Ipomoea tuberosa). Celon 
Morning Glory. Yellow flowers. 3 seeds 25c. 
1196— L1PPIA Citriodoro, Lemon Verbena, hhp. 2 
ft. Sweet scented foliage, showy white flowers. 
1202— LITTONIA Modesto. Pendant bell blossoms of 
radiant orange A Gloriosa cousin needing like 
handling. Delightful in pots or summer yard. 25c. 
1251 A— -CHILEAN JASMINE. Mandevillea suaveo- 
lens. Pretty window vine, fragrant white flowers. 
1252A— BRIGHT MAURANDIA Mixed. Window 
climber with brightly colored irregular trumpet 
firs, in white, rose, blue. Pkt. 25c. 
1213— MAURANDIA Scandens. Climbing Foxglove. 
1431 A— OLEANDER (Nerium). Here is a lovely out- 
door shrub of the south for your northern con- 
servatory. Flowers in showy clusters, red to white. 
PASSION VINE (Passiflora). hhp. Magnificent 
flowers of unusual structure followed by egg- 
shaped fruits. Tendril climbing vines. 
1547 A — Alba. Rare pure white. Pkt. 25c. 

1545 — Coerulea Showy blue flowers. 

1546 — Edulis. Blue and white flowers, showy, de- 
licious purple, egg-shaped edible fruits. 

1543 A — Hybrid a. Various species crossed to give 
unusual combinations of color and size. 
J 559 — Incarnata — Two inch flowers, white with 
Pi n ?« cr ?. wr i* Frult yellow, attractive and edible. 
J545A— Malformis. Fragrant 5" white, red, violet. 

1547— Mixture of Passiflora. Pkt. 10c: 25c. 


Easily grown, seeds germinate in 2-6 months. 
1445 — PYGMY DATE PALM (Phoenix Roebelenii). 
2/2 ft. hnp. The many shiny green leaves are 
gracefully curved and drooping. A beautiful pot 
plant outdoor accent summer. 10 seeds 25c 
1464 — COMPLETE MIXTURE of Date palms. Wind- 
mill palms, Washington Palms. Pkt. 15c; 25c. 


PRIMULA, hhp. These are hardly equalled by any 
other flower for winter blooming. The plants are 
easily raised from seeds, begin to bloom in six 
to eight months, bloom In winter and spring. 


The Giant Flowered Primrose 
1741A— Wyaston Wonder Gigantea Crimson has 

flowers almost twice as large as any other Ob- 
conica variety. Bright crimson red. Pkt. 25c. 
1740— Pure White. 1741— Red. 1742— Bright Blue. 

1744— Gigantea Splendid Complete Mixture. 
1707-HYBRID PRIMULA Kewensis. 15 in % in. 
flowers in large umbels are bright yellow and de- 
hciously fragrant.- The yellow coloring is very 
rare in Window Garden Primulas. Pkt. 25c. 

The Baby Primrose 

Blooms in 4 months from seeds. 

1737 A — Purple Robe (Royal Purple). Pkt. 25c. 
1736A — Rose Bouquet. Brilliant carmine-rose with 
bright golden eye. 

1735 A — Hansa Blood Red. Here is an exceptional 
new color for this group. The plants are so vigor- 
ous and robust this perhaps should be called the 
hrst of an entirely new group. Very lovely. Pkt. 25c. 
1735 — Double Mixed. A beautiful new strain, very 
unusual in this family. Well formed, double flow- 
ers are borne on heavy wiry stems. Pkt. 25c. 
1739 — Complete Mixture Primula malacoides. 


Anyone can grow these successfully from seeds, 
and a window full of the blooming plants is an 
object that attracts the attention and admiration 
of all. Finest strains in rich and beautiful colors. 
1734— Choice Mixed all colors. Pkt. 15c; 25c. 
1733— Gigantea Mixed. Extra large firs. Pkt. 50c. 
1730— Park's D oll b| e Flowered Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 

1745 — Chinese Star Sorts. These are more free- 
blooming than the Giant Fringed, embrace as 
many colors, and are more easily cared for. 
PRIMULA NOTES: Sow seed from January to May 
for fall and winter flowers. Use light sandy soil, 
and barely cover the seed. Keep soil moist, not 
wet. 70 o Temp. Remove glass and paper cover 
when germination begins. Dark needed to start. 

Passion Vine 

Ornamental Banana 

For a Gorgeous Tropical Effect. 
1382A — MUSA Ensete. A rosette of huge, striking 
leaves which when young have narrow edge of 
red or white. Tub culture, or dug and stored above 
45 deg. during winter. Start with bottom heat. 
2 seeds 25c; 10 seeds $1.00. 

1382 — Arnoldiana. Smaller leaves, more dwarf than 
Ensete, thus better suited as a pot plant for the 
window garden. 3 seeds 50c; 8 seeds $1.00. 

mMmmm Will ship in May on arrival here. 
1454A— Cymbediums Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1452A— Cyprepediums Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1451A — Dendrobiums Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1449A— Calanthe & Phino Mixed. Pkt. 25c. 
1447— OXALIS (Little Buttercup). Mixed. 
I44K — Purple Bed 4 in. Purple Ives. Yellow firs. 
155SA — PEPEROMIA Maculosa. Choice small grow- 
ing plant with 7" fleshy egg shaped Ives, of bright 
shining green on stems spotted with brown or 
purple. 10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 

1671— Bipennatifidum. Huge ferny, shiny, elephant- 
ear leaves make this a most attractive foliage 
twiner with simple requirements needing a mini- 
mum of light and care. 5 seeds $1. Limited. 

Christmas Poinsettia 
1689— POINSETT) A Pulcherrima. The beautiful 
Christmas flower. Started in spring the plants 
will bloom for Christmas. Seeds for this have 
been in very short supply during recent years, but 
we usually can supply the earlier orders. 4 seeds 
25c 20 seeds $1.00. 

1687 — PLUMBAGO Capensis. Charming climber 

with light blue flowers. 

1767— REHMANNIA Angulata. hhp. 2 ft. Hairy 
leaves, 2 lipped 2" red flowers banded with scar- 
let on upper lip, dotted orange lower lip. 
1838 — SAXIFRAGA Sarmentosa (Strawberry Gera- 
nium). "Mother of Thousands". Attractive round, 
white veined hairy leaves. White flowers. Pkt. 25c. 

New Foliage Plant 
1879 — SHEFFLERA Digitate, hhp 15 in. New, a won- 
derful foliage plant. Gracious and modern in ap- 
pearance, it is easily grown and survives in good 
condition with fairly low light intensity. 10 seeds 
25c; 50 seeds $1.00. 

1909 — STEPHANOTIS Floribunda (Madagascar Jas- 
mine). Clusters of waxy, long lasting 2" tubular 
firs, on a twining vine with thick, shining green 
leaves. 6 seeds $1.00; 15 seeds $2.00. 
2014— THEA Sinensis, Tea Plant, hhp. Beautiful, 
ornamental both in foliage and flower. 
Use Quassia Chip Spray to protect your plants 
from insect pests. & lb. Quassia Chips 35c. 

Shefflero Digitata 

ALL SEED ( J&SX ) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00— Buy Direct from Park. 

Pasre 45 

SCHIZANTHUS. Butterfly Flower. These are splen- 
did annuals, the plants growing from one to two 
feet high, branching freely, and are almost smoth- 
ered with delicate orchid-like bloom. The mark- 
ings are white, rose, gold, crimson, violet. 
1816 — Dr. Badger's Hybrids, hha, 1 ft. This is the 
finest strain of Schizanthus. Mixed colors. 
1880 — Monarch Hybrids. A distinctly dwarf strain 
with large flowers. Complete color range. New 
and the finest for use as a pot plant. Pkt. 25c. 
1880— Complete Special Mixture. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 
1 954 — STR E LITZI A RE- 
GIN A (Bird of Para- 
dise!. A S. African 
herb of the Banana 
Family. 3 ft. hhp. 
Long leaves and yel- 
low flowers with 
dark blue tongues 
and purple boat like 
bracts. Very odd and 
distinctly beautiful. 
Directions with every 
packet. Will endure 
some neglect but un- 
less well cared for 
will fail to bloom. 
Worth ALL the 
trouble. 3 seeds 50c; 
7 seeds $1.00. 1 yr. 
plants — $1.25 ea.; 3 
for $3.00. 

1«8X— POINSIANA Giflesi (Also sometimes called 
Bird of Paradise). Flowers light yellow with 
bright red stamens. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00. 
1686— POINSIANA New Dwarf Yellow. Pure yellow 
flowers on dwarf plants. 3 seeds 25c; 15 s $1. 
2136— Park's Select Window Garden Mixture. Many 
best kinds of Window Garden Seeds. 

Strelitzra Regina 
Bird of Paradise 

Double Begonia 
NEW BEGONIAS— In bloom the year round. These 
are Fibrous rooted (semperflorens type) and the 
DOUBLES have fully double— fluffy ball shaped 
flowers an inch or more across on mature plants. 
They're very free blooming and a well -grown 
plant will be almost entirely hidden with blooms. 
Compact growth. DOUBLE RED, DOUBLE PINK, 
PURE WHITE. 60c each; 5 for $2.50. 
CURLY LOCKS— One of the new thimbleberry types. 
Rose flowers show yellow in the center and is 
very striking with the rich bronzy red leaves. 
Something extra! Very scarce! Each $1.50. 
DAINTY MAID — Pale lavender pink outer petals 
and greenish white center of the fully double 
flowers make this an outstanding variety. Be sure 
to have this beauty. Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50. 
JOAN STRONG— Bronze foliage with fully double, 
clear pink flrs. make this NEW variety a MUST. 
Outstanding — the best double we grow. Each $1.00; 
3 for $2.50. 

TWO PINKS. Lovely light pink double flowers 
with deeper pink trim. Compact green foliage. 
Another outstanding new variety. Each $1.00. 
COLLECTION of above 4 named varieties. #F20 — 
One of each $3.75. 

of the 9 Doubles above. $5.75. 
THE CALLA LILY BEGONIAS — The leaves of these 
are variegated and many leaves" will come pure 
white appearing like miniature Calla Lilies. Scarce. 
CALLA LILY BEGONIA— Red Firs.— ea. $1.00. 
CALLA LILY BEGONIA Dbl. Pink FJrs.— ea. $1.50. 
LECTION #F23— $3.50. 

ROSE LEAF BEGONIA, (manni). Low erect arching 
branches. Delicate pink flowers. Each $1.00; 3 for 

BALL RED BEGONIA— The reddest begonia grown 
today. Single flowers. 50c each; 3 for $2.50. 
REX BEGONIAS MIXED only. We have a nice selec- 
tion of these. Each $1.00; 3 different for $2.50. 

Handsome Cape Primrose Weismoor Hybrids 
1955— Giant Streptocarpus Hybrids 

A magnificent strain of Hybrids, the flowers of 
which are surpassingly beautiful in size, form, 
rich and varied colors, and free and continuous 
blooming. As easily raised from seed as Glox- 
inias. The flowers are trumpet shaped, about 2 
in. long, very graceful, and wonderfully varied in 
color, ranging from white to rich blue and crim- 
son, the throat and lower segments often splashed 
with white or purple. If you grow Gloxinias, 
don't fail to get this. Pkt. 10c; 25c: 65c. 

1956 — Wiesmoor Hybrids Formula Mixture. 

Even finer than above strain. Huge 4-5" fringed 
and crested flowers, long, heavy stems for cut- 
ting, more compact leaves, and superior coloring 
(18 distinct colors blended) gave this a Silver 
Medal at Hannover Hort. Exh. 40 dust-like seeds 
25c; 200 seeds $1. 

1922— STEVIA Serrata (Piqueria). 1 ft. hhp. For 
Airy white flowers borne profusely in panicles. 
1887— SMILAX (Myrsiphyllum). Handsome shining 
foliage, pretty pot trellis, fine to cut. 

Winter Sweet Pea 

1957— SWAINSONA Galegifolia Mixed. In bloom 
continuously, it's Sweet Pea-like flowers in white, 
red. rose, pink or lavender are enchanced by the 
airy delicate bright green foliage. Pkt. 25c. 


1794 — SAINTPAULIA lonantha Grandiflora Mrs. 
Odom's Magnificient Strain (African Violet) hhp. 
6 in. We are delighted to be able to offer seeds of 
African Violets again, and from one of the finest 
collections in America. All the colors, white, pink, 
blue, red. single and double are represented. Mrs. 
H. W. Odom is one of the foremost authorities 
on African Violets. The flowers must be carefully 
hand pollinated in order to produce seed. We are 
the sole distributor for Mrs. Odom's magnificent 
'strain. Pkt. (50 seeds) 25c; 250 seeds $1.00. 

1799— White. 90% true white, balance blue-eyed. 
Various foliage types. 50 seeds $1.00. 

1800— Double Mixed. 50% double and semi-double 
the balance single. All colors and foliage types 
represented here. 50 seeds $1.00. 

1798— Blue Fairy Tale. Fi Hybrid. 100% true. Extra 
large ultra-marine blue, yellow eye. Vigorous, 
quick growing, free blooming. A European favor- 
ite. 50 seeds 50c; 250 s. $2. 

The seeds are very fine. Open pkt. over white 
paper and look closely or they might be lost. We 
cannot replace these very expensive, scarce seeds. 

SOLANUM. 1895 — Capsicastrum Nanutn, Jerusalem 
Cherry, hhp, 1 ft. Bright red cherry -like fruits. 
1896 — Cleveland Cherry. Improved Jerusalem. 
1905 — Extra Dwarf Christmas Pepper. 10 in. Com- 
pact bushes produce bright red cherry-berries. 
Pkt. 25c. 

1895A — Craig's Ornamental. Dwarf compact, wide, 
low plants with small up-pointed top-shaped 
fruits. White, bright orange and scarlet in se- 
quence. Bright, gay, everbearing. 
1903 A — Scarlet Love Apple. (Integrifolium) Bright- 
est scarlet 2 in. fruit is freely borne. 

1899 — Variegated Leaved. Pretty bright berries. 
1898 — Christmas Bell. Small red and green fruits. 

1900— Mixed. Ornamental Solanum. Pkt. 10c; 25c, 



Please add 25c for postage and handling on all plant orders of less than $3.00. (Ex- 
clusive of other merchandise.) 

DIFFERENT! See Page 47 for picture and com- 
plete description. Don't wait and be disappointed. 
Order early and be sure of having this delightful 
house plant. Each $1.50; 3 for $4.00. 
nice plants in this pelargonium and these pansy 
flowered or show geraniums are something nice. 
Each 75c; 3 all different unlabeled $2.00. 
CYCLAMEN. Shooting Star. One of the most choice 
of the window garden plants. Each 75c; 3 for $2.00. 
Mixed colors only. 

plants are directly from the originator and we 
are pleased to be able to offer the most modern 
of all cylamen. Beautiful double and semi-double 
flowers. Mixed only. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. 
IMPATIENS (Sultana). Excellent window and porch 
box plants. Valuable also as summer bedding 
plants. MIXED colors. 3 for $1.00; Separate colors: 
GATED Leaves (pink flowers) 40e each; 3 for $1.10. 

KARIN (Indian Bride) Begonia. First and Only white 
flwg begonia with dark leaves. Pictured Page 47. 
"A Parks Introduction." Each $1.25; 3 for $3.00. 
above 16 Begonias. $11.25. 

FLOWERING MAPLE — Abutilon. Maple-like leaves, 
Hibiscus-like flowers. Some with variegated leaves. 
Mixed colors only. Each 50c; 3 for $1.35. 
ANTHURIUM Scherzerianum. Pictured and described 
page 41. Delightful exotic tropical to add great 
interest to your window garden. Mixed only. 2V 2 " 
pot $2.75. 3" pot blooming size $4.50. April to 
October delivery only. 

BE LOPE RONE (Shrimp plant). Unique flowers re- 
semble a boiled shrimp when in bloom, hence its 
name. Excellent winter pot. Ea. 50c; 3 for $1.35. 
CALCEOLARIA. Known as pouch flower because 
of the unique pocket-like flowers borne in pro- 
fusion when in bloom. Mixed colors only. 60c each; 
3 for $1.50. 

CINERARIA. These plants grown from Cremers 
Prize strain seed and are very free flowering. 
Each 50c; 3 for $1.35. 

CINERARIA — Parks Prize. Larger flowers than the 
above. Grown from the finest seeds available. 
65c each; 3 for $1.75. 

CLIVIA MINIATA. Rare and glorious giant trumpet 
shaped flowers of bright scarlet with yellow throats 
are borne on 1 ft. stems and amid strap shaped, 
waxy green leaves. This plant reminds one of the 
Amaryllis family of which it is a member. Small 
plants $1.50; Blooming Size plants $4.00. 
CROWN OF THORNS. (Euphorbia snlendens). Long 
spinev limbs, small orange flrs. Each 60c; 3 for 

free flowering plant of the gentian family. Flow- 
ers are rich sky blue with golden stamens and 
will perfume an entire room at certain times of 
the day. 65c ea.; 3 for $1.75. 
FUCHSIA. We have a nice collection of these 
Ladies Eardrops. Be sure to have some in your 
window. Mixed only. 50c each; 3 for $1.35. 

PRIMULA Obconica. Very 
fragrant and free bloom- 
ing. Lasts a long time. 
A very satisfactory 
house plant. Each 60c; 3 
for $1.60. 


(Saxifragia sarmentosa). 
Quaint white flrs. in 
July. 40c ea.; 3 for $1.00. 

Primula Obconica 
STRELITZIA REGINA. Pictured This page. Exotic 
and beautiful. Will bloom in 3-4 years. Worth all 
the care. Strong 1 year plants. Each $1.25; 3 for 
$3.00. 2 year plants $2.85 each; 3 for $7.50. 3 yr. 
plants, 18-24" tall, $5.00; 3 for $13.50. 

Page 46 


( Not priced 
^ in descriptjo] 

) : Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt. 25c; 9 for $2.00 — Buy Direct from Park. 


Richly Fragrant and True Blue 
809— EXACUM Affine. hhp 12 in. This delightful win- 
dow plant likes normal living room temperatures* 
and is one of the few blue plants with such an 
exquisite perfume. Glossy leaves shine as if waxed. 
Pkt. 25c. Plants 2W size: 60c ea.; 3 for $1.50. 


Bird of Paradise 
1954 — STRELITZIA Reglna. Exciting, distinct, long lasting; 
superb for corsages or arrangements. Exotic tropical 
leaves are handsome in all stages. 3 seeds 50c; 7 s. $1.; 
20 seeds $2. PLANTS: 1 yr. size: $1.25 ea.; 3 for $3. 
2 Yr. size: $2.85 ea.; 3 for $7.50; 3 Yr. size: $5. ea. 

Red Brilliant 

628— CYCLAMEN, Voght's Double Mixed 

Rare and expensive. A sensation anywhere. Fully double 
and semi-double flowers in complete mixture of colors. 
Originator's seeds: 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00; 50 seeds 
$3.00; Plants: $1.00 ea.; 3 for $2.75. 

629 — CYCLAMEN Single Extra Select Mixed. 5 seeds 15c; 
10 seeds 25c; 50 seeds $1.00; Plants, 75c ea.; 3 for $2.00. 


Park's Brilliant 

Surpasses in brilliance 
and vigor all other 
strains. Entirely elimi- 
nating dull, plain colors. 
Our finest. 

560 — Candidum. Cream & 

564A— Red Brilliant. 
560A— Pink Brilliant. Coral 
pink to coppery-salmon. 
587 A— Mixed. The above 
and many other bright 
colors. 40 seeds 25c; 200 
s. $1.00. 

For One of the Greatest 

Thrills in Gardening 
Start Your Own House- 
plants from Seeds 
You'll experience the feel- 
ing of creation as you watch 
the soil burst, the tiny plant- 
lets appear, then the day by 
day growth as they mature, 
bloom and seed for you. 


Window Garden 
A Park Specialty 
for many years 
See Pgs. 41-46 

Park's Brilliant Candidum 


563 — Large Fancy Leaved Mixed. Huge, exotic leaves in rich 
luxurious color blendings give these semi-dwarf plants enchant- 
ment all their own. Grown for us by one of the world's leading 
hybridists with meticulous oriental care. Choicest colors blended 
by formula. Fine for any Coleus use. Pkt. 25c; 250 seeds $1. 


A Glorious Rare Everblooming Evergreen 
622A CROSSANDRA Undulaefolia 

It is an evergreen, ever-blooming plant with glossy, attractive foliage 
and flower spikes of overlapping, bright salmon florets. Sow any time 
of year tho it seems most easily started in early spring. It flowers in 
6-9 months and living room temperatures of 70-75 degrees, just suit. 
This exotic plant from the East Indies will elicit the admiration of 
all who see it. Be first to grow the thrilling charmer, Crossandra 
undulaefolia in your community. A Park Introduction. 3 seeds 25c; 
15 seeds SI. 00; 50 seeds $3.00; 100 seeds $5.50. Plants (2y 4 " Pot size), 
$1.50 each; 3 for $4.00. 

Direct from Never Never Land 
321— KARIN (Indian Bride) Begonia 

The first and only white flowering Begonia with aark leaves. Rich flowering of 
uniform, compact, dwarf growth. The contrast between the clear white flowers with 
their golden centers and the dark luminous leaves gives a very special effect. Be 
first in your community to enchant your friends with this vibrant, enticing, lovely 
lady. Pkt. 50c. Plants 2V 4 " size: $1.25 each; 3 for $3.00. 



and Charm 
Seeds of 
Perennials are 
a Park Specialty 

See Pages 

The First 

W-AM£RiCAT g f SetttTKW 

Winner in 18 Years 
i — ^ Aquilegia 

169 — McKana Giant Hybrids. 

Superior to all other strains 
with larger flowers, longer 
spurs, and much richer, more 
beautiful colors. Strong bushy 
3 ft. plants support the striking 
terminal flowers on long wirv 
stems above lacy foliage. Pkt, 
25c; 3 Pkts. 65c; 11 Pkts. $2.00. 

Plants — See page 39 

AQUILEGIA (Columbine) 169— McKana Giant Hybrids 

Easily grown, Columbine seeded 
in early spring blooms 1st yr. 
2nd. spring flowers are in full 
glory. Always in exquisite taste 
in garden or airy bouquets. 

CARNATION 488— English Giants 


One of our finest hardy perennials, they bloom in May and 
June on long stems towering above always ornamental fern- 
hke lacy foliage t ufts. Exciting in the garden, long lasting 

and so graceful, they'll in- 
spire your best arrange- 


ft. Seed saved exclusively 
from extra double flowers 
of all colors. This fine pre- 
mium strain is absolutely 
unsurpassed. However some 
semi-doubles and singles 
can be expected and the 
flowers are more fully dou- 
ble the second year of 
blooming. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 oz. 

1758 — Complete Mixture of 

single and double Pyre th- 
rum. Pkt. 15c; Gt. Pkt. 25c. 

are not difficult 

from Seeds 
And Seed Grown 
Lilies are healthier 
as well as less costly 

See Page 35 
for many others 

MIXED. Seedlings vary in 
color and shape, some being 
reflexed as in picture, others 
almost trumpet-like with col- 
ors from white through yel- 
low and orange. Pkt. 25c; 3 
Pkts. 65c. 

1174 — Complete Mixture of 

Lilies comprising about 50 va- 
rieties and species. Pkt. 15c: 
25c; 1/16 oz. $1. 

The finest of seed 
grown Carnations. If 
well grown and dis- 
budded, you'll have 
them as good or better 
than the florist's green- 
house Carnations. Full 
color range. 40 seeds 
25c; 100 seeds 50c; 
1/16 (W. $1.00. 

At last: A Pink Delphinium, seed grown. 

684 — DELPHINIUM Pacific Hybrids Astolot Series. 

A combination of novel shades ranging from blush 
through pink to raspberry rose with large brown 
and black bees. Originator's seed. Pkt. 25c; 65c. 
684 A — Cross Pollinated Astolot. Hand crosses of the 
finest plants. 40 seeds 65c; 100 seeds $1.50. 
691 — Round Table Series. The best mixture of all 
the finest colors. Pkt. 25c; 65c; 1/16 oz. $2.00. 

689 — Cross Pollinated Hybrid Round Table Series. 
20 seeds 25c; 200 seeds $1.25. 


1 Pkt. of 
each item 
this page 
Value SI. 25 
$1 .00 


Aurelian Hyb. 
Sunburst Strain 

Beat the High Cost of Living— Grow your own 



^9— Greenerop. (QFC) 50 days. A .A. '57. The big, 
>road, long, new flatpod for home garden use. 
Jpright 24" plants are heavier cropping, more 
>roductive than Bountiful which it replaces. Pkt. 
tOc; i/ 4 lb. 35c; V* lb. 60c: lb, $1.10. 
75 — Top crop Snapbean. Dependable Prolific A. A. 
t9. 50 days (Q, C. F) of hignest eating quality, 

1 inch pods are round, stringless, fibreless even 
n advanced stages of maturity. Prolific with 
>ods set concentrated for easy picking. Highly 
lisease resistant. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 30c; Vz lb. 50c. 
V3— Commodore (C, F) (Bush Kentucky Won- 
ler). 58 days. 6 l / 2 in. slightly curved, round, 
ender, stringless fleshy dark green pods, red- 
lish purple seeds Splendid new bean (1938 
aedal). Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 35c; Vz lb. 55c; lb. $1.00. 
J ± — Genuine White Half Runner. Extra tender, a 
;ood canner or freezer and very very prolific, 
producing up to 30 fold. 3 ft. runners do not need 
taking. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; Vz lb. 45c; lb. 75c. 
ao— Old Dutch Half Runner. (QFC) 57 days. 
Irought from Germany by original settlers of the 
)utch Fork Section of South Carolina, this deli- 
ious white seeded bean remains tender when 
ully grown. Produces bountifully without stakes 
ho bears over a longer season if staked. A choice 
ind. Pkt. 20c; Va lb. 35c; Vz lb. 60c. 

V14— Tenderpod (F, Q) (A. A. 1941). 48 days, 
luality, tenderness, succulence and flavor unsur- 
assed from the time the pods first reach edible 
Lze. Best for the Home Gardener where superior 
ible quality is appreciated. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 30c: 
a lb. 50c; 1 lb. 90c; 2 lb. $1.70; 5 lbs. $4.00. 
7— WADE Bush Snapbean. Gold Medal. The best 
et good looking deep green, 6 in., round, slender 
ods are exceptionally smooth and delicious. The 
Igorous bush, resistant to bean mosaic and mildew, 
old the pods high. Drought resistant. Pkt. 15c: 
* lb. 30c; '/a lb. 55c; 1 lb. 90c. 

15— Puregold Wax. (Q, C) (A. A. 48 Bronze 
tedal) 58 days. Outstanding pure golden yellow, 
jund podded, long slim, stringless bean 6 in. 
mg. Delicious and of fine quality in snapbean 
age or dried. Resistant to common bean mosaic, 
kt. 15c; Va lb. 30c: Va lb. 50c; 1 lb. 80c. 


24— DIXIE BUTTERPEA. (Q, F, C) Without ques- 
on the finest, meatiest, most delicious bush Li- 
ia bean ever offered. Strong, vigorous, bushy 
lants loaded with medium pods with almost 
>und, white, richly flavored "Butterpeas". Con- 
nues to bear until frost Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c- 

2 lb. 45c; lb. 80c. 

26 — Speckled Dixie Butterpea. Similar to above 
ut seeds are speckled and have more pronounced 
•ivor. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 30c; Vz lb. 55c; lb. 90c. 

fl— Paradise (Q, C, F). New. Highly rust resis- 
nt, producing more heavily than Martha Wash- 
gton, a year earlier from seeds. Large crisp 
nder stalks, fine, mild. Pkt. 15c; oz. 55e. 
26 — ARTICHOKE Green Globe. A perennial plant 
■own for Its flower-heads which are large scales, 
ick and heavy May be boiled or used as salad. 
Et. 15c; Va oz. 40c; V2 or. 70c. 


15— Crosby's Early Egyptian (Q). 50 days. A 
iry early variety, dark red, flat-globe shaped 
»ots and small tap root. Excellent for bunching. 
b sure to try. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 25c. 
^46— Detroit Dark Red <Q, C, F). 58 days. The 
ist all around beet; very early, medium size, 
obular, solid, deep red, sweet and tender, never 
oody; tops and taproot small; sure of a crop, 
t. 10c: 1 ox. 25c; Va lb. 75c. 
r 47— Early Wonder (Q). 52 days. Globe-shaped, 
ry superior. Best in earliness, solidity, tender- 
ss, uniformity, sweetness, and rich red color; 
eal for your garden. Pkt. 15c: 1 oz. 25c. 


Indicates varieties best for canning. 
Varieties best for quick freezing. 
Indicates varieties of best flavor and quali- 
ty for eating fresh. 

VEGETABLE nau-america^ 

Tastier and more nutritious 
Vitamin Filled from your own soil. 

WITH SPERGON DDT to prevent "damping off" 
and rot. For a complete even stand even in un- 
favorable weather, for healthy vigorous plants, 
use only Park's treated seeds. 


£ 20 tria l grounds in various climatic zones of this country and selected as the finest in the 
world by expert, impartial judges. These varieties have never been offered before 

V275— BLACK BEAUTY Squash. Is the earliest, most 
prolific bush Zucchini or Italian type summer 
squash, now becoming so desirable and popular. 
Pkt. 25c. 

V9 — GREENCROP Snapbean. Is the big, broad, long, 
early flatpod for home garden use. It's the Bounti- 
ful type, but a bigger brother and longer cropper. 
Pkt. 20c; Va lb. 35c; V2 lb. 60c. 

V248 — CHAMPION Radish. Is brightest cherry red- 
pull it small, or let it grow as big as a dollar, 
and it will still be crisp and solid. Pkt 20c 
v 105 — SMOOTHIE Cucumber. Is really different, as 
fine as it is a novelty. It is wartless and spineless, 
really smooth, a slicer of Marketer shape, high 
yielding and with the richest dark green skin that 
stays and stays. Pkt. 20c. 

Kentucky Wonder 

BEANS (Pole) 
V20— Kentucky Won- 
der (Q, C. F). 65 

days. The most popu- 
lar green podded pole 
bean. Bears a profu- 
sion of meaty pods 
often 9 inches long. 
Pkt. 10c; 1/4 lb. 25c; 
Vz lb. 40c; lb. 70c. 
V51 — BROCCOLI , (Q, C. F.) New Sprouting. A 
new sort bearing 70 days a large cauliflower- 
hke head of fine quality, tender and sweet. When 
this head is cut, numerous branches appear pro- 
ducing heads; these are cut with 3 in. stems and 
boiled for table use. Pkt. 15c; Vz ox. 25c; 1 oz. 40c. 

V(>3— De Cicco. 60 days. Early, produces edible 
heads before hot weather. Side shoots and sprouts 
develop until late fall. Pkt. 15c. 
V52—BRUSSELS SPROUTS, (O, F) 120 days. Long 
Island Improved 20-24 in. tall with a thick set of 
small cabbage-like heads the entire stem's length 
Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 40c; 1 oz. 70c. 
*V50— BORECOLE. Kale, Dwart Scotch. (O). Green 
Curled Scotch. 55 days. A hardy plant. 18 in. high, 
handsome curled foliage; winter green. Pkt. 15c: 
Vz oz. 20c; 1 oz. 35c. 

(Q, C) CABBAGE— Brassica 

*V53— All Seasons, (p. C). 85 days. Stands hot 
weather. Head round, weight 12 lbs. Rich quality 
sure to head. Pkt. 10c; Vz oz. 25c; 1 oz. 45c. 
V56— Early Jersey Wakefield lO>. 62 days. Select 
stock. The earliest of cabbages, very solid, sweet, 
tender, eaten raw or cooked. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 25c. 
V58— Perfection Drumhead Savoy, (Q). 90 days. 
Milder, more pleasing flavor than other cabbages. 
Easiest culture, fine crinkly heads, sweet; rivals 
cauliflower. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 25c; I oz. 40c. 


*V60— Chihlli, or Improved Pekin, IQ). 73 days. 18 
in. Hardy, early, long, slim, firm. Well blanched 
heads of delicious tenderness. Excellent keeper. 
Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 25c; 1 oz. 45c. 


•V78— Cabbage Col lard. Forms small, white, de- 
liciously tender heads. Stands hot and cold wea- 
ther. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 20c; Va lb. 60c. 


*V71— Park's Super Snowball, IQ, F). 55 days. 

The finest, earliest and most profitable strain 
Large heads wiih generous protection of leaves 
to keep heaas white. Will be ready to cut before 
ordinary varieties are ready. Pkt. 15c; Vs oz. 35c. 
V64 — Dry Weather. (Danish Giant) 80 days. A 
distinct variety, well suited to dry and adverse 
conditions. Long, broad, upright leaves protect 
from burning sun or early frost. Heads 6-7" diam 
Good pure white. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. $1. 

VI 20— Block Beauty. (Q). Earliest, very large, ele- 
gant dark purple; finest sort. Pkt. 15c; oz. 80c. 
V122— Burpee Hybrid. 70 days. Fl hybrid. More 
resistant to drought and disease. 15 seeds 35c. 


*V74— Golden Self-Blanching. (Q). Finest garden 
sort, early, vigorous, with lovely golden yellow, 
highly flavored stalks. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 60c. 
V75 — Summer Pascal. 120 days. Most popular 
green variety, used without blanching. Resistant 
to blight. Long, solid, crisp, stringless. Pkt. 15c; 



V36 — Pordhook, Bush (Q, F, C). The finest of Lima 
Beans. 75 days. 18 in. Bears early, continuously, 
large clustered pods, large beans of fine quality, 
very productive, easiest to grow, and will give 
high yield. Pkt. 10c; Va lb. 25c; Vz lb. 45c; 1 lb. 
70c; 2 lbs. $1.20: 5 lbs. $2.75. 

V37— Fordhook 242. 75 days. QCF (A. A.) Most 
certain of all to produce an abundant crop. Sets 
basal pods m weather as hot as 102 deg. and 
stands drought. Pkt. 15c; Vz lb. 40c; lb. 75c. 
V27 — Triumph (Bronze Medal A. A. 49) A distinct 
new variety 01 very high eating quality in the 
small sized, thick seeded Baby Fordhook class. 
It is more prolific, larger and thicker and more 
dependable for home gardens than Baby Ford- 
hook. For downright delicious eating or for can- 
ning. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; Vz lb. 45c; 1 lb. 80c. 


*V65 — Denver's Improved (Q). 75 days. The best; 
stump-rooted, orange-red tender. Pkt. 10c; oz 25c. 
V66 — Gold Pac. It is rich orange, long and slender. 
The most refined of bunching carrots. Roots 
smooth, top quality, sweet and of the same ideal 
color all the way through. A .A. 1956. Pkt. 25c; 
Vz oz. 40c. 

V67— Nantes Coreless. (F) 68 days. A highly de- 
veloped carrot with scarcely any visible core 
Early and popular for frame culture. Roots 4-5 
in long, tender, well flavored. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c. 
*V69 — Tendersweet, (Q). 75 days. 8 to 10 in. 
roots are smootn and uniform, rich orange red* 
color. Exceptionally heavy yielder, sweet and ten- 
der. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 25c; 1 oz. 40c; 4 ozs. $1.25. 
V70 — Sweetheart, (pj. 70 days. Superior to Touch- 
on. Deep orange coloring extends evenly thruout 
the flesh. Blunt end, slender cylinder shape lVfe 
in. x 6 in. and is tender, brittle, exceptionally 
sweet. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 30c; oz. 50c; 2 pkts. 25c. 


V114— Ft Hybrid SURECROP Cucumber. 58 days. 
Bronze Medal. Flesh is white, crisp, tender, fine 
flavored. Vigorous, disease resistant. Most highly 
productive. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 
VI06— Burpee Hybrid. 60 days. Fl. Hybrid. More 
vigorous, resistant to mosaic and downy mildew. 
2-4 times more productive than other varieties. 
30 seeds 30c; 90 seeds 75c. 

V107— Early Hycrop F, Hybrid Pickling. (54 days) 
Outstanding quality for use in gherkin, dill, and 
sliced pickle stages, it will outyield other varieties 
especially during unfavorable weather. 25 seeds 
25c; 75 seeds 65c. 

VI 13— Mincu. 45 days. Earliest of all Fruits 4Vfe 

x 2 in. for salads or pickles. Pkt. 15c. 

*V1 11— Woodruff's Hybrid. (Q). Best for a full 

crop; blight free, the fruits are large, come early, 

are abundantly produced Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 30c. 

*V103— Jersey Pickling. <C). Good for pickles; cut 

the fruits regularly and a few plants will give 

you an immense crop. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 25c. 

V104 — Marketer. Bronze Medal. *43. (Q) Ideal 

slicing, fine keeping kind. White spine, smooth, 

uniform dark green. Pkt. 15c; Vz oz. 25c. 

11 of Park's Vegetable Seed are treated to help prevent seed and soil borne disease. 


Page 49 

V85— Hybrid Sweet Corn FLAGSHIP. Pkt. 15c. Sure crop in any weather. 


V82— *GOLDEN CROSS BANTAM. Hybrid Sweet 
Corn. 80 dayG, New. 8 days later than Golden 
Bantam. Sturdy 7 ft. stalks bearing 2 uniform 8 
in. ears. Fine yieid, deliciously sweet and good. 
Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 30c; Va lb. 45c; lb. 80c. 

*V80 — Cornell's Gold Rush Hybrid, (Q, C). 

65 days. A first early yellow hybrid pro- 
duces 8V 2 in. ears, 12-14 rowed, well filled 
to the tip, beautiful golden yellow grains, 
tight husk. Produces 2 ears of tender, 
sweet fine flavored corn on each 6 ft. stalk. 
Pkt. 20c; Va lb. 35c; Va lb. 55c; 1 lb. 95c. 

V91— Seneca Chief Hybrid. 84 days. CFQ. Growers 
report from all parts of U.S. and Canada that this 
is the best flavored, most tender corn they've ever 
eaten. Retains its flavor longer too. A rare treat. 
Pkt. 20c; 1/4 lb. 40c; lb. $1. 

V83— IOCHIEF Hybrid Yellow Sweet Corn. Gold 
Medal. 83 days. Sweet and tender as the finest 
earnes, but bearing the largest 16-rowed ears 
on strong clean wind resistant stalks. Most pro- 
ductive. Pkt. 15c; V4 lb. 30c; Va lb. 50c; lb. 85c. 


V90 — Strawberry Popcorn. Not only a fine pop- 
corn, but an attractive decoration. Tiny ears 
resemble giant strawberries. Pkt. 15c; 2 pkts. 25c. 
V85 — Mini Hybrid. 90 days. Early, high yielding, 
hulless. Kernels deep, pointed with thin skin pop 
into large, pure white balls, very tender and free 
of fibre. Pkt. 20c: Va lb. 35c. 


V131— Early White Vienna, Prolific. 85 days. A veg- 
etable between a turnip and a cabbage. When 
boiled and seasoned makes a fine dish. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 30c. 

ENDIVE (Cichorium) 
V127— White Curled. 70 days. A slightly earlier 
variety, light green, it blanches well and has a 
fine flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c. 

MUSKMELON (Cantaloupe) 
V169 — GRANITE STATE Canteloupe. Bronze medal. 
Very early, easily matures in North. Delicious 
sweet thick orange flesh. Small seed cavity. 
Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 

VlSli— GOLDEN DELIGHT Muskmellon. Bronze 

Medal. Not only tops for delicious flavor, but 
seems adapted to all localities, all conditions from 
rain to drought. Fruits are yellow, 5 x 7 in. 
Larger and more productive. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 40c. 
Vl«5 — Honey Rock or Sugar Rock. 82 days. Early, 
heavy producer. Wonderfully sweet with very 
thick flesh, small seed cavity. Pkt. 15c. 
VI 00 — Milwaukee Market. 80 days. Large 8 in. di- 
ameter with small seed cavity and thick salmon 
flesh. Most delicious flavor of any. Pkt. 15c. 
V159 — Pennsweet. Very early, especially good for 
short season areas, it produces quantities of ex- 
ceptionally thick fleshed, very sweet small fruit 
with almost no seed cavity. The attractive orange 
meat is delicious with sugar content of llV'2-12. 
Pkt. 15c; 2 Pkts. 25c; oz. 40c. 

V162— Smith's Perfect. Not new, but still the sweet- 
est, most deliciously flavored melon we've ever 
tasted. Pkt. 20c. 


V174 — PRIZEWINNER Curled Long Standing Mus- 
tard. H. M. A big cropper, with larger fuller 
plants. Stands 20 days longer before running to 
seed than other varieties. Best Curled Mustard to- 
date. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 

*V173 — Tendergreens (Mustard Spinach). 28 days. 
A new vegetable resembling curled mustard but 
much heavier. Develops Quickly, produces several 
crops. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c. 

OKRA (Gumbo) 

♦V176- Clemson Spineless. (Q) 56 days. Silver 
Medal. Splendid all purpose, green podded, spine- 
less variety of excellent quality. Pkt. 10c; 1 ox. 
20c; Va lb. 45c. 

V177 — Dwarf Early Prolific. 55 days. Compact 
plants bear a huge crop of rich long meaty pods. 
Exceptionally fine. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 20c. 
V175— Spineless Green Velvet, 58 days. (Q) Here 
is a new variety which will not prick your hands 
as you gather this finest quality Okra from the 
most productive plants. Pods are 7 in. long % in. 
in diam., green, smooth, round and spineless. Fine 
for canning or eating. Pkt. 15c; 2 for 25c. 

V89— Flagship. A. A. 49. 84 days. Widely adapted, 
with high vigor drought resistance, and corn ear 
worm resistance to insure a good crop under 
most unfavorable condition. 12-14 rows of just 
right sized golden yellow kernels fill the 8W 
ear to mouthwatering perfection, pkt. 15c; Va lb. 
35c; 1 2 lb. 55c; lb. 95c. 

Silver Medal Winning HYBRID SWEET CORN 
V93 — Golden Beauty. (68 days) Acclaimed the finest 
early hybrid because of its vigorous growth, high 
yield, disease resistance and most important, the 
delicious flavor of the attractive golden yellow 
kernels of which there are 12-14 rows on 7V2" ears. 
Pkt. 20c; Va lb. 40c; 1 2 lb. 60c; lb. $1.10. 


Bred strictly for Home Garden with FLAVOR, 
VI 15— Midget Hybrid. (Miniature) 66 days. (Q, F) 
Be your garden large or small, you'll delight in 
this sweetest, early corn. Dwarf plants take little 
space, but bear an abundance of 5" ears well 
filled with golden kernels on a thin cob. Perfect 
for freezing. Pkt. 25c; Va lb. 40c. 

ONION— (Allium Cepa) 

*V181— Denver's Yellow Globe Improved. 112 days. 
Large, early, sweet, sure crop first season; keeps 
well; long keeping, excellent for storage. Pkt. 10c; 
Va oz. 20c; Va oz. 30c; 1 oz. 50c. 
V185— Graino F, Hybrid. (80 days) Light yellow 
thick flat shape, mild flavor, fine keeper. Tops in 
eating quality, it out yields Excel by 55%. Our 
finest, 100 seeds 25c; 200's 40c. 

*V 180— Crystal Wax. (White Bermuda!, 95 days. 
Unusually mild, exceedingly beautiful, early and 
easily grown. Splendid for home or market gar- 
den. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25; Va oz. 40c; 1 oz. 70c. 
V18«— Sweet Spanish Yellow Valencia. 110 days. 
Large Spanish Globe-shaped, bright golden yellow. 
Long keeping, uniform and mild. All American. 
Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25c; V2 oz. 40c. 
V182— Evergreen White Bunching. 120 days. A 
splendid new variety. The silvery white long leek- 
like stalks in clusters of 4-9 grow to twice the size 
of ordinary bunching. Be sure to try it. Pkt. 10c; 
Va oz. 25c; Va oz. 45c; 1 oz. 85c. 


V191 — Moss Curled. 70 days. 8 in. Leading variety 
of extra curled rich dark green. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 
25c; 4 oz. 65c. 

*V192 — Paramount. 70 days. All American Award. 
New. Unusually dark green triple curled and hand- 
some. Does not tipburn. The parsley par excellent. 
Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 30c; Va lb. 90c. 
VI 90— Evergreen. (1940 Silver Medal). 70 days. 
Rapid and vigorous grower with uniform, dense, 
deeply fringed and curled foliage. Very resistant 
to frost. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 30c; 4 oz. 90c. 


V281 — Bell or Bullnose. 70 days. Tall erect plant, 
large, square shaped, sweet, thick fleshed mild 
flavored. Pkt. 10c; Va oz. 35c. 

•V225 — Harris Early Giant. 63 days. Best sweet, 
early, productive. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 40c. 
*V226 — Pimiento. 75 days. A small, extremely mild, 
smooth skinned dark green changing to dark red, 
delicious relish and canning pepper. Pkt. 15c. 
*V222 — California Wonder Improved. 75 days. 
Plants are very vigorous, upright, prolific. Fruits, 
4 lobed, upright, attractive with smooth uniform 
deep green coloring changing to bright crimson; 
flesh thick, sweet and mild. One of the finest. 
Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25c; Va oz. 45c; 1 oz. 85c. 
V233 — Sweet Avalon Button. Miniature, button 
shaped 1 in. x 2 in. fruits just right for can- 
ning, salads or pickling whole. Bright glossy 
red, uniform, very thick sweet meat. Pkt. 25c. 
*V229 — Sweet Banana. (Leader in 1941. All Ameri- 
can Vegetable Winners). 65 days. Very early, 
heavy cropper. Long pointed 6 in. thick sweet 
flesh yellow fruits, turning red at maturity. Ex- 
cellent. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25c; Va oz. 40c. 
V223— Cayenne. Long Red. Hot. Pkt. 15c. 

V252— SALSIFY. Giant Vegetable Oyster. 120 days. 
For soup, excellent, roots three times ordinary 
size. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 35c; 1 oz. 65c. 

Lettuce Salad Bowl 


The Perfect Home Garden Lettuce 
V155— Salad Bowl. (Q) 48 days. Easy to grow, 
pretty to look at and delightful to eat, it resists 
heat and stays in prime condition all season long. 
Curled, wavy leaves form a compact rosette, 
producing quantities of bright green lettuce so 
tender, sweet and delicious it melts in your mouth. 
Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 30c. oz. 50c. 

V156— Red Salad Trim. (Q) 50 days. Glossy, deep 
bronze-red leaves unequalled for salads or gar- 
nishes. Crisp, fine flavored, slow bolting, easy to 
grow. Beautiful with Salad Bowl. Pkt. 25c. 
V141 — Bronze Beauty. (Q) 40 days. Bronze Beauty 
is tender, crisp and of unusual nut-like flavor. 
Plants are vigorous, well formed, uniform and 
resistant to hot weather, A new color — Warm 
ruddy bronze sheen completely diffuses the soft 
green. Pkt. 15c. 

*V143 — Curled Simpson. 45 days. Earliest, finest 
leaf-lettuce. Frilled and crumpled brittle leaves. 
Pkt. TOc; 1 oz. 20c; 4 oz. 60c. 


V149 — Oak Leaf. (Q) 40 days. Medium size, semi- 
heading type. The beautiful cut leaf (Oak Leaf) 
foliage is attractive, crisp and tasty. Pkt. 15c; Va 
oz. 25c; 1 oz. 40c. 


V145 — All American Summer Lettuce Great Lakes. 

(Q) 75 days. A heading variety of the Imperial 
type that is highly resistant to tipburn, and pro- 
ductive of solid heads under adverse conditions. 
Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 50c. 

* VI 4(5— Hot Weather. (Q> 82 days. Best all- 
round sort for spring, summer, fall, winter; 
heads big, blanched, buttery, finest flavor, 
tender, sweet, luscious; no sun too hot, no 
cold too severe for it; sure crop. Pkt. 10c; 
1 oz. 45c; 4 oz. $1.60. 

Pa^e 50 

V140— Bibb. (Q) 57 days. A distinct butterhead, 
very dark green variety. Quality excellent, and 
quite in demand by luxury hotels. Pkt. 15c; oz. 45c. 


VI 98 — Peanut Red Tennessee 

Splendid large 
nutty sweet 
kernels. Two 
and three to a 
pod. Pkt. 15c; 
Va lb. 25c; V2 lb. 
45c; 1 lb. 80c. 

V199 — Sweet Spanish. 110 days. Dwarf bushes are 
easily cultivated. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; Va lb. 40c. 


V238 — Alaqold. New. So sweet is the flavorful 
fine textured meat, it is used grated raw in salads 
and lellies. Without the usual pumpkin odor. Pkt. 
15c; oz. 35c. 

V235 — Jack O' Lantern. The right size and shape 
for the best and easiest Jack O' Lantern carving. 
Stands 9" high, is 8" in diam. with smooth skin and 
firm even textured flesh. Pkt. 20c. 


V193— All American. (Q) 95 days. Wide should- 
ered, deep crowned roots of clear white. Fine in 
texture, free from string iness. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c. 
♦V194 — Large Sugar. (Q) 100 days. A delicious 
hardy vegetable; sow in rows in spring or sum- 
mer, cultivate and let remain in ground. Lift the 
roots in winter or spring when wanted for use. 
They are fine to boil with potatoes or carrots or 
parboil and fry. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 30c; Va lb. 90c. 


V247 — Cherry Belle, A. A. 49 Bronze Medal. Early, 
brilliant scarlet, perfectly round, with crisp flesh, 
no pithiness. Pkt. 15c; oz. 45c. 

*V242 — Saxa. 20 days. Early round small bright 
scarlet. Flesh white, crisp and sweet. Pkt. 10c. 
V240 — French Breakfast. Earliest, hardiest, favorite 
sort. Ready 25 days after sowing. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 
*V245 — White Icicle. Best summer sort, maturing 
quickly. Rich flavored and spicy. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 
V244 — Vick's Scarlet Globe. For forcing 01 out- 
doors, this variety will give satisfaction. The root 
is globe-shaped, bright scarlet. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 

What so delicious as vitamin filled "Corn on the Cob" — The tastiest from Park's treated seeds. 

THE BEST Tomatoes 

V204— Model Extra Early. 


Peas are a cool weather crop. Plant hardier 

mooth-seeded varieties, as Morning Star, as soon 
is ground is suitable to work. Followed by 
Vr ink led Seeded Sorts. Plant a succession of va- 
•ieties in 3 ft. rows V2 in. deep 2 in. apart. 
Cultivate as long as plants will allow. Stake. 


f2I4 — Freezonian. A. A. (QF) Bronze Medal 48. 63 
lays. Hardier, more productive, resistant to fusa- 
ium wilt. Fine for quick freezing, or just plain 
lelicious eating. Pkt. 15c; V2 lb. 35c. 
V203— Little Marvel. (Q). 63 days, 15 in. Early, 
ixtra quality 3 in. rounded pods — full of tender 
weet deep green wrinkled Deas. Best garden sort, 
'kt. 10c; ' 4 lb. 25c; V2 lb. 40c; lb. 70c; 2 lbs. $1.30. 

V '.MM— Model Extra Early (Blue Bantam). (Q, C). 

days. Deliciously sweet and tender. Extra fine 
or market or home garden. The vine grows about 
8 in. high and produces a mammoth crop of 
iniformly large wrinkled peas. Matures in about 
10 days. Pkt. 15c: Va lb. 25c; Va lb. 40c; lb. 70c. 
r-ZW — Wando. 72 days. (Q, C, F) Extremely tol- 
irant to heat and cold. Of excellent table quality, 
nedium size. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c. 


Hardiest — Plant Early 

V209 — Morning Star. 55 days. Earliest pea on the 
narket. Masses of small 3Mi in. pale green pods 
lacked with smooth seeds, deliciously sweet and 
ender. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; V2 lb. 40c; lb. 60c. 
^207— Loxton s Progress. (Q, F). 60 days Early 
ieavy producer, large podded. Vines dwarf 16-18 
n. high. Pods handsome, dark green, uniform 4Vfe 
n. long, 7-9 largf tender peas of delicious flavor, 
'kt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; V2 lb. 40c; lb. 70c. 


Vigna Sinensis — Cow Peas 

7212 — Brown Sugar Crowder. (Q, C). Produces 
uiiu, round, medium green pods with delicious 
teas. Good in green stage or dry for winter use. 
>kt. 15c; Va lb. 25c; Va lb. 45c; lb. 75c. 
f213 — White Sugar Crowder. Like Brown Sugar 
>ut color is cream white. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 25c: Vi 
b. 40c; lb. 75c. 

r 2U — Black Eyed Peas. (Q» C). Popular small cream 
»eas with dark eyes. Dwarf plants, abundant crop. 
»kt. 10c; Va lb. 25c; Vi lb. 35c; lb. 65c. 

mo— White Lady. (Q, C). Very prolific. Round 
tods of small green peas. Wonderful when dry 
or winter use. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 30c; Va lb. 45c; 
b. 80c. 


V279— Rhubarb Chard. A new Swiss Chard that 
Doks like Rhubarb. Takes only 6U days to reacn 
dible size of 20 m. Easy to grow, delicious to eat. 
let. 15c; Va oz. 25c; 1 oz. 45c. 

f2<8 — Lucullus. 60 days. Most widely grown chard, 
items and midribs are light green, broad and 
hick. Leaves light green, fleshy, crumpled, at- 
ractive. Finest for greens. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 25c. 


V322 — Snowball. 50 days. A very early and per- 
ectly formed, round, white turnip for garden use. 
loots smootn and large. Flesh white, and very 
nild. Winter keeper. Pkt. 15c; Va lb. 35c. 

Purple-Top White Globe. 57 days. Largest, 
est all round turnip. Roots round, 5-6 in. in 
iam., purple top. Flesh is , white, fine grained, 
weet. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; Va lb. 40c. 
V251 — American Purple Top. Rutabaga Turnip. 90 
lays. Finest texture and flavor. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 20c. 

Six Vigorous, Productive Fi Hybrids 
V327— Park's Extra Early Hybrid. 55 days. Earlier, 
larger, higher yielding than any other early 
variety. Smooth, non-cracking, dark red, thick 
fleshed with mild flavor. Also fine for forcing 
under glass. 30 seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
V339— Early Giant Hybrid. 60 days. Tested in all 
parts of the nation, it combines large fruit size 
with earliness. 1/3 larger than Rutgers while at 
the same time being more productive. Quality and 
color excellent. 30 seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
V310 — Giant King. 80 days. Colossal size, very 
smooth, bright scarlet, deep globe shape. Firm, 
meaty, thick walled high quality flesh of delicious 
flavor. Vigorous, very productive plant covers well 
against sunburn. 30 seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
V328— Largo Hybrid. 72 days. Our heaviest yield- 
ing Hybrid. Large fruit size, maximum yield com- 
bined with quality. Bright red, solid fleshed fruit 
of excellent flavor. Produces heavily over a long 
period. 30 seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
V301— Wonder Boy. (68 days) Extremely large, 
meaty, smooth round, red fruit, excellent flavor. 
Very prolific, high yielding vigorous plants. 30 
seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 

V318— Burpee Hybrid. (Q, C). 70 days. Early mid- 
season first generation Hybrid with high yield. 
Fruits a^e firm, thick walled, globular, scarlet- 
red and average 8 oz. Flesh meaty, rich in flavor. 
30 seeds 35c; 100 seeds $1.00. 
The Hybrids above are all widely adapted, all well 
suited for staking and trellising. 

V305-Super Master Marglobe 

73 days. Rightly the most popular tomato among 
home gardeners and market growers alike, for it 
produces large, smooth, meaty, globular, red fruits 
with very small seed cavity. Fruits ripen evenly 
and free from cracks. Marglobe produces an ex- 
tremely heavy crop and is resistant to rust, wilt 
and blight. Pkt. iOe; V2 ox. 35c; 1 ox. 50c. 
V308— Certified Marglobe. Pkt. 15c. 
*V812 — Victor. (Q). 60 days — first early. (All 
American Bronze Medal). Vigorous plants. Abun- 
dant crop of extra early, smooth, scarlet fruits 
which do not crack. Pkt. 15c; V2 oz. 35c; 1 oz. 65c. 
V326— Early Wonder. 58 days. Will bear a peck or 
more of ripe fruit before main crop kinds begin to 
ripen. Large 6 oz. scarlet, smooth, mild, meaty. 
Pkt. 25c; V2 oz. 75c. 

V304— Golden Jubilee. <Q). 72 days. Beautiful 
tangerine — orange flesh and yellow skin. A won- 
derful color combination for salads, with red 
tomato quality and delicious flavor. Heavy grow- 
er, narrow foliage Pkt. 10c; Va oz. 50; 1 oz. 95c. 
V311 — Beefsteak. (Crimson Cushion). 80 days. The 
largest red-fruited tomato. Flesh is beautiful deep 
scarlet-red; juicy, solid with delicious sub-acid 
flavor. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25c; V2 oz. 45c. 
V300 — Manalucie. A top quality Tomato you can 
grow where others fail. Highly wilt and disease 
resistant. Globular red, delicious. Pkt. 25c. 
V*i02 — Pan American. (C) Wilt immune. It does 
not wilt. New prolific strain of ideal size and 
shape. Introduced by U. S. Dept. of Agr. This is 
the only Tomato which is considered 100% field 
immune to Fusarium wilt. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 25c. 
V317 — Wisconsin, oo. Mew. Earlier and Jarger 
than Rutgers. Drought resistant giving large fruit 
even in dry weather. Bright scarlet red with deli- 
cious flavor. Pkt. 15c; Va oz. 45c. 
Tomato Culture. Plant Park's Treated seed Vs in. 
deep in nbtbed or box in the house six weeks be- 
fore setting out, after danger of chill is over. For 
plants to bear from August until Frost, seed where 
plants are to grow in May. 

For suie set, for seedless Tomatoes. Spray with 
Fruitone. The new Hormone substance, Pkt. 25c. 
V323 — Tiny Tim. Miniature Tomato. Raise it as a 
colorful pot plant in the window, add color and 
a taste treat to your winter menus. Pkt. 25c. 
V325 — Garden Huckleberry. Wonderberry. A fruit 
larger tnan the common Huckleberry excellent 
for pies and preserves. Yields an immense crop. 
An easily grown annual. Pkt. 10c; V2 oz. 50c. 


V264— U-Conn Bus* Type (Q). 80 days. Outstanding, 
new bush type lends itself to economy of space 
and easy cultivation. Very high yielding — Table 
Queen type. Pkt. 15c; oz. 45c. 

V2(i3— Butternut. <Q> 90 days. Sweeter and a bet- 
ter keeper than Acorn. 10 in. fruits are bottle 
shaped, very small seed cavity. Orange flesh is 
dry, sweet, fine textured and of excellent flavor. 
Pkt. 15c; oz. 45c. 


When danger o± frost has passed, plant 8-10 
seeds in hills 4 ft. apart, in rich deep soil. 
V270 — Caserta. Gold medal 49. Earliest of all. More 
prolific, of tender skin with lighter color than 
other Cocozelle types, Pkt. 15c; oz. 50c. 
V2«8 — Giant Summer Crookneek. 58 days. Produc- 
tive, large, late deep yellow, warted squash. Used 
for home and market. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 25c. 
*V2ii<; — Baby Crookneek. tQ) 53 days. Lignt yellow, 
tender, and smaller crookneek than the giant and 
earlier. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 20c; 4 oz. 65c. 
V276— Yankee Hybrid. (Q). 50 days. All American. 
First generation hybrid. Produces a prolific yield 
of early waxy yellow fruits 8 in. long, 3 in, across 
of excellent quality. Pkt. 15c. 

V274 — Block Zuchinni. Italian Marrow. 56 days. 
Long smooth cylindrical 4 lb. dark green attrac- 
tive fruits. Fine flavored. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 35c. 

Tomato Park's Extra Early Hybrid 
V300 — Rutgers. (Q, C.) "For Fair Weather or 
Foul." 73 days. Fruit of great size {8 02. average). 
Especially recommended for southern gardners. 
Dark red, delicious flavor. Pkt. 15c; oz. 65c. 
V314 — Giant Tree. (Q). (90 days). Sensational new 
Giant Tomato averaging 1 to 1V 2 pounds, with 
many 2 pounders and over; its smooth roundness 
(best shape of any big one we know), and its 
amazing vigor (Staked plants often grow 10 ft. 
high), and its supreme firmness and non-acid 
flavor, ail add up to make this a must have. 
Especially for the home gardener with small 
space. 100 seeds 25c; 500 seeds $1.00. 
V316 — Climbing Triple Crop. <Q). Often produces 
2-3 bushels from one vine. Fruit large, crimson 
3y 2 in. across, 2% in. deep or larger, solid, un- 
excelled for both slicing or canning. Free from 
blight and disease and drought resistant. Vines 
climb 10 to 18 ft on trellis, or may be grown in 
bush form. Pkt. 15c; 2 pkts. 25c. 
V315— White Beauty. (Q). The anti-acid Tomato. 
Ivory white skin, paper-white flesh. Large. Pkt. 15c. 


Sow in early spring or late fall. 
V260— AMERICA Spinach. Silver Medal. Glossy 
deep green leaves are broad, distinctly savoyed 
and thick textured. Believed to be the longest 
standing, darkest green, heaviest cropping Blooms- 
dale type in existence. Stands the sun and heat 
best too. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c. 

V258— New Zealand. (Hot Weather Spinach). 70 
days. Thrives in c.ny soil, and bears tender green 
shoots all summer. Pkt. 15c; oz. 20c. 
V259 — Perpetual. 45 days. Six weeks after sowing 
commence cutting and continue right on into fall. 
Cut and come again greens are similar in flavor 
to true spinach, Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 


V280 — Tampa I a (Tam-pal-a). 60 days. It is differ- 
ent in flavor to other vegetables used as "greens." 
The leaves are cooked, prepared and served like 
spinach but are better than spinach. It is easy to 
grow and does well in hot weather and keeps on 
producing all summer. One sowing usually pro- 
duces enough "greens" for the season. Pkt. 15c; 
2 pkts. 25c; Va oz. 50c. 


melon. 75 days. ^^B^^^K^ 

Average weight K9| IKf * 

10 lbs. The WM M // 

housewife's fa- £« Kk. -■■^mmf A 

vorite because it I H^^'JSir 

takes up so jfaml Mr Jt&l 

little room in l^flHHr WW ^jflKi 

the icebox. Me- BEP^EW ll JMPHhK 

Ions are dark HKIfl^^^^^m^^Hf^lSn 

green, very J^^^MHK^^BEI^BlHBi 

thin rind, rich ^^^nH^PHHHjBfH^^H 
red translucent --sbbwB^kimkmi^^m 

colored meat and small black seed, meat is ex- 
tremely sweet and delicious. Shape almost round. 
Don't miss this fine novelty, so handy, so good, 
so easy to grow from Park's Seeds. Pkt. 10c; Va 
oz. 60c; V2 oz. $1.00. 

V330 — Sugar Baby. Q. Here is flavor unexcelled in 
the larger melons and in a beautiful round, 8 lb. 
melon with thin rind and tender, crisp, bright red 
flesh with extra high sugar content. Pkt. 25c: 1/2 
oz. 50c. 

V342— Charleston Grey. 30 lb. Superior flavor, tex- 
ture, sweetness, red flesh, highly resistant to An- 
thracnose & fusarium wilt. Pkt. 15c. 
V338— Black Diamond. 88 days. Largest of all. 
Specimens up to 125 lbs. have been produced. 
Flesh bright red, very sweet. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 
V331— Dixie Queen F, Hybrid. (82 days) 40 lbs. Flesh 
crisp, low fibre, deep dewy red, very fine sweet 
flavor. Extra vigorous, productive, highly wilt re- 
sistant. 20 seeds 25c; 100 seeds $1. 
ploid Hybrid. Sweeter than others, absolutely 
seedless Round, 15 lbs. Red meat. 3 seeds 25c; 
15 seeds $1. 


Gold Medal. 70 days. Very early, it will mature 
easily in the North. 6 in. round, 6 lb. melons have 
thin rind, strawberry-red flesh of delicious flav- 
or. Pkt. 25c; V2 oz. 50c. 

*V332— Kleckly Sweet. (Special Wilt Resistant 
Strain). 88 days. Large, oval, dark green, thin 
rind. Flesh deep red, juicy and very sweet. White 
seeds. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 25c; 4 oz. 75c. 

Tomatoes are easily grown from Park's treated seeds — Order fresh seeds direct from Park. 

Page 51 

If you want super giant dahlias with 12-15 inch 
blooms which will be outstanding in both garden 
and show room, you'll surely want these. 


The following Giant Decorative, formal and informal Dahlias are those we consider the very best in 
each of the various color classifications. Some are new, others older and well known. All were chosen 
with great care, and we are sure that you will be pleased. In fact, we guarantee the roots we send 
you to be true to name, sure to grow, and will gladly replace the stock or refund your money on any 
Symbols used: FD — Formal Decorative; ID — Informal Decorative. 

Bl — ALICE MAY (ID). The finest pure white 
to date. Tremendous flower with beautiful artistic 
form, strong stems. 75c each; 3 for $1.95. 

B7 — ARABIAN NIGHT. (D) Dark blackish 
red, almost black medium firs, cover 3 l / 2 ' bushy 
bedding plants. 1956 introduction. $1.25 ea. 

B13 — RARBAROSA. (FD) The brightest scar- 
let in Dahliadom. Full centered 7x5" sunproof 
flowers, excellent keeping qualities. $1.00 each. 

B27 — BLUE RIVER (FD). Almost a true blue 
— the nearest blue yet obtained in Dahlias. Deep 
lilac, a distinct color. 65c each; 3 for $1.75. 

B32 — CLARA CARDER (ID). The largest of 
all Pinks. The flower is clear Cyclamen-pink with 
a flush of yellow at the base. In a color class by 
itself. 50c each. 3 for $1.35. 

B3 — D. M. MOORE. (FD). A glowing satanic 
flower of giant proportions. Maroon almost black. 
45c each; 3 for $1.00. 

B131 — DIXIE'S WINE DOT. (ID) White 
wavy petals suffused, flecked and dotted rosy 
magenta. Medal winning 10 inch blooms. $1.50 ea. 

the finest Dahlias we grow. Color light lemon 
yellow. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35. 

B28 — FOREST FIRE. (ID) Ten inch blooms 
on stocky strong 4V 2 ft. plants. Lemon yellow 
center blending to rich scarlet at tips. $1. ea. 
B122 — GALLANT FOX (FD). A fine red, 
producing abundantly for cutting. 35c each. 

B120 — GEO. A. RELYEA One of the most 
striking decorative Dahlias we have ever seen. 
Large with beautiful combination of glowing 
orange and white tip. Creates a sensation wher- 
ever shown. $1.00 each. 

B15 — HOUSE OF ORANGE. (D) The color 
is soft glowing orange. 4 ft. early blooming bush 
is covered all season. Tops for cutting. $1.00 ea. 

B9 — JANE COWL (ID), Warm buff and old 
gold blending to bright salmon center. 50c each, 

B12 — JERSEY'S BEAUTY (FD) , Well 
known. Immense flowers of glowing pink. 45c 
each; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.75. 

Bl 10— LOIS WALCHER (FD)' A gorgeous 
new creation. Color, deep amaranth purple that 
breaks sharply into pure white. The stems are 
ideal. The healthy bush is an early and prolific 
bloomer. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.75. 

B130 — MAFFIE. (ID) Intense carmine rose or 
rose-red. Spectacular in size and color. 12 inch 
blooms make it a sure show winner. $1.00 ea. 

B31 — PINK GIANT. (ID) A distinct, beauti- 
ful cerise-pink. Massive award winning, long 
keeping firs. ZV2' garden decorative plants. $1. ea. 

Page 52 Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 


Are easily grown from Park's strong tubers. 

THE VARIETIES LISTED here are selected with painstaking 
care from the thousands of varieties in cultivation. Those listed 
on these pages are the best growers, freest bloomers, and those 
listed as mammoth will give the largest flowers Dahlias can pro- 
duce. Growing show dahlias does take careful disbudding, 
and proper care. 

KEEPING CUT DAHLIAS. Strip the foliage except at the 
top, recut the stem and immerse in water as hot as the 
hand will bear. When water cools transfer the Dahlias to 
cold water and place in the cellar overnight. Treated thus 
they will keep for several days and increase in size. 

DAHLIA CULTURE. This subject including how to pre- 
vent disease and get rid of insect pests is covered fully 
in "The Gardener's Handbook." For bedding effects 
plant on or a week before frostproof date. For exhibi- 
tion blooms plant late (May and June). Late planting 
brings the plants into bloom during late summer and 
fall when the cool temperatures promote better blooms. 
EXHIBITION DAHLIAS, Exhibition Dahlias and satis- 
factory tubers cannot be produced in the same hill. 
If you want 12 inch flowers, go after them with fer- 
tilizer, water and disbudding. 

B21 MISS LIBERTY (FD). Bloom 9x5. Bush 

5'. Spectacular bicolor of scarlet-red with round 
white sections at petal ends. Dark foliage and cane- 
like stems. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.75. 

B14 — THE CARDINAL. (ID) Huge (11x6") 
blooms of currant red with petals twisted in 
semi -cactus effect. On three honor rolls. Will win 
for you. $1. ea. 

B25 — THE COMMODORE (ID). Huge ca- 
nary yellow. A good grower, excellent to cut, a 
lovely color. 50c each; 3 for $1.35. 

B29— THOMAS EDISON (ID). Royal purple 
with brilliant rich finish. One of the finest Dah- 
lias of all times. 75c each; 3 for $2.05. 

B109— WATCHUNG GIANT (ID), Deep am- 
ber suffused orange cadmium. Giant 11 in. bloom, 
needs no pampering. 50c ea. 

B26— WHITE KING (FD). A leading pure 
white for exhibition, cut flowers. 35c ea.; 3 for $1. 

B35 — MIXED DAHLIAS. Every year at plant- 
ing time the last sorting of planting stock is 
thrown into one lot and planted as mixed. This 
lot represents at least a few roots of each or more 
than a hundred varieties of Large Flowered 
Dahlias, including Formal and Informal Giant 
Decoratives, Cactus and Ball types, a real bargain 
at 4 for $1.00; 6 for $1.35; 12 for $2.45. 


Brand New" 5 SUPER -GIANT 

B2 — ARTHUR GODFREY (FD). Enormous 
flower of Orient red with buff shadings. One of the 
largest of all Dahlias. Top show winner. $1.50 ea. 

Salmon orange with coppery tan shades. This sen- 
sational Dahlia is perhaps largest of all. $1.50 ea. 

site rose-pink edged and shaded soft canary yel- 
low. Massive, consistent medal winner, $1.25 ea. 

Bll — MADONNA (ID). Enormous, very beau- 
tiful pure white. Blooms have excellent texture 
and perfect form. A show winner. $1.50 each. 

4 above. Value $5.75 for only $4.95. 

Super giant Dahlias which will produce 12-15 in. 
blooms. None have been offered before 1950. 

B104— ZANT'S RED BEAUTY a seedling 
of Mrs. Thomas Edison, a very beautiful rich red 
with lighter reverse and very large flowers. 

B124 — ZANT'S BRONZE GIANT. Another 
seedling of Jane Cowl, vigorous growth similar to 
its parent, color rich bronze with pink undertones. 

B126 — ZANT'S WHITE BEAUTY a lovely 
giant white. Sure to win in any show. 

ling of Purple Mist, a very rich purple color and 
the best true purple we have seen. 

B123 — ZANT'S PINK BEAUTY a seedling 
of Jane Cowl, a very large fluffy pink, and in 
our opinion the best of the Jane Cowl seedlings. 

5 Giant Dahlias above for $4.75 

The Great Killy-Lieu or Bedding Dahlia Fred Springer 

liant Mixture. Compact bushes 18 in. high bloom 
from early summer until frost. 4 in. double, and 
semi-double flowers with an occasional single are 
brilliantly colored. Attractive in beds or borders 
and furnish cut flowers all summer, 35c ea.; 3 for 
$1.00; 7 for $2.00; 21 for $5.50. 

B100 — FRED SPRINGER Entirely unique in 
foliage and manner of growth. The plant is a 
compact little bush with brilliant red flowers held 
down in the finely cut foliage. The most beautiful 
and striking of all bedding plants. Plant IV2 ft. 
apart. 3 plants for bed iy 2 ft. in diam. 7 plants for 
3 ft. bed. 45c each; 3 for $1.25; 7 for $2.50. 


Distinctly beautiful, in highest fashion, and most 
graceful of all Dahlias. The petals are curled 
and twisted to give a star-like or fluffy effect. 
The flowers are of large size, often grow to 10 
inches or more in diameter when properly cared 
for and disbudded. 

B40 — Amelia Earhardt. The blending colors are 
apricot, buff, salmon and soft yellow. A Giant 
Cactus. $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. 
B ?£~ Ber $ er, s Masterpiece. Soft lavender pink 
with pale yellow base. The outstanding cactus 
variety in our fields. Show winner. $1.00 ea. 
B52 — Carnival. A spectacular new variety of lively 
red with center and tips of contrasting bright 
yellow. $1.25 each. 

B 51 — Adolph Mayer. Dark purple, almost black, 
sometimes called "The Black Dahlia." $1.00 ea. 
B33 — HER GRACE. Outstanding true pink Cactus. 
Perfect flowers in abundance. $1.00 ea. 
B41— Princess Royal. Large soft pink semi-cactus 
type with a creamy yellow center and superb sub- 
stance. An exceptional cut flower. Twice winner of 
the challenge cup for keeping qualities. $1.25 ea. 
B43 — Son of Satan. Immense show flower of in- 
tense bright scarlet. 85c ea.; 3 for $2.25. 
B59— White Superior. Large pure white true Cactus 
with perfect form and excellent growth habits. De- 
lightfully curled petals create a pure star-like 
effect. 75c ea., 3 for $2.00. 

B54 — Yellow Star. The outstanding pure yellow 
straight cactus. Abundant flowers on wiry stems. 
75c each; 3 for $2.00. 
)42— ONE OF EACH ABOVE for $7.50. 


Pot a choice border or hanging basket, a planting 
)f Oxalls win give you pleasure and satisfaction, 
rhe plants bear a mass of pretty clover-shaped 
'oliage and small attractive flowers all summer. 

5495 — Dieppi White. 9 in. White flowers. 

5496 — Lasiandra. 18 in. Largest, most showy. 
Clusters of rosy crimson all season. 

3597— Lotifolia. 9 in. Lilac-purple. 

J497A — Shamrock. Lovely deep pink. 

5498— Tetraphylla. 10 in. Old rose. 

\bove Oxalis: 10 for 50c; 25 for $1.00; 100 for $3.50, 

Single Tuberose 

Double Tuberose 


'he stems grow two feet high terminating in a 
ompact spike oi waxy double flowers nearly 
wo inches across, richly scented and showy in 
eds as well as for cutting. An individual flower 
; fine for the button hole Set in a rich sunny 
ed in May the bulbs bloom in Autumn. A group 
f blooming plants makes the air redolent with 
ich perfumes, and the spikes are exquisite in 

»525 — EXCELSIOR DOUBLE PEARL. 2 ft. Very dou- 
le, sweetly scented pure white flowers. 25c ea; 

for 45c; 6 for 80c; 12 for 51.50; 25 for $2.75* 
for $5.50; 100 for $11.00. 

520 — SINGLE MEXICAN, 30 in. Early blooming, 
ure white single flowers more richly fragrant 
lan the double. 25c ea; 3 for 45c; 6 for 80c* 
2 for $1.50; 25 for $2.75; 50 for $5.50. 

The Lovely Bouquet Dahlias 

The smaller Dahlias have ever been popular, for 

they combine so many desirable features that 
once known they become almost indispensable. 
They Keep well when cut and have long wiry 
stems. Fxowers 2 or less in diameter. 

POMPON— Excellent Keepers 

40c each; 3 for $1.05; 6 for $1.95 
B80 — Amber Queen. Apricot and Amber. Autumn. 
B99 — Darksome. Handsome deep maroon. 
B87 — Edith Mueller. Rose red and gold. 
B97— Kochelsee. New, extra fine scarlet. 
B74 — Little Herman. Red and white bicolor. 
B82 — Mary Munns. Delicate, lovely lavender, 
B89 — Morning Mist. White tipped lavender. 
B83 — Rosa Wilmouth. Popular, rose pink. 
B98— Sherry. Beautiful shade of Petunia purple. 
B84— Yellow Gem. Shining yellow. Cheerful. 
B85— Joe Fette. Compact and pretty. White. 
045— All 11 Pompon Dahlias above for $3.50. 


Flowers fully double, ball-shaped, petals in regu- 
lar spiral arrangement, more than 3V 2 inches in 
diameter. Excellent for cut flowers, good keepers 

35c ea.; 3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00. 
B90 — A. D. Livoni. Clear and beautiful pink. 
B91 — Red Chief. Bright red. A lively color. 
B92 — Storm King. Fine white. 
B93 — Yellow Duke. Beautiful yellow. 
B94 — Vivian. White tipped purple. Best Bicolor. 
044— One of each (5 above) for $1.65. 


Beautiful Pink Peony-Flowered Dahlia Rosalie 
Styles. If your order includes as much as $4.00 
worth of Dahlias. Offer applies to Dahlias only. 

RANUNCULUS Tecolote Hybrids. 

This is the largest and has the most magnificent 
coloring of all Ranunculus strains. Giant double 
Camellia type blooms, and huge, brilliant semi- 
doubles. Colors are bright and clear, though 
many have variegated blooms of gorgeous color 
combinations. Hardy in the South, they may be 
grown as indoor winter plants in the North or 
planted in the spring for summer bloom, 
B500— Red Shades B501— Yellow Shades 

B502— Pink Shades B504 — White Shades 

Above colors 6 for 65c; 12 for $1.25; 100 for $7.50 
B499— MIXED COLORS. 12 for $1.00; 100 for $6.25 
B 1 68 — C Y PELL A Herbertii. 2 ft. A Rare 
Tigndia cousin with petals more undulate and 

graceful; a delightful blending of tan, gold and 
rown with coppery shadings. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25. 


Distinctive, these brilliant Flame Flowers from 
Mexico. Unique and bright are the triangular 
shaped flowers which are spotted and blotched 
to perfection. Foliage is pretty and sabre-like. 
In bloom thruout summer. Gladiolus handling. 
B5 10— Alba Grandiflora (White). Glistening white 
blades. Throat snow white spotted with red mark- 
ings. Beautiful contrast, hard to forget. 
B5 11— Grandiflora Red. Vivid China-red blades; 
yellow cup background. 

B519— Lucky Strike. Crimson carmine, white ring 
in center; each petal marked by a white bancL 
B5 12— Rosea. Rich silken rose blades; yellow cup. 
B518— Rosalind. Delicate soft pink. Very lovely. 
B513— A urea. Golden yellow blades; yellow cup. 
B51 7— Filtered Sunshine. Soft orange self, suf- 
fused with gold. A beautiful color. 
Above Varieties: 3 for 45c; 6 for 80c; 12 for $1 50 
085— THREE OF EACH Tigridia (18 bulbs) for $2^5* 
B515 — TIGRIDIA MIXED COLORS. 3 for 40c- A *™ 
75c; 12 for $1.35; 25 for $2.50; 50 for $5.00?' 

li!? S ^T««? S £ Wife S ^ eds ; . 2a23 ~ Mixed Packet 
15c; Giant Packet 25c. Containing a mixture of 
seeds from flowers of white, red, rose yellow 


The miniatures have the same form as the large 
decorative dahlias but their small size (less than 
3y 8 in. m diam.) and good stems make them dis- 
tinctly suitable, attractive table decorations 

40c ea.; 3 for $1.05; 6 for $1.95. 
BG1 — Corinna. Bright cheerful yellow. 
B62 — Fairy. Miniature Jersey's Beauty. 
B73— Rocquencourt. Small double bright orange 
salmon flowers. Blackish foliage. Only l\' 2 -2 ft. 
high it needs no staking and is excellent for beds, 
and edgings. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35; 7 for $2.75. 
B64 — White Fawn. Pure snow white. New best white. 
B66 — Bishop of Llandaft. Rich scarlet duplex with 
Peony-like flowers, bronzy red foliage. 
B75— Lily Belle. Apple Blossom pink. 50c each. 


For arrangements *** For Borders 
The Fashion Dahlia of the Year 
Superb to cut — Most graceful, just right size, 
easily arranged. 

Choice for borders— Compact, dwarf plants 
of bushy habit just right for beds or borders. 

?i 1 / 42 ^" A f? b 1 eske " Soft yellow, fine for cutting, only 

1\ 2 ft. high, a choice bedding plant. 

B143— Little Diamond. Bright, deep pink shading 

to yellow toward the center. Elegant wiry stems, 

choice to cut. 2 ft. high bedding plant. 

B1 i^ — Passepartout. Brilliant sunproof scarlet. Tall 

cutting stems hold the lovely flowers well above 

the foliage for a choice landscape effect. 3 ft. 

tall, it requires no staking. Plant it behind Little 

Star or Arabeske for striking effect. 

B144— Little Star. Elegant pure white with curled 

and twisted petals. 2 ft. bushy bedding plants. 

B69— Andries Orange. Clear bright orange. Stems 

perfect, flowers of excellent form. 3 ft. bush. 

B68— Grace O'Neil. True pink. An old favorite. 

f? ICES: - Any above Miniature Cactus Dahlias. 
50c ea.; 3 for $1.45: 7 for $2.75; 14 for $5.00. 
Order a border to-day 

W. Park Seed Co.— Park'* Dahlias are all Guaranteed true to name, sure to bloom. 

Tigridia Mixed— 12 for $1.35 

Page 53 


Perhaps there is not another summer flower more 
popular than the improved Gladiolus, In a bed the 
plants stand erect, bloom freely for many weeks, 
are showy and unequalled for cutting. Set the 
bulbs 5 in. deep and 6 in. apart; as hot weather 
approaches mulch with stable litter. Good garden 
soil, full sun, frequent cultivation around the base 
of the plant are the requisites for best results. 

Water copiously; as flower buds begin to form, 
apply liquid manure for exhibition spikes. 
Planting may begin as soon as the soil warms in 
early spring, and the last planting should be made 
about 12 weeks before the first killing frost. This 
is July 15 in the latitude of New York, and later 
in the South. By planting at two week intervals, 
bloom may be had from late June until frost. 

B200 — Apple Blossom. (All America 1956). 
Only fairyland could invent such delicacy of 
coloring: Snowy white with a touch of cream in 
the throat and an exquisite halo of cool rose 
pink at the crinkled petals' edges. Up to 10 trimly 
tailored 5" florets of heavy substance on 5 foot 
stems. Vigorous, easy grower. A new concept in 
beauty. 50c eo.; 6 for $2.50; 10 for $4.15. 

B233 — Royal Slewart. (All America 1956). 
Lightly ruffled 5" florets, 12 open on long spikes. 
The color is an exquisite shade of light bright 
red you'll have to see to appreciate. 50c ea.; 
6 for $2.50; 10 for $4.15. 


One each of the 4 varieties 

Apple Blossom, Royal Slewart, Caribbean, Maytime 

f or only $1.75 

Ou. r . bu i?>s are clean and healthy high crown corms. guaranteed to bloom and give you pleasure and 
satisfaction. All are first quality No. 1 Bulbs IV2 inches in diameter, treated against thrip and disease 
Where 1 corm is not priced allow ft the 3 rate; 5 at the 10 rate; 25 or 50 at the 100 rate. 


nfH*$S eSt Glad * olu s of recent introduction. We have selected what we consider to be the leading 
prize winner's garden for cutting, for exhibition purposes. All are good growers, and 

B213 — Goldruff. (Butterfly type). 
Clear clean apricot yellow. One of the most 
gloriously beautiful ruffled blooms you can imag- 
ine. Has a color value you can't appreciate with- 
out seeing it. Opens 7-8 medium size blooms of 
extra heavy substance. Very healthy. 25c ea.; 
3 for 65c; 10 for $2.00. 

B220 — King David. 

Deep purple with velvety red throat and light 
picotee edge around the petals. Heavily ruffled and 
fluted with 8-10 open and 10 showing on a long 
head. One of the very finest Glads grown. 25c ea.: 
3 for 65c; 10 for $2.00; 25 for $4.00. 
B 225 — Oberbayern. 

Upper petals are dark blue with lower petals 
cream. Very striking and distinctive color combi- 
nation that everyone seems to like. 3 for 45c: 10 
for $1.25: 25 for $2.50; 50 for $5.00. 

B273— Silver Star. 

A large formal pure white with bright purple 
shading to lavender blotch, floret size 5-6 inches 
with slightly ruffled edge. Heavy stiff spike with 
lb-18 buds, flower head 25 inches, grows 55 inches 
high and blooms in 90 days. An outstading show 
winner, a striking beauty. 3 for 50c; 10 for $1.50: 
25 for $3.15; 50 for $6.25. 

B276 — Silver Gull. 

So different that no color classification fits this new 
beauty from Holland. Basically it is white with an 
orchid undertone, overlaid with a shining silver 
sheen. Outstanding. 3 for 40c; 10 for $1.25; 25 for 
$2.50; 50 for $5.00. 

B210 — Spic & Span. 

Tall ruffled medium deep pink of a clear unusual 
shade. Opens up to 10 with 8 more showing color. 
Plant is tall and perfectly straight. Stands up like 
a sentinel. 3 for 45c; 10 for $1.25; 25 for $2.50; 
50 for $5.00. 

B2I5— War Paint. 

This has 10 large scarlet florets open on a 22 bud 
spike. It is 55 inches tall and has a 27 in. flower 
head. Winner of the American Home achievement 
JP.e^ 1 fj"* 3 sensational glad. 3 for 50c; 10 for 
? 1 . au ; ib for $3. 15. 

B201 — Ace of Spades. (The Black Glad). 
Darkest black-red grown. 5" ruffled florets of 
deep maroon-black-red with sharp white stamens 
for exciting contrast. 35c ea.; 3 for $1.00; 10 for 
$3.00; 25 for $6.00. 

B203— Bird of Paradise. 

Totally unlike anything or any other variety in 
existence. The ruffled, fluted, serrated, needle- 
point petals are long and narrow, forming wide 
open florets sometimes reaching 8" across. The 
color is creamy pinkish apricot with light pink 
edges and deep coral red in the throat. The texture 
is heavy like a sea shell. Sold for $3.00 in 1955. 
Now 75c ea.; 3 for 52.00. 

B204 — Caballero. 

If you like vivid, bizarre oriental colors, this is 
it. Red-orange with bold scarlet blotch on yellow 
lip and yellow midribs. Its beauty and brilliance 
envelops you, there is nothing else like it. Opens 
7-8 well placed 5" blooms, 75c ea.; 3 for $2.00. 
B207 — Chartreuse. (The Green Glad). 
A very unusual green-yellow color that every- 
one likes. A knock-out for arrangements. 6-8 AW* 
florets open on 18 bud spike. Healthy and stands 
drought and even semi-shade. 40c ea.; 3 for $1.00; 
10 for $3.00. 

B208 — Fantasy. (Dragon or Parrot type). 
Intensely ruffled and with spurs on the petals 
resembling Parrot Tulips. A novelty of novelties. 
A wonderful keeper and useful cut flower. Beau- 
tiful sparkling salmon. This is the true stock. 
40c ea.; 3 for $1.; 10 for $3. 


B206 — Caribbean. (All America 1957). 
Exciting beauty here in luminous blue-violet, 
handsomely embellished by a rich, deep violet 
throat and small cream spear. The only distinctly 
ruffled blue Glad and it has that rare quality of 
extreme vigor. The finest Blue ever created. 50c 
ea.; 6 for $2.50. 

B2I4 — Maytime. (All America 1957). 
Gracefully ruffled deep, pure pink florets with 
large white throats and a silky taffeta sheen have 
a light hearted charm all their own. Robust, 
healthy, easy to grow it readily opens 8-10 Five 
inch florets on 5^2 ft. spikes. 50c ea.; 6 for $2.50; 
TO for $4.15. 

The Gladiolus listed below are all modern and 


B269 — Burma. (Midseason). Large, heavily 
ruffled, very deep rose with beautiful velvety 
darker blotch. Nothing else like it. A show winner 
everywhere. 3 for 35c; 10 for $1.00; 25 for $2.00; 
50 for $4.00. 

B221 — Friendship. Best all around pink from 
first early to late. Pure pink blending to white 
and cream in the throat. Beautifully ruffled. 3 for 
35c; 10 for $1.00; 25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00. 

B223 — Picardy. Unquestionably the finest Gla- 
diolus of all times. Tall robust growth, clean foli- 
age, and exceptionally large florets of softest 
shrimp pink with blotch of light flesh pink in the 
throat. Florets are slightly ruffled and of heavy 
wax-like substance which explains why Picardy 
keeps so well when cut. 90 days. 3 for 35c; 10 for 
$1.00; 25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00. 


B277 — Hawkeye Red. The reddest Gladiolus 
you've ever seen. 6 giant 5" bright scarlet blooms 
open at once. Midseason. 3 for 35c; 10 for $1.00; 
25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00; 100 for $8.00. 

B205 — Black Opal. Sensational very dark red. 
8-10 open on a long flower head. Excellent place- 
ment. Most popular black red. 3 for 35c; 10 for 
$1.00; 25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00. 


B235 — Abu Hassan. Beautiful clear dark 
buie. Tall, always straight spikes, medium sized 
florets. Excels and supersedes Pelegrina. This is 
The Blue. 3 for 35c; 10 for $1.10; 25 for $2.20; 
50 for $4.40; 100 for $8.75. 

B2 11— Elizabeth The Queen. Mid-season. 
Finest ruffled light lavender or mauve with dark- 
er lines in the throat. Flowers large, beautifully 
ruffled, of fine form. Truly Queen of Lavenders. 
3 for 35c; 10 for $1.00; 25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00: 
100 for $8.00. 


fine, well known, and of established merit. 


B230 — Florence Nightingale. Marvellous glis- 
tening white which is heavily petaled and beau- 
tifully ruffled. Grows 68" tall, 28" flowerhead with 
7 open blooms. The last word in white Glads. 
3 for 45c; 10 for $1.25; 25 for $2.50; 50 for $5.00. 
B253 — Snow Princess. Early. Best pure white 
variety. Flowers are huge, borne on long spikes, 
well place and overlapping. 3 for 30c; 10 for 85c; 
25 for $1.70; 50 for $3.40; 100 for $6.80. 


B245— Dusty Miller, a fine smoky with ex- 
cellent growing habits. It opens up to 9 florets of 
bluish-grey with a blending of scarlet and cream 
in the throat. A consistent winner. 3 for 40c: 
10 for $1.10: 25 for $2.20; 50 for $4.40. 

B261 — Voodoo. Distinctive and beautiful 
smoky with stippling of bronze and plum. 7 5" 
needlepoint blooms open. 3 for 45c; 10 for $1.25; 
25 for $2.50; 50 for $5.00. 


B254 — Spotlight. One of the finest Glads- 
grown and certainly the best yellow. Deep yellow 
with small red mark deep in the throat. Individual 
florets are of giant size. 5 in, across and 7 will 
open at one time. This is the largest yellow. 3 for 
35c. 10 for $1.00; 25 for $2.00; 50 for $4.00; 
100 for $8.00. 


Most graceful of the tribe, the new miniatures are 
causing Quite a sensation. Individual florets are 
2V 2 in. or less in diameter and lend themselves 
well to smaller arrangements where the big ones 
just do not fit In. 

B197 — Atom. A new, very early, small flower- 
ed variety which is creating a sensation wherever 
shown. Distinctive scarlet with gold edge around 
all petals. Tops for corsages, arrangements, borders. 
3 for 45c; 10 for $1.25; 25 for $2.50; 50 for $5. 
B292 — MINIATURE BLEND. An assortment 
made up from 12 exquisite varieties: 3 bulbs for 
75c; 12 bulbs (one of each unlabelled) for $1.50; 
36 bulbs (3 of each, separately labelled) for $4.25. 

B232— Park's Choice Exhibition Mixture. 

For those who wish a fine collection of choice 
bulbs we recommend our splendid mixture of 
N u- i B ^! bs - ¥* rge si2e UK in- diam.) bulbs 
which will product the tallest spikes and finest 
flowers. This mixture is made up from all known 
colors of Gladiolus, and all are fine named var- 
ieties. Every color known to Gladiolus will be 
represented 10 for 75c; 25 for $1.50; 50 for $3.00; 
100 for $5.95; 250 for $12.50. 

B259— Gladiolus Bulbets Mixed, a com- 
plete mixture of all colors from fine varieties. 
Germination is improved if these are soaked for 

24 hours in warm water prior to planting. Pkt 
(opprox. 100) 25c; V 4 pint tapprox. 500 bulblets) 
45c; 1 pint (about 2000 bulbets) $1.95; 1 quart 
(about 4000 bulblets) $3.75. 

877 — Seeds— Gladiolus Peerless Strain. Seeds 
saved from named sorts, every plant will be a 
new variety. Pkt. 10c; Large Pkt. 25c. 


Have you ever heard of them? Well, here they 
*& rdy 1x1 Michigan, Canada, anywhere in the 
U.S. Blooms in May outdoors; bulbs are smal- 
ler than regular Glads, but they multiply faster. 

B279 — Byzantinus Rubra. Bright Cerise 
Scarlet. 3 for 55c; 10 for $1.50. 

B280 — Alba. Pure White. 40c ea.; 3 for $1.00. 

B281 — Segetum. Carmine pink. 40c ea.; 3 for 


B299— Acidan- 
thera Bicolor. 

Rich cream with 
patch of chocolate. 
Waxy, long tubed fra- 
grant flowers on 20" 
stems. Most graceful. 
5 for 50c; 10 for 85c; 

25 for $1.50. 

B299A — Acidanthera Murieliae. Pure white 
4" flowers with dark crimson -maroon blotch on 
stiffly upright 3 ft. Gladiolus-like stems. Very 
sweet scented, excellent for cutting. 3 for 50c 1 
8 for $1.00; 25 for $2.50. 

■a 1 a 

Page 54 


These Caladiums are just the plants for a partly 
shaded bed, border or pot. They have no enemies, 
and grow in anv rich soil, splendid variegated 
leaves show crimson, scarlet, rose, yellow and 
green, being veined, spotted and margined in 
exquisitely contrasted colors. 

CALADIUM CULTURE. Start indoors in box of 
spagnum moss or sand in temp, of 75-85 deg. 
Water sparingly until growth is well started. Then 
pot in mixture of 1/3 leaf mold, 1/3 sand, 
1/3 charcoal. Give good drainage, plenty of water, 
and appiy liquid manure once a week. 
OUTDOORS: They may be moved outdoors to a 
shady location or started in a shady bed in late 
May or June. Col jrf ul over a very long .period. 


Our large First size bulbs are of the finest grow- 
ing. Guaranteed true to name and absolutely 
clean. (All bulbs are specially chemical sterilized). 

35c Each, 054— All 6 for $1.85 

B360 — CANDID UM. Fine variety and very 
popular. Leaf snow-white with green veins and 
network; narrow green border. True Candidum. 

B362 — LORD DERBY. Transparent rose with 
green ribs and narrow green edge. Lovely. 
B363 — MRS. W. B. HALDEMAN. Luscious, 
rich watermelon pink with green ribs and green 
border. One of the strongest growers. 

B361 — PEOCILE ANGLAIS. Wavy deep crim- 
son leaf, metallic green border. Brightest one. 
B372— RECONCAVO. The dark green leal 
has a deep rose center and bright carmine ribs. 
A fine strong grower and one of the best. 
B374 — ROSE BEAUTY. Bright rose with scar- 
let ribs, pink blotches and golden tints. Lovely. 


45c Each, 053— All 4 for $1.05 

B369 — APPLE BLOSSOM. Rose changing to 
blush-pink with bright red ribs, apple green bor- 

B367— MARIE MOIR. White leaf beautifully 

marked with red spots and green veins. 

B373 — PINK CLOUD. Large, crinkly, well 
opened leaves of lovely pink with green border 
and green mottling giving a cloud-like effect. 

B366 — SPANGLED BANNER. Brilliant red 
leaf, dark red ribs and a profusion of pink spots. 


Taken from the named varieties listed on this pg. 
Priced Mixed: 3 for $1.00; TO for $3.00; 25 for $6.75. 

New Dwarf Lance Leaf Fancy Caladiums 

B376 — MIXED. Small leaved dwarfs* only 10 in. 
high. Ideal window plants. Brightly colored, 
ruffled, lance shaped Ives. 75c ea.; 3 for $2.00. 


Caiadium Esculentum. Tropical in appearance be- 
cause of the immense leaves they develop, these 
Caladiums grouped in a bed or even as a single 
specimen are showy, cooling and decorative. 
Thrives in dense shade. Medium Bulbs: 25c; 3 for 
65c. Large bulbs 40c; 3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00. 
Mammoth Bulbs: $1.00 each; 3 for $2.50. 


(Sprekelia — Jacobean Lily) 
B317 — SUPERB A. (Orchid Amaryllis) Unique in 
form, beautiful crimson in color with flowers 
twice as large as the type. Half hardy, Winter 
pots, summer bedding. 60c ea.; 3 for $1.50; 12 
for $5.00. 


A magnificent strain of giant flowering Hybrid Amaryllis throwing 
vigorous flower stems set with 4 to 6 gigantic perfect blooms in a wide 
range of charming colors, in fine mixture. Not hardy. LARGE SURE TO 
BLOOM BULBS (2Vz in. diam.) 40c each; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.75. 
GIANT BULBS (2 3 A-3 in. diam.) 50c ea.: 3 for $1.35; 12 for $4.80. 
B3 19 A— HOWARD & SMITH MIXED. 40 years breeding work resulting in 
the finest Amaryllis Mixture grown. Enormous flat 9-10 inch flowers in 
colors of surprising brilliancy and range. 85c ea.; 3 for $2.35; 10 for $7.50. 
B328A — DOUBLE AMARYLLIS — HELEN HULL. Attractive ruffled orange and 
white, full petalage. $2 ea. 


Characterized by widely flaring, almost flat trumpet flowers 6-9 in. across, 
usually four on a spike. You'll proudly display these for they are 

Amaryllis Formosissima Superior to any other strain — Separate Colors; 

B321A— Pure White. $3.25 each. 
B:i23— Red & white. $2.50 ea. 
B320— Pink, baby pink. $2.50 ea. 
B322— Scarlet. $2.50 ea. 

One ea. of 3 colors and white for $9.00. 

Named Varieties: Here is Amaryllis Perfection 

B323A — Apple Blossom. White with pink blush and markings 
of Dawn Pink. Lower petals lighter almost white. Stamens 
white, throat green with dark red ring. Exquisite. $6.00 each. 
B324 — Candy Cane. Magnificent red and white. Each petal 
bright red bordered and centered white. $10.00 ea. 
B314 — Fidelity. Lively spinel pink, very beautiful. $5.00 ea. 
B324A — Five Star General. 9-10" blooms of brilliant signal-red 
with a sharp white star in the center. The upper petals are 
slightly bearded. This is the most spectacular and perhaps most 
beautiful Amaryllis variety. It is also latest to bloom and a 
70-75° F. temp, and careful watering (overwatering might cause 
roots to rot) are required. Supply very limited. $10.00 ea. 
B328— Ludwig's Dazzler. 8" flat perfect pure white. $6.00 ea. 
B327—Lud wig's Scarlet. Shining deep blood scarlet. $4.75 ea. 
Named varieties Amaryllis above: All six for $39.50. 

Lily (Lycoris squamigeri or Amaryllis 

Clusters of large, but dainty pink trumpets per- 
fume the air with their delightful fragrance dur- 
ing August. The 2Vz ft. stems rise directly from 
the ground as if by magic. Attractive strap- 
shaped greer, foliage appears in early spring. 
Completely hardy. Plant 4 in. deep in semi-shade. 
35c ea.; 3 for $1.00; 10 for $2.75. 


B348 — CALANTHE Striata Sieboldie. Large self 
colored golden yellow flowers. Last long in gar- 
dens, in water or corsages. Somewhat variable 
in size of fJower and coloring. Easily grown in 
any shady place. Exquisitely fragrant. $1.25 ea. 

179 — Amorphophallus rivieri. Attractive palm -like 
ornamental all summer. In spring from the dry, 
dormant bulb an enormous deep rosy maroon 
Calla-shaped blossom appears. Mammoth bulbs 
$3.00 ea. 

A Garden-easy Bulb of Considerable Charm 
B298 — BESSERA Elegaiis. ( Lady's Eardrop) . Delicately 
formed blossoms, bright coral with orange suffu- 
sions, striped creamy within, and with blue antlers, 
carried in nodding, swaying umbels on 20" stems. 
Gladiolus handling. $1 .50 ea. 

The Perfumed Fairy Lily 
B395— CHLIDANTHUS Fragrans. Like a miniature 
golden Amaryllis. Slender, waxy trumpets delight- 
fully, richly fragrant, come in early spring. Gladi- 
olus handling. 3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00; 45c each. 

Pineapple Lily, The Unusual 
B394 — EUCOMIS Undulata. For summer garden or 
pot culture. Highly attractive foliage, crimped and 
frilled. Thick tight spikes of flowers are cream 
with elfin green tintings. $1.25 ea.; 3 for $3.00. 
821 — EUCOMIS Pole Evansii. A very rare species, 
la»ger than E. Undufata. Seeds only. Pkt. 25c. 

B180 — EUCHARIS Amazonica. Unrivalled for its 
graceful beauty and freedom of bloom. Clusters 
of deliriously fragrant dazzling white 3 in. flow- 
ers are borne on 2 ft. stems. A choice pot plant 
Bulbs $1.75 each, 

A Rockery Jewel 
B166— AN O MATH EC A Cruenta. 1 ft. In July and 
Aug. spikes of bright scarlet tubes with crimson 
blotches above always attractive rosettes of long 
slender lances. Hardy with slight protection. Good 
window plant too. 3 for S0c: 10 for $1.50. 

Little White Stars 
B461 — MILL A Biflora. Pleasant bulb-flower for the 
summer garden. Fragrant petals of snowy-white 
waxy crispness on 15 in. stems generously pro- 
duced all summer. Choice for border and cuts well. 
Gladiolus handling. 3 for 85c; 10 for $2.50; 35c ea. 

BLETILLA Hyacinthina 
(Hardy Chinese Orchid) 

Very choice plant which is perfectly hardy. 12 in. 
stems bear 7 to 8 large, orchid-shaped flowers. 
May be planted in the open or in pots. 
B350 — Lavender. 65c each; 3 for $1.75. 
B351— Pure White. 85c ea; 3 far $2.25. 


Showy buttercup flowers in many charming colors. 
Bloom in May and June. 

B325 — Monarch de Caen. Single Poppy flowered. 
Mixed colors: 10 for 50c; 25 for $1.00; 100 for $4.00. 
B326 — St. Brigid "Creagh Castle". Large semi- 
double flowers. Brilliant hues, delicate shades. 
10 for 65c; 25 for $1.25; 50 for $2.50. 

Amaryllis Five Star General 

Get the finest bulbs direct from Park — Postpaid to your door. — Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

Page 55 

Canna Rosea Gigantea 

DAY LILIES— Hemerocallis 

Anna Betseher. 2V 2 ft. Choice golden yellow. 
Gold Dust, 2 ft. Dwarf, early, rich gold. (May). 
Hyperion, 3V2 ft. Enormous cool lemon yellow. 
Kwanzo. 4 ft. Double golden bronze. 

Above varieties 50c ea; 3 for $1.35 
One Each of ALL FOUR for $1.50 
Fulva. Rosea. Lovely rosy-pink species. $1.50 ea. 

Lovely New Varieties 
Annis Victoria Russell. Solid canary yellow blooms 
7-9" across, remain open during evening. $1,00. 
Black Emperor. Large flowers of deepest purple. 
Very free flowering. $1.25 each. 
Mamie Lake, Rich rosy orchid with deeper rose eye 
zone, lemon yellow sepals, lemon throat. Very 
large, open fir., recurved petals. $1.50 ea. 
Pink Angel. Light pastel pink, little yellow spot in 
center. Elegant. $1.50 each. 

Red Cinderella. Brilliant Chinese-red, ruffled wide 
open flowers, very early, very free firing. One 
of the brightest and most attractive. $1.75 ea. 
Rose Du Barry. Large flowers, recurved petals, 
strawberry red with small throat of deep orange. 
Does not burn in hottest sun. $1.50 each. 
New Collection: ONE EACH above 6 for $7.50 


or Rain Lilies Poo into bloom after almost every 
rain. They'll perform well when potted for the 
window garden too. Hardy to D. C. Funnel 
shaped. Lily-like flowers erect. 
Candida. White rain drops. Dainty glossy white. 
3 for 25c; 12 for 85c. 

Rosea. Large rose colored star shaped flowers. 

15c ea.; 3 for 40c; 12 for $1.50. 

Ajax. (Yellow Princess) A bright creamy yellow. 

Rare. 20c ea.; 3 for 55c; 12 for $1.85. 

2140— Zephyranthes Seed Mixed. Pkt. 10c; 25c. 


The Home Gardener's Orchid 
These like a moist place — at home on pool bank. 
B476 — Blue Waves. Wisteria blue with striking 
golden center. Large semi-double. 75c ea. 
B477 — Fascination. Sunset hues, double mauve pink 
outlined bluish white. $1.00 each. 
B468 — Flamingo. Deep rose, white in center. Tall 
profuse bloomer. Double, 75c ea.; 3 for $2.00. 
B482 — Red Emperor. Best deep red. Very large, 
early, $1.00 ea.; 3 for $2.75. 

B472 — Gold Bound. Glistening pure white, rich 
gold band. Full double. 75c each; 3 for $2.00. 
B478 — William Tell. Cream white with lilac mark- 
ings. 75c ea.; 3 for $2.00. 

090— COLLECTION. One of each: 6 for $4.25. 


This new class gains in popularity each year. Ours 
are grown by Dr. Phillip G. Corliss, the most 
successful Hybridizer of this group. Easily grown, 
perfectly hardy, they require almost no attention. 
As tough, long lasting cut flowers, or as landscape 
subjects, they are superb, being 3-5 ft. tall and 
very free blooming. Orders booked for delivery 
in Late Summer only, for bloom is delayed if 
moved at other times. Full cultural directions. 
MIXED COLORS: 3 for $1.50; 10 for $4.00. 
SEPARATE COLORS: White, Yellow, Blue, Bronze, 
Blends are priced at 3 for $2.50; 10 for $7.00. 


Fill a distinct place in the garden. The foli- 
age is beautiful and luxuriant. The bright 
colors are unequalled for creating a colorful 
show from July until Frost. 
B400 — Allemania. 4 ft. Soft glowing salmon 
rose bordered bright golden yellow. 
B401 — Apricot. 4 ft. Rich apricot, Ives, green. 
B402— City of Portland. 3V 2 ft. Flowers rosy- 
pink, leaves green. Compact, luxuriant growth. 
B40G— Mrs. Alfred F. Conrad. 4 ft, Brilliant 
salmon pink, large, substantial. Green Ives. 
B103 — The President. 3 ft. Rich glowing scar- 
let. Glossy green leaves. 

B404— Richard Wallace. 4 ft Golden yellow 
B405 — Rosea Gigantea. 4 ft. Rose pink, green 
foliage. A delightful pink. 
Fine Roots 2*3 eyes: 35c ea.; 3 for 75c; 6 
for $1.25; 12 for $2.00. 

B407— Eureka. 4 ft. The best white Canna. 
Creamy white flowers, handsome green 
leaves. Strong Growing. 45c ea.; 3 for $1.25, 
055 — COLLECTION. One of each above Carinas. 
8 roots, value $2.90 for only $1.95 


Selected from hundreds of hand-pollinated 
hybrids by Howard and Smith these Cannas 
depict the most glorious pastel shades ever 
brought forth in any flower of any kind. Delicate 
tints that sparkle with life. These new Canna 
Hybrids have immense trusses of huge Gladiolus- 
like florets. 450A— Seeds Mixed. 6 seeds 25c; 30 
seeds $1.00. 
B408— AIDA 

Old rose overlaid with delicate salmon. 

Is a self color, a delightful shade of old rose. 

Soft rosy peach overlaid with delicate pearl giv- 
ing in effect a vibrant pink. Our favorite, 

A lovely shade between peach and rose with a 
hint of gold in its metalic sheen. 

Soft Horizon yellow washed with overtones of 
daybreak pink. Effect Light pink, golden tone. 

Pure canary yellow passing to light lemon yellow 
as the flower develops. The finest yellow Canna. 
Price: 75c ea; 3 for $2.00. All six for $3.75. 

Grand Opera Series Canna La Boheme v 

B494 — LYCORIS Radiata. A handsome Autumn- 
flowering bulb, which makes its growth during 
the winter and is dormant through the summer. 
The rosy-red flowers are interesting and artistic, 
appearing on tall stems followed by grass-like 
foliage which remains green all winter. Treat as 
a pot plant North. Hardy from Virginia south. 
Plant 4 inches deep. Bulbs: 25c each; 3 for 65c. 
B494A— RARE YELLOW Spider Flower. Lycoris 
Aurea. Bright clear yellow. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35. 
LYCORIS Alba. Rare. 75c ea. 

ERED HYBRIDS. These are the 
magnificent new hybrids rep- 
resenting an enormous ad- 
vance over the ordinary vari- 
eties usually seen. Tall, robust 
plants with flowers of great 
size and beauty, 3-4 inches in 
diam. Mixed colors including 
yellow, salmon, orange, scar- 
let- rose. Treatment the same 
as for Gladiolus. 3 for 35c; 
12 for $1.35; 50 for $5.00. 

Montb ret ia 

Butterfly Iris 

Page 56 

Blackberry Lily 


A plant to please. Iris-like leaves with tall stems 
bearing two-inch showy flowers of orange and 
crimson; followed by ornamental black seed 
clusters from which it gets the name. 
A strong growing perennial which thrives in a 
rich and sandy soil in an open border or shade. 
A group among the shrubbery will lend an at- 
tractive note of color in August and September, 
B490— Roots: 35c each; 3 for 95c; 12 for $3.50. 
Seeds: 1544 Pkt. 15c; Giant Pkt. 25c. 

Seeds: 1544A — Avalon Hybrids may be yellow, red, 
golden, orange or apricot, pure and unmarked or 
with crimson dottings. Pkt. 25c. 


REGAL LILY. Hardy, easily grown; the fine 
trumpet-shaped, deliciously scented flowers bloom 
profusely. Color: ivory white, shadowed pink with 
yellow tinge at base of each petal. Set bulbs 10-12 
inches deep. 45c ea; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3,50. 
B481 — New Centifolium "Olympic Hybrids." A new 
and modern strain of Trumpet Lilies. Character- 
ized by its extreme vigor, size, good form and 
coloring. Blooming size bulbs: 35c ea; 3 for $1.00; 
12 for $3.00. Exhibition size: 60c ea; 3 for $1.50. 
B483— Gold Banded Lily (Auratum). 
Largest and most handsome of all Lilies. Large 
fragrant flaring trumpets of ivory white with 
broad yellow bands down the center of each petal 
6 ft. tall. Set 10 in. deep. 65c each; 3 for $1.75. 
B488 — Speciosum Rubrum. One of the most beauti- 
ful of all Lilies. Flowers rose-red, petals recurve 
gracefully to the tips where they shade to lighter 
rose, strikingly dotted with darker crimson. 
Blooms Aug.-Sept. 65c ea; 3 for $1.75. 
B493 — Formosanum Tall Late. Latest flowering of 
all. Large trumpet of white with emerald green 
throat. Plant 5 in. deep. 45c ea; 3 for $1.25. 
Easter Lily. (L. Estate) A well known pure white 
trumpet for your garden. 45c ea; 3 for $1.25. 


The new varieties are very hardy, and good bor- 
der plants, fine for cutting. They begin blooming 
the latter part of June and are constantly in 
bloom until freezing weather. Striking flame-like 
flower spikes. Ht. 3 ft. Tritoma or Kniphofia. 
B520— Pfitiers Hybrid. Coral red with a hint of 
yellow. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35; 10 for $4.00. 
B521 — Springtime. Top half red, lower half white. 
Striking, very distinct new. 75c ea. 
B523— White Fairy. Pure ivory white with little 
greenish top. A beautiful newcomer. $1.25 ea. 
0523— One of each Tritoma— 3 for $2.25. 

The Magnificent GLORY LILY 
B399— GLORIOSA Rothschild ion a. Exotic and dif- 
ferent. Flowers are waxy, lily-like, 3 inches 
across with prominent curved stamens, crimson 
perianth is banded with gold and charmingly re- 
flexed and waved. 95c ea.; 3 for $2.75. 
Tiny Tubers which will bloom 1st season started 
early. 35c ea.; 3 for $1.00. 

B398 — Carsonii. A rare tall growing species with 
flowers of deep purple edged yellow. An un- 
usually beautiful and spectacular combination. 
$1.25 ea. 

874A— Gloriosa Seed. Pkt. 25c; 3 pkts. 65c. 

Easily grown: Plant the tuberous roots in sunny 
position and water generously in dry weather. 
Roots must be lifted before frost and stored or 
may be potted and kept growing in sunny win- 
dow, where they will often bloom. 
B396— LITTONIA Modesto Keitii. A Gloriosa rela- 
tive being a tuberous-rooted climbing plant with 
bright orange bell shaped flowers. A choice winter 
bloomer for the window or summer outdoor porch 
box. 75c ea. 


When sowing seeds it is always best to divide the packets and sow at different times. Note the time and give good 
care until the plants have had time to appear. The following table gives the time normally reauired for germina- 
tion of each variety of seeds. This time may vary as much as 25% either way. Do not condemn seeds until you have 
given them at least two or three trials. Those marked z or having the dagger (t) beside them may lie dormant for a 
year or more. The other tables are self explanatory, and while they are somewhat comp icafed do give TSSat deal 
of information about each of the hundreds of species listed. 



a — 5 days 
b — 8 days 
c — 10 days 
d — 15 days 
e — 20 days 
f— 25 days 
S — 30 days 
z^50 days or 
may lie dor- 
mant a year 
or more, 
f — dagger ad- 
ded means 
seed may 
take much 
longer than 
time indi- 


Br— Branching 
Tr— Trailing 

B — Bushy 

C — Clump 

E — Erect 

S — Spreading 

V— Vine 
Bu — Bulbous 

Best Use 

Hb — Hardy border 
B — Summer bed- 

E — Low edging or 

D — Drying for use 
as everlasting 

F — Foliage or 
Seed pod 

S — Background 
or Screen 

Sp — Specimen 

W — Window Gar- 
den or porch 

R— Rock Garden 


B — Blue 
O— -Orange 
F— Fink 
Pu — Purple 
or lavender 
R — Red 
Y— Yellow 
W— White 
F — Fragrant 
S — Salmon 

Time To Bloom 

a — Early spring 
b — Late spring or 
early summer 
c — Summer 
d — Late summer 
early autumn 
e — All autumn 
f — Late autumn 
g— Tends to be 

h— W inter 
blooming in- 
doors, or can 
be forced in- 
to bloom 
i — Perennials, 
blooming first 
season if 
started early 

'ioif «. 




3 >■ 


ibro'ni a, ha e 19 

\bu'til on, hha e 41 

\c anth'us, hhp e 19 


<Vchille'a, Milfoil, hp c 32 

\ chim'enes, hhp d 42, 59 

Vco ni'tum, hp e 32 

fVcroclin'i urn, ha b 31 

\d lu'mi a, hb f f 39 

\d o'nis, hha, hp c 32 

\e the o ne'ma, hp e 32 

African Violet, hhp e 3, 46 

^.ga pan'thus, hhp e 42 

\.gathae'a, hhp e 19 

\gera'tum, hha a 19 

\g rim o'ni a, hp 32 

kg rost em'ma, hp ....e 19, 32 

\gros'tis, ha 38 

W li'um, hp 32 

Vloe, Tiger Aloe, hhp g 42 

\l stro mer'i a, hp d 32 

Uys'sum, ha, hp a 19, 32 

^maran'thus, hha a 20 

\m ar yl'lis, hhp g 42, 56 

\.m'ber bo a, ha 19 

Vmmo'bium, hb a 31 

\m so'nia, Star of Tex., hp . 32 

\jichu*sa, ha, hp c 20 

Vndros'ace.R. Jasmine hp d 19, 32 

\n em 'on e, hp d 32, 56 

\n nual Climbers 39 

\.n o'da, Opalcup, ha g 19 

Vn'themis, hp a 32 

\.n thu'ri um, hhp . . . . tg 5, 41 

Kn tig'o non, hhp e 39 

Vn tir rhi'num, Snap, ha . .c 20 

\q uil e'gi a, hp . .g 18 

\.r'abis, Rock Cress, hp . . .a 32 

^rc'to'tis, hha c 20 

\r e na'ri a, Sandwort, hp b 32 

\r gem o'ne, ha d 19 

Vr is to lo'chia, hp tz 39 

Vr me'ri a, Thrift, hp c 32 

Vr'nic a, hp f 32 

Vs cle'pi as, hp, hhp g 32 

Vs'ter, annual, ha b 27, 42 

^.s'ter, perennial, hp d 32 

\.s tirbe, Spirea, hp d 32 

Vu bri e'ti a, hp e 32 

Uir ic'u la, hp g 32 

3aby's Breath, ha, hp . .c 31, 34 

3aby Blue Eyes, ha c 28 

iaehelor's Button, ha . .a 24, 32 

Jai'le ya, ha e 20 

Jal'sam Lady Slipper, ha .b 22 

Jap tis'i a, hp e 32 

Jar to'ni a, ha c 20 

Je go'ni a hhp d 32, 41, 60 

iell of Ireland, ha ft 22 

Jell nr., hb, hp, ha ...22, 31, 33 
Jel'lis, English Daisy, hp .b 25 

Jird of Paradise, hhp z 46 

ileeding Heart, hp . .z 24, 32, 33 

ioc co'ni a, hp f z 32 

Jol to'ni a, hp c 32 

iou var'di a, hhp 42 

Jrachy co'me, hha .d 22 

iri'za, Quaking Grass, ha . 38 

iro wal'lia, hha d 22, 42 

iutter Daisy, ha 20 

Jutterfly Bush, hp 42 

ULBS 52-60 

'ac'tus, hhp d 42 

-ac a'li a, Paint Brush, ha d 22 
:a la'di um, Fancy Leaf, hhp 56 

)al an dri'ni a, ha c 22 

!al ce o la'ria, hhp d 42 

:a len'du la, ha .c 23 

^alif. Poppy, ha e 25 

:al o'chort us, Globe T., hp. 32 

At Park's All Seeds are : 

6-9 Tr 
34 E 
24 B 

E no FYB 
WB no RPY 
FWB no W 

c ®D9b 
g, h 5, 1 
d ®31 

Gardening aids 




































































































• 4 











































































































































































































































































































































































































1— Of easy culture for beginners. 

2 — Soak seeds before sowing. 

3— Sow in early spring while soil 
is cool. 

4— Sow in early spring or latest 

5 — Sow in heat in sunny window, 
frame or greenhouse. Sowing 
may be done at almost any 

6 — Sow in spring or summer, up 
to September. Be sure seedbed 
is shaded if sown in heat of 

7 — Sow in late autumn or early 
winter in open beds. Germina- 
tion will take place in spring. 
Cold is needed to start them. 
May also be sown in early 
spring if given refrigerator 

Jiffy Index 

Alt America Selections. .Cover, 3,48 

Accessories, Gardening Aids. 11,40 

Annual Flowers 19-31 

Bulbs, Roots, Tubers 52-60 

Everlastings . . 31 

Grasses, Ornamental 38 

Herbs . 35 

Novelties 2-6 

Prices 1 

Perennial Flowers 32-38 

Plants 39,46,47 

Shrubs 39 

Specialties 7-18 

Window Garden Flowers .... 42-47 

Vegetables 48-51 

Vines 20.25 

8 — Sow in late autumn or earliest 
spring. If sown too late in 
spring, may lie dormant until 
the following year, 

9 — Sow where plants are to 
bloom after soil has warmed 
up in spring. 

a — Very fine seed. Carefully sow 
on top of soil and water with 
misty spray to cover. 

b — Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before 
planting out time for earliest 

®— Sun.S® — Sun or partial shade. 

S — Semi-shade. 
M — Requires extra moisture. 

D — Will grow in rather dry soil. 




Pkt. 15c; 15 for $2.00; Giant Pkt 

Cal'la "Lily", hhp 59 

Cal li op'sis, Tickweed, ha .b 22 

Cal lirho'e, ha b 22 

Camellia, hhp g 43 

Cam mas'sia, hp g 32 

Cam pan'u la, ha, hp, hb 33, 22 

Candy tuft, ha, hp 23, 35 

Can na, hhp fz 32, 55 

Can'ter bury Bells, hb. .b 22, 33 

Car na tion, hp 33, 22 

Castor Bean, Ricinus, hha . d 29 

Cat a nan che, hp e 31 

Ce lo sia, Coxcomb, hha . . . c 23 

Cen tau'rea, ha fa 32, 24 

Ce ras tium, hp b 32 

Cheiran thus, hhp, hb a 23 

Chry san'the mum . .b 23, 36, 43 

Ciner a ria, hhp c 32, 42 

Clark'ia, Rocky Garland ..a 24 

Clem at is, hp |z 39 

Cle ome, Spider Fir., ha .c 23 
Cli tor'ia, Butterfly, hhp . .d 39 

Cli via, hhp g 43 

Cob ae'a, hha d 39 

Coral Flower, ha d 24 

Col chic um, hp 32 

Co'le us, hhp . , c 42 

Col'um bine, Aquilegia, hp g 18 
Cor e op'sis, Tickseed, hp .a 24 

Corn, Rainbow 31, 50 

Cor yd'al is, hp 24, 32 

Cos me a, Cosmos, hha ... .a 24 

Co tula, Brass Buttons 24 

Crossan'dra ..ff 42 

Crot al a ria, hha c 24 

Cup-Flower, ha d 28 

Cu phae'a, hha tb 24 

Cyclamen, hhp g 43 

Cyn o glos sum, ha, hhp ... a 24 
Cyper-us, Umbrella, hhp .f 43 

Cypho man'dra e 43 

Cy'tis sus Broom, hp g 32 

Dahlborg Daisy, Thymophylla 25 

Dahlia, hhp a 24, 52, 53 

Datu'ra, Trumpet fir., hhp d 24 

Delphinium, hp e 17, 39 

Di an thus, ha, hp a 25, 33, 36, 38 
Dias'cia, Twinspur, hha .b 25 

Die tarn nus, hp tz 33 

Diel'ytra, hp z 33 

Dig it a'lis, hp, hb e 33 

Dim orph oth e'ea, ha c 25 

Dodeca'theon, hp tg 34 

Do ro'ni cum, hp d 33 

Dra'ba, hp 33 

Dry'as, hp 33 

Ech ev e'ri a, hhp d 44 

Echin-ops, Globethistle, hp . d 31 
Echium, Viperbugloss, hha b 25 

English Daisy, hp a 25 

Ep i' sci a, hhp tg 43 

Er'anth is, W. Aconite, hp . 34 

Ere mu'rus, hp g 34 

Er ic'a, Heather, hp 34 

E rig'er on, Fleabane, hp .d 34 

Er i'nus, hp 34 

Eryn'gi um, Seaholly, hp .g 34 
Eryth ri'na, Coralbean, hhp c 44 

Er y thro ni um, hp z 34 

Esch scholz'ia, ha c 15 

Eu phor bi a, ha, hp . . . d 25, 34 

Eu sto' ma, hp e 25 


Exa'cum Afnne, hhp d 43 

Fat'sia, Aralia, hhp d 44 

Ferns, hp, hhp e 43 

Feverfew, Matricaria, ha .d 26 
Flax, Linum, ha, hp . . .df 26, 35 
Forget me-not, hb . .b 20, 24, 26 

25c; 9 for $2.00. 




7- 20' 


24- 36 


25- 48 


8- 12 


B B 
Tr E 
Br W 
E Hb 
E Hb 
See Iberis 
EBu B 
E Hb 



CBu HbW 
Br WB 
EC Hb 
B Hb 




36 CE SpWF 
60 Br WSp 
36 E Hb 

8 BC EW 
12-48 EBu ESp 

36 Br WSp 

24-72 EC 

12-24 CE 

9 C 
24 E 
20 C 

30-48 EC 
8-12 E 



















































































































































































yes ManyF 










































6 Br BWE 

6 Tr 

6 EBu 

96 E 

12 BC 






4-36 TrE 
30 E 

12 B 

60 E 

12-24 B 

3-24 B 

6-24 C 

9-12 B 


no PR 

yes B 
no BW 
no Many 
no RBY 
no Y 
yes WOYP 
no Pu 
yes Pu 


WB no B 

WSp no Y 

WHb no leaves 

EBW yes WY 

RHb no 

R yes 




RBP bed ®61 
BPW ai S61 

Page 57 





111 fi 

II i 

0) -T 

** 2 

3 -Q 

2: E 



II 31 

E o> 

2 J 

Four O'clock, hhp a 28 

Franklin i a, hp gf 16, 39 

Frees'i a, hhp f 44 

Fuchs'i a, hhp e 43 

Funk i a, Hosta, hp . .fd 34 

Gail lar'di a ha, hp e 25 


Gamo' lep is, ha 25 

Ga za ni a, hhp 25 

Gentian, Gentiana, hp .e 25, 34 

Ger be ra, hhp g 26 

Gera'nium, hhp c 44 

Ges ne'ri a, hhp c 44, 59 

Ge um. Avens, hp f 34 

Gil'i a, hb, ha .c 25, 34 

Gladi'olus, Cornnag, hhp .e 54 

Glory Flower, hhp 39 

Glox in i a, hhp ... .d 44, 59, 60 
Gode tia, Satinflower, ha .d 26 

Gom phre na, ha d 31 

Gourds, hha d 31 

GRASS, Ornamental 38 

Gyp soph'il a, ha, hp . . .c 31, 34 
Hele'ni um, Sneezeweed, hp a 34 

Helian the mum, hp d 34 

Heli an thus, Sunflr., hha .a 26 

He li-chry sum, ha a 31 

He li op'sis, hp c 26 

Heli o trope, hhp . .f 26, 38, 45 

Helip ter um, hha d 31 

Hel le bo rus, hp g 34 

He mer o cal'lis, hp ...d 34, 55 


Hes pe ris, hp f 26 

Heu che ra, Coralbells, hp .c 34 

Hibis cus hp |d 26, 34 

Holly'hock, Althea hp c 34 

Hun nera an'ia, hhp d 26 

Hya cin thus, Galtonia, hp. 34 

lb e ris, Candytuft, hp a 35 

Ice Plant, ha .fd 27 

Im pa tiens, hhp d 44 

In -car vil le a, hp, ha f 35 

Ipomoe'a, hha a 27 

I'ris, Flag, hp te 35, 55 

Jac a ran'da, hhp e 45 

Jas i one, hp f 34 

Jas min'um, yellow, hhp ... 39 
Job's Tears, Coix, hha . . . .e 38 

Kal an cho e, hhp c 45 

Koch'i-a, Cypress, ha d 26 

Kudzu Vine, Pueraria, hp , d 39 

Lan ta'na, hhp z 45 

Lark 'spur, Delphinium, ha e 17 

Lath 'yr us, hp e 39 

Lava'ter-a, Mallow, ha ...a 26 

Lavender, hp d 38 

Le'on to po'dium, hp c 36 

Leu can the mum 4, 36 

Lew is' i-a, hp 35 

Li a tris, Gayfeather, hp . .e 35 
Lil'ium, Lily, hp ..g 35, 55, 56 
Lin a'ri a, Toadflax, ha . . .c 26 
Lin'um, Flax, ha-d hp . .f 26, 35 
Lip'pia, Lemon Verb., hhp z 45 

Lir i'o pe', hp 39 

Lo belia, ha, hp e 26, 36 

Lo pe' zia, ha c 26 

Lu na ri a, hb c 31 

Lup i nus, hp, ha b 26, 36 

Lych'nis, Campion, hp f 26 

Ly 'thrum, hp .d 35 

Malop-e, ha a 26 

Mallow, Mal'va, hp . . a 26 

Man de ville a, hhp c 45 

Mar i gold, Tagetes, ha a 12 

Mar tyn i a, hha e 26 

Ma tri ca'ri a, ha c 26 

Matthi'o la, ha a 27, 30 

Mau-ran'di-a, hhp 45 

Me con op'sis, hp e 36 

Ment zel'ia, Rlaz. Star, hb d 36 

Mer i on Rlue Grass 38 

Mer ten'si a, hp 36 

Mes em bri anth emum 27 

Mi cro sperm a, hha d 45 

Mig non ette, Reseda, ha . .a 21 

Mi mo sa, hha b 28 

Mim*u lus, ha, hhp c 27 

Mi'na, Flag of Spain, hha .e 39 

Mi rab'il is, hhp a 28 

Mom or'di ca, hha ,d 31 

Mo nar'da, Horsemint, hp .d 36 

Mont bret i a, hhp 55 

Morning Glory, hha a 27 

Mo ron-gia, hp g 28 

Mu'sa, Banana z 45 

Myoso'tis, Forgetmenot hb b 26 

Nae'gel i'a, hhp d 44 

Nas tur'ti um, hha b 27 

Nem esl a, hha a 27 

Nem oph'i la, ha c 28 

Nep'eta, Catmint, hp c 36 

Nicotiana, hha e 28 

Nier em berg i a, hhp d 28 

Ni gella, ha b 28 

Nol a'na, ha c 28 

No mo cha'ris, hhp gt 36 

Oen oth e'ra, hb a 29 

Ol ean'der, Ne ri'um, hhp . . 45 
Or chis, Orchid, hp z 36, 45, 56 

Or ni thog'al um, hhp 28 

Otha ke, hhp 28 

Ox'alis, hhp c 45, 53 

Oxypet'alum, So. Star, ha .c 30 

Page 58 

« J 3 n ° Ma " V T 1 e §g$ Paeo'ny, hp z 36 36 C Hb yesPWRF b 

180 B Sp yes W d 8S® Painted Daisy, hp e 37 24-36 CE Hb yes Many b 

15 E VV yes Many h hi (•jol Palms, hhp „ z 45 30 EB WSp 

24 Br W no Many gh S®5 Pam'pas Grass, hhp 38 12* CE B yes WP d 

to Jo S no vl £E C ^ £®1 Pansy Heartease, hp c 15 4-8 B EB yes FMany aghi i 

12-18 B Hb yes YRW cdi Papav'er, Poppy, ha, hp c 28, 36 24-60 E Hb yes Many c 

„ • „ „ _ Par dan thus, hp d 55 24 C Hb yes O dl 

6 C E no Y c ®9b Pas si flora, hha -g 45 15' VS S no BWP gh 

„ 22 5 ,5X n ° Y 25 Shi ®351D Pel ar go'ni um, hhp . 44 12-24 EBr WB no FMany ghi 

4 -25 E RHb no BY cdi SftfH Pen'ste mon, hp c 29, 36 12-36 EC Hb yes Many ci 

J? yes Many chi ® 5 Per n ' la ' Sum - Coleus, hha d 29 18 EF B no F 

12 C Hb no Many be S@41 Peri'winkle, Vinca, ha d 30 12 B WB no PRW g 

J? £ W no many h S<8)5a Petu ni a, ha, hhp ....c 7, 8, 9 6-24 B BW yes Many F gi 

24 E Hb yes RY be (|>61 Pha ce li a, ha c 29 8 B E no B b 

3- 36 E Hb no Many cd ©41 Phil o den' dron, hhp tg 45 12 EC WF no 

14 ; 6 ° ? Bu „ « yes Many J c Phlox, ha, c, hp. tf c 29 6-24 EB B yes FMany cd 

X tJ JL S £5 no „ ° ® 5 Phy'salis, hp ..d36 24 E Hb no R d ~®5 

_ 1? BBu W no Many cd S5a Phy sos te'gia, hp 36 40 E Hb yes RWPu c *6 

10 ~5£ £~ SF yes Many cd s ® 3 Pinks, hb, hp b 33, 36 9-25 C EHb yes ManyF bci 

24 BD Hb yes Many cd <$3i piamtc. „ , . . _ „ nn . „ . 

V SF no fruit ©gib PLANTS: Hardy perennial Pg. 39; Window Garden Pg. 

Pla ty co'don, hp c 31 12-18 E Hb yes WB bci 

18-42 B Hb Manv b A (Sftft £ lum ^a'go. hhp 45 36 VB W no B h 

Rr Sh II vr 5 fm Pom-ci an'a, hhp d 46 60 Br W no YR c 

12 C H ?E So Manv L J?™ Poin set'ti a, hhp e 45 24 E W no R h 

4ft 79 FRr 1 S« v a Pol em o'ni um, hp e 36 36 E Hb no BW be 

'"To Br DHb Many c %ll P <> r tu lac a, ha c 28 6 CB RBC no Many cde 

36 B Hb yes Y cdi <g>61 Prices of seeds See Pg. 1 

15-24 B Wb no PuF gh S51 Primula, Primrose, hhp ... e 45 8-15 B W no Many hi 

1! 5 tt? yes ,X c Prim'u la, Primrose, hp 37 6-24 C HbE no Many ab 

15 B Hb no W a S7 Pyre'thrum, hp e 37 24-36 CE Hb yes Many b 

24-40 C Hb yes RYPO be S®41 Quee n Anne's Lace, ha .... c 29 36 E E yes W e 

36 B Hb ves RWF ci <Stf ga nun'cu lus, hhp ... .d 37, 53 10 EBuHbRW yes YOR bhi 

12-24 C RHb III Many be (ifl gom'neya (Matilija) hp .g 38 60 B Sp yes W d 

36 Br Sp no RWP ci §61 Rose Rosa, hp z 38 12-70 Br SpW yes Many gi 

60 1 sib Z Many bd §61 Rud beck i a, ha, hp e 30 36-48 B HbB yes YOR bci 

24 E B yes Y ci <§)61 Sa gi'na, hp 37 2 CS RE no W d 

48 Br Hb no W cd ®96 Samtpaul'i a, hhp f 46 See African Violet 

10 S ER no WP b (»61 Sal pig los sis, hha d 29 18-30 E R yes Many cd 

'I I BWF So Ma W „y g $tl h? li 13 B S ™ 8 

12-24 B WB no PRW gh ©51 |an vi ta'lP? hS ^c S I ° Z ^ 

12-20 C Hh no P be ®3 |aC on na rf a hn S ?? 19 I r n ° X £ d 

12-50 EC Hb yes Many a-b S®M8 Saxif 'ra ga, hp .d 37. 45 4-6 S RE So Many b 

24 B W no B h S(i)5 Scab i o'sa, ha, hp c 29, 37 18-36 B B yes ManyF cde 

12 E Hb yes B b-d 6® Schizan'thus, hha e 46 12-30 B WB yes Many hb 

144 V SW no Yd S<§>5 Sed'um, Live-For-Ever, hp a 37 6 C FHbR no Many g 

36 E F no W ©9 Sem'per vi'vum, hp d 38 6 S ER no YR g 

12 E WbF yes R h S®5a ^ 'c ^ 6 B . WT ^~ W bi 

40' V S no Pu c ®3 Shas ta Daisy ' hp c 36 24 c Hb yes W be 

12-36 CB WB yes OY gi ©51 SHRUBS 39 

30-60 E SB yes Many cd (§41 - Si dal'ce a, hp d 38 18-96 E Hb no PB c 

72 V S yes RWPF bci |)31 Si le ne, hp a 37 6 T F no P de 

36 EBr Hb no PR c <§)91 Smi'lax, hhp g 46 V WF no 

15 C FR no PuF bci $)61 Snap'dragon, hhp 20 See Antirrhinum, Linaria 

6 RF C no W c <8>D4 So la num, hhp fe 46 12-24 EBr WF no 

See Shasta Daisy Spider Flower 23 See Cleome and Lycoris 

6 C R no P b 4 Star of Texas, ha 29 20 B B yes Y g 

36 E Hb yes RWPu cd ®4 Stat'ice, hha, hp c 31 18-36 Br BD yes Many b-c 

24-48 ECBu Hb yes FMany be ©4, 8 Ste'via, hhp .a 46 16 B WB yes W g 

8-12 B BRE yes Many cd ®31 Stocks, Gilliflower, ha . . . a 30 12-36 B BW yes Many ch 

12-18 B BR no RBP be ®61 Stoke'si a, hp e 38 16 E Hb yes BW ci 

24 E WB no W h ©25 Star of the Desert, ha 19 30 E B yes Pu b-d 

10 C E yes Pu b S®36 Straw'ber ry, hp 30, 38 6 B BF no gi 

4- 24 BTE WEHb no Many gci S©651 Strel itz'i a, hhp z 46 48 EC W yes O h 

34 B B no R cd 6b© Strep toe ar'pus, hhp d 46 12 B W no Many hi 

48 E DB yes WPu ci ©361 Succulents, hhp 42 C W no Many 

24-48 EC Hb yes Many c ©421 Sultana, hhp * 44 See Tmpatiens 

7- 24 E HbR yes RWP cdi ©D6 Sun'flower, Helianthus 26 See Helianthus 

36 E Hb no R d S®M4 Swain so'nia f 46 36 Br W yes WP g 

in ttk ™ wma„ k„ Sweet Pea, Lathyrus, ha d 16, 46 4-8' V S yes FMany abi 

24 B Hb So P be ^6 Sweet William, hp a 38 8-18 E Hb yes ManyF bi 

V W no W h ®5 Ta ho'ka Daisy, ha 26 20 E B yes B bed 

6-48 B B W yes FYOR g ®9bl Te * ra nema, hhp d 44 4 B W no R n 

18 S RBF no WYPu c ®6 Teu'eri um, hp .38 8 B ER no P b 

8- 24 B BER yes WY g ®31 Thai ic trum, hp . d 38 36-48 EB Hb no PuP c «U 

18 B B no PuF be ©31 The'a, tea, hhp z 45 60 Br WSp no W h 

72 V W no PPuW h ®5a Ther mop'sis, hp d 38 60 EB Hb yes Y be 

60 E Hb no B d S4M Thrift, Ameria 32 See Armeria 

48 Br Hb no Y c ©9 Thun berg'i a, hp, hha c 39 60 V S no Many c (»59 

With Zoysia— a superb all year mixture. Thymus (Thyme) hp 38 2 Tr ER no Pu a S(»4 

24 E RHb no B b S®4 Ti grid'i a, hhp 53 15 E B no Many c <E 

See Ice Plant Ti tho'ni a, Mex. Sunfir. hh c 30 8* E SB yes O cde «59- 

9 E W no Y h 5aS® To bae'eo, Flowering 28 See Nicotiana ^ 

12-15 B BW yes RWF gh S®361 Tor e'ni a, hha d 30 12 E WBR no BW de S3i 

24 Br FWB no P d ®59 Touch me not, Balsam 22 See Balsam 

6-12 B WBR no Many ghi (SS Tra chy me'ne, ha d 25 24 E B no Be <»< 

15* V S no RW d ©9 Tr ad es can'ti a, hp c 36 C HbW no BP d S«y 

24 B B no Many del ©95 Trans va'l Daisy, Gerbera . 26 See Gerbera 

6' V SF no Y c ©9 Tri chos'por um, hhp fg 43 6 Tr W no R g ss- 

36 CE Hb yes Pu c S®61 Trit'o ma, hp e 38, 55 36-65 EC Hb yes ORY cd <SA1 

36 E B yes ORY c ©5 Trol'h-us, Globeflower, hp z 38 20 E Hb no Y be (iM* 

30' V SW no Many cd ®9b21 Tu'ni-ca, Tunic Fir., hp . . . a 30 9 B RE no P gi ®6 1 

12 7c Sp no PF C S®5 Valeria ' na ' h P C 38 48 E Hb no RWF ci ® 6 i 

9- 12 Br RHb yes BPWF ai S61 VEGETABLES 49-51 

12 C W no many h ®5a Y T Z ^'^\?rvain, hhp . .b 31 6-18 B B yes ManyF cdei ©5< 

12 B BE yes YORF be ©61 Ver on ica, Speedwell, hp .d 38 10-15 C HbR no B cd ®< 

8-12 B EBR no Many be §§i Vin ca, Penwinkle, hhp . . d 30 12 B BW no WP gi ©591 

6 Br E no WBPu a ©41 VINES 20 39 

15J2 2 f B r E B ?e°sFMan? g d Vi o'la, ha, hp c 18 4-8 C BEW no ManyF gi S ® 6 ; 

6 B EB no Pu gi S©65 Wahl en berg'i a, hp c 31 12-18 E Hb yes WB hH 

15-18 B B yes BW c ©31 Wall flower, hb, hp a 23, 31, 38 9-24 EB EW yes FYOPu sc &r 

2! iu ^ ^ %Z WINDOW GARDENS 42-47 

12-36 B RB no YF c ©D61 Xer anth'em um, ha c 31 36 EBr D yes PW c ©9] 

60 B W yes RWP h S®5 Yuc'ca, Adam's Needle, hp z 38 144 EC Sp no W d fiy 

It CEBu W III Ma w b SW H Zephyran^thes.hhp 55 12 EBu WBR no WYP g m 

11 Br B no P e |l ^^ij^ ^ ' ' ' ' a 10 J U ^ C* yeS Many S ®^ 
6 BSBuWE no PPuW ghi ©51 ^-oy sia i,awn grass g 38 9 C no ©( 

15 Br B no B cd ©31 SUMMER FLOWERING BULBS & ROOTS— See pages 52 thru 60 

Follow the symbols above for successful planning and planting. See pg. 57 for key. 

Achimene Blue Beauty 


Cnown as Widow's Tears or Nut Orchids, Achi- 
nenes bear generously the waxy, long keeping 
lowers. Decorative foliage enhances the clear 
ewel-like colors which are among the most pleas- 
ng in the Floral kingdom. You'll enjoy the "Magic 

THREE Jewel-toned ACHIMENE Rarities 
1295— CAMILLE BROZZONI. An Emerald mound 
jeneath exquisite little firs, of orchid with maroon 
spotted golden throat, white halo. 45c ea. 
J293— GORGEOUS. Robin's egg-blue with a large 
enter blotch of golden canary, flecked maroon, 
vhite throat. The 2" flowers are waved, partly re- 
lexed and borne in profusion. The effect against 
he emerald leaves is ethereal — right out of "Fairy- 
and" itself. Real color enchantment. 50c ea. 
5311 — RARE DOUBLE. Deep purple trumpets, each 
vith a ball of extra petals in the center for a most 
musual effect. Dwarf, bushy, prolific plants cover 
hemselves in bloom. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35. 

One each of above 3 varieties for $1.35 

!469 — ELI SENA Longipetala. A rare bulbous plant 
rom Peru. The beautiful pure white flowers are 
antastically shaped, pure waxy white. Culture 
ke Ismene. $1.25 each. 


:470 — ISMENE Calathina or Peruvian Daffodil, 
our to five Giant funnel shaped flowers are 
orne on each two foot stem. The flowers are 
ichly and delightfully perfumed and unique in 
tiape having a delicately fringed cup framed by 
ve long white sepals. Color; Pure white with 
reen striped throat. Attractive foliage is deep 
reen and sword-shaped. Not Hardy. 50c ea.: 3 for 
1.35; 6 for $2.50; 12 for $5.00. 


►491 — HEDYCHIUM Coronarium. A strong growing 
loisture loving plant of great beauty. Deliciously 
rented pure white flowers in shape like a large 
utterfiy hovering above waxy tropical foliage, 
he rhizomes are hardy South, treat like Cannas 
forth. Plant early indoors for longer bloom sea- 
>n. 45c ea.; 3 for $1.25. 

White Caila — 45c each 

Achimene Little Beauty 


In Bloom All the Time 

Summer shady bed, porch box — Winter Window. 
Found in Mexico and known in Botany as Achi- 
mene Grandiflora, it belongs to the Gesneraceae, 
and is a near relative of the Gloxina. The plants 
are spreading, grow 8-12 in. high, and develop the 
lovely flowers in graceful everblooming profusion. 
Achimene bulbs are very small by nature. Culture 
as for Gloxinias but bloom all summer. 
B302 — PURPLE KING. Rich deep purple blooms. 
This is the most easily grown and profuse bloom- 
ing variety. 25c each; 3 for 60c; 12 for $1.85. 
B303— MEXICAN A or Blue Beauty. Produces the 
largest flowers of any Achimene (2V 2 in. diam.). 
Flowers are deep sky blue with white throat. 25c 
each; 3 for 60c; 12 for $1.85. 


B305 — LITTLE BEAUTY. Leaves of deep amber 
green provide a background which shows the 
pure rose flowe.-s to striking advantage. Most 
beautiful. 35c each; 3 for 85c; 12 for $2.95. 
B304 — PURITY. Large flowers of pure snow white 
without a mark to mar its purity. The leaves are 
light green. 40c each; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50. 
B301 — CRIMSON GLORY. Dark velvety crimson 
with yellow center, 25c ea; 3 for 60c. 
B297 — VIVID. Dwarf bushy 10" plants of rosy 
bronze and emerald, medium flrs. of deep laven- 
der with rosy overcast. 35c ea.; 3 for 85c. 
B310 — FANCY (Amb. Var.) White flushed pink 
with brilliant purple netting and a golden throat. 
A standout in any planting. 35c ea; 3 for 85c. 
B294 — GOLDEN HEART. (Harry Wms) Vigorous, 
handsome. Generous with large flrs. of intense 
Fuchsia-rose, flaring yellow throat. 45c ea. 
B308 — STORM CLOUD. An entirely new Hybrid 
type. Gloxinia shaped flowers have wide open 
throats. The foliage is large. Gloxinia like and 
most beautiful. Color: stormy blue and white. 40c 
each; 3 for $1.00. Supply limited. 
B300— CARMINITA. Deep rosy carmine. Wide open 
throat is golden yellow spotted maroon. A Glox- 
inia flwd. Beauty. 40c each; 3 for $1.00. 
092 — ACHIMENE COLLECTION. One of each above. 
10 Bulbs for $3.00. 093—3 of each $7.50. 


Easily grown from Seeds or Bulbs 

What is more exciting than a well grown Calla 
with its perfect wax like flowers and beautiful 
foliage. They may be brought into bloom at al- 
most any time as house plants, or bedded out 
during summer. Not hardy execpt Black Calla. 
GIANT WHITE ( Aethiopica). Velvety pure white. 
B356 — BULBS. 45c each; 3 for $1.15; 12 for $3.85. 
383— Seed. Pkt. 15c; Gt. plcf. 25c. 
YELLOW (Elliottiana) Bright golden yellow. 
B352 — BULBS. 45c ea.; 3 for $1.25; doz. $4.00. 

SfcED. 3 seeds 25c; 15 seeds $1.00. 
B3HI— DWARF WHITE (Godfrey). Flowers small- 
er but more freely produced. 45c ea.; 3 for $1.25. 
B382 — ALBO MACULATA. Cream white with pur- 
ple throat. Leaves mottled white. 45c ea. 
DWARF PINK (Rehmannii superba). From South 
Africa this is a lovely light pink, large flowered. 
B353 — BULBS l l /a-l 3 A in. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35. 

white Calla. Pure white spathes 10" and more 
across on 3 ft. stems. Very rare. $1.50 each. 
PURPLE HEART CALLA. (Melanoleuca) Flower 
spathe large yellow and widely flaring margin 
and tip recurved, revealing a sharply contrasting 
purplish black throat bloich. Foliage spotted. 
B357— Bulbs 85c ea. 

MONARCH OF THE EAST (Sauramatum gutatum) 

Enormous leaf umbrellas lugn on spectacular 
marbled stems. Great flower spathes of rose 
tinted purple, streaked ivory. 

B358B — PURPLE CALLA. S. Venosum. Spathe pur- 
plish outside yellow within with purple dots. 
RED CALLA (Sauramatum nubicium). Flower 
spathes are deep maroon splotched yellow 
B358 — SMALL BULBS of Sauramatum gutatum 
nub] cum or venosum, $1.50 each; 3 for $3.85. 

Slipper Gloxinia, Sinningia Eumorpha 


Gloxinia, African Violet, Achimene relatives. Rare 
collector's items, yet easily grown and effective in 
your home with Gloxinia culture. 
B169— GESNERIA Cardinalis umbellate. (Corytholma) 
Large velvety green leaves frame and enhance 
the bright red 3" tubes with long upper lips in 
bird-like form. Rare, lovely. 65c ea.; 3 for $1.50. 
B170— KOHLERIA Picta. A vigorous and striking 
plant, beautiful in or out of bloom. Decorative 
dark velvety foliage and numerous bright red, 
yellow spotted flowers. Ht. 2 ft. $1.00 ea. 
B171 — NAEGELI A Hybrids Mixed. Spikes of brightly 
varied colors, velvety, decorative foliage. 1 ft. 
Picture Pg. 5. 75c each; 3 for $2.00. 
B172— RECHSTEINERIA Macropoda. Very rare with 
large decorative broad green leaves and clusters 
of bright orange flowers. $1.25 each. 
B173— TYDAEA (Isoloma) Hybrids Mixed. Exceed- 
ingly showy with downy leaves and clusters of 
vari-colored flowers mostly in the red-scarlet 
variations, with darker markings. 65c ea. 
046 — One each above Gesneriads 5 bulbs $4.00. 
Seeds: 855— GESNERIAD Blend. Pkt. 50c. 


Bl 59 — KOHLERIA Lindeniana. The flowers are white, 
throat marked on the lower side by a deep violet 
band; upper lip with a dash of yellow and narrow 
zone of purple. Leaves are olive -green with broad 
silvery stripes and bright green veins. Plants are 
dwarf and attractive. $1.25 each; 3 for $3.00. 
B158 — RECHSTEINERIA Edelweiss ' ' Silverleaf . ' 1 
Pictured, described pg. 5. $1.50 ea. 

B160 — SINNINGIA Regina. Handsome 9" plants with 
decorative, white veined leaves. Nodding, pale 
violet flowers, marked yellow and purple within 
are borne in profusion. $1.25 each. 
B161 — SINNINGIA Eumorpha. New beauty from 
Brazil. Flowers on long slender stems nod above 
large glossy green, downy coated leaves. The 
color is milky white, lined with violet and yellow 
on the lower inside surface. A dense cover of short 
red hairs on the ovary adds interest. $1.50 ea. 
B162--S UPPER GLOXINIAS MIXED (Sinningia Spe- 
ciosa). This is a very special strain with beautiful 
large white veined leaves and clear self-colored 
slippers mostly in blue and purple shades. $1.00 
each; 3 for $2.75. 

046A — One each. 5 Rare Gesneriads. $5.50. 

B165 — GLOXINERA Rosebells. An intergeneric hy- 
brid between Gloxinia and Rechsteineria created 
by Peggie Schultz of "The Gloxinian" magazine. 
Propagation rights reserved. Attractive fohage and 
lovely rose colored flowers; a conversation piece 
anywhere, easily grown. Offered 1956 for the first 
time. Price reduced Y 3 to $1.75 each. 
B164 — GLOXINERA VeSvet Charm. Peggy Schultz' 
1957 introduction and only 35 bulbs available. Size 
and shape approximates Gesneria cardinalis, but 
the flower has 5 petals in lovely rose on the out- 
side of the tube, orchid within. Be one of the 
lucky 35 to enjoy Velvet Charm this year. $2. ea. 

Page 59 

Begonia, Camellia Flowered — Picotee 


All Large Bulbs. Not hardy. 


Grown especially for us by Mr. W. A. Brown a 
noted Begonia hybridizer from stock developed 
over a period of 10 years of constant breeding 
and selection. These bulbs will produce larger 
flowers (up to 10-12 in. when properly grown) 
more uniform, more fully double than the Bel- 
gian strain offered at right. Outstanding in this 
strain is the brilliance and life of every color — a 
glowing sheen which clothes them in shining 
beauty. If you want the best Begonias, in all the 
world, don't mis? these. We offer: 



B341— White B345— Yellow 

B342— Pink B3S6— Apricot 

B344— Scarlet B387— Rose 

B346A — Mixed Colors blended from above. 

B347 — Martnorata. Mottled rose and white. 

PRICE any above: 50c each; 3 for $1.35; 12 for $5. 

(>y^ — One each of 8 above for $3.50. 


Here is the most spectacular advance of recent 
years in Tuberous Begonias. The flowers are the 
same giant size as the Camellia Flowered type 
described above. Generally these flowers are either 
daintily edged or heavily bordered with a con- 
trasting color, but they may also be strikingly 
mottled or spotted. Of all types, this group brings 
the highest proportion of uniformly fine form. 
B555— Apricot. B556— Red, White with red edge. 
B557 — Rose. B558 — Salmon with scarlet edge. 
B341A — Mixed colors. The above and others. 
PRICE Any above: 50c each; 3 for $1.35; 12 for $5. 

Gloxinias mixed 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50. 

GLOXINIA .CULTURE. For a succession of bloom 
start bulbs every two weeks from January thru 
April. Pot with crown protruding, using equal 
parts of rich fibrous loam, sand, and leaf mold. 
A warm temperature {70 degrees) is required or 
bulbs will rot. Insure good drainage by placing 
gravel in bottom of the pot. Water sparingly 
until growth starts, then plenty of water should 
be given and care taken not to wet the leaves. An 
eastern exposure, well sheltered from strong wind 
and sun suits them. After blooming, withhold 
water to ripen the tubers, then store in sand for 
winter at 45 degrees. 

Begonia Multiflora (Best outdoor type) 



This strain has been greatly improved in recent 
years by interbreeding it with the Double Camellia 
type for size of flower and variety of color. It 
now combines medium-sized double flowers with 
good hanging habit. One of the most beautiful of 
all flowering plants, it is favored for the decora- 
tion of open verandas, sun porches, or greenhouses. 
It can he grown in any place sheltered from 
direct sun and strong wind. 
B550— Salmon Pink B552— Yellow 

B551— Scarlet B553— White 

B554 — Mixed Colors. The above and others. 

098 — One each of 4 colors above for $1.75. 


This new strain developed by interbreeding the 
best forms of the Camellia and Fimbriata Plena 
types has reached perfection of new forms, some- 
times resembling the Camellia type, or at times 
like a huge Carnation. For beauty and variation 
these are unrivalled. 

B5(>0— Cardinal B563— Red Salmon 

B561— Flame Orange B5G4— Yellow 

B562— Pink B565— White 

B566 — Mixed Colors, the above and many others. 

PRICES, any above. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35; 12 tor $5. 

099 — One each of 6 colors above for only $2.75. 

B343A — Autumn Glow. Cristata type of apricot 
with contrasting tufts of deep copper. Firs, often 
measure 10 in. across. $1.00 ea; 3 for $2.75. 


Exquisitely ruffled and frilled Double-Giants. 
B388 — RED TRIUMPH. Ruby-red, velvety textured. 
The largest in this class and very ruffled. 
B389 — SANTA BARBARA. Ruffled yellow. 
B390 — SANTA MARIA. Ruffled pure white. 
B391— SANTA MARGARITA. Ruffled glowing pink. 
Above 4 varieties: $1.00 ea.; 3 for $2.75. 
096— All 4 — One each, Value $4.00 for $3.50. 
B343— DAFFODIL TYPE. A pink trumpet fir. 
reminiscent of King Alfred Daffodil. 60c ea. 


Included with each order. Tuberous Begonias 
respond remarkably to the proper culture. If not 
grown under favorable conditions, even a good 
double strain sometimes shows single bloom. 


The magnificent, rich coloring of these giant 
satiny textured flowers stands out against the 
green of its large downy leaves to make a most 
glorious window plant. 
45c each; 3 for $1.20; 12 for $4. 

B420 — BLANCHE DE MERU. Rose, white 


B433 — EMPEROR FREDERICK. Scarlet, white 


B421— ETOILE DE FEU. Rich scarlet. 
B422— MONT BLANC. Lovely pure white. 
B423 — PRINCESS ELIZABETH. Blue, white 

B429 — QUEEN WILHELMINA. Pink with violet 

B424 — TIGRINA. Spotted and netted. Mixed. 
B425 — VIOLACEA. Softest violet. 

048 — 8 Bulbs. One each of the above eight 
varieties, values $3.60 for only $3.00. 
B427— GLOXINIAS MIXED. Made up from the 
named sorts. 40c ea.; 3 tor $1.00: 12 tor 
$3.50; 25 for $6.25. 

B430 — HOLLYWOOD . Exceptionally large flow- 
er of softest violet. 50c ea; 3 for $1.35. 
B434— CRISPA METEOR. Large scarlet, beauti- 
fully ruffled and fringed. 60c ea.; 3 for $1.50. 
B438— ROI DES ROUGES. Beautiful novelty. 
Brilliant crimson scarlet, huge flowers deli- 
cately frilled. 50c each; 3 for $1.35. 
B432— GIGANTEA RED TIGRINA. Giant flow- 
ers are white, richly spotted and flecked 
with bright red. A beautiful contrast. 75c ea. 

049 — 4 Bulbs, one each of above new varieties: 
Value $2.35 for only $2.00. 

Tuberous Begonia Ruffled Camellia Type 


Camellia Flowered Begonias are so named because 

they resemble closely the large 4-6 inch, perfect 

and fully double blooms of the Camellia. A single 

flower will often last a month or more, and the 

plants will bloom all summer. 

30c each; 3 tor 85c; 12 for $3.15. 

B330— White B333— Scarlet 

B331— Rose B334— Salmon 

B332— Yellow B335 — Ctpper 

094— BEGONIA COLLECTION. One of each Camellia 

Flowered above. 6 bulbs for $1.55. 


varieties. 4 for $1.00; 12 for $2.95; 25 for $5.35. 

B392— B ICO LOR. Extra large double firs, in 2 tone 

combinations of scarlet & yellow. 35c ea.; 3 for $1. 

B392A — STRIPES. Pink with slight white stripes. 

Perfect form. 35c ea.; 3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00. 


Especially recommended for outdoor group plant- 
ing and borders as well as for pots, Plants are 
compact and resist the sunrays better than other 
types. Each plant gives you a continuous array 
of flowers all summer in abundance. Bulbs are 
irregular in shape Flowers are double, but small- 
er than others we list. Each bulb will produce 50 
to 100 flowers during the season. 
B3 40— MULTIFLORA MIXED. Red, salmon, yellow, 
bronze, pink in fine mixture. (Mixed colors only). 
35c each; 3 for 95c; 12 for $3.40. 


Giant fully double fluffy blooms with frilled 
petals resemble closely the Carnation flower. 
B340A— MIXTURE. 35c ea.; 3 for 95c; 12 for $3.40. 

DOUBLE PENDULA or Hanging Basket 

Large double flowers on gracefully hanging stems, 
for hanging baskets or porch boxes. B570— Copper, 
B571— Rose, B572— Scarlet, B574— White. B573— 
Yellow, or B337 — MIXED. 35c each; 3 for 95c; 12 
for $3.40. 


In shape similar to a fresh cut rose bud. 
B338 — MIXED. 35c each; 3 for 95c; 12 for $3.40. 


These American bred and grown Gloxinias will 
produce more and larger flowers. The colors are 
improved, the leaves are flexible and less easily 
broken. The best Gloxinias grown today. 
B426 — Blue Heaven. Soft lavender blue. 
B435 — Velvet Queen. Huge velvet red. 
B436 — Salmon Rose. Clear Salmon Pink. New color. 
B437 — Pink Edqe. Pure white, vivid pink edge. 
The flower is quite ruffled and very beautiful. 
438A — Tigrina White. Pure white with a few spots 
in the throat. Larger, more ruffled than Mt. Blanc. 
B439— Tigrina Pink. White, profusely dotted pink. 
B438 — Tigrina Blue. White with lovely blue spotting. 
PRICE: Any above. 60c ea.; 3 for $1.50; 10 for $4.50. 
ALL 7 New Gloxinias above for only 

Page 60 Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S. C. — Order your bulbs direct from Park — They are unsurpassed 


For brilliant color all summer in window 
boxes, shady beds or for bright Christmas pot 
plants, these Caladiums are unsurpassed. 
Mixed Colors. Large bulbs \ in diameter. 

3 for $1., 6 for $1.85, 10 for $3., 25 for $6.75. 
For separate varieties see page 55, 


Hardy Chinese Orchid ... A most un- 
usual and exotic plant. It bears 7-8 
flowers, each like a small Cattleya Or- 
chid on 12 inch stems. Plant in the open 
or in pots. Lavender: 65c each: 3 for $1.75, 
Pure White; 85c each; 3 for $2.25. One of 
each $1.50. 

GLOXINIA Roi Des Rouges 
Bulbs 50c each; 3 for $1.35; 12 for $4.75. 
3878— Seeds. Pkt. 25c. 


40c each; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.25. 
882 — Seeds Complete Mixture. Pkt. 15c; 25c; $1.00. 


Very Large, Beautifully Shaped Flowers in Most Attractive Colors 
Separate Colors (2 l / 2 " diam. Bulbs): Scarlet, Pink, Candy- 
striped (red and white). $2.50 ea. All 3 for $7.25. Pure White, 
$3.25 ea. One each of 4 colors for $9.00. 

HANGING BASKET or Double Pendula Tuberous Begonia 
Brown's Best: White, Salmon-Pink, Yellow, Scarlet or Mixed. 50c ea.; 3 
for $1.35; 12 for $5.00. Belgian Grown Mixed. 35c ea., 3 for 95c. 
TUBEROUS BEGONIAS. Delightful pot plants, charming for shady 
borders, fashionable, long lasting cut flowers for bowls or corsages. 
Pink, Scarlet, Yellow, Apricot, Rose or Mixed. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.35; 12 
for $5.; 25 for $8.75. Belgian Grown Mixed Colors. 4 for $1.; 12 for $2.95. 

ACIIIMENE "Magic Flower" Mixed 
3 for 50c; 10 for $1.50 

By nature, these bulbs are very small, but very productive. 3 bulbs should 
be used for each 8 inch pot. See Page 59 for separate varieties pictured. 
8 — Achimene Seeds Mixed, Pkt. 25c. Seeds tiny, require care. 


Light Your Gflttten witli this 1957 All Amrrira Winning Star 
1673 — TWINKLE. Dwarf Annual Phlox. The first and only really dwarf star phlox 
It grows only 6" high, yet has flowers as large as the old 18" type. Twinkle covers itself 
with a shining mass of star shaped flowers in a most attractive full mixture of colors, 
including lots of salmon, rose and pink shades. Pkt. 25c; 3 Pkts. 65c. 


or Irish Green Bellflower. 2 ft. ha. Excellent for cutting, 
it can be dried for winter arrangements. Easy to grow, plant 
where you want it. Pkt. 25c; 1/16 or. $1. 

now in 
Colors too. 
1980— Boy Blue, 
clear mid-blue. 
1981 — Caprice, 
red, maroon. 
1 982 — Heidi, 
bright rose. 
1983— Pansy face, 
pink and white 

1984 — Pollyanna, 

deep cream. 

1985 — Sinbad, 
navy blue. 
Price any above; 
12 seeds 50c; 25 s. 
$1.; 100 s. S3. 


Here is just about the ultimate in Giant Marigolds, and we feel it will 
replace all others of the Gigantea type. 

Earty* It is fiist of the large flowered Mangolds to come into bloom. 
Full Double. 100% full double 4-5" flowers are freely produced, even under 

adverse conditions. , . _ J > . . ' *!! 

Plant Habit: Compact 2V 2 ' plants hold flowers in full view above foliage. 
Color Rang?. All inclusive — primrose, yellow, gold and orange aie blended 

from separately grown colors. 
Price: Pkt. 25c; »/• oi S 01 

It really is a "Crackerjack" Mar .gold. You will enjoy having it in your 

Never before a Sweet Pea so versatile 
Wonderful for beds, borders or use ;t* pol plants 

1961 — Little Sweethearts Mixed 

Trim mounds 8" high 8" wide covered with large ruffled Spencer-flowers 
in sparkling colors ranging from white to scarlet, lavender to maroon. 
14 years in creation. 20 seeds 50c; 50 seeds $1.00; 200 seeds $3.00. 


Geo. W. Park Seed Co. 

Greenwood, South Carolina 

Form 3547 Requested 

Sec. 34.66. P.L. & R. 
U. S. Postage 

Permit No. 23 
Greenwood, S. C. 

S 56-C-19 u 
Kiss ueloros *£ell 

Huntsville. ^*» B